Monday, December 31, 2012


The tea fuming inside the cup
Turned cold before the parted lips
Could even say happy new year
In the passing of thoughts

The sip in lustful need
slips into a broad reverie
Stony eyes and the china clay
Meet at the horizon, combine!

And lo,
Happy New Year 2013
Comes drooling away
In diapers anew!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Moments resurgence
In unfathomable depth
Revolt in the flow
Sans sky, sans earth

Everything here
Is made unpalatable
Sans THIS, sans THAT

Ocean in tears
Adrift in waves
Engulf, the whole
Cosmos in its take

Laded heavily
With jaded head
Amoral feet thud
Its steps out


Ineffable fire
In smoky breath
Peel the air
Layer by layer

Holding acutely
The feel of pain
Gurgle down blood
In veins blue

Infinite swirls
Ignited mortals
surges a fury
Silence repressed

Closed eyes
Conscious rind

Hurdle removed
The last dregs
Worth was death
In dredge of life

And the air
Was peeled
To the last
Layer by layer

Friday, December 28, 2012


A ray of light
Came bowing, in
The touch Divine

With cupped palm
The hands touched
The infinite grace

A small bit of
Tears rolled down
The rosy cheeks

In thy wait
The galaxies churn
And ants run

I wonder if the faults
Have wings, in
The spot of moon, or
The black dots of sun

Please don't take
Faults at my
Trembling words

Let thy grace
Adrift to orb
A moron like me


Fossilized stubbornly
Thoughts petrified
All bright as white
Stone calcified

Embedded into it was
Throbs of volcanic depth
Erupting as and when, the
Silence was slashed

Reverence revive
Only in death
Live I say this, a
Perjorative of me!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Overtly the light
Is held tight

Is there a dream, in
The freedom of night

Time has gone blunt
In use of moments

Is that which bowed
To silence, must shout

The land of Buddha
And monkeys of Gandhi!

All wisdom awashed
Water cannons drenched

O, you the beholden
Whom did you be grateful

All scattering of light
Is poor of strength

Committees upon Committees
Bury upon its death

And breathing abated
Looks a vaguer look

She was.
And now she is!


The rescuer
A Reformer
If ever, with
Helping hand
Will inquire
The destiny

Askance look
With vigil eyes
Will always, book
The newcomer
Suspicious, of its
Copious nature
Full awake!

It will certainly
Pain me
One day
To say
To thee all
In my rescue

Monday, December 24, 2012


With thud
The present
Of the past
Falls down

Infinite gaze
Spills out
The edges
Of the heart

The muse
In reverie slops
The future
Indefinite, dies

In waste
Feelings transpond
And, 'I' fetters bound
Under the pain

What is there
To keep,
In the call
Of whom

Time pulls
Into the
Present thud

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Effortless swim
Into the fluid
Of his warm stay

The baby blastula
Rejoices attached, in
Environment benign

Did preview of inkling
Came to his calm universe:
World outside waits!

Was his approval
Terminated down
Because of immaturity

Nihilist thy suburb
Away from the populated
Worldly urban crowd

Anonymous thy origin
In thy defined name:
A little love!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Obviating any need
To pen hearts desire
Held I a paint brush
Hands dipped in colours

Knowing the restrictions
Of alphabetical flights
Choose I in varied hues
The charisma of colours

Marching behind
The layered strokes
Life dragged, in
All thicks and thin

One stroke the sky
One stroke the earth, and
Many subsequent strokes

Heart's honey oozed
Out of the comb
The desire of the canvas

Creation stood amaze
Eyebrows bright
And tilting heads, dumb.

Fingers on the cheeks
Mystified to other end
Who is this other ONE?
The credulity of the fact
Was burdening HIM

All basking in vibrance
All resplendent in hues
None was malevolent, thus
Reign, charisma of colours!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Habituated to live a life
No desire goes a waste
Seeing, eating, breathing ...

A tinge of faith survives
That, I am THAT inside
Wishing to dine together

Does any wanting
Resides in heaven or hell
I desire not

I still can swim
On the surface
Of an oceanic depth

Come O, come!
Thy silent steps, dispels
The dinge here

O, the grandiose sojourn
Sublimate the moment
By thy nature sublime

Quiver me not, in
Thy essence pure
That, I am THAT inside

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Thunder cracks and the water drops not
Nails are cut and the blood oozes not
Prayers are made and it hankers not
Thirsty one feels and is quenched not

Your high pedestal doesn't reach my hands
Your bright rays doesn't warm me up
Your sweet call blatant lie I feel
Your certainty puts up the wings

Who was there in guise unfathomable
Who was there in suppleness of tanned skin
Who was there in vision of thy gaze
Who was there in the smile of the baby

'm so weak, hove me not
'm so tender, break me not
'm so sightless, blind me not
'm so insignificant, trample me not

You the most benevolent, struggle me not
You the most compassionate, sever me not
You the most trustworthy, disown me not
You the most graceful, unbless me not

Thunder cracks!
Body shiver!
Sky rants!
Desert beholds!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


He pondered deeply, and
Hailed HIM the savior

Benign in the beginning
Uproar suddenly sprouted:
The tumor has now spread

Blisters popped up
As puffed up pop corn.
He knew from kernel
It all expanded

On the coarse white
Blank sheet of paper
Words bobbled up
Temporary in memory

Filled in with all pains
Many clouds of thousand flies
Started buzzing, near
The open wounds
Lecherous in look

The paradox got a say:
I knew, it was not
Thy artifact
In an assemblage
Of egoistic blast

All evil escaped, outside
The Pandora's box
Only the Elpis of hope
Survived at the bottom

Muted, it lay deaf
Muffled inside the coffin
Defining peace at bottom
In a deadly crush!


