Wednesday, October 25, 2017


टहनियों के रसुक से
दरख्त भी  हरे  भरे लगते  हैं 
फिर  पतझर का यह कुहापन 
जमीं पर क्यों नज़र अाता  है 

माना की मौसम का मिजाज
शुस्क  है बजरने के लिए
फिर  ये  लमहा क्यूँ  है 
आफताब लिए हुये

कभी हम भी थे हुनरमन्द
लब्जों का  तलब लिए  हुये
फिर ये गमजदा क्युँ  है 
पूरा आसमां  लिए  हुये 

माना की आह  की लपट
दिल को आग  लगाती  है
फिर  क्युँ  जर्रे जर्रे पर 
एबादत का  जनून  शर्द है

Thursday, October 19, 2017

क्या रौशन करूँ

माँ! क्या रौशन करूँ?
रुद्ध कण्ठ का तिमिर रास
निर्गन्ध उपवन फास
किसे उज्जवल करूँ

सजल अजल अश्रु धार
विशाल समुन्द्र, अधीर समीर
प्रमाद भरा जीर्ण-क्षीण
तरणि पार कैसे लाऊँ ?

माँ! क्या रौशन करूँ?
वह रूप कहाँ से लाऊँ
फलक पर तुण्ड है
काले बादलों का झुण्ड

शिथिल सा शील पग
चरणों में कैसे लाऊँ
किसे बुलाऊँ
माँ! क्या रौशन करूँ?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


In what nobel gesture
you prize a catch
the invisible ripples of
colliding stars
on the curvature of space and time; as
you cross the space
between us, weak
of gravitational waves
interfering inside
four kilometer long arms, mirroring
the depth
of your presence -
'cosmic gravitational waves'
A long story rippled
inside the observatory
after hundred years gap


Your sweet unrest -
the fluffy void
of the sweetest kind, above;
never fails me
in your temporal adieu, as
You were here only
a while ago
body and flesh
when fate
descanted me of your whereabouts


Outcry of the
haunted soul
ditch a howl
into dark pitched nights -
tormented tombs reverberates


flits secretely
through the bower
of an eternal grave
twisting dark air -
felching and pelping


wriggling no more fear
or the fright
that hawked on me previously
I swallowed poison -
gurgling down the throat


with an unbeliever's eyes
ensnared long ago
storm the vortex
into an eternal light -
utter relief transcends


आसमां तर है
नफ़स-ए-सर्द में, कि
एक बयार सी चली है
मंद मंद भाव लिए हुए
ख़ुमारी ऐसी की
ना रंगों - रंध की चाहत है
ना किसी से शिकवा शिकायत
एक नब्ज़ रब्ध है
सहर होने तलक

नफ़स-ए-सर्द = cold breath
रब्ध = start
सहर = sunrise


whole sky is
breathing cold
breezing thoughtful soft
as moments hangover
the cursory sight
away from hues and heights
harbouring no ill to anybody
but a craving heart
till the daybreak

Sunday, October 15, 2017


कल की ही बात थी
अब ये ज़माना कैसे गुज़र गया,
अभी अभी तो सुबह थी
अब पहर ये कैसे ढल गई

अजीब दास्तां है
रूहानी अल्फाज की,
दिल ए लब्ज के मयाने
हजार लहरों से उफनती है

दर्दे बयां क्या करू
सौ चुभन भेदे है ज़ीस्त को
कल ही तो मिले थे यहाँ
अब वक़्त ये कैसे  गुज़र गया

Monday, October 2, 2017


All fraility
Old age avow
Until the Communion
Charts our way
to divinity
Where no death lure away life
No life mete its end;
All sledge along
The time and space
An elixir
A potion of love


How you orb a blue
Around a smiling rose 
Enveloping slender thoughts 
Fluffy and delicate
Piping lovely dreams awake

How you orchestrate
The buzz of bees
Doing a swing in the air
Fluttering and flanking
The moorland on a high

How you guard 
The light of my day
As darkness sulk
Inside deeper umbra
Willowing a bloom to my heart


I found myself, bodily
a transparent jar
in cloud of smokes
and it's weightlessness
Rendering my thoughts
in full moon, ajar


