Tuesday, May 31, 2016


You have given
crackle lips
to drink from
Wish I could fill it
with your intent
Keeping fire
to burn the air

Sunday, May 29, 2016


You fold the towel
Around your body
And throw it
After naked bath,
Like a dead woman
Hanging on the wire
To be dried
By sunbath

To bath, and wet;
To bath, and to dry. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Pin the universe
By deeds of sobriety
The half moon and burning sun,
Pluming peace
In truthful hands

Keep thy happenings
Bound unseen
An ocean trough and sky crest,
Spreading depth
Luring the void

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Your golden face
Peak mountain heights
Walking thy anklet
With an ocean of silvery and supple feet
Withholding my nimble heart
By your grace
Streaking thousand rays
To play by my soul


There can be no reason 
To transplant life 
In madness of greed, lust and pistol

To amass, skin and drain out life 
Have no recourse 
For glitter, guile and bile

You are my reason
To give me space
Folding my begging hands


You tip your fingers
On the bigger flute
By way of your hollowness
Stretching long,
galaxies over galaxies;
The passage 
Eon after eons
The turnkey of time
Cracking breath after breath
Life after life


A longer seam
Overbear my night
Stitching the past
With darker dreams

Your darkness, have
Many nibs
To pen the shadows
I only take complacent in light

A life
Beat His providence,
I of untimely mass
Relegate down His feet

Friday, May 13, 2016


I anchor the depth
Of your shadow
Brewing your silent pose
As you walk in inebriated, beside me
Without limbs
Without any body parts,
Taking form in all bareness
With a slurry mix:
The past which you have trodden
The present you live with
The future, until you drag me from here 


They dig shallow niches
Showcasing their power
And are using crowbar
Bailing lump of my heart

They employ wonder words
Bleating full mouth carp
And sprinkle haloed water
Over the carcass at seabed

They are minions of comedy
Pulling all dimensions in
And when time shakes it's permit
They are found scalloped in hell


The bloom,
Collect skies
By its tender branches;
While the petals
Sends invite
To every corner
Spreading aroma
Peasant to our nose


Power break your
Screeching wheels
While you see an orphanage
Crossing the road,
May be a little time afterwords
You may find that little man
Helping you to cross the street
While you stoop by old age, flying
Stray silver hairs on your bald head


When I bow down
By my pillow head
Taking a cursory look
To the imagery imprint

Roving angles
Blot the form
Smearing an art
On the blank night canvas

As the night hours slips by
Taking minions by fob
I grudge my lower lip:
Did I do any wrong in slavery!

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Your pergoda
Have an elevated hood
Protecting upper faith

Mine sauvage a weed
Thorny and wild;
Plaiting moorland breath

Your blaring
Ornate your mast
With sound and sight

Effervescent life mine
Brew half-life, oozing
Coca Cola carbonate


They paced across,
Running their hurried feet;
Plowing the hospital corridor
With longer strides
Contriving an artificial breath
To save life

It was late
In the middle of the night
They pounded their palm
Pumping the patients heart,
To revive his unconsciousness
Resuscitating pulmonary flow

Time was heavy
On both sides;
As they waited every second
With tons of optimistic glare
On the ECG machine
To crest the blipping line

To every face,
Time went slipping by;
Pump was removed from the chest
The wires too from electricity;
A slight stumble of Head
Tripping goodbye to life

O, Mahamaya!

O, Mahamaya! thine
Flight of stairs
Gives nameless charm
To collyrium mine,
Surging billows of resplendent joy
that conglomerate towards lapis lazuli sky
Seasoning variegated foliage
in eternal garden
Dressing all nature around me;
As I hymn thy praise

O, Mahamaya! the enchantress Godmother
Take no heed to my collyrium
that I mirrored thine;
As I give all my passions and sloth
to dance thy way
Stretching my begging hands with unblinking eyes
To musk thy essence whole, and
Cul thy lap 
in eternal warmth;
Giggling my childish smile, toothless

O, Maa Mahamaya!