Downpour drenched
And submerged, deep
Down the pores of soul
All the pains, cloaked
In the bridal orb

Rain heavily poured
And the drop drained
The cracked path, and
Creaky shrill cried
In agony disguised

Clotting of blood
And the clout of time
Made an implacable mark,
Insensitive to pain
And the pleasure alike

Monday, December 17, 2012


Thought to test
The truth, as told!
Hewed heavily, to chop
In chunks the dried hays
Scattered in bloody splatter

A great opening, I thought
Could possibly be revealed
Of Truth, in micro cut
Done for the purpose
To bury my head into

Reflux of the force
Strengthened the flow
Existed until the last
Breath, and I counted
The ebbs of self esteem

Oblivious of its presence
Ranting in rend
Unattached to any form
The truth beckoned

There! You transient being
In wake of your experiment
You have broken
The fragile empire


In thy touch
Thought vanishes

In waiting
Faults flies

Darkness dies
In all thy hues

I do not pray
To decipher thee

Who calls there?
I could hear thee aloud

Thy heart is beating
Pounds, I could sense that

Holding in thy palm
Comes the balm

The white nectar
Gulped subconsciously

Softness thy caressing
Lure me to sleep

A warm water dropped
In the years bygone

Now the feelings ripened
In visual reminiscences

It was on cheeks, Still
Could feel the warmth

It all came from
My Mother's eyes

Was the drop
Not thy love
O, Mother!
Then, on whose lap
The tapping Of palms
I could hear thy lullaby


In thy touch
Thought vanishes

In waiting
Faults flies

Darkness dies
In all thy hues

I do not pray
To decipher thee

Who calls there?
I could hear thee aloud

Thy heart is beating
Pounds, I could sense that

Holding in thy palm
Comes the balm

The white nectar
Gulped subconsciously

Softness thy caressing
Lure me to sleep

A warm water dropped
In the years bygone

Now the feelings ripened
In visual reminiscences

It was on cheeks, Still
Could feel the warmth

It all came from
My Mother's eyes

Was the drop
Not thy love
O, Mother!
Then, on whose lap
The tapping Of palms
I could hear thy lullaby

Sunday, December 16, 2012


If for the simple reason
Life ebbed away emaciated
At least, let me hear thy voice

So, how long!
The journey will last
Rotting in rags

Many came close in funeral
In death of tears
All got vanished in vapor

And you came late
In retrospection
Finding your own fault hence

Now the music is
Being played
When cloak changed its hue

Long thoughts
Waited eternally
Travelled many distances
In dins and dams

You the most
Vociferous and Verbose
You talk and the flicker
Fumes in the last oil

You say, there I am!
All void, in here
Comprehension comprehend

Even a single seed, doesn't
Go outside of the world
And you busy yourself
Seeking outside
Which is inside you

Many a books are burnt,
In acceptance of luck.
In such slowness
The breathing goes
One laughs in hither talk

Life ebbed away emaciated,
Shadow also departed slowly.
All slowly in the show
The curtain was closed down

Saturday, December 15, 2012


There the clouds
Passes by
Far and far away
To some distant land
Gaining heights of height

Dark and heavy
It rains down
Drop by drop, and
If unheard
Hails heavily

The silver crown
Which the cloud wore
To beautify the head
Was seen dumped elsewhere.
Whose call it was?

Hidden beneath,
In the cracks of fields
Lonesome Mother earth,

She soaks all the pain
Which falls down
From the sky above
Wow! Thy gravity
Wow! Thy touch

Core of thy heart
Clouds, as her children
Rests asleep
Unabated in love

Friday, December 14, 2012


From one wall
To the other
A thin thread
Woven tight
Was visible
Swaying to sides
In a silent blow of air
Marking with
Streaky lines
Sticky blobs
Welcoming the catch
Patience throbbing
To catch
The throbbing heart,
No one knows
Whose divinity
Calls for whom
Whose prayer
Is heard
In the take
And intake
Sensing sense
Blight of the web
Layed in wait, for
Many worthy items
Which passed
Through the WEB.


From one wall
To the other
A thin thread
Woven tight
Was visible
Swaying to sides
In a silent blow of air
Marking with
Streaky lines
Sticky blobs
Welcoming the catch
Patience throbbing
To catch
The throbbing heart,
No one knows
Whose divinity
Calls for whom
Whose prayer
Is heard
In the take
And intake
Sensing sense
Blight of the web
Layed in wait, for
Many worthy items
Which passed
Through the WEB.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


The table!
The plate!
And the spoon,
Dancing Nearby.
Swaying to,
This and that.
Better are thee
The living compound
Bearing the tinkle
In sound divine

The spoon
Which feeds
The mouth
Hurridly comes
Down the plate.
It knows
What the satiety
Demands of
The Motherly love.
Basing itself
In support
Of the table
On the lap

More glitter
I could see
In the eyes
Of all the
Shiny compounds,
Than all the
Wisdom galore
In stony eyes
Hidden inside;
In stomach,
It survive.

Dearth of life, remains
In the living walk
Of human dead.
Immortality gains
For all inanimates
The living compound
In thy gaze,
In the dancing
 Of the spoon!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


In awe of silence
The rush of life passes by

The darkness bloat
In the swell of shadow

Mobius strips reshape itself
In any stretch of life

The toy top
Toggles between the sides

Even the leaf, plucked
Will not screech

The air salutes
The parting move

As the rain comes
The ocean bellies out

Earthy the blotting paper
Which soaks the moisture out

Many journey traversed
In meekness and meanness

Wearing the blinders
To fix the gaze

If the words could juggle
The magic between hell and heaven

Waiting to shed
A layer of silence

The wholeness of all, respects
The topology of silence


Every day
The crown of light
Sits shiny above

Vortex of space
In the might of time
Garland the void

The ball of fire
The light, never hides
Anything in its way

Many a flower blooms
Many a vision resurrect
Many a Mother finds her children

The warmth
One feels in every
Touch of HIS

Only in the coolness
One could see
The dark spot

I wonder sometimes, Why!
Eclipse surrounds
The giver of celestial light

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


O, my eternal friend
My book!
Who called you so away
In such a heave
It really beats
My heart out
In clasping close
To my chest
You my name
You my all
Never thy parting
Will come, but
In my demise!

