Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I squeezed 
lemon of thoughts
into a glass of brine water, and
stirred it 
quenching my thirst -
The birth of knowledge
Diogenes of an honest man -
Lantern hanging 


कहाँ खोया है तू
मेरे सांसों की मात्र बानगी लिए
अब और क्या शेष बचा है
मरते - ज़ीते
खण्ड अखण्ड का भेद  लिए

अपने ही तो हो तुम
अभी ही तो मैनें  बांधा था तुझे
अपने ठुंठ से गिरी हुई पत्तियों की तरह
अब क्यों विचलित है तू
हमी हैं जो मरते हैं

कौन हो तुम
अपना वर्चस्व कायम किये
दिशा का भ्रम लिए हुये
अभी एक शाम और छोड़ जा
मेरे ड़ूबने का सबूत लिए हुये


A rustic music plays
into my sodden ears
wet of soaking memories
Traversing the bound 
of my unforgettable past 

The night meow
a slight of pawing legs
Stinging my shadow 
with unpleasant whim 
Crossing unthinkable thoughts

I have never been so lucky
in your hidden identity
The more staring I get
I get it not from you, but
Me; carrying an empty look forward 


I lure your beauty
In silence of the setting sun 
Gripping haven of an art 
With heaving heart, that
By your golden knob
You will open your mercurial door
Flipping a part of me 
towards a certitude, that
When you will come
Nearest to my beat 
You will shiver a pound of moon
Into my silvery eyes


It will fade,
It will fade like nothing before
Only 'this' remains of your memory
to remind me
of your retreat
towards higher elements 
that your stay too will wear out 
from an old sky
sans any twinkle
wasting on time and space
there was nothing before
to revamp my present.
It will fade
It will fade
A nonentity 
Upon all


Hey Bharata,
Hey Bharata
Naman, Datri! The giver...
The breath of my breath
Om namo Namah:

Folded hands mine 
worship your divine will
Begging by my broken bowl
I lay prostrate 
Wailing my heart out 

Richness have not been my forte.
Truce bind me towards you, as
I run blindly
Shearing my time fleece 

Come by your supple feet
Grace humanity
'Vasudev kutumbakam'
All in oneness
All in prosperity
All in togetherness
All in peace

I chant ...
Bharata namastute:
The mother of all mothers
My Motherland!

My Himalaya
My Ganga
My people 
My temples, my mosques, my churches
My reverence
My hands touch your feet
I dust myself in your greatness

Jai Jai hey Maatri, Mother
Jay hey Maatri!
Om namo Namah:


I draw a running time
Mirroring my face
Towards a broken space
Freezing my wrinkles -
An old age adage

I search the deepest treasure
Digging my grave again and again.
I stitch my remains -
A cadaver for my own dissection

I war on my weakest spot
And win a loss 
Comprehending the incomprehensible.
Rooted underground 
I search my broken twigs

I paint the darkest colour
On a blank canvas
And hawk protruding night
to prey on my thoughts
with bristles in the air


How you offer sacrament
planets upon planets
Garlanding the skies
through your invisible thread
When I pine
A look upon you
you drop tears
from my eyes
What denouement you play 
By final act, that
You residue ashes
to my body and sou


विचित्र शांति है
सम्पूर्ण आकाश लिए
ठहरे पल को
अपने आगोश में लिए

कोई वंचित है 
निर्बोध, टकटकी लगाये
कहने को अभी
और भी रात बाकी  है

सहमी सहमी सी है
शब्दों में रची कहानियाँ
एक जीभ तले
असीम सी शांति है

औरों से तुम्हे
भले ही य़ादों का पनाह मिले
पैमाना मेरा रंज है
अपने हीँ लहू से

विचित्र सी विरानगी है
दूर अास लिए
नब्जों में रुधिर सर्द है
आशनागोशी लिए हुये


It was a barbed wire
Looking askance 
at my shadowy figure
and willed my crossing 
over to a free land, that
with legs of silhouette
I could very easily do 
An instance rued on me:
What could one hold -
In this belligerent space
When one could not differentiate
between a shadow, or
A black shoot 