Kahani ke kirdaro me
yah kaisa man 
lag gaya,
harek panne se
ek jindagi 
bahne lagi hai

Malum na Tha
Sabdon ke tarkik bhaw bhi
Apno ko samaye rahte hain

Hirday sthal ke 
Harek spandan ne
Apne Dil ke karib 
Hilor karte paya hai

Kabhi lagta Hai
Panno ke baabat
Apne aap ko zild samet
Lapet lun
Yun hi Jiwan
Aasman aur jamin ke bich
Kahin khone lagi hai


See, how he tilts
his neck
towards the horizon
Must be a prayer
A twilight, folding
like a fetus
in total submission


Of your course, that
Surround my space
I keep looking at you
with an unblinking eyes
The coming of your D- day
Liberating this form
From penury and pain


Seven treadings
of my dreams
willingly kept
my heart awake
in adventure,
upturned green and glossy
Never was I blessed
but by the vision
of Earth from
the heights of the moon
in silver veins, and
multiple steps
giant of
dreams, after dreams


I took a smile
of the chirp, and
fluttered my hands
into the air
like a chirpling 
blinking my tiny eyes, through
a bright little morning
as bells tolls inside the temple, and
adhan from the mosque
for my wishes, synch
hymn to the church


All wakeful alliances
came floating 
into me,
and there
I was no more me, than
you into my heart
all that was bridled 
the breath of my life


O Maa
You are all celestial and divine
By many forms 
You lap me around, that
I have but one heart 
to pine you through
but never I shrink 
by my tears to 
Praise you in submission
Even my earthy form
never part me alone
Joining hands in grave
As eternal are thy loving faith
in life and death, and 
life again
O Maa!


It was part of
some obscurity
seven ropes of hell,
pulling darkness
one flicker death
other flicker more

Not all remains
into the life of a man
but to haul itself
in utter poverty and unfulfilled desire
planetary motion alive;
lonely man, as I came 
and lonely man I return


When hearing of the earth, is
so distant for an ear
and, the heart is low of beat
One from the
far land, above
prove its existence friendly,
pitching me into its dark 
crater to the moon
away from the land;
gravitating a pull
towards a lighter vein
a supper to an end;
where no noise, now
does an ugly means, where
no humans mention
their tamed desire;
away, I bid adieu
roving, utility of the fore
headless of my past

away from the tinsel land

Open the door

Open ye You
The door of eternity
From where I plunge
My deep reverence

Neither I hoard
Nor I give up
My lasting resilience


deep silence
of a painful heart
a son, teenage
just was lying on the hospital bed, yesterday
at Safdarjung hospital, Delhi
is now
telling a tale
lungs infected, body crippled, squinting eyes, stunted growth, dementia
How long can he bear it
the progress of sciences
but to dupe it
meet his true life, above 
deep condolences my friend
in this our of eternal grief


Golden light shining
over trees, mountains
the earth all over;
what worth are wordsmith
when You come 
by your golden thread, weaving
the works like a Goldsmith


Who comes
in this wakeful night
with a longer feet
bigger of skies
aquaint me of its familiarity
in cosmic years 
spent in togetherness
beating heart to heart
the one, and all
in galactic splendour


What is this luster
that surround you around
outside your little flower vase
if it is not my blooming
of my eyes, then
what else could it be


Calm of musing
you lyre the gate of heaven
grouped with friars and fairies
Gods and angels

All eyes plume
seven steps to heavenly dance
seasoned peacock 
denouement of an act

I disavow my plat
Earthy of all my deeds
and, ilk my fraternity

on a higher abode


I see the denouement,
the wilting act
of turgid life
roping in air
from all my past deeds
some good, some myths
into surplus space
swollen, like a mound
on a piece of green sod
the upper crust of the earth
get to know
the play;
giving a resting place
onus on mankind


You have always, reminded me
of your loving care
in my wee days of helplessness
peeing on your stomach
banging my legs out of the bathtub
swelling my time, late
potty on your legs
ruby cheeks smiling
pampering my heart out;
all baby oil messages
baby powder hand to hand
cooing, and cosseting
cuddle in your arms, flailing
my two little hands towards windmills
the hairs of your braid
the tussle of a loving kind