Monday, December 10, 2012


If in your call
I would not turn my head
Think, 'm dead

How can I see thee
With my naked eyes
A lump in throat
Is holding back my tears

How and which way
Goes my barren ways
To thy up-ears

Nose is submerged
Breathing is heavy

Once, but once; hey there!
Get me thy vision
Want to get blinded
In thy azure

Words are getting
Shorter and shorter
Bit by bit
Year by year
O, there!!
Limit me by thy limitless
The inhalation getting heat

Only my silence
Only my skin is left
How will thee bell me with my bones
No faculty stand my gate
And why should!?

I got a small hole
To peep through
My soul
Into thyself

My only ammunition
Is depleting
Day by day
Moment by moment

Come O, there!
If in your call
I would not turn my head
Search me in thine eyes!!!


Memory got consigned
In chuckle of your laugh
Or, at least hmmmm
Could have been heard
From the purity thy mouth

Perplexed the perspiration
Settled on the face
Shining ever beautiful
The trauma stamping its
Intent in bonafide stand

Even the wafty clouds
Floating along the sky
Sometimes hid the smile
Atleast it thunders
Running down the earth

In muteness of conscience
I bid my soul
Who else can keep it safe
If not thee, then who

An innocent smile
Risen from beyond.
Earlier that, which was
Called the laugh
Was just the memory
Of the dead soul

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Truth belied
In all, that
Called the call

Sat deaf
In depth, silent
Music sang

Deftly, life
Score its karmas

With single touch
The cradle rocks
And Death knocks

Applause heard
In cracking
Of thunder

In truth
The shadow was
And will BE

Saturday, December 8, 2012


For only in the name
Resurrection survives
Dull and blade-less

Even the sickle
Feels happy as it
Cuts the fields

In plethora
The time abounds, in
Gabbing consciousness

Meaning gets gnawed
In that homely past
Which truly was abnormal

Need to be absorbent
In our momentous stir
Here the freedom bask

Don't cajole
With thy sweetness
It spits the venom out

You that count me
Count you first
In dingy lane

Never the spark
Needed the fire, ever
To churn the dark

The light glowed
In every inheritance, it
Touched the dingy lane

Friday, December 7, 2012


At the surface
Down the base of a well
A toad, head protruding
Was summoning
Someone hazy, peeping
Down below the look;
In many an undefined croaks

No rope, no wheel
And still the urge
To get away from the shackle.
Rasping his voice
To smoother the soul;
May be, the sound
Could do the job

Floating a dead life, he
Reasoned an understanding
A firm believer, and
Reached a conclusion:
A cemetery will surely
Be erected, because
Death will not part him alone

He could now understand, that
Which he could not
Call his own, was
Just the panacea
For all the living dead!


Hey THERE thine me yours!
If ever it happens again,
That I wriggle in pleasure
Please parcel some of your pain!
Oblivious of any giving of mine
The Acknowledgments I opt not
I regale in thy essence
In all THAT, which affirm
My presence in YOU

Hey there! All pervasive,
The all preserver, the all destroyer;
Infuse me onto thy self,
'm much drained out HERE!
Destroy me, to make
My preservation intact.
'm feeble, I won't Make It
Thy sweetness of love, always
Comes with an essence of truth!

Haven't I hurt thee!
With my words, Dear Lord!
Such a speck of dust am I
Sometimes oozes my soul thus ...
O Lord! I wanna

Thursday, December 6, 2012


A nocturnal dream comes out
From the side of a dark deep corner
Nibble my pristine thoughts.
Not many but few pages
Are left open of my book
The thoughts garnished all over
With all the sweetness of pain
And pleasure aligned
Gathers the momentum in time
In wait of rodent, to finish
Eating the book in whole.
All thoughts wafted wayward
In destination unknown.
Wondering about the chariot
Who may be the charioteer
Driving the 'nothing-ness' in total void
Rejuvenated I become, in owning
And calling 'nothing' my own

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Stale I become, in
Every stillness of HIM!
Every touch unknown
Reprimand the demand
Of HIS forthcoming

The unfolding in pleasure
Gets folded again,
In pursuit of HIS image.
Vanishes nowhere but in me

Wanton I play to myself
The real me escapes the dungeon,
Maddened lastly, I repose
My head to the hollow pillow

The vision stretched, not
To the age but to eternity
The uniqueness percolates

Monday, December 3, 2012


The multiplicity of faith
Collects in the bowl of life
Demands the rendezvous
With THAT which resides
Know not, where in space and time

Life blood sips
The bundle of burden, stooping
To the mother earth
In obeisance
As it grows grey

The needle of second ticks
Unhindered and untired
In the homely space
The minutes, hours, day,
Night and the infinite

Born to unborn the walk
The divinity trances
Half conscious, the consciousness
Sleeps, until the wake-up-call
Is heard to the tiny ears

The murmur of life
Gurgle over the dead
Such hollow it was not
Which was waiting
With a bowl in hands

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Every shadow is devoid of light
Why then the dream as truth
Comes in the night

Harbinger of truth lay asleep
While people inflate memory
Coloured by what they lived

All things in framed relationship
Was ready to be garlanded dead
Before the birth of the boon

In trouble times life's own shadow
Will not look back turning his head
Death even will shrink the moment ahead

Friday, November 30, 2012


Dinge of dirt settles
Above the surface of
Bony cage, the carcass
Sticky and loathsome
Gives feed to termites
And the running mice
As that once was called
The fire of life and
The faith of heaven
Finds peace in the mould
Dismantled to every cell
Into every micro cosm
It weds to darkness
To come forth with
A new beginning
A new life, sprouting
In a new light
Every page, in every age
Turns to throw the dirt off
From the book of existence
Giving wings to thought
Which hung from the hook
One cage and the other cage!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

O, the lovely there!