Keeping a hold on the ground


Since I do not have
my own sister
to play me around 
at my house
Earlier when I was a little boy
I used to chalk 
a meaning on my blank slate 
Drawing long and pony hairs
Braided, on both sides of the head
A long and thin nails
hued with different coloured chalks
A simple frock, and
A high heel shoes, strolling
A walk through my heart's playground.
Now that I have my own
Daughters and son
I sneak a part of their play, and
When they are not at home -
Probably to tuition or in friends house
Or watching TV, or eating snacks;
There I unfurl my heart 
in secrecy of my room
and dance my body
to it's full rhythm
Hitting heels lighter on the floor,
Jumping seven heights of a toy -
Playing mind and soul
Owning frolic and fairy
part of my life again


I sway 
by the soft western wind
the evening
rooted on a turf of a broken land
The earth of which
is slowly getting dark
as silence of the evening sets in
whisper in space
Birds flapping towards their nest
Burdensome dusk
charging lonesome heart -
A dead bird's dream.
The thoughts shear
an account of flesh
As the night-sheep
bucket its head
treading along 
the heights of lost land


One thought
hoop on me
to perforce the inevitability;
the robbery
by the subtle thief
in the thickness of the night 

She comes by her long tress
A beauty in a veil, and 
take all my treasure
in a huff 
by the will of her heart


There are no days, here;
Between these straight nights
Devoid of light
I walk by my own will
Stretching my time
Towards the end and beginning, alike

Thoughtful wings
Wear flight of a bat
Where the sound 
Play my shadow
Eloping darkness into my heart -
An allegory of a night kiss


How you giggle
like a tall tree
bearing greenery leaves, and
luscious fruits 
Every veins in the air
Surround me 
In your laugh
As I become a laugh in me 
Taking all corners of space
as my toy
Hop a little, and
Hop a little
Catching Suns and moons
Turning earth upside down


A train
like caterpillar
ran into my eyes, and
journyed across my vision
of silk roads 
whistling station after stations
thread of my golden relationship -
those who get down, and
those, with whom
I share my days and nights
traversing on a long journey -
Moth taking a flight 


From the altar 
of your highest abode 
I buzz my love
by your nectarine flow 
How faith petal my love
All that I see around
by my faithful eyes;
Isn't it the garden, that

luster through my eyes


You have a given
a yard of fabric
to wear on my naked bones
What secret then you search
into my sleeves
hidden to your eyes

I swell tons of pain
Nearer by my heart
to do away my birthing
in human form;
Yet you fulfill your desire
burning a pyre on me

You have panacea
for every illness
But being blind to my folly
I dig bigger wounds
darkest to my desire
to feel longer the touch of your healing


I have taken a gulf
into my heart
What uses are pen, that
deny its ink
to take whiskers of the night

If I am deluded
I am deluded by my senses -
light, sound and smell;
That which touch me
wear a woeful look

My deformity limp
on the steady path of life
I was perfect in death
reigning my silent throne
whispering words beyond silence


You came lazily
by your western wind, and
whispered upon my grave
the subtleties of words
opening your inner mouth

I overheard the phrases
kissing upon my mound, and
like a drunken man
started skirting tulip
from my deeper roots

After hanging all passions
willowing into the air
I started dreaming; Dali's
"The Persistence of Memory"
into my inner heart


You told me
to gallop by the high wind.
What diminishing act
You played on me;
The more I tried
to forward my steps, painfully
it regress to my former self
looking at dust-laden path
thousand miles across -
Hoofs and a stirrup

लघु विराम

एक मूल है
जो शास्वत है
बन्धन के उस पार
सम्पूर्ण आलिंगन में

वशीभूत हूँ उसके
मौन विराट लिए
आकार विस्तार लिए -
सौम्य सहृदय सजल नेत्र

खुला आकाश
पंख और परवाज
वही है
चरम उत्कर्ष लिए

रुन्धती है जीवन की सच्चाई
कहीं मिलना, कहीं बिछुरना
गरीबी है जो भींचती है

लघु विराम लिए

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


A shy old man
lived under a dense forest
in his old hut
hundred yards from the sea
freaful of water

He clinged to his fear and bones
Stone deaf, silent, he rarely left his house
laid out his memory
on the sight of a funeral urn kept on the mantlepiece -
his daughter died of malnutrition many years ago

He could not tranport his body
Nor was he tormented by imagination -
He died.

