Monday, February 22, 2010

Death paralyses time

I have seen someone dying.
I have seen my friend's mother dying from an accident.
I have seen my elder sister dying from 'breast cancer'.
I have seen dear one's father poisoning himself.

I have been to my mother-in-laws funeral.
I have been to hospital to see my wife taking cylinder's oxygen.

Death either it comes from an old age i.e. grandmother.
Or, from cancer, heart-attack, accident, health problem etc.
(Death) paralyses time!
It makes us visibly blind.
Time doesn't have any future or past, because
It itself is not conscious.

Death seems to think it has paralyzed time, but
Consciousness disintegrates slowly and slowly.

All relationships i.e. father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, sons etc.,
All binds us.
There always is a bond in relationship but no attachments.

We have all learned about food-chain, the enter-dependence.
We are all bonded by the medium which is interconnected.

The green-house effect is increasing. We all are harnessing nature.
Certainly one way or the other death negates life.
Planned death is foreseen but is forsaken by reason or faith.

Catastrophe will come undefined in another form,
And death will level us all, and
Nobody will be alive to say,
Death paralyses time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Zero" : A discovery by Aryabhatta !
There must be an alternative of 'Zero' .
Let us go beyond 'Zero' and think of a substitute for it then only we could search for the meaning of the ultimate truth in this undefined visible and invisible universe.
It could certainly helpus to search the meaning of "Theory of everything".
We can go beyond time i.e. time travel.
"Zero" has given us binary system, logic, rational and irrational numbers.... but may be other "Zero" or its alternate could make us go further or topsy-turvey the whole concept coming out of 'Zero'.
Let us search for more concrete, more defined, more refined other "Zero" to peep inside the dipper hidden secrets of "The Whole" !