Must I see not which is well defined
Lest it will make me invisible

Must I talk not which is so pure
Lest it will get polluted

Must I touch not which is untouched
Lest it will change its place

Must I remember not which is beyond memory
Lest it will vanish away

Must I paint not which is so colourful
Lest it will wash away the canvas

Must I sing not which is unsung
Lest it will stop my breath

O, the lovely there!
Discard me if ever
I stand at thy path!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warmth of blood

All a game of black and white
The byte of '1' and of '0'
In the binary of two, the
checkerboard of day and night

All that stays
In our limited vision
Stays for that optimum
Which sustains our life

Sour the soul becomes
In the pangs
Seeing all those left behind
Writhing in pain

When I talk, I talk not
When I listen, I hear not
YOU play two edges sword
I play with my single heart

Warmth of blood, I have
Not two but one I become
When binary gets converted
To human form in skin and blood

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Always the hand-of-rays
Cuts through space
And count with fingers
The beads, one by one
And galaxy by galaxy
The one eternal void
Passes through, as thread
To intertwine space and time
The DNA of the beginning
To garland the GOD divine!


Put off the light dear
It itches my eyes, and
Doesn't make me sleep

This only was the sentence
Uttered in one breath
In the thumping of time

The inhalation Divine
Lingered to catch exhalation
In the nature outside

A gush of wind came floating
Somewhere from afar, and
Extinguished the fire, dead

Many a spectator
Unwittingly came to rejoice
Bone to bone and ash to ash

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Put up a feast to call you all
Denizen of the worlds
The living and the dead
The muse and the ignorant
Get ready to take a bite
And consume the night
Restless the hunger coils.
Is it the night which sees
The light after satiety bright
Or, the dirge-feast,
In clinking of spoons
And platter of plates;
Lamenting the gone past


From the fusion inside
Fission came likewise

All got blown away
Underwent a metamorphosis

The last dust of an ash
Guided me through a path
Through the winds!

There I could hear
The unborn baby
Crying and fulminating

Trying to stretch the
Limits Of the space
That confined him

Not knowing that outside
Is but all blood and gore

Encompassing all dusty strength
I thrust myself towards
To muffle the baby's cry

A myriad of tiny, thin sounds
Rose from his heart

There I could hear
My own heartbeat
Capped, by being unborn!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


A time will come
When all relations will vanish
Friends or foes!

And there will not be
Any reminiscence of love and fight
Between two or three!

On that very day
Time will stand still, Perplexed
This way or that way!


The call glided
Over the unseen tips
Swaying somewhere
Towards the horizon

Scrapping the scab
Wounded by silence
Choked up by tears
Something hot stung
The blind eyes

Strength in gaunt
lurch down the path
In wait, to cover
The heaven by hands

There I heard an assail
Renting the sky above
The void was torn apart
And the call reverberated

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Shadow of silence
In a momentous heave
Sticks skin to skin
Born day and night
The same infinity benign
Perforce thy compassion
Peace thy definition
Satiate, stands azure
In saturation Divine!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The feathered friend
Soaring shy
In the sky,
Any humans
Could see.
Flutter away
In the beckoning sky.
Deep down,
The urbanity dies down
All ceramic and
All untrustworthy.
An awareness,
In anguish
Doth flows down
In ravines deep.
Why frequently
Do I not see,
Which is brightly plumed
Gaze tilting,
bright eyed
Tiny souls
With tiny heads


O, the depth of silence
Play not with my mortality!
The longings are not the days
Which pines for thy eternal peace
The coffins are already carved
With many coloured woods
In birth, the dusty sojourn

Luminescence dissolved
Unattended by heat of heaven
The burning, the fire
Putrifies the heaving soul
Not knowing the plight thus, the merger
Was waiting with abated breath
Least it will wake up the mortality divine

Apprehension merges unwillingly
Into the wavy apparition
Otherwise 'm fearless through
Any transparency or translucency.
Boldness speaks through
My Opaque strength
Distancing away any heat of heaven
Abiding in thy silent play

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Flavor of joy hopped and
Hanged, in all its gaiety
Hip-hip Hurray!
Solely I found my solace
Along the long slender leaves
Swaying with mirth, and
Chorus of laughter
Buds rising from slumber
Spreading its petals wide
Inclined to stumble
Upon my firm shoulder
All came merry making
Bees and butterflies
The sun and the night-moon
The earth and the sky
The water and the soil
And none was left behind
Here comes the cats
Here comes the hare
Someone quacking
Someone roaring
All basking in the bliss

But lo!
Neither could I found
Any humans far far away
Inside the periphery of
The Joy circumference around!

Hip-hip Hurray!
Found an inner-world
In the flavor of joy!!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Want an instant ramification
If HE desires, HE will
If HE can see this HE will know it
Had travelled for eons
Had traded I don't know, what not
But still linger my thought
Why for life and why for death
Listening, talking, feeding

Why the consciousness!
Was better born before time!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thought today to vision
The hidden soul
It was playing a documentary
All soothing, all holy
Frame by frame, all digital
Digged out of google-search
Inside the computer screen

Thought today to feed
The Weary soul
It was getting dark
The dusk has taken its root
Slowly it will sprout
And be watered by the night
Dream will beam light

Thought today to talk
To sulky soul
Couched it lay at
The corner of heart
Silence stalked forward
Shook the soul and cuffed
Dragged inside its shell

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The path to shortcut
Tunnel through time
Not knowing the length
Of the hole that
It was infinite

The rest resides
Not in beginning
And end in particular
But the thoughts
Beside the brain

The only hindrance
Bubble in birth
And end in death
Why comes light
And why comes dark

The path is framed
Round the Potters wheel
Not because of potter
But the clay which
Lay hidden in mixture
Of soul and nectar!


Unattachment the forte
Then why attachment
In love is defined 'two'
Is it binds more?

The allusion, thy love
Defined, undefined
It becomes

The undesired sloth
Cast with sorrow and pain
Joy and jest, wither

A tribute to oblivion,
In memory all reprieve.
Detached, paradise regained!