How will I reverse back
my days
onto you my loving mother
as you grow feable and weak
day by day

when out
I will go off by my growing time
getting to take your love back, my mother
and will never pee, potty and prod you
like that, again
my loving mother

what respite you gain
feable and invalid
lying your head pillow-soft

take my breast as your pillow
the eyes as my heart
and prove me as your worthy son;
as I swallow a big lump
utterly, unuttered
silent of my wilful dreams, that
you will not leave me alone

don't you care me now, mother.
How will I do, as you did on to me
in your womb and out

why don't you speak, now.


You come inside
your room, squared by four walls
after a days work, and
switch on the light and fan
putting the shirt and trouser on the hanger
shoes and shocks in a little corner
lazy mind rest

is this, how
life goes on
breathing inside the cage;
the last let-up
baring it all


Two of my bodily eyes
half closed, squint
four eyes of a dream
dappled by shadowy images
on a higher path, a nebulous glow
hazy of perception

A little outward
I peep my head in excitement
from the burrow of my
hollow and dark cell
to see the marvel of outer space
blinking in perfect unison

I could see
twinkling stars
as party to a wedding
Wafting clouds, cloaking
bridal moon in a silver gown

swift of reality
I play truce with imagery
by my two bodily eyes
it upended
many of my higher dreams



You come engrossed
ignorant of my thoughts
in moment of deep deluge
to naught; as I 
attend my vesper
shivering my bones out

Here, my Lord
I chant thy name, unknown;
broken of breath
as heavy time, cudgel
remains of my ashes
earth, water, air, fire and sky


I was not less aware
of your abounding love
cheerful on the branches
of a tree 
like a leaf,
taking all hands 
azure to the skies
affection, came;
after falling down the earth -
into the lap of wamth


When it swirls
galaxies into my thoughts
From nowhere, erupts
an unbridled freedom
to grip you
in my cosmic surge

O Mother!

in felicity of your 
boundless love
how can i 
repay my dept 
pearl to my tears

i have seen you
cradle, a string
to my breath 
how can i swaddle 
in your universal faith

in ignorance 
i forget my daily chant
how will i get to know you
if for a minute, i can
rip my unbecoming

I have seen you
playing hide and seek
to my ego
what else i have, but
to prosrate at your lotus feet

O Mother!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


बड़े भावुक और नम्र भाव से
गोधूलि में
उसे निहार रहा था 
एक छोटे से गमले में रखे
उस कमसिन
नन्ही सी जान को
पत्ते श्याह हो चले थे
उदास भरी शाम में
हवा भी मंद मंद बह रही थी
ना जाने किस आंचल
के दुलार में
छत पर
अध् पकी नज़रों से
टकटकी लगाए
कोई उकेर रहा था
एक ग़मगीन ख्वाब
काले बादलों के झुंड से
समय बीतता गया
उमर घुमर
रात के आग़ोश में
फर्क बस मैं का था-
कोमलता आँसू बन
रात भर भटकता रहा
उस नन्ही सी जान को
सहलाते हुये

Monday, September 25, 2017


इन्तेजार था एक पन्ने का
चिठ्ठी भरी याद का
बड़े उन्नत भाव से
आंखे पसारती थी
खबर आने का
लाल रंग वाली
भारतीय डाक-तार बस का
अब वो दिन रहा नहीं
जोर जोर से हरफों को
निज बनाने का
परिवार को सुनाने का
आज तो समय भी लद गया है
हाटमेल और इमेल  के चले आने से
रंगत भी छोड़ चली है
माटी अपने हीं शुगंध की
अब और कहाँ, और किसका इन्तेजार

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


बड़ा जज़्ब है तेरे सीने में
ए रहमते परवर दिगार
ज़रा उनसे कह दो
मुफलिसी में सब्ज़ है
दिल का हरा होना

बड़ा नाज़ है
उनके इस आइनेपन का
ज़रा उनसे कह दो
फ़तूर ए लरज़ है
दिमाग़ का हुनरमंद होना

