Thursday, December 19, 2013


List the players
Who spurns the goal
In between the eastern
And western goal-post

Who fixes the match
In the sky void
Making the score
Cased in silver light

Inflated lunar disc
Rolls over
The surface charm
In the game of football

There is more to, the
Similarity of Earthy list
Than, Pelé and
David Beckham or
The Bhaichung Bhutia!


Winnow me inside
By thy wind of faith
To do away my chaff
Don't YOU see
My eyes moist
Seeking thy Hug

Catch me blind
If ever I miss you
In vision mine
From the birth
To its last
My shadow caters
Thy need


Dark sky overcast
Drags me, to
Its silent root

Ever I acquire
Any wings
Put a hue to my plumes

So when I will hear
A call, in
An eery scream
As thunder will
Rain down the earth


Reason wears
Seasonal overcoat
To protect its
Flickering life

But my reason
Adbides in YOU
Giving meaning
To my existence

All is yours
The Earth, the Sky
The Water, the Fire
And the Air

Mine captures
Thy light
Basks in dreams
In lovely nights

Faith wears
Healing heart
To protect all
In life and beyond


Why the vision
Looks straight
From the closed eyes
Of the grave

It does breath
The glorious past
In leap of present
To outword steps

In toss of
Night and day
Only the dead lives
At each instance demise

In glory, I erect
Thy holy shrine.
What else is here
For any permanence

Yes, the vision
Looks straight
From an open eyes
Of the lively grave


I shed skins
To my thought's
Massless gain

It twinkles mute
At night high
Grazing the day

The daily moult
Sculpt me a
Newer carve

New beginning
Beckons at each
Nobler path

Understand my silence
And let me play
With thy words


In that silent and
Tranquil, moon lit night
A boat lay as bait
To be caught
In the first
Ripple of love

Far and far away
To the longing eyes
She comes edging its
First step
In moments fringe

Lured by her first wave
The boat capers
In ripples of love.
No boat remains
Nor the enticer!


Very secretly
You paw to my
Silent den
And echo thy
Lovely presence
Pouting my lips
In joy vigorous
The days from now
Will not be
The same again
As the merger
Itself has come
To be submerged
In an ocean of
Divine love!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Why it closes in
Different angles
The triangle pythagoean in 180 degree
And the circle in 360 degree

Where is that vanishing point
Where no angle define
The closed space

All measured radii
Stretch my diametre.
Struggling with hypotenuse
It tangent me away

Confine not my gravity
In thy closed rings
Gurggle thy gravity of love
In thy galaxy swirl


Blood inside
Changes its hue
As I paint
On canvas

Does it hold
A prism
To scatter
My art

Before I could
Catch a hold
To my framed piece

The art
Wings clogged, break
And fly away, at
The mere touch


Tag me not
In your unattached ink
Say 'NO' to your volumes
In your counting words

Still my pulse, feed
Away from you.

Ever you come nearer
Justice will obey
My breating out, to
Breathing in

So mark, there!
Tag me not!!


Every morning
You beam in
The light
Of your laugh

Your teeth
Hid behind
In blaze
Of your
Childish laugh

You have some
Deeper meaning
To lean a shed
Behind you zeal

Shine, O shine!
The truth unseen
Smile a while
Treading my path


The butterfly
Spreads its wings
In moments surround
And it knows not
The sky is blue above
Or, the base is
Ocean blue!

Heil, thy cocoon
In all thy silky future!!


Who knows
When the glue
Binding to
The book of life
Will pull out
In sudden flip

All will grip
Running closer me
The scattered pieces
Of crumpled papers
To decipher
The tale behind
My misty book


Bones cracky
In carcass muddy
Force me, to
Re-learn shorthand

The thrown away
Pieces of waste papers
In dustbin near
Pulls me inside

I plunge and put
The torn pages
To my sticky fingers
In a round of my write

So less the pages
So less the pangs
Gather story
To my book of life

My book will
Not be heavy
Of now, and
The pages
Once flipped
Will surely
Re-wind back

With the meaning
Fuller to an extent
The book will come
To an eternal end!


Toll the bell
In the first crack
Of twilight dawn

Colour me bright
In the first knock
Through an window open

Make the breakfast
In tinkling sound
To my kitchen

Wearing the dress
I get ready for the school
Where my learning begins!


Absorb me thy melt
By thy candle flare
Till the molten remains
Breath through the wick

Cast thy light of love
In flicker of my deeds

Every now and then
Celestial cast gaze
My temporal sojourn
Through its blinking eyes

Bring me thy wagon
And carry me along
To thy kingdom of
Cakes and flying kites

Many packets bedecked
With colourful waxen hues
Wait thy molten magma
In volcano of thy love

Reserve me a day
For the celebration
Of my eternal birth
Away from here

What I remain
In all absorption discharge,
A mere peak
In stretched thoughts,
Where no shop sells
Any candles, or
The volcano erupts
To my far sight


If the two points
Stares from afar
At the opposite ends of
A single line
Curve me around
To feel a bulge
Many journey starts
With many a curves
Without meeting
An end!