Monday, November 12, 2012


The life force
Vanished unattached
Way up somewhere

Sneaking through
This golden moment
The demon entered
Dreaded in look

With an ugly face
Countenance red, it
Slid into murky
Gloom, unattended!

Life-less belonged all,
The form and formless.
Cosmic flow heft the veil
Weightless all becomes

Wearing a smile from
An artificial womb
Demon meet death-wheel
And all game upturns!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


O the light Divine
Whence thy roots formed
From thy sprouting seed
To dispel the dark around!

Perennial the Kalpataru (wish-fulfilling divine tree)
Pagan the pantheons
All in wait
To make a heaven of earth

Now lesser and lesser
People see the day.
Toiling to unearth the dark
They bask in the night

Feeling undermined, unutilized
Many a sun count their days
Blazing fiercely, Merrily
They make the journey alone

O the light Divine
Whence thy shadow goes deep
In the summer-day of thy cast
Only in azure I see you clear


Freedom immaculate
Under the auspice
Confined me by the
Token of tears

Worth the omen was
Never seen
Such a sight
Flowing down

Nobody touched, and
Was touched by nobody
The only grudge left
Was the beloved cry

Never the drops
Knew its origin
How then an ocean
Came into being

Under the upbeat
The string vibrated
Fret resonated
In an audible play

It was just a drop of skin
Which shed the upper layer
Under was the divine peace
Bubbling with jest and joy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Why the touch of mine
Doesn't sip into thy soul
All the cells and tissues
The sloth is made of

O the coolness of the heart
Drag me to thy eternal den!
All way down the ravines
The arteries block thy flow

Creeping through life
Roaring a roar, urging!
Neyh, thee can't be
That which is so shallow

Facing towards the nature
Outside, the greenery of darkness
Unfathomable in thy abyss
I lay mournful sitting beside the grave

Friday, November 9, 2012


The bait of life
On a string of breath
Came reveling
Least the leisure
Won't get passed

Someone devoured
The delicacy meant for
Bulging without belch

Waves of time-wave
Came floating over
And HE was nowhere
To be seen

A rustling
Came from the void
Eager to utter
The definition:
A life with NO-LIFE!


Before looking up, at
Green leaf attached to a tree
I could not muster my courage
To look under my sleepers;
Termed dead, a leaf was
Wriggling in pleasure of pain
Thinking about the abode; here
Is for a moment, one day
All has to die someday.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Twinkling of the birth
Stays a moments bliss
Like the stars littered
All over the sky, untidy
In its haughty forbearance

Not knowing what the event
Will come pouring in the
Dimmed vastness outside
I lay unmindful, unrelenting
To the obvious premonition

Someday shooting stars
With force; fast and bright
Will struck an abyss
Down below where love resides
And all will be reduced to ashes

Time and again the story tell thus
The journey meant to be attuned
To the soul, was basking
In glory of all dead
Unattached and un-orbed!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Ripples unbounded mingle
In kindred heart, beating!
Where the spirit dwelth
Spreading wings of love
In the swim, in the fluid

One instant celebration
Submerge the whole cosmos
Unrelenting in divine womb
Sustaining by the breath
Unspeakable, unheardable

Darkness pulsating low
Give way to joy eternal
Where the light hoist a beam
The chord, through which
Many the universes talk

Moments centred deeply
Peeps through the wormwhole.
Effortlessly the release
Gain the gait, in wait
The celebration of love

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ends of wormhole

Shrouded in smoldering sloth,
Life sepulcher the mystery
The fire, the flare of dead

On the elevated life pedestal
Once that was saffron, turns
Ochre, in the tanning of time

The whole night long, I wept
Along the ends of wormhole
Waiting for transition of mystery


From whence 'll call
My depleting strength

Lift your veil
Hey Lord!
Every dust of mine
Are getting more dustier

Why every null and void
Has to pass through
A volatile definition
In this conscious world

Why the cool breeze
Passes through my ribs
And I sway not

Whose remembrance
The language pines for
In this mortal world

Better were the days
Oblivious of my mortality

Don't scatter thyself in giving
Hey Lord!
I am in you and you in me

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I could get only
My first term on earth
To praise the fluff green

If could get a chance
Loves green labour
In fluff balls migrate

My warmth of cardigan (Skin)
Feels the touch-light
A beam in many directions

A shape for the call
Or a shadow of HIS
In distance, fills eternity!

With a language unheard
The heart beats a voice
With a mysterious hug

All gets lighten up
Ornamented with golden beam
Joy and happiness calls the play!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Galaxies in a tea-cup

Many galaxies
Passes through a gaze
In a cup of Smokey tea
Revolving round and round

A turn of hand
Churn the tea-milk
Harbinger of truth
Redeem our pledge

Spoon being held
In between fingers
Points in direction
where wave forms as it turns

Thought sprouts invariably
Heralded by waves, announces
The arrival of
Macrocosm into microcosm!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The rise of dead

Moisten with a silent depth
The dead will rise
And will stand and recite
In a sweet little voice
The musing of the muse
Not all but selected few
Will give a chorus

Unheard, unrepentant, unprized
The coffin Will scribe
The corpse story in detail
Whose testimonials will be
Written under or top
The roof Of the coffin
Read and digested by the worms


In abstraction
The reality comes to fore
The roots hold the earth
And the branches enjoy the roost
In the freedom outside
The blue azure!

Invisible the upper hand
In mould it sprouts
The suppleness
The birth and the life
Stoops at the end, and
In silent prayers it bends

Cagy crags of the cage
In body, passes through
The seasoned phenomenon
One minute breath
Enjoy the stretch of breadth
In joy and pain

Monday, October 29, 2012

The night of chimera

Avians crouched together
In the stillness Of night
Blacksmith holds full moon by hand
Forging thousand pounds in the dark
And thousand pounds of weight hit my heart

Dreary sleep holds me by cuff, vexing
Is this the time for you to be awake
It frightens a stranger out of me

Dearth of evidence for the sleep
Still keeps me awake the whole night
One step stillness, one step remembrance

Settle I, the score with tranquility
Dinning together with vibe and voice
And conjointly became one with the breath

Blacksmith still was holding tight the moon
Forging thousand pounds in the dark
And thousand flares oozed, hit my heart
If it was not the fire breath of chimera
In full flurry then what that was!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unshaped consciousness

O the purity!
The fire of our life,
Let all get brighten up
In thy glory,
In thy azure!

