Monday, February 24, 2014


Disposed my belonging
Far off, beyond
The curvature unknown, and
Chipped in a pose
Chirping and dancing
Sipping joy, in
Rapturing gale;
Those who knew
Came along, unbecoming
of any fame, rendezvous
With Fete-de-Soul

A bloom
I saw to myself, and
Adored! Indifferent
To my past.
Loosing my name
In gaining reality


How I think
All my emotions will change
Tears won't will be dropping down
In void scattering abound
Pounding on gravityless world
The lighter wings will be
Not less heavier than
The meteorites surging the path
Will be floating the age, live!
More than the Earth's life

No east for the rise, or
Sun's west for the dusk
No Everest topping the north,or
Kanyakumari waving in the south

How I think
All my time will reverse
Childhood will wink mirroring me
In fraction, time will pound
Instances in eon's keep
No iron will submit the RBC, red!
Or, oxides for forming the rust
Free-float will nail the gravity
Ubiquitous in content, torching
The eqality in Universe at large

There the world palpitates, and
My heart hum thy non-gravity
No thought befalls any pain
All emotions die down in thy take


Brooding over my
Silent vesture
Here I don
All my belongings
Not knowing, who
And where
The other person
Will take
To its wearing
In the game of
Give and take!


In calling on that
Appointed day
Nothing remained of my own
No evil transpired under, or
The praise held my hand
All world, to saloon
They came, dressing the hair
And beauty to the parlour
When boredom took its toll
I found myself, yelling
My hearts out:
You save, but you save
Death also!


Every colour, of
Your thoughts
Paint my
Canvas blank, and
Was not empty before, when
I cried my consciousness

Thinking thy grandeur
In broad daylight
I calm, beholding
Handful of Moon

Every colour, of
Your rainbow
Hide my
Cracking thunder, and
Was not deaf before, when
I rained my waters

Thinking thy image
In vision broader
I calm, beholding
Numbness of my canvas


Shun my silence
Babbling thy praise
Quivering lips
Ply together
The silent marvel
Mirroring thy face

No time hoary
Will term my age
The more silent
Thee transpire thy form
With more broader span
Will I cover thy eternity!


When I discard my becoming
For taking my ride freely
All the mountains fly close
For a lullaby whisper, and
Flower build her nest
For her nestling bees
And I pan my wings
Across the future vistas
Not encumbered by any shadows
Of the day or the nights, or
The pain or for the joy
Getting transparency infused
I grow by plumes,
Wings by wings!


Not in the asking
I pledge thy worth, but
Count thy tears
Pledging my worth

For long enough now
Saw, beholding
Thy countenance
Faking none, but
Truth, to myself

Not in the asking
I bear thy wait,
clumsy do I become
To contrive myself
Into thy image


Cowering in dread
Emotions belch out
From the repository
Wiping warm tears
Again and again
To my cheeks, and
I end the term
To see, till
When, the fire
In the night
Will burn the Moon


While stretching my thoughts
The morning hours of my oblation
To distant spread, from
An open window of my bedroom
I struck upon the printed figure
Very near,
Shadow distant from my own
A block printed cartoon image
Animated my soul
On my ornamented bed sheet
Embedding lovely time, childish
Down my memory lane, and
I played and played
Verbally and joyfully
Forgetting all about, whether
The Sun has risen through my window
The traffic noise is sliding down the roads.


Like a broken wing
I fall
And shed the yellow leaves
Without emitting
Any sound, rustling

No crowd gathers
For the forage, now.

When the time nears
Even the memory camouflage
Its colorful plume
What say of others

And I meander lonely
Beside the dark lane
Gathering a storm to
My Icarus fall!


Why YOU muffle
Your voice, towards
My beating heart
I gainsay not, thy
Compassion, nor
Have I, erected
Any citadel.
Why for, YOU
Pleasure thy bearing
Paining my heart

Come, come!
O thy greatness
For the sail together
Putting an orb
To thy vastness, and
Ocean waves. As
The more I become
YOU become of me

Neither I promise
For thy eternal play
Nor will I sing
Thy praise, as
The hold was
Breathing tight, and
Thee were working
Towards my end!