Tempering the drops

How you shield 
Your wide screen
Tempering the drops, salty
With an ocean warmth, and 
Feelings abound

How I not,
Open my heart, buzzing
Sipping your nector
In supplication
And forgetfulness

The reason numb
In every thud of hammer
That anvil my shape, and
Mire my breath
In eternal bog

How you shield 
Your wide screen
Tempering the drops


When stairs side down, taking
Growth an upward look;
See for it, that
The vision touches the skies
Standing on the roof top

When tears dries down, sobbing
Days and nights;
See for it, that
The salty streaks are medicated
Keeping firm our future hands

When paths, rustle
Along the footsteps;
See for it, that
Stray leaves are forming
The deepest root inside 


Near the unsewn gate
of howling nights;
You rip by twilight 
The dark stitches
of dusky sunset

Sombre thoughts
Creeps in,
Pawing silent nights
Draping, fabric dull

Near the bottom heart
I take plunge
Into my deepest heave
tidying unfamiliar thoughts


The galloping hooves, of
Iron wheels, runs
Willing to meet, somewhere
Near the destined off burn;
Where no desire comes to grip
Nor the motion deal for time;
I of the weakest mark
Turn my head around
And go musing, about
The forward steps of
Synchronising boots and slippers


A statue in stone, echo
Thud of silent hammer
Carving sharp chisel
The wisdom of fore

The season's dust and time
Have not marred
The lisp of 
forgotten stonescript

Ears are clipped
Nose is broken away; still
Heart beats
The power of infinite resolute

Moments are transposed
To the days of the past
Toiling the earth
Reaping field after field

A statue in stone, communicate
The farther reach
Of mightier pen
Leaving behind sweet and silent trail

I woke up, howling
In the dark night
Amidst ruins
and cracking voices
searching for familiar faces
crawling, and
stretching my fingers wide

To every voices
Groping in the dark
I lured a penchant
familial to my being
throating warm blood
to my bleet,
bonding a long voice


Pestering the deepest urge
I cry dark night howl 
Anima to nocturnal barn

A totem went berserk
In the jungle of conscious touch
Dreading to serve my human form

A plaintiff from the animal kingdom
sued me;
As I changed my human form to bark in the night


I slide away
My feelings, from
Hangings on the walls,
The paintings;
The curves, thy statue; 
Lay bare my thoughts
To pine thee, not
In any gender touch
To accord with thee
My colour of You
In total obeisance;
Drooping down
like an amaranthus, unfading
And unwilting; brewing
An elixir to my immortality


If the dark clouds, are
Roaming and fuming the roads
While engines screech on the sticky tar
A timely reminder, that
We can think of 
unearthing soil
for our underground residence
Wearing a seath of coffin
In peace and broad smile;
As so much of smokey congestions
The dusk
In broad daylight and after


In eagerness
To know your invisibility
I out grow the tentacles
On my phantom head
Hurl a swing, wider
Towards that uncharted land
From where 
You echo a call, 
Sluicing my pent up feelings
Pumping thicker blood to my heart;
Keeping faith entangled
In my bony cage


Slender doors, and 
Bulky sofa
Deepen an urge for an invisible visitor
To creek and pose a seat,
Resting her long arms 
with dainty words
In sweet little quivering lips
To croon about her whereabouts
Into my inner ear;
As I sip couple of pints
from my China tea cup
To stretch my time, and
Resonate beauty of the fore


Those who profess
To vanguard the ethics of poetry
by their selective means
Fencing the pages with strict domicile
To their lesser universe
When seeds of poetries are blooming
All over the expanse
In ever expanding universes

Come out from the closet
of thy boggy hute, and
Cheap noisome mesh;
Double win the heart with openness and louder hug!