The survival is bound
To loose the struggle
Driven by certainity of death
In awareness of our mortality
The spectre of oblivion

The course of our life
Insoluble mystery of birth
Immortality, I desire not
Without death!
We would be at a loss

The journey starts from
The tenebrous womb, the
Tardy process of mortality
And longed to reach
Its end in vacant nought

A power of fallen
Boundless self awake
And is ceremoniously
Balmed with breathing
From day first to
The last nothingness

Consciousness unshaped
Desired light
And a blank prescience
Yearned towards distant change
In the nook of fire, the purity!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


If emancipation surrounds evolution
There needs cornucopia of evidence
Eons gets passed to let the matter moving

Why does silence comes as a potion
Are we all really going through dark-times
Is hard-times the path to the healing

No flag displays banner below human height
Thy abundance, pristine thy glory sings
Please don't foist with thy penury

Here stands the cult in all its disguises
Nowhere the imagery impress the most
Than on the face of this divine Earth

If only it happened was I born beyond earth
Somewhere inside the planets, the nebula
The galaxies, the stars or the black hole

Hidden meaning

Never the hidden meaning
Oozes forth unless filleth
In the guise unfathomable
Otherwise nothing extra
Would have come in form
Behind whose hunk, the azure
Distance him naught

Plethora of pristine purity
Bask in the glory unhindered
Only the demise of us mortals
Halt the journey of gaze
Whose definition do an honour
In all pomp and splendour
Which surpasses the past

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


'm being reminded to orb the truth always
An imagery instead flash back of my hay days
I would rather play to freedom than to graze the truth

'm being reminded to stand on my feet
An imagery instead flash back of my childhood
I would rather crawl to move than to go on a desired path

'm being reminded to capture the silence
An imagery instead flash back of my cry at birth
I would rather shower sounds than to feed my silence

'm being reminded that end comes in death
An imagery instead flash back of the time
I would rather become fearless than to drag the moment

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Frosted, water dried on eyelid
Died deep inside the eyes
Please don't call him hard
Least you will wake him up
He got his shelter, now!

Please don't wake the little soul
With thy magical potion today again
Don't know what will become of thee
Standing erect he will come to you
In his resurrection then

Earlier, transversed many a journeys
Sorrow and joy combined
Stilled! knowing with no avail
The desire gets at the door
And vanished through an open window

History got written in shadowy slumber
With dark beam through the stony eyes
That! Once, there lived a man
Good for nothing and food for all
And hence was lovingly called 'Tears'.


Tanned skin
Laboured brown
Sagging end
Slowed the time

The whole life
She never let the
Child play with others
But only with her care

Her love
Still holds tight
Satisfying the needs
In her Wavering looks

Earthy smell surround
Intense around
Resilience gets lost
In beating heart

Uncut still thy chord,
Inside which
Life ever flows dearer

Thy stooping
Touching the soil
Render me sleepless
Whence we came on earth

Even after pyre burn
Invisible touch
I will cherish
To hold onto my heart

O, Mother! Thee made
Time slowed down.
Instant became infinite
In cry and care!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Being true to myself
The time has come
For the obeisance
Crawling helplessly
Sustaining my breath!

Myself a creeper, crave
Thy divine touch
Oblivious to my presence
The future needs a path
Whose sole energizer
Will come by thy HELP!

If not, this is my outpouring
Then where my utterance
Will be heard!

Listeners will I search
Whose benediction I require
Urgently in thy PATTING!

'm not here
To come to terms
With anyone, but
YOU, my own HEART!

Alms is not my fete
Thy understanding
Defies my boundation
Please come to CARESS!

O, there!
Is this 'I'
A shadow of thee?
Get to me!


Thursday, October 18, 2012


It is never that
That I didn't wanted
The sky, the mountains
The oceans, the soil
To come out of cocoon
Nested in photographs
On my computer desktop
The calender, the diary
The painting, the film
And all!

It is never that
That I didn't wanted
The solitude, the peace
The freedom, the emptiness
To come out of the nest
Residing in penchant for words
Of human beings
The thesis, the garrulous talk
The attachment, the friendship
And all!

It is never that
That I didn't wanted
The Azure, the one-ness
The divine, the bliss
To come out of earthy existence
Living in the body-sloth
The lard, the bones
The past, the present
And the future all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coloured canvas

On coloured canvas
A dream I paint
It flows in a flux
With brush impact
Dipped in varying hues
Carrying many strokes
Imprint gets reproduced
To be vanished
In eternal bliss

Many an err stray
Many a path detach

Still holding the brush
I dream a dream
How should I paint on canvas
As it already is layered
And painted full

Slumber sprouted into a day
Was I daydreaming
In fulfillment of wishes
Or some divine musing
An elegant tapestry
Which was playing through
In varied colours
And many a travail

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The epitaph!

In thought
Words float
In cry comets
Downward falls

Why consumed
Day and night
Spiral in bargain

Milky Way
Light years away
Travel to gain
The minds eyes
And souls ply

Many erudite
Ended their might
Fighting tight

Lo, epitaph gets
Written prior to
Before the end
Draws near, here!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


One and the other
Lay in wait
Pounced a punch
Prodding momentum
Life drained away the dead
Which was sloth
Ever eternal and ever fresh
The path journeys
Unmindfull of the darkness

Many the actors
In all paraphernalia
Goes bypass
Through another door
The ultimatum
Stands here
Whose demands as ever
Is your part
And are final!

O Bulb, O the BULB!

