Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The rise of dead

Moisten with a silent depth
The dead will rise
And will stand and recite
In a sweet little voice
The musing of the muse
Not all but selected few
Will give a chorus

Unheard, unrepentant, unprized
The coffin Will scribe
The corpse story in detail
Whose testimonials will be
Written under or top
The roof Of the coffin
Read and digested by the worms


In abstraction
The reality comes to fore
The roots hold the earth
And the branches enjoy the roost
In the freedom outside
The blue azure!

Invisible the upper hand
In mould it sprouts
The suppleness
The birth and the life
Stoops at the end, and
In silent prayers it bends

Cagy crags of the cage
In body, passes through
The seasoned phenomenon
One minute breath
Enjoy the stretch of breadth
In joy and pain

Monday, October 29, 2012

The night of chimera

Avians crouched together
In the stillness Of night
Blacksmith holds full moon by hand
Forging thousand pounds in the dark
And thousand pounds of weight hit my heart

Dreary sleep holds me by cuff, vexing
Is this the time for you to be awake
It frightens a stranger out of me

Dearth of evidence for the sleep
Still keeps me awake the whole night
One step stillness, one step remembrance

Settle I, the score with tranquility
Dinning together with vibe and voice
And conjointly became one with the breath

Blacksmith still was holding tight the moon
Forging thousand pounds in the dark
And thousand flares oozed, hit my heart
If it was not the fire breath of chimera
In full flurry then what that was!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unshaped consciousness

O the purity!
The fire of our life,
Let all get brighten up
In thy glory,
In thy azure!

The survival is bound
To loose the struggle
Driven by certainity of death
In awareness of our mortality
The spectre of oblivion

The course of our life
Insoluble mystery of birth
Immortality, I desire not
Without death!
We would be at a loss

The journey starts from
The tenebrous womb, the
Tardy process of mortality
And longed to reach
Its end in vacant nought

A power of fallen
Boundless self awake
And is ceremoniously
Balmed with breathing
From day first to
The last nothingness

Consciousness unshaped
Desired light
And a blank prescience
Yearned towards distant change
In the nook of fire, the purity!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


If emancipation surrounds evolution
There needs cornucopia of evidence
Eons gets passed to let the matter moving

Why does silence comes as a potion
Are we all really going through dark-times
Is hard-times the path to the healing

No flag displays banner below human height
Thy abundance, pristine thy glory sings
Please don't foist with thy penury

Here stands the cult in all its disguises
Nowhere the imagery impress the most
Than on the face of this divine Earth

If only it happened was I born beyond earth
Somewhere inside the planets, the nebula
The galaxies, the stars or the black hole

Hidden meaning

Never the hidden meaning
Oozes forth unless filleth
In the guise unfathomable
Otherwise nothing extra
Would have come in form
Behind whose hunk, the azure
Distance him naught

Plethora of pristine purity
Bask in the glory unhindered
Only the demise of us mortals
Halt the journey of gaze
Whose definition do an honour
In all pomp and splendour
Which surpasses the past

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


'm being reminded to orb the truth always
An imagery instead flash back of my hay days
I would rather play to freedom than to graze the truth

'm being reminded to stand on my feet
An imagery instead flash back of my childhood
I would rather crawl to move than to go on a desired path

'm being reminded to capture the silence
An imagery instead flash back of my cry at birth
I would rather shower sounds than to feed my silence

'm being reminded that end comes in death
An imagery instead flash back of the time
I would rather become fearless than to drag the moment

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Frosted, water dried on eyelid
Died deep inside the eyes
Please don't call him hard
Least you will wake him up
He got his shelter, now!

Please don't wake the little soul
With thy magical potion today again
Don't know what will become of thee
Standing erect he will come to you
In his resurrection then

Earlier, transversed many a journeys
Sorrow and joy combined
Stilled! knowing with no avail
The desire gets at the door
And vanished through an open window

History got written in shadowy slumber
With dark beam through the stony eyes
That! Once, there lived a man
Good for nothing and food for all
And hence was lovingly called 'Tears'.


Tanned skin
Laboured brown
Sagging end
Slowed the time

The whole life
She never let the
Child play with others
But only with her care

Her love
Still holds tight
Satisfying the needs
In her Wavering looks

Earthy smell surround
Intense around
Resilience gets lost
In beating heart

Uncut still thy chord,
Inside which
Life ever flows dearer

Thy stooping
Touching the soil
Render me sleepless
Whence we came on earth

Even after pyre burn
Invisible touch
I will cherish
To hold onto my heart

O, Mother! Thee made
Time slowed down.
Instant became infinite
In cry and care!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Being true to myself
The time has come
For the obeisance
Crawling helplessly
Sustaining my breath!

Myself a creeper, crave
Thy divine touch
Oblivious to my presence
The future needs a path
Whose sole energizer
Will come by thy HELP!

If not, this is my outpouring
Then where my utterance
Will be heard!

Listeners will I search
Whose benediction I require
Urgently in thy PATTING!

'm not here
To come to terms
With anyone, but
YOU, my own HEART!

