Sunday, March 31, 2013


Tamam bandise
Tod kar, bhatakta raha
Gumsuda ki talas mein

Us pal ka intezaar
Tista raha
Khune jigar mein

Na jane kaun
Pukarta hai wahan
Baar baar

Ankahe laphjon se
Ek tak jhankta
Kaun hai wahan dekhta

Kab talak
Raunak nasib ayegi
Kya jinda rahun marne talak

Esi ek sans ki khsboo ne
Bacha rakhha hai
Jisme pharos hamara

Warna kab se
Rakh rakha hai mujhe
Uski Numais mein


तमाम बंदिसे तोड़  कर 
भटकता रहा
गुमशुदा की तलाश में

उस पल का इंतेजार
टीसता रहा
खूने जीगर में

ना  जाने कौन
पुकारता है वहां
बार बार .

.अनकहे लफ्जों से
एक टक झाँकता
कौन है वहाँ देखता

 कब  तलक
रौनक नसीब आएगी
क्या जिन्दा रहूँ मरने तलक

इसी एक साँस की खुसबू ने
बचा रखा है
जिसमे फ़रोस हमारा

 वरना कब से
रख रखा है मुझे
उसकी नुमाइस में

:) and ♥

The scroll button
And the fore-finger
Measured the universes

All was just a click away
And it was so near
All google all Facebook

An open inn
Welcoming all, in
Table so full

Poverty was nailed, as
No one was left behind
In all its bounty full

Here the remedy of :(
Is served with smiley
Either with :) or with ♥


Tamam bandise
Tod kar, bhatakta raha
Gumsuda ki talas mein

Us pal ka intezaar
Tista raha
Khune jigar mein

Na jane kaun
Pukarta hai wahan
Baar baar

Ankahe laphjon se
Ek tak jhankta
Kaun hai wahan dekhta

Kab talak
Raunak nasib ayegi
Kya jinda rahun marne talak

Esi ek sans ki khsboo ne
Bacha rakhha hai
Jisme pharos hamara

Warna kab se
Rakh rakha hai mujhe
Uski Numais mein

Friday, March 29, 2013


Never happend once
That I did not
Cared your thoughts
In remembrance mine

As ever
Fresh and pure
Thy belongings were

Such sweetness
Was THAT not thy take!

Fearful of limitations
Which called my life
i.e. Yama (The God of death)

Otherwise why for
Death absconded my gaze

It knew, that all was
Eternal and ever fresh


Who runs there
Paddling on the road

Four footed my bicycle
Two hands and legs two

Weary of its days work
Sleeps in corner little

With buzzing night
And sleep tight

Awaken to the ring
Set sharp at 6:30 morn

Goes to morning rituals
For seat and the rim wash

Wonder sometimes
Who paddles my life

Such was sweetness mixed
None dared to discard

Why was I not born twin
The ME and my BICYCLE

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sun weeps twice 
As it burns 
Its plasma thrice