Artificiality your nature
Thus says all
Still the filament burns
To lighten the darkness around

The study
Completes under you
You brighten the streets
You light the worlds
Tunnel and trains play your tunes

One touch commences
To put you 'On' and 'Off'
The dance goes flirting
All over the floor whole-night
The day inside the room in night

Termination gives another Bulb a chance
Fused as and when it happens!
I know not where the glass cracks
The filament hangs
Aluminum just doesn't conduct electricity

O Bulb, O the BULB!

Your past made my present!
How not grateful, I can't be to you?

Friday, October 12, 2012


The lighter the silence gets 
And the words gets heavier
The call gets lovelier and lovelier
O dear! O my dear!!

All relations vanishes
All turmoil nullifies
The azure gets brighter and brighter 
O the great! O my the greatest!!

I wanna talk not
Defy my forbearance
Mingle onto thyself
O Mother! O my Mother!!

All here are artificial
All are there in-self
Empty the vase 
Don't cuff with ornaments
O there! O THERE!!


In desire appetite loosens
In wailing, the rain rains
In words the persue happens
What next!
Only speaks in silence

Knife chop the vegetables
And eagerly the potatoes and tomatoes
Oblige us in its cut
What next!
Only speaks in satiety

Diseased he lay helpless
Balm sprinkles over the bane
Risen himself and maneuver comfortabley
What next!
Only speaks satishfaction

Oh! The next!!
Why you are the NEXT!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Aha! The bonding!!
The father and the son
The master and the pupil
Daedalus and the Icarus

Are we not made up of thoughts
And Icarus didn't heed his father's commands
The fall was the jumping spring
Which stood to rise again

Sure of oneself, may be one day
The inertia of wax models
The livingness of Madame Tussauds thoughts
Will fathom the inertness
Long before or after we are gone

The melting of truths
Runs down the veins
In spark it pulsate
In breathing it resuscitate
Day and night
I can see both of you everywhere!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

At par with freedom

Is it the excuse of errors
Or bounded in memory it resides
If and when it comes
It gives happy sensation
Down the veins

A thirsty glass of water
And watering the roots
Are they not symbolizes
The giver of abundance

The mortality is my boundation
Otherwise 'm at par with freedom

Monday, October 8, 2012

The blink of spontaneity

Not mine and still I pine
Without hunger and thirst
Ever unborn the soul
Journeys towards finale
Mammoth time expanded
In a blink of spontaneity

Always the journey came closer
And always the journey went far

It was the peeling
Which caught me to seed
And sprouted somewhere
Into leafy green there
The murmur hence came forth
In whose rustle all danced

Always the memory came in
And always the memory vanished away

It was the reading
Through thine eyes
Which caught me helpless
Blind was I born
Impacted Vision galore
In thy touch Divine

Still not mine and still I pine

Monday, October 1, 2012

Nascent touch

The days were ...
Every fall there
Called the bleed here
I knew, the soul
Light of weight
Crumple in agony
A cry tearing apart

Dire the desire
Comes of the age
Quenched by her
Nascent touch
Happiness blooms 
Thee the beautiful
Beautiful thy soul!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hidden treasure

The hidden treasure
Either at the depth 'below'
Or the 'up' above the head
Never tires in its wake
Faithfully beading into the thread
The many lore
And many a love
Lips and parted laugh
Comglomerate together
In the longings
Wet with tears
I see with thine eyes
The studded steps
Loops always in silence
The hidden treasure

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The verdict

Sitting on the chair
Upright in posture

Invigorously I know not
When I craned my head up

Thoughts huddled together
For the warmth unknown

The fan was zooming
Pullying the ceiling down

One touch the foot
One touch the sky

Such elevation
Lofted beyond the roof

Loam moistened
Every pore of my being

The verdict will soon happen
 The judgment day will come

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Every instant, happiness creeps in
And now, every silence peeps in

Words afloat, rowing the oars of life
What comes, abide not in further divide

The space blogs daily the update
In connection beyond space, the wait

Embellished for preservation
Knell sounds the dead end

Quivering, hunching I huddled myself small
An embryo I was and embryo I become!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Peeling off

Alas! The freedom
Always comes
In the wake of
Nature's hands!

Only the shadow
Waft itself down
Creeping below the cracks
Whose existence
Never was its rights own

Who 'm I
Know I not

Pantheons in existence
Is nailed nullified

Ashes only are defined
In the whole of oneness
Befriended by love
Freedom starts peeling off

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How can he not!

Dreamt a day dream
After a wholesome night sleep
Why the tickling tongue
Never tires of its protrusion
Either outside or the gulp down below
The vernacular of the common native
Turns a dialect for the few

Such an outpouring seems sweet
And not a potion sour for the soul
Numerous came treading the path
Peace and divinity along
Head down the sight attracted the blaze
The blood next to water
The snatching next to neighbour
The saint next to robber
The poverty next to rich
Such was not the day
The call looked forward to

How can he not!
He can and he will!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

भले थे

फना हो जायेंगे
जग जगानेवाले
न रहेगा वो न रहेंगे हम
जागती रहेगी जगमगाहट
सदियों तलक

खुदा ने भी कभी
अपने आप को देखा होगा
आईने में

खुदाई भी इतनी
की जब चाहा
इन्सान से हैवान बन गए

भले थे तब तक
उल्लू थे जब तक

या खुदा रहम करो
बन्दा बहरा हो चला

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Taken to mean it
HE operates outside
Our understanding of
celestial clock
The solar system

Emotions rioted
Across the face
Playing a blend
Of pain and joy

Moisture glints
Through the eyes
Spills over the cheeks
Making a ray of path
Beating to heaven

City of THIS

The time denied the confluence of day in the dark
The Ghost in the machine partake in self-destruction
Only the name remains in the creation all around
With quivering heart the ventricals bulges blood
Such was not the day which spotted shingles within
Condemned of bare bones the nameless resides
Neither city nor cell could decipher Divine
Redemption was not my confession in the regression
The shadow is cast in the walk of HIS walk
Condemened, the memory nested in burrows or barns
The odour I wear and all goes passing by
Now the Beatrice looks askance about Heaven and Hell
Ghost in the machine remains in the city of THIS.