They put in his coffin the urn of his daughter's ashes
Next year -
The mingling


A golden needle
its futility
in brightness
inside haystack
It stitches
its thoughtful sky
to reality


I have seen denizens
of the outer world
feeding on spaces
of its cosmic birth
inebrieted with a whirl upon whirl
holding sense of its presence
beyond the senses if humans could perceive
yet, invisible to our stony eyes

I have seen the marks
of your steps
in my dreams
treading reality with rounded perfection;
accrue me nothing
in comparision with your deluge
that drunk me darkeness
in ever deepening spaces

I have a little life
left on this earth, otherwise
my inertia is so vibrant
of my own doing, and
is not so inert
as it seems it is perceived
And can pen my surety
that I do with denizens and me


Bison with curly horns
fearless and devouring
ride my fear
swaddled in darkness
of which
hurling hoofs
rut my heart
with every silent paw
a dead end to me.
Smile, conscientiously
taking a leap
smiling sweet demise on my lips


She came searching for life, upstairs;
holding a clutch of time, that
she herself was feeling disenchanted about it

ennui of the present
came plashing with higher tides
indifferent to who she was

Oblivious of stepping legs
she strayed from her present path
to her familiar past

Repeatedly she called out her mother
that her mother was alive; resting or sitting in her upper room
knowing least that her mother had died forty years earlier

She is eighty years old now, pressing her remaining years
with the bonding lost into the past, that
She and her Mother once drew milk out of it


Valiance of my night -
the deep sleep
fights battles
with denizens of the uplands;
manoeuvring my dreams
Sword and armour
slithering quietly and skillful
into a larger space -
the crying
of an open battlefield

Defeat came easily
into my ears -
as I threw my limbs
the safety web: mosquito net
unswaddling my legs and hands;
as I awoke
folding my dreams into a page


You piped a breath
out of me, and
played like no other before
my painful fortitude
rolling over the multiverse

All narration lost
in denouement of naught
in an ever increasing vastness;
and silence
upending the void within

I have lost touch of those
who derided me
of my painful bearing on this earth;
Now I chide
their becoming, a dust


Leave me untrodden
to your distant land;
once familiar, now
ilk my space
away from you
to a place unhindered
by loss and pain
that you are no more, here
to paint my dreams in colours
to gain one more time in your beauty

as I somersault
the death
once more, that
I am alive now
I will do the needful
that burdened you here.
And believe me
it wont be much long
that we will rejoice the hinderland, up there

I will rue not
the days spent in repentence
the sadness
that levied your face
I will go ahead, and
Keep a handful of flowers
welcoming you
standing at the door of heaven
in your death I live
in your life I die
Diurnal or nocturnal
I live heaven and earth, simultaneously

Charlie to your love

I will not be able
to give loving words
to my silent mouth
Dressed motely, and
I will play, Charlie
in your love

I will loose my self
swarming into city lights
like a moth
to my vision perfect
will ever crave
the distance
towards full moon

May you remember
out of me; but
when I will die
of my last puff
remember; that
I played Charlie to your love


I braved
my past deeds
to wing my silence
time and above
over many skies
surrogating my little form
this world to that
pithily abounding in macrocosm
and counted my universes
umpteen times
as she bore me, motherly
womb to womb


इस वीराने में
यह कैसी आवाज़ सी गूंज उठी है
साँस थमी सी है, और
नब्ज़ों की दौड़ रुक चली है
कायल हूँ
हुनर पर तेरे, की
कोई बुलाता है जब वहाँ
सच्चाई काँपने लगती है
बंद बंद सी है
अन्धेरे का यह वीरानापन; की
चारदीवारी से अब भी
चिल्लाने की आवाज़ आती है
इस वीराने का
एक तमाशबीन सा हूँ मैं
लहू रंग बदलता है
रात कालिख़ की तरह