Unbidden tear-drops
In meteorites Shower
Surge the earth

An infant emissary
Suck the love, in
Vacuum eternal 

Plucking the nought
I beholden my ways
Was I born today

Why for then, do 
I hear the weep; 
Hot drops 
Touching my skin


Ask me not
Why the sky is blue
Ask me that
Which star twinkles the most

Ask me not
Why the words sounds more
Ask me that
Which corpse stiffen tight

Ask me not
Why the trees are green
Ask me that
Which leaf is getting yellowish

Ask me not
Why the seasons change
Ask me that
Which path Autumn will come

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


What height 
Flame goes 
It must rise
Against gravity

Who toggles
The upbeat
Sans gravity
Sans heat

Trampled away
Fence of flame
Treaded the 
Gravity core

One thread
From nowhere
Pierced the garland

Spreading hands
Direction infinite
Searched my 
Blinded forth

Monday, March 25, 2013


How much work
Is there to play

Life inhalation
Breath exhalation
Plays hide n seek

Vowels and
The consonant
A statue make

Journey starts
And ends in
Fangs and ladder

Who will toll
The bell
Pristine so high

Much job, is
Pending still, in
Workforce HERE

गम -ए- नीकाह

तुम हीं ने तॊ कहा था
यूँ हीं कभी पास आओ

जरुरत इस बात की नहीं थी
क्यूँकी मुझे आना हीं था

तनहाइयों को भी सजाना है
ज़रा पास तो बैठो

लब हीलते रहे
बात यूँ हीं बनती रही

उसी हवा के एक झोंके ने
मलहम की नुमाइश अदा की

जीस हवा ने पहले कभी
गम से नीकाह फरमाया था


Tum hin ne to kaha tha
Yun hin kabhi paas aao

Jarurat es baat ki nahi thi
Kyonki mujhe aana hin tha

Tanhaiyon ko bhi sajaana hai
Jara paas to baithao

Lub hilte rahen
Baat yun hin banti rahi

Usi hawa ke ek jhonke ne
Malham ki numais ada ki

Jis hawa ne pahle kabhi
Gum se nikaah pharmaya tha

Sunday, March 24, 2013


At the whim
Thought the Sun
As moon

Nothing resisted
The beam so hot, or
The gleam so cold

Flight lovely
Fluttered the waves
And parked me THERE

Was not alone, and
Reaped the harvest
Sowed in days bygone

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I don't know
What curse has befallen me
As I start the journey
My pen blocks the path

I don't know
What pain falls into me
As I paint the canvas
The brush soaks my blood

I don't know
Who you are.
You come, and
You go

I don't know
Why you beat incessantly
And labour your days
The whole of life



Kisi ne mujhse aisa kuch nahi kaha
Ashk chlakte gaye aur sham dhalti gayee

Kabhi muddat ke baad uska khyal aaya
Gardan jhukti gayee aur wo paas aata gaya

Tim-timate taron ki tarah kahin dur
Gardish me jugnu roshni phailati rahi

Is aas mein ki wo mera hin humsaya tha
Kyonki maine abhi-abhi dekha tha aaina ko


No one has said anything to me
Tears were flowing and evening melting

After a long time got his remembrance
Head bowed in the sight of thee

Far away there in the twinkling stars
Fire-fly azured the sky

In the feel that it might be 'ME'
Because just a moment ago have seen the mirror


Why the forefinger
Made a movement flat
And landed straight
At the damp side of
The eyes little corner
Was something my own
Coming out in the flow
Was it smoothing away
Blurry density sight

Streaking a transparent
Round the cheeky glow
Who pushes the breeze
Licking the path
Through my lips
Cool I feel
All passion spent!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Sole beneficiary as ever
Is the communication
Between the conscious me
And the receiver prostrate

Why you came here
Infront of my grave
I am living my own life
Down the dungeon deep

In only my one regret
I can catch you up
That, I don't have
Another life for you

Even the moment
In utter disguise
Become stale
If not eaten fresh

Polarity has but
A single path
One end THIS
The other end THAT

Enlighten me, to
Enroll me in your group
Because, a soul
Always talk to the soul

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Vision paralysed
Wore a pair of spectacles
In thought the power will
Come back!

It was just an illusion
Which got me through
Behind the
closed eyelids

Better were the days
Passed in the womb
Gulping love through thread
The chord called life


Impel me not
To drive down
The shade's of life

A single case
Holds a trail
In furnace big

Have seen, many
A thorn, sticking
To flower-stem

Betoken me there
In thy gale of
Eternal love

Monday, March 18, 2013

Antyesti (Funeral rites)

Why the dead feel thirsty
Why pour you the holy water
Why for the tulsi (basil) leaves

Whose jewellery adorn my body
Wrapped around the white orb
Why for roses, jasmine and marigolds

Who calls there
In so straight 
The southward journey

Where are my beloved four
Who will give mukh-aagni
The pyre still lay in wait

Whose mortal remains
An empty vessel will carry
In an immortal urn


If for a cup of tea
Love dances in freedom 
Look not to mine eyes

Not sugar nor tea leaves
Could feel oozing of love
From the heart of the cup

So close the journey
Is, but seperated
In cry and silence

The proximity, where
Soul resides in pain
And, pleasure alike

A salty streak, dug
The path from the eyes,
Journey through the cheeks

So near and so far
Beholden I stand
In ever willingness

A sip quenches
The thirsty soul
Of all THAT was

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sleepy stones
In stillness
Purge residue
Of all remains
Which mark
The mask of life
with force
And strength alive