When you direct an arrow, shooting
By your deep and bright eyes;
I invigorously, whiff
The smell of your hurried feet
Crossing my doorstep
By momentous heave,
Close my eyes
Taking quanta of thy love


Let me rove, wild
My uncanny dreams
Towards my ungainly say
Blabbing, lisping my sticky thoughts

Those secrets, that
Groove the deepest cut
Shed the last respite
Crushing my bones

Inglorious and taut 
I froth my voices grim
From the casket underground;
That treasure me here and now

With sturdy husk, and
Bemused silence
I tickle the timely Raven
Feeding my carrion in flight


One more star
Shoots down,
Breaking silent forlorn

Such wisdom, torque;
Sweeping the skies,
Variant to my form

It absolved me, from
All my guilt;
Embosoming my 'self'


Tender little tendril
Creeps into my bloodstream,
To avow my faith
Incessant  to my dreams

Facade of its frontal hood
Loop my love
Branching it's long arms
Fading my longer nights

Draping dawn's golden fold
I helm my longer breath
Resurgent to my wishes
Steering my diamond heart


Thy plume, splatter
A trail of pheromonous hues
Juggling my heart
From tip to toe
To chirp the quilling 
of Nature's design;
So truthful is the cusp 
Vortex to universal feel, that
Whenever thee perch 
The window sill;
I waver not to flutter my heart, unblinking
To ledge an emotional flow
That resonate my beat
Even to all direction, untread

रात की रानी

सालते  हैं  जब 
लबों  पर  तनहाई की कसक,
उसकी बन्दगी में 
अब दिन रात गुजरती है

उस शमा को क्या कहें 
जीसकी आग,
लालटेंन की चिमनी से 
नसीब पाती है

बहुत देख ली 
ज़माने की बेरुखी,
अब तो साईकील सवार को भी 
मोटरसाईकिल की आवाज अजीब लगती है

रौशनी से रौशन रहे 
दुआ का ताज पहन,
परिसर में बसती है जीसकी महक,
वो, रात की रानी है

शब्दों के मोह पाश

शब्दों के मोह पाश,
अनगीनत भावनाओं को फांस

लबों पर उफान, और 
देखो पतिले की शान

क्यूँ है मौन जमा;
किस नुकते की फरयाद वहाँ

किस रंज में कुरेदे है 
जमा पूंजी मुख्तार वहाँ

शब्दों के मोह पाश,
अनगीनत भावनाओं को फांस

दावात समुन्दर का,
फिर भी आस पर आस

क्यूँ डरती है, लौ;
रात के मौन से

किस लहर की पेशी है,
समुन्दर भरी संसार में

शब्दों के मोह पाश,
अनगीनत भावनाओं को फांस


When I look at you hung on the cross
Never I waver from my faithful path, that
Thee had shown the heart in righteousness and purity

I may shudder by my trembling hands, as
I look blood dripping down thy face
To Ward off sinners from their thick sheath
I resurrect my being, anew
With compassion and kindness to them

When I look at you hung on the cross
Believe me, I also pine to be with you
To take a holy sip to my vision and mind:
Not to take guilt on the cross, but
To drain out body and the blood
Taking sins of all the sinners

I may mumble in quietude
The pain of your heart, but
My rosary will count eternity
Casting humble glance


When outward words
Crew a winning force
Slurping longer tongue;
Beware of truthful lies
Baking needful ends, ahead.

When heads are down
Begging a bowl
Lapping wistful smile;
Beware of hidden truth
Bucking the legs, stiff.

When blisters crust 
Varnishing an act
To address a shine;
Beware of dry coat 
Hiding the pus underneath


It was onus of creativity
That fired my imagination.
When the earth in its womb was shuffling its plates;
Crumbling and spilling, peaks and the ink of mightier pen.
By quirk vagaries mine,
I entwined sight and mind, both;
To place all earthy inhabitants on clouds wafting directions, four;
Untouched by dark fear and shrill cry;
And to became a norm.


When the curse proved
Mightier than the deed,
Falcons dived in, swishing
The dark skies
Notching it's beak
On the pound of fresh flesh;
Tempting everybody on the heel

When the spell proved
Mightier than the words,
All pen turned to brooms, moping
Scripts from the holy pages
Giving vamp on its faces
Littered with blood and veins;
To mushroom venomous cast


My siesta, came
On a hunchback
When I was least worried about
The labour, lost
In pain and its repercussion

Nothing ado about
The glittering web in the sky.
All luck was pre-emptied
Before the constellation
Took its shape after my birth

My siesta, borrowed
An inch of space
Orbiting 'nothingness'.
The mass conglomerate
Staring vacuous