Saturday, February 4, 2012


My aloneness is more exemplified in,
Music; which plays through my vibration in ecstasy.

My rudder which gives direction for the journey,
Undefined; stays awake to play through me.

My lovingness is transformed in,
HIS touch; saturated I mingle onto HIMSELF.

My distance is reduced to null in,
Void; giving rein to the flight of HIS love.

My imagination partake the Mighty in,
Benevolence; to bestow health for Humanity.

My obeisance is nothing more than a,
Life; which utters HIS glory through my chants.

What else can I opt for when the whole universe is,
Dancing; to the beat HIS DIVINE TRUMPET.

What more there is to look for in,
Grace, which I reap from the children's of HIS.

What serenity can I search for in,
Peace; when bubbling is reduced to breathing.

What is there to fetch when ALL is in,
Microcosm; which borders around Macrocosm.

What is there to love when HIS glare is,
Glazed; beeming universally with the lust for life.

What more respect can I garnish to thee in,
Bowing; than prostrate myself at thy feet.

Ah! My aloneness!