Alms is not my fete
Thy understanding
Defies my boundation
Please come to CARESS!

O, there!
Is this 'I'
A shadow of thee?
Get to me!


Thursday, October 18, 2012


It is never that
That I didn't wanted
The sky, the mountains
The oceans, the soil
To come out of cocoon
Nested in photographs
On my computer desktop
The calender, the diary
The painting, the film
And all!

It is never that
That I didn't wanted
The solitude, the peace
The freedom, the emptiness
To come out of the nest
Residing in penchant for words
Of human beings
The thesis, the garrulous talk
The attachment, the friendship
And all!

It is never that
That I didn't wanted
The Azure, the one-ness
The divine, the bliss
To come out of earthy existence
Living in the body-sloth
The lard, the bones
The past, the present
And the future all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coloured canvas

On coloured canvas
A dream I paint
It flows in a flux
With brush impact
Dipped in varying hues
Carrying many strokes
Imprint gets reproduced
To be vanished
In eternal bliss

Many an err stray
Many a path detach

Still holding the brush
I dream a dream
How should I paint on canvas
As it already is layered
And painted full

Slumber sprouted into a day
Was I daydreaming
In fulfillment of wishes
Or some divine musing
An elegant tapestry
Which was playing through
In varied colours
And many a travail

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The epitaph!

In thought
Words float
In cry comets
Downward falls

Why consumed
Day and night
Spiral in bargain

Milky Way
Light years away
Travel to gain
The minds eyes
And souls ply

Many erudite
Ended their might
Fighting tight

Lo, epitaph gets
Written prior to
Before the end
Draws near, here!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


One and the other
Lay in wait
Pounced a punch
Prodding momentum
Life drained away the dead
Which was sloth
Ever eternal and ever fresh
The path journeys
Unmindfull of the darkness

Many the actors
In all paraphernalia
Goes bypass
Through another door
The ultimatum
Stands here
Whose demands as ever
Is your part
And are final!

O Bulb, O the BULB!

Artificiality your nature
Thus says all
Still the filament burns
To lighten the darkness around

The study
Completes under you
You brighten the streets
You light the worlds
Tunnel and trains play your tunes

One touch commences
To put you 'On' and 'Off'
The dance goes flirting
All over the floor whole-night
The day inside the room in night

Termination gives another Bulb a chance
Fused as and when it happens!
I know not where the glass cracks
The filament hangs
Aluminum just doesn't conduct electricity

O Bulb, O the BULB!

Your past made my present!
How not grateful, I can't be to you?

Friday, October 12, 2012


The lighter the silence gets 
And the words gets heavier
The call gets lovelier and lovelier
O dear! O my dear!!

All relations vanishes
All turmoil nullifies
The azure gets brighter and brighter 
O the great! O my the greatest!!

I wanna talk not
Defy my forbearance
Mingle onto thyself
O Mother! O my Mother!!

All here are artificial
All are there in-self
Empty the vase 
Don't cuff with ornaments
O there! O THERE!!


In desire appetite loosens
In wailing, the rain rains
In words the persue happens
What next!
Only speaks in silence

Knife chop the vegetables
And eagerly the potatoes and tomatoes
Oblige us in its cut
What next!
Only speaks in satiety

Diseased he lay helpless
Balm sprinkles over the bane
Risen himself and maneuver comfortabley
What next!
Only speaks satishfaction

Oh! The next!!
Why you are the NEXT!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Aha! The bonding!!
The father and the son
The master and the pupil
Daedalus and the Icarus

Are we not made up of thoughts
And Icarus didn't heed his father's commands
The fall was the jumping spring
Which stood to rise again

Sure of oneself, may be one day
The inertia of wax models
The livingness of Madame Tussauds thoughts
Will fathom the inertness
Long before or after we are gone

The melting of truths
Runs down the veins
In spark it pulsate
In breathing it resuscitate
Day and night
I can see both of you everywhere!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

At par with freedom

Is it the excuse of errors
Or bounded in memory it resides
If and when it comes
It gives happy sensation
Down the veins

A thirsty glass of water
And watering the roots
Are they not symbolizes
The giver of abundance

The mortality is my boundation
Otherwise 'm at par with freedom

Monday, October 8, 2012

The blink of spontaneity

Not mine and still I pine
Without hunger and thirst
Ever unborn the soul
Journeys towards finale
Mammoth time expanded
In a blink of spontaneity

Always the journey came closer
And always the journey went far

It was the peeling
Which caught me to seed
And sprouted somewhere
Into leafy green there
The murmur hence came forth
In whose rustle all danced

Always the memory came in
And always the memory vanished away

It was the reading
Through thine eyes
Which caught me helpless
Blind was I born
Impacted Vision galore
In thy touch Divine

Still not mine and still I pine

Monday, October 1, 2012

Nascent touch

The days were ...
Every fall there
Called the bleed here
I knew, the soul
Light of weight
Crumple in agony
A cry tearing apart

Dire the desire
Comes of the age
Quenched by her
Nascent touch
Happiness blooms 
Thee the beautiful
Beautiful thy soul!