All seems mere a play
The toggle of dongle
The birth and death
In conscious unconscious

How safe is thought
In protected use
Darn is patched
In the hole around

The act of modernity
The godzilla, still
Thump the ground
In animation around

Coloured the spectacles
The masses grieve
Hungry the third world
Hunger the capital

Fragility dies helpless
Oblivious of help
Hunger hanker in hope
In the light of RIGHTS.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sky above

Candied with life's fluffy stuff
Ethereal journey stretches, goes a far 
Plethora of melodrama materialises
Under the ceiling of crystal sphere
Shining through the symmetry 
The earth!
Animate of inanimate
All goes through their turn
Eons blaze in divine flame

The count is of breaths
Beneath the life's mirth and misery
Why for all this?
All is trial and of no avail
In the mirth of pain

My love my poems
In despair made thy plume flung
Writhing I see the gross in amorous pains
In many a sinuous curve and turns
Getting to fly the sky above.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Journey galore

The steps vanish
In journey galore

Breath the wait 
In gross remains 

Who's eyes is it 
Unseen thou becomes

Nearer the approach
Distant thy stand

Is it a dream
Pyre blazing high

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If for instant the summer will heat
'll call the clouds
If for hunger the crops will grow
'll call the hungry
If for love the mother will flap her lap
'll curl in the womb

Even if 'll hear thy call
'll make myself dumb and deaf
Even if 'll act thy play
'll thump my head silently
Even if 'll journey the last
'll raise myself in gratitude

If for any reason I have hurt thee
'll call my faith
If for any deafness I have unheard thee
'll call my ears
If for any trance I was not conscious
'll call thy presence!


Distance dances
In fools paradise

The jerky jargon 
Sings the profundity
That lays parted
In open lips

Gross quiver inside
In gentle fuss

It spills plethora
Of consciousness

Oblivious of the end
When silence will tend

O, the bovine blue
What comes red in hue 

Isn't dearer thy all creatures
In whose veins flows thy content

Distance is not distant
When paradise is wisdom inside

Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeble the hands

How faithless
Have I become
Never cared for the heart
Swept it along the flow

O, there; tell me
What for thee
Larded me with flesh

Unwary my ways
O, the hearer
Death or life
Companion thee are not of the two

Open thy veil, O lord
Flare me up!
O, the most benevolent,
O, the merciful!
Make thy presence

Heart in gut is struck
Nose flows profusely
Stoned the gaze stands
The vision blury
Burp in agony

I was fit to be born bovine
Why for humans
Which always plays by thy faith
Why for reason
Which digs dungeon every instant

Feeble the hands
Folded it stands
In thy wait eternal

The Better WORLD

Don't hear me peeping
Just BE!
Hark thee all!
The saviour thou are
Which needs thy steering
Walk the path
Realized, wisdom inclined
Surpassing all odds of
Turmoil, the tumultuous time.
Now is the moment, the IS
Which calls for thy warmth
Cuddle the WHOLE
In the gaze of gentle warmness
And not one is left behind
In thy love
Us and Ours
The Better WORLD.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Caged inside the atmospheric blot
The ink never dried the story above

The thought was ever resplendent
Over there, where galaxies dance

No one knew the feel of touch
Barring the moon and the mars

All emotions eons long Knew not
Which soil the structure is made of

Only the machine have souls
The day has come to console

Why for "one giant leap for mankind."
In that one small step of a man

Dwindling resourses ply for life here
And Water is still not visible there

Caged we all are in the name of freedom
We all overflow to come to an end

Monday, September 3, 2012

Agony of goodness

Do I need to know
The depth of Shadow's length
To feel the brightness there

Everything goes a far!
Candied over with flesh
Only the goodness remains

Indelible the marks
Carved, all energy spent
Wafted above the horizon

Do I need to talk
The reach of word's power
To receive dawns of Judgement day

Omnibuses can't be accountable
For carrying everything
Truth as its own 'says'.

I can hold only my faith
Reasons intact, breathing
Till death does me apart

Do I need to feel
The outskirts of agony
In pointing of fellas

Elementary the expression
Whose substitution I desire
Coherent in shadow-less Divine!

Journey only remains
In indifference towards life
Of which 'm least scared

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Germination pops up everywhere
Under the canopy of earth
In possession of 'self'

Rapt with conditions
Nature nurtures all
Discrimination without

Occassionaly the growth
Seems familiar to an extent
Untill its percolates in Death

Sweetness thy sweetness
Waft through the breath
Rambling through life

Instantly the 'self'
Gets a merger
In the germination Divine!

In whom THERE was all
And in whom there is ALL
The growth was as ever, as IS

Germination thy GERMINATION!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Freedom dance

'm safe in my little corner of my baby's heart
In whose whole world the cosmos dance
I call for THAT through his waving hands, stretching
Walk the velvety walk outstepping the legs
'm safe in my not understanding
Down comes the BIG-BIG things
Which play with my fearlessness
I can command the mountains to move
I can order clouds to orb me around
All who make believe to be dumb
Comes cripping in all splendour
Leaves, Breeze, Rain, Rainbow ...
Juggle in to my approach
I play the play
The truth, where no fetters abound
Where slavery gets no chance
The freedom dance hand in hand

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Thy greatness, thy all; 
Comes to my fore
Most humbly I stoop 
To beg for an honour 
In meeting thee
As ever and fore-ever 
My drooping stands 
At thy door
Please tranquilize
The essence of mine
Glance the demeanour
Which pine for thee
Thy one touch
Crank through every pore
Drenched with joy
The bud spread its petals
The mountain wear snow crown
The feathered friends chirrp
The cotton clouds soak the heat
The velvety the green path
The ocean dance
Conjoin the creation
Why seperation in
Birth and death
Thy greatness,
Comes to my fore.