Breeze buzzing
Deem to awaken
An impressionist
And Sun, Moon
Water and Earth
Comes to fore
In the rescue

Enlivened by its
Own presence
One could hear
The foot steps of
Galloping dreams

Better are days
In all wonder
Stones capture
The essence, in
Stillness live

What else
And what use
The life,
Reborn to
Sleepy stones.
In still born
Death was living

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Many times
Found, there helpless
Rocking on chair
An image pulsating

All the beating
Gone out
From the heart
In the call

It hurts more
O, there.
Please don't
Call me HERE

Your departure
Matures ripe;
Raw of me, takes
A joy childish

Approach came nearer
Volatile it happened
A part of me
Made a flight THERE


Love's distance
In longing enough
Transcend the horizon
As if the meeting
Was apparent and
The distance apart

Tunnels of path, make
Through many universes
As so much is still
Left as cliffhanger
And the souls are
Not dried away yet

Graceful occasions
In remembrance past
Hover over here.
The casting of love
Was still being molded
In the statue of love


Death the truth
Puffed the dust
In burning pyre.
Lips, nor eyes
Could vision rise
Trails of scatter
Far and wide

Dawn came dancing
Begotten non-existent
Void voiced its feel
Wisdom erudite, as
The thunder struck deaf.
All was living
An all eternal death

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Reflection of an image
Terminated the connection
Of which I only was
The unreal thing

Light waves as particles
Were hitting the body
Alive in ripples, mutilating
The flow abound

Scarcity of links
Didn't heed the urge, and
Some phantom bulged
Out of no where

Hence the approach
In jerk marinated
The whole sweat
Out of my bones

Void repented nothing.
So it was
Whom I invoked thus
Was my own pseudo

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Lovely will be the poetry
If done on the surface of Mars
A planet red, as the definition
Of hue of Love, in significance
Is defined

Many land-rovers will beam
The kiss, live.
So full of sound and tilts
Nothing will be left to chance
An utopia perfect

Crazy little creatures
Down below on Earth
Will pine the desire thus
Lucky were Martian
Abounding with all love

No war, no bloody history
No pain, nothing
No kurukshetra nor Kalinga
No jihad nor crucifixion
Will make a platform
To speak its voice out

In all peace and all health
Jovial and trustworthy
Convivial nature, hand in hand
Will play all the game
In merger of act and action alike

And there won't be anything
Further apart to call him foe
No pages will turn blue or black
All will bask in the hue red
Wow the lovely time
Whose poetry was Mars prime!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Far above the sky
Dynamic clouds
Played a puzzle.
Galloping, wafting
Myriad shapes, and
Countless more
Morphed into varied
Forms, animate
Or inanimate
Some trees, some horse
Some ants, some elephants.

In transition the transit
Piped its essence
Down below.
And I could see
Many forms juggling
Its place
In vision mine.
On walls I could
Touch the nose,
Of some lovely figure
Played with cheeks
Figurine unfathomable
And many other games.

Speaking out the thoughts
Pleasure undefined
I pondered for a while:
Was it me
And diagonally opposite,
Being played by HIS trick
To mine own existence!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Evoked the benign
Out of me
Tending to an image
From the precursor
Standing beside me
A silhouette, to
All my past occurrences
Without which
Everything was circumscribed
In the long
Everlasting circumambulation
Whose core glowed
Eternal fire
Breath long and short;
Summoning to the quest
In magnetized virtue
Hoping, someday
Wisdom can slip nearby
For the unbecoming of me
And for the all.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Let me tilt my head to the side
A little bit
Let me raise my head above
A little bit

Who looks askance up there
Can't he believe
His own creation

Let me bow my head down
A little bit
Let me supple my soul ego-less
A little bit

Whose touch wafts in the air
Can't it perch 
On my whole

Let me get wet in thy outpour
A little bit
Let me undress my outer orb
A little bit

Whose mystery is this
Can't he revolve me around 
In thy archaic ring

Friday, March 1, 2013


On a neat un-crumpled
Sheet of white paper
Thought to pen a desire
Which stared attached
To the bygone past
All instant waiting
The profusion of flow
To ebb out sea of pain
But was stopped invariably
Every time my fingers moved
As something good omen
Was lurking somewhere there
To show its significance
In my appointed day, silently!