ग़ैरों से परहेज़ नहीं
लहरों का समन्दर होना
वाबस्ता अब भी है उनसे
फड़कती हुई आँखों में
रूह का सर्द होना 

Monday, September 18, 2017


A very dim light, flickering far
into the dense and dark
travel along
my lonely eyes
sitting by the window side
of the moving night train;
gyrating rhythm, marching
iron wheels
rail along, monotonous
doing a parallax shift
as it passes across, and
vanishes into the haze
giving shudder
into my veins;
fear lurking still
into this onerous night
steering further
the train siren
its next station


of the sweetest voice
that fret me around
after a painful respite
it ferry me across
towards hinterland
unspoken, untreaded
friendliness of a bizarre kind
where from
I prove my existence
without any form
untouchable to a reasonable man
part my earthy space
with a shirk
Sans space, sans time
to bellow my whereabouts.
Void, my eternal void


All eyes
on 'me'
all humanity
on to you

and, dangle
on a single
'lifelees' -

tetrahedron legs
my blood -
like solid ash

spun, and
of unworthy space

a web
A live Spider
and, more dark


O Grandma
See me
How unworthy 'am
In this fragile frame
Take me there, where
Your wrinkles cusp
my feelings in togetherness
in your abounding love
The hands, that stretches
four grounding to moon
voices generous in all eternity

P.S. - Inspired by dear brother Preeth.


The real art, availth
a blue vein
of a softer yield

No pride, bubble
croaking frog
in shallow water

Finer strokes
comes wakeful
munificent of a touch

By one proofing
It dwelt a gain
to my beating heart

The real art, plexes
a frill
to its proven kind

No rank, crow
a black art
to its bill

Form comes from formless
to yield it back again
Tryst with truth, availth


Very lazily
you grip me
by long ears
belly of my thoughts
outsinging pain
timid, and fearful
of weaknesses, that
in three consecutive deaths
I was not able
to proclaim
the veracity of Lazarus
the fidelity of my 'self' -
neglect and abandonment
as more tangible.
one more excess
to my death


I crank up
my pen
drowsy and dank
with a shade
of an upward force
to passion my ink, dark;
frothing ceremoniously
like an elf
A wonderland
to my heart
sans any
sans me
to write
the darkest hours
In cavities
of wormholes


They walk lazily
limping, slouching
trudging on
the middle of the busy roads
rubbing the air
by body parts
trying to save themselves
from the screeching wheels
passing by;
yapping about their heels
bleating, when run over
They purpose nothing
but their ease and die
beating all corners
from dusk to dawn
the flesh smashed and sprinkled
in bloody pool
sea of night and day;
and the sky
yawning death

Thursday, September 14, 2017


अपनेआप की बन्दिश 
जब प्रार्बध खंगालती है 
उसके होने का असर 
जमाना प्रनव करता है 
मैं कौन हूँ कहने को प्रदाता 
वही है जो निहाल कराता है 

वंचित क्यूँ है, यहां 
आत्मा का झुझारूपन 
सिमट आती है प्रदाह सूरज की 
जब फनकार फन सुनाता है 
वही है लिप्त आगोश लिए 
शब्दों सा फरियाद लिए

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

खुले हाँथ का मर्म

एक कोना लब्ध है
राहों और बेराहों पर

किस सरमाया का दर्प है
खुले हाँथ का मर्म लिए

जब बात बनती है
वहीं सरिता फूटती है

रौशनी सा जगमग है
एक भृकुटि भान लिए

हारे को हार कहाँ
प्रचण्ड सा वार लिए

एक कोना लब्ध है
आकाश और आकाशगंगाओं के समग्र में 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


वज्र सा बैठा है
एक एहसास
किस करवट लेगा
मौन व्रत का
यह इतिहास

कई सदियाँ
गुज़ार गई
लम्बी आहें] लेती
धूल चाटती
एक जवलंत इतिहास

कोमल पंखुरिया
रक्त रंजीत हुई
एक तड़प
धारण कर, उद्वेलित
अंतर  मन का पाश

और अभी बाकी है
नदियों और नालों में
लाल लहू का घुलना;
जमी हुई रक्त पर
कोपलों का फूटना

