Thursday, July 31, 2014


In grief I gain
An outlining pain
Paling my fold
In body and mind

There, heaps of
Pallid light, withhold
The pace of pleasure
In sky and space

Standing with time
I count the dust
Settling on my feet
In eruption and thunder

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Biased by my
Silent gain
I split the story
Of my fame
In two equivocal paths
One lamenting, the
Life, as is
The other evoking
My stillness beyond

No greater crux, could
Orb me
By thy any hidden form
As, one path
I keep safe, while
I play with the other
The becoming of dear me!


Not this moment, any more
No more, any huff
Pecking my entrails

No omen, any more
Not this wheeze
For an offal

Let it rage
Ranting my brigade
Fuming the sight, no more

Not this moment, any more
No more, any want
Craving thy need

No you, nor HE; any more
The self and the ‘me’
Thrusting my being

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

रौशन या ख़ुदा

रौशन या ख़ुदा
मिन्नतें दुआ
क़ुबूल फरमा

कहे है
तेरे द्वार पे
अब्रे-ए-अश्क़ भी
रूह-ए-नुमाईश की
बरसात करती है

Raushan ya Khuda
Minnate dua
Qubool pharma

Kahe hai
Tere dwaar pe
Abr-e-ashk bhi
Rooh-e-numaish ki
Barsaat karti hai

Khuda = God
Minnate = Grace
Qubool = Acceptance
Abr-e-ashk = Cloud of tears
Khoosh-e-shaad = Happiness
Rooh = Soul
Barsat - Rain down

O, God
Grace upon
Thy acceptance

As it speaks
Thy every door, that
Cloud of tears
In smile
Display its love
Raining down the soul


Light went on
Filling the air around
Settling joy
To a deeper smile

One could hear
The beat, as
Each moment
Have a heart

Calm of mind
One could hear
Those tiny voices
Ridden of all scars

Nothing in brightness
Got hidden away
The shadow too
Was taken away by the brightness

Sunday, July 27, 2014


What words
I compose
Tuning these lines, are
But, all broken

What say, I
To my humming heart
Is, but
My silent fragments
Bleeping and peeping
Thy eternal image


It occurred, that
Stretching to my neck
Staring with unblinking fishy eyes
An ocean of galaxies to rim
I forgot to blow
My silent whisper
May be
A shooting star
Will hear my call
Blazing its trail
To azure my wish


Murmur, surf the heap
Ferrying crumpled waste
And the fallen leaves
Rustle upon the barge

Carrying mass
Towing its thoughts
To destination afar
The journey transcends

No horizon commute
A whisper, from
The dying lips, where
Not a leaf was dumb

Saturday, July 26, 2014


It falls very near, reverberating
Deep down my heart
As I echo your voice

Do thee not stand close
In vicinity of hushed silence
Muffling my breath galore

Hold on, hold on
To my gainsay
Was that not thy reserve

Every blink
That I gather, towards
You detach me farther away

Still it falls very near
By my heart
To say thee my own

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The notes, which
I had composed for you
In my empty heart
In my silent redressal

Couching to dress you
In my vacant look
I folded my ruins
Dazzled by your light

Deep of grief
I stroll my spirit
To that farther land
To thy definition of love

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


None can journey
The days bygone
Loads of thought
Trample the days gone

No moaning, cross
My sunset or the evening stars
As I put my thoughts to sea
Moving along the tide as it sleeps

Do no farewell
To my form
As I embark
My journey ahead

I, born of time and space
Flood me
To bear my journey afar

None can quell
The tolling night bell
After that dark
Doing my dreams awake

Sunday, July 20, 2014


What is it
In my image
That I see into your
Deep woeful eyes
The begging of my love

To cover my face
I remain silent
To your wishes

Urge me once
To hear me thy say
If ever
I did spake
Unworthy to thy name

Turn and twist
My evil tongue
Bolting me mute
Urge me again and again
To kempt my love


Faucet of steel, cackle
Burnished with buff
Rapping and tapping
Giggle upon giggle
The moment I pull its ears
Wiser to anticlockwise
Gurgling, crackle of laughter
Down the china-basin flow

Throttle full
I power my pleasure
Quenching my thirst
Emptying all, remaining
Water to the tank
Spreading my cupped hands
To palm thy love
Animating happiness!