सरमाया हूँ

कौन से पाप के पोषक
हूँ मैं
मृत्यु तंज़ कसती है
मुंडेर पर काले काक की तरह

किसका सरमाया हूँ
फन में ज़हर लपेटे हुए
इस लर्ज़िश ए ठण्ड में
रूह काँपती है

कौन से शब्दों को
कण्ठ में सिहारते हो
जुबां अकाट्य नीला है
और फुफकारते हो 

Thursday, November 30, 2017


I embraced you 
outstretching my hands, somewhere 
in an open air 
with the force of my will; that 
one day
you will understand 
the pauper's plight, and 
giving an eye 

to my dream 


Hoary air
of the silent moon 
breeze through
a cold winter night 
paw her silvery feet
on the roof
where a lone chair 
withered by loneliness 
tout it's listlessness
to gain love
with widow of the sky
round of face 
in this bridal night 


Pain, my sweetest companion
Where the deepest treasure, throng

Bickering, life's daily chorus;
Eternal dreams soar in salvation

May they see it writhe and wriggle 
Pain has seven wings to Phoenix 

Beating, a line to cardiogram;
Resuscitation opened up the skies

Tears ply a corner into minions eyes
While the ocean, weave an eternal wave 

Pain, O my pain; trudge me away

to the land of an eternal bliss


I chirp 
rolling my beaks
like a toddler
hopping an ounce of earth, 
popping a bloom to the skies

I willed
seven muscles 
to strength upon me
and fledge me a flight
nesting into clouds 

Time wings
a future in me 
curving space 
to ping pong 
One hop this, one pop that 


A begger am I
In drudgery, that I hump 
your days and nights

in utter vagrancy 
I troll myself dark and ugly
cave by cave

I feed my broken heart 
with a lust of your invisibility 

Why distance me 
In your higher abode 
A saviour to my heart 

O kindred spirit
of my flesh and blood 
take perchance to meet me somewhere


Paint you not 
Brushing the saddness within;
Don't you see the canopy
Azuring the skies, above

Enliven not 
The moments pause within;
Invision a look 
That the journey never stops 

Quill your strength 
As whole life accure on you;
Fret your heart 
With His eternal symphony

Forego your past 
That rue on you;
Take all, with cudgel in your hands
Make a road, where roads are none


A vacuum, lust 
upon the cracking walls
through it 
I can feel an image 
ghostly in your weariness 
treadings your silent feet into me -
crushed atoms 
with thousand wings 
into my inner space 


I remain alone
in this sleepless night 
Where the leaves fall
the stars conflate into a dawn
And, snub my 'self' around 
myriad of thoughts 
leaving me, hanging 
into the past
Rippling my heart 
of my lonely wish, and
giving chance to someone
in wonder that he will regale 
simmering of his both eyes


Inspite of blind haze
my sturdy eyes, shifted
it's stand
flesh of an image, curved
out of the dark
belying my senses
rallied towards the horizon 
not with a walk or any flight whatsoever;
as she left
trailing behind
mountain of shadows 
disintegrated into a lot
in a flicker
vanished into the oblivion
oblivious of it's happening
and, a wolf
up of head
Howling all night along
tresspassing her whereabout 


What pain
you field me, across 
my greenery
All relationship
sward a dust
to my heart
heavy with silent beat

Many a kith and kin 
take wings of their
allotted time
in a fur of heavenly pass 
I only remain
barren of supple hands, and
a soft kiss

As I bend helpless 
walking my blind stick
I grope my fingers 
for a touch 
may be with longer hands 
He will come, and
artifice my walk from here 


How lovingly thee post photoes daily
How thee own, sipping inside every character
How child like thee called us from the 'Diaas'
Tears overpower my feelings

How gracefully I have seen you walking around
How as guardian you looked after our needs
How thy heart speaks the language of hearts
My respects touch thy feet

How wondrously thee pen thy poems daily
How I wonder the healing touch on patients heart
How thy hair blush a beauty on thy face
My bearing take essence on you

How I name thee, whose name abounds
How I crave the oeuvre in your composure
How fatherly you are pride of son and daughter
My reverence take a bow, nameless