वज्र सा बैठा है
एक शीलकाय अखण्ड
मौन व्रत जब टूटेगा
अंगड़ाई लेता
ज्वालामुखी विशाल

Sunday, September 10, 2017


कहानी के किरदारों में
यह कैसा मन
लग गया,
हरेक पन्ने से एक जिन्दगी
बहने लगी है

मालुम न था
शब्दों के तार्किक भाव भी
अपनों को समाये रहते हैं

ह्रदय स्थल के
हरेक स्पन्दन ने
अपने दिल के करीब
हिलोर करते पाया है

कभी लगता है
पन्नों के बाबत
अपने आप को ज़िल्द समेत
लपेट लूँ
यू ही जीवन
आसमान और जमीं के बीच
कहीं खोने लगी है 

Thursday, September 7, 2017


They walk lazily
limping, slouching
trudging on
the middle of the busy roads
rubbing the air
by body parts
trying to save themselves
from the screeching wheels
passing by;
yapping about their heels
bleating, when run over
They purpose nothing
but their ease and die
beating all corners
from dusk to dawn
the flesh smashed and sprinkled
in bloody pool
sea of night and day;
and the sky
yawning death


I out live
my pain
with a touch
of your soft image
from the yore,
coming briskly
like a cool breeze
innervating my nerves
with zeal and zest
foregoing all misery
in a go -
A potion for life
in letting go;
the lore
with faith and belief
The sweetest of all


Never once
you tread
along my dead bones
All scattering
in vain, encore
my seasoned demise
Again and again
Autumn by autumn
to encroach upon
dead leaves
pallid and crumpled
to dust
As you rustle pass -
a hiss in the dark,
a venom in the air
and keep my passion
till the end
of death and after


All gainful alliance
Tread me towards
A greater unknown.
The more I stitch the space
More spaces leave me awestruck

All reality glue
A subtle buzz
Into my ears.
The more I find meaning
More echo leave me unheard

All sight
Lure me dimensionless
A canopy azure.
The more awareness I discern
More I gamble my earth


Shoal of fishes
Spanned across the ocean waves
Way towards
the gravitating moon
Swimming with unblinking eyes -
The flight of the stronger fins

It tattooed silvery art
All scales to beautiful moon
Favouring all luck
to pisces
Its last sign

Eroding all doubts, that
Fishes can't fly.
Pouting the space
I reversed cloned Einstein-gene
and yelled my passion


When rusty wind
blow an evening slow
through the smoky dusk
A dissatisfied look
across me
to some blurred images
Crawling lazily
to salvage
that gently darkens;
as more dark sips in
into my being
bearing many torpid eyes
along worn out
night sky


They sat there, eternal
and colourful
on a boat
fleeting the shore
lending waves
on the painted wall
dark and deep
everything played freely
towards the difficult light
and, vanished
into labyrinth:
the maze of time and space

The paint dries up
Shadow, motionless; awaits
The return back


How those tiny beaks
are beautifying their rosy lips
Chirping all nature around
from their green branches
Nestling a feed to my heart

How those little heights
of green grass
are wearing a pearl on top
Surfing a ride to my legs -
A neckless to my feet

How those existent glee
frolic my heart
Tedding vast space
with wonderful dreams
A sledge over hoary clouds


All explications tumbled down
into many pieces
chunks of mirror
bloody and black
down the sky
all links, that
twinkled, and
brighter into skies

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


ये आँखें तकती है
अंजुली भर आकाश लिये
न जाने किस काल से
तरसती आ रही
ये आँखें अश्रुधार लिये

एक उच्छास सी बरपाती है
बाँहें फैलाये, अनंत
अवधूत अकाट्य लिये
भेद - अभेद्य का मर्म पालती
जोर करती
अन्धकार लिए

कोमलता शाप है
जहर है
जहां के लिए
कुमूद पंक में खिलती है
गाद में विलीन होने के लिए

ये आँखें
अब भी तरसती हैं
ना जाने किस कछार के लिए
सब वर्ण सूने हैं
असंख्य पतवार लिए 