Shooting GAZA and Looting M17, REMAINS!

It speaks pain
Cutting my soul
How much greed
Entered our heart
One lay lairs of peace
Secluded safe
The others sweat
Burrowing daily toil

Tattered and ragged
Hunger haunts daily
Below the spines
A mockery in public;
Avarice bulge about
Voluminous space, hung
Protruding belly
To reign in private

Woe to my cupidity
Rending my heart
One time shooting Gaza
The other time
Looting M17 remains
Such misery crave our core
Woe to my birth
Woe my breath!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Say with a smile
The shine of the day
Bumping and thumping
Matter of the earth

Pull the clouds
Drag the mountains
So much strength
Abides in you

Vision the sky
Spreading thy whisper
Glowing and glittering
Twinkling thy future

Say with laughter
Swaying the fields
Beam the fun
Calling thy name


Reason me in-depth
Cracking to my pain
What pleasure, occur
To bear thy heart
Excelling my blood
And, slashing my flesh

I couch no enmity
Veil inside, still
You play havoc
Lacerating my soul,
Causing life
To count my beat
Thy holy glance


How often, dearly
I clutch tightly
Holding thy golden beam
To Heave thy heart
By my fading sight

You can't be aloof
To pity mine urge
Sunken with deep down eyes
Begging last respite
To bait thy love

Shelter thy belonging
Cupping thine hands;
I pine no more cure
To my flickering fade
Than, to clasp you
In my eternal hug


How invariably
You guard your mystery
Always I muzzle up
Quibbling thy truth
Not always
I do my airs
But, when
define my truth


Together will make
A thick portfolio
Spiral binding
Tears and turns
On every pages
Of our aching burn

Flapping unbidden
The stormy gain
Will seal, the
Pages of pain
Doing dust
Moment by moment

Together with love
Will recite
Our eternal lore
Tilling every blood
That heaved
The virtual end

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


My distance, from
The mass of uncertainty
Or, of mule momentum
Will take shape one day
Luring vacuum, binding
Towards thy nucleus
A little electron, me
Thy ceaseless confine

Bare entire barren sweep
To confine ‘me’
Circumventing thy dimension
Not so long away
From ‘now’, the
Asymmetry of space;
To bind my distance
Annihilating all, that
Was ‘matter’ to thy form!


Roots wrapped
Stillness ruffles
To grow
A lump of land
About the bones
Beside silvery ashes

Memory recalls
Every dying moment
To absorb into you
The ages, and
Heave of heart
In a new sprout!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Life's strange,
Sunshine rain,
We got to maintain,
Suffer pain and distress.

Life teach us,
In many ways.
To overcome inter-change
and anxiety.

It has point of opening,
and have its end.
But if we know its ways,
It can make us immortal.

~ Anshul Amef (My Son)


Work me here
Daily life mine
To boot my feet, and
Walk my tongue

Crumpled ages
Wrinkle forehead
His silent use

No toil, dig
Permanent shake, and
No luck
Conquer death


In what blank look
I search inside
Streaming vapors, wafting
That warm tea-cup,
The shadow
Of thy face!

Many times
Appearance flash
With twisting glance
Enamored by thy look
How I charm my wish
To ladle a whirl
Inside the tea-cup

In what blank look
I searched inside
It took me by one
Cajoling and conjoining
The look
In eternal mirror

Sunday, July 13, 2014


It pleased
My vanished eyes
To bear
No burden
To my pagan past
To regale
The dawning bloom
Sprouting faith
To take a peep
From my morning window
His grace
Humble sustenance
In my new
Plowing the fields
With golden wings