I got an accident
While holding a talk
To my silent walk
It bleed a warm sweat
Inside my quivering
Silvery bones

None came for rescue
To drape me with skins
As the fire of nakedness
Blew and bound them,
The witness to my surrounding
With tethered Shame

The respite hovered
From beyond the skies,
It bedded
All my accidental remains
With a fluff
And wafted me away

It was pitch dark
When I forwarded my steps
Deep at night.
"Why I talk!"
when I realized late, that
'None' was me, and
No existence mine.


We will keep
Thy torch of sacrifice
And 27 years of struggle
At the Robben Island;
To surge inside
Every living cells of
The heaving cosmos
With batons of peace
Ever burning
Towards thy unfathomable
Determination and love
Towards fellow brethrens
The downtrodden and tanned skins

Will flung away
From every corner of space
The web of Apartheid
Lurking in every guise
And vote the downfall
Abated in thoughts and minds.
The doyen of wonder, who
Walked the African soil
The figure of inspiration
The father of fluttering youths
Will gain luster
In eons to keep
Ever burning and bright!

Adieu, my Soul; Adieu!


Wear not thy face
In askance look
And drop me
Not in favour
Towards thy thought
As my search is
Still going on
To find the ones
Worth suffering for

Even the last respite
Of my breath
Will commence
A new journey
Away from thy end.

May be
I am not efficient
And belong not
To thy usual beat.
But, hark!
Here stands
The pure of heart
Marred by time.
Behold thy way
I have many ways to behold!


Give me no reason
To ask me
Why I should, not
Take remembrance
To all thy caress
And all thy care
In that warm nest
Which chirps
At its birth
And still chirps
At thy feed of love!


Shower a dream
To my wakeful eyes
Plunge into an ocean
And drench me whole

In thy touch sparse
All vague warmth
In colour mirage
Burns the desert sand

I still my gross ashore
With unblinking eyes
Yet you pour me with
Your distance and guise

Sail thy ship
With steps of a giant
And devour my words
In thy silent take


The perfection
Holds an open window
But my doors
Open on the other side
The less travelled and wide

Now I have lost
The energy
For a walk, sitting
By the side of the window
Looking my strength wane

Daily you come from
The window of my east
Make difference to
Open thy door
The other side
Travelled most and wide


Why in silent corner
Of my bathroom
I still myself
To hear the sound,
The dripping of
Tap water fills

Is that my bucket
Cries in its hunger,
As the babies
Stretch the sound
To it's Mother's milk

With sombre and satiety
I place my 'self'
Body and mind,
And take to bath
With mug brimmed
Water full!


Will you say
No words to me
When I meet you, dear!
Am I so distant
In your dreams!

Will you touch
No skins to my bones
When I breath you, dear!
Am I a lone traveller
To my path!

Will you drop
No tears to my face
When I meet you, dear!
Am I not the nearest
In your life and death, dear!


When legacy of love
Would carry me away,
Fear not my belongings

All toil acted upon
Will grey out
Coffin bound

Which I owed to you
In my love
Would sprout
A greenery
Either from
Below the earth
From the love
Of your vines


When I carry
A work
The work, carries me
By its pull

The table, the chair
Sees me with their
Belonging eyes

The mark of foot
Soiled to knees
Pilferage my seconds

What becomes
Of the things
Sways in my givings

Sunday, December 1, 2013


The castle
Of your dreams
Make a brick
To my thoughts

Layer by layer
I entwine thee
Around the skies,
Into my breath

And there
I feel the 'me'
Putting together
The part in you

Ever the dream
Remains in peace
And burn in the fire
of your love

The castle, my Taj
Where my stars twinkle
And the rays
Enlighten a beam


Cerebrally confined being
Feed not on any
Inclosing of the cranium
It is free to manifest
In every corners of cosmos

Existence is not a predicate
To any definition
Which counts its noun
For its own property

Light of weight
The greatness perch
Away from
Any muscular gross


In alphabet count
I lost my words
What say of story
Which never was my worth

In an open lid
I peep the jar
What say of taste
Which never licked my tongue

In gradient hue
I search my colour
What say of painting
Which never served any rainbow

In silent charm
I lost my self
What say breath
Which never cared my own

In thoughts
I couch my night dreams
What say of dawn
Which never woke to poke me up


O there!
The dearest all
I will carve thee
In the image
Of my love
And inscribe
In silent form
A tale
To my cursor blink
And tap infinite
The softest touch
To my keyboard yet
For thy attention kind
Which will fathom thee
Sans substance
The effulge
Which I hold
In my cupped hands


How fool I am
To gain momentum
In a drop-flow

My own
Remain silent
Down deep blue

Euphoria gained
I transcend
To cloud's smile

It thunders
Mischievous laugh
And it rains

How fool I am
To weigh an ocean
In thunder cup