Thursday, August 31, 2017


सहस्त्र हांथों से
दूलार पाती
कोपलें आसमां चूमतीं हैं
वज़ीफा ए ऐतबार का,
ज़ुबान लब चूमती हैं

उनकी आँखों में
पनाहगार की सुरत देखो
कितनी हरियाली लाती है
सराबोर करती है,
रहमत ख़ुदाई की

ज़र्रा ज़र्रा खिल उठता है
उसकी ज़ारदोजी के हुनर से
टिमटिमाते हैं फ़रिश्ते
नए जोश से
नदियों और पहाड़ों पर

सहस्त्र हांथों से
दूलार पाती
कोपलें आसमां चूमती हैं
वज़ीफा ए ऐतबार का
फक्र ए ऐतमाद पाती हैं

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


क़फ़से ज़िस्म में
एक हुनर परोस; वरना
न जाने किस दर से
पैगाम ए आजादी की इत्र
आसमां में घुल जाएगी

एक बानगी है
दिल का आशना होना
वरना आसमां में लहराने को
एक कफ़न शेष रह जाएगी

एक क़तरा लहू का
न जाने कितने इंद्रधनुष तारेगा
आसमां तो आसमां
परिन्दा भी पिंजरे से पंख मारेगा

क़फ़से = Cage
आशना = Friend 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

बित्ता भर ज्ञान

साल उठती है, भग्नता
खंड खंड
वक्ष स्थल के भाल पर

एक दरिद्रता, दमित है
अक्षर असंख्य लिए
लेखनी को जप्त करती
आह हज़ार लिए

आकार टटोलती, जिव्हा
वक्र है
बरगत के डंठल की तरह

एक नाप का फर्क है
बित्ता भर ज्ञान में
कुछ ही गज का फासला है
सहर और शहरयार में

PS -
सहर = Pain of the night
शहरयार = Friend of the dawn

Friday, August 18, 2017

ज़िन्दा तालाब

ग़ुम सुम सा है, कोई;
लब्ज़ सीले हुए
यथार्थ यही है
अनगिनत राह लिए

नूर की शबब, कोई
आग बरसाता है यहाँ
अम्बर में
कोई फ़रियाद लिए

ज़मीं पे अब, और
क्या रखा है
एक पानी है
ज़िन्दा तालाब लिए

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nabh geet

Koyal ki kuk
Madhur nabh geet
Unmukt, avikal dhaar

Kalrav karte megh malhaar
Dhamniyon ka dhamniyon se milan
Avichal, adig chitiz aur wo pyar

Lam bandh ho
Ki dharti kare pukar
Kya niras rahe manushya ke vichaar!

Seat par juta

Seat par juta
Aur jhangari  ka chabh
Kya kahen bacchoon ke kwab

Selfie ka surur
Aur balon aur galon par
Unglion ke touchscreen

Bulandi aawaz me, agar;
To lauh sabdroz hoti
Train ke isharon par

Rohan ka akele
Kano par takrir likhna
Gum sum mobile par taktaki lagaye

Now, you take
One photo like this:
Sister Ganita

Sister Mudita ka khel
Samay ko
Indradhnus ka nishan

Sattu ka roti
Sprite ke saath
Kya kahen bacchoon ke kwab

Library me ek ghanta
Kitabon ke bich
Lahren marti angrai jaise

Pulse ke saath
Bitata samay
Jibh ke sez se

Saalte hain jab

Saalte hain jab
Labon par tanhai ki kasak,
Uski bandagi mein
Ab din gujarte hain

Us sama ko kya kahe
Jiski aag,
Lalten ki chimni se
Nasib paati hai

Bahut dekh li
Zamane ki berukhi,
Ab to saikil sawaar ko bhi
Motorcycle ki aawaz azib lagti hai

Kaun kahta hai, ki
College mein class nahi hoti,
Zate waqt bhi, Loyola Hall se
Tak tak ki aawaz sunai deti hai

Mante hai enayat unki hai, par
Zab lagti hai
Fine gairhaziri ki,
Attendance sheet lahuluhan ho jati hai

Raushani se raushan rahe
Dua ka taz pahan,
Parisar me basti hai jiski mahak,
Wo, raat ki Rani hai