Totality engrossed
I eared an echo
To the
Far thoughts, which
Wafted towards, the
Softer side of me
And pelted me, with
Gentle stroke
That I do
Also have a heart
To my soul


From pedestal high
You look to
My standing time
Making excuses, by
Pouring stony gaze
To my eyes,
Mere cult of faith
Was I
Mere statue have I become


I know not
How many times
Colourful chalk
Was rubbed
On slate, surface dark
To wipe
My memory-loss

First alphabet
The letter 'A', stood
To my understanding
And was awarded, with
An 'Apple' bite

It burnt
An innate fire
Through the creaky sound
As it approached 'Z'
The beginning of
My home work


Putting words
To full mouth
Now, they say, the
Silence is golden

Sticking pain
To oozing wounds
Now, they say, the
Nerve is blue

Searching marrow
To cause life
Now, they say, the
Abode is heavenly

Playing blinds
To past gains
Now, they say, the
Future wins


All my substance
Pull a leave, from
My carcass bones
Resembling, no
Skeleton human, nor
Its animal form

Do thee relish
The flesh, from
My strong and
Calcified bones, and
Savour thy victory

In speechless bony fold
Devoid of any character
I fight for the night
May be sometime
In dungeon call
Someone will imprison
Thy soul



Yu hi nahi
Timtimate hain
Sitare falak par
Minnate baad
Milati hai
Khawaise hazaar, warna
En nam ankhon ko
Kab nasib
Ho paata hai
Ek ghoot peenay ko


With reason stars
Twinkles in the sky
With urging
Wishes gather, otherwise
When the wet eyes
Sip the nector
Down the throat


When, with a sigh
The warm breath
Freeze the surrounding air
To grapple me, in
An act
I reference myself up, in my
Looking down, and
Cascade of soft music
Serenade the night sky
And dance, a
Comely dance


They watch
They beg
They are hungry
They pick rags
They bleed
They work
They cry
They all have, what
Riches don't have

They have dreams
They have kindness
They have playfulness
They have no fear
They have truthful eyes
They have Parents
They all have, what
Riches don't have

They call for unity
They call for satiety
They call for education rights
They call for toys
They call for holiday
They call for colours
They call for love
They all weave compassion
Into the riches eyes!


All my past images
Breath, Thy
Familiar air, and
You are not distant
My friend, when
I heave thee
In my warm bosom
Ever if I
Name thee not, my
Celestial blinking, will
Ever twinkle, orbing
Thy love!
That 'which' I express
By my poesy, here
'I' can not express in my language.


Only a portion I keep
To thy vast stretch
Many a times, I
Point my dream fingers
At thy corner's depth, and
Often come out, oblivious
To my dreams

Daily you pick me
My tattered heart
Daily I fold my hands
In an ocean flow
Heaving down the dingle.
Is this not thy reality
Plucking eternal feed

How can I harm thee
If, in chance; you
Meet my road
Powerless freak, that
I become, and
You shine,
By my eternal pyre!


What is it, that
Conceal me, from
My self

What is expressed, is
Constructed, only
By my sense

The states of possibilities
Contains the means, towards
Thy eternal end!


The scar, muted
The mellifluous voice
The parlance, to
Its dead end
And crushed the heart
Palpitating eternal pain

Freedom was penalised
At that dark and fearful night
A hand of vice, truncated
The bellow, which
Once was the darling
Of Parents and friends

In remembrance, Damini
An eternal strength
I solemny swear, not
To take rest, until
Demon is not vanquished
To its Hell!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I comb thy composure
To hear thy lilt, swaying
In growth and strength
And croon thy words
Disguised as silence!


Sitting beside, by
Thy contemplating side
I stretch my vision
Closing my eyes, hearing
Myriad stories, of
Form and forms
A mere silhouette
It was, lulling
Me to sleep.
What say
Of reality,
Treading immeasurably
Its silent path


I remain hidden
To the alphabets, or
The bits and bytes
Likes and dislikes,
Overtly exposed to
The dig at time, and
Evolve myself benign
In warmth, inside
The womb of care
Whose letters, harm
No one, nor any words
Conjure anything
Only the touch, and
Omnibuses of love!