कौन  प्रहरी खड़ा है 
गोधुली  आशांत  लिए 
मन  मास्तिस्क मैला  कर
कपाल  असीम  लिए 

यौवन को  वृध कर
सिन्दुर सजाये माथे पर 
कौन  है वहाँ , अनन्त
लालिमा का प्रकार लिए 

वज्रपात हो रही 
अंधकार अशांती में
कौन  है भौ सिकोड़े
असंख्य  भान  लिए


I begged nothing
in my supplication 


mummified hands
trailed my hollow eyes 
from my grave -
an unalloyed vision
piercing darkness with purity 


Come hither
by thy glorious means
taking a strand of thy whiff, and
sublime an essence 
into my being;
as 'm not alone 
in here, but 
there too, that
You also must be
taking pride 
in prizing me thy own 


Onerous thoughts  
dig me colourless
from an open window
depoting me 
towards a deeper unknown
tithering painful
a part of me -
a bait
of an open space, as
hinges creak
a louder cry, rusted;

from the window sill 


Nature can not be envious
of an extra heart
pumping more love to 
ailing humanity

The witness
that truce my destiny
bettering the life on Earth
age with infinity

The movement, that
play motion all around
can not be bashing 

meandering flow of the river


I furrow my eyes, deep
under the thached roof
of my tattered old hut
to seed my imagination, that
a bunch of pale straw 
have made a tunnel of poverty
passing through many holes -
a safer passage 
to redeem an hour of richness 
looking at the skies 


It is stretching a longer time now; that
I can see
you are holding a glass of water
in your trembling hand
abating your warm breath

what ails you 
my dear!
which was His 
have already taken a longer flight, towards...

It pains me
to see you thus.
Let us unburden our hearts

You take muted residence
spreading stillness around.
Take a pinch on me
doing away your worries


Lonely night
bait silently 
the melancholy of my heart
hammering a beat 
with uneven thoughts 

whence you come
heading your horns
to bleat me unattended
deeper into the night -
An unholy creature 

I fear not, but
Your fear on me
I lock my horns 

Fighting to my last breath


Take a leap 
on your self 
spreading your wings
which takes on himself
tread the path to glory
where the moon shy, and
sun hid under your span 


Lonely night
bait silently 
the melancholy of my heart
hammering a beat 
with uneven thoughts 

whence you come
heading your horns
to bleat me unattended
deeper into the night -
An unholy creature 

I fear not, but
Your fear on me
I lock my horns 
Fighting to my last breath


The meaning of the word changed
oddly in its inception
saying the unsaid;
as I wrote 
with an ink of my blood
birthing my flesh -
placenta ruptured 
in a still birth 

Vultures are scavenging the prey.
Words are no words 
as meanings are 
all effusive of dead sentences 


Pour scorn on your knowledge
if it dares to inter you 
not through your heart, but
by the scourge of your mind
as those skins, that
prime on its colour and thinness
pride only on your externals.
That which flows insipient
marrow inside you bones
Therein resides
The reality
Of which you must 
Churn your heart, intreating;
With passion and supplication 
towards His higher abode


I pass a dead hand 
on myself
like a long branch 
broken down into the air
searching for its trunk;
and to feel the shiver
of its painful demise;
sans whole, and thereafter 


It mushroomed afar
A tree dread
vision of the dark -
Fear was all 
till the thunder 
spooned a silver 
Rained nothing, but
Crippled dreams
Crawling creatures
from the dark crevices
of my heart


Take persuance on me, a stone;
Softer, in touch of your hands.
Silently I lay on the road
Rubbing bad breath all my sides

I weep not of my own 
Sturdy of heart.
But when stray dogs pee on me, or
Vehicles leak gasoline in greasy uniform

All bonding
Filial of all skies, are
Rounding solar heights
I only lay perplexed open eyes on the road

What is this 
So hard inside me 
That men use 

To hurl stones on others


A momentous pause
Foego my silence;
No different than the breath 
Lost into the peel of life 

The cry pale 
Wailing my heart out;
No different than the howl
Lost into deeper space

Deepening an ink of night
I write the story of my life
Where doors are against
The path that I traded 


I croak, a hoarse
Deep seated voice, bulbous;
From the stagnant water
Bulging my toad eyes 
to gaze the gauze
Lining thinnest
the sky that I see above, and
the blue, that
mirror flat on the water surface