Saturday, August 31, 2013


Silently it treads
In veins of steel
The measure of time.
Neither fragile man
Nor the deity mammon
Could lay bargain, to
Gain immortality again.
Mere the words remain
To tout the thoughts.
Posterity rejoice 
In ever changing change
Oblivious to the care 
Sagging skins of parents took
On that past 
Beautiful day, where
He was born crying onto
The hands of the Earth,
Wishing a wish for his
Immortality again!

Friday, August 30, 2013


If the reminiscences
Of my past
Doesn't come
With a token of gaiety
Term my lament
With a memoir of grief

Write an elegy
In brightness of pyre
There the ceremony
Will end,
Past none
Present gone
Future vanished.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Their is something special in our life,
A special thing or a special someone.
Our life is boring without special things,
As sun is without the planets around.

We dream for special thing to happen,
which makes us happy or a little crazy.
The craziest thing is known as happy,
but the happiest thing is always crazy.

We dream and miss that special thing,
But that thing can make other happy,
So the thing that makes other happy,
can be a special thing for us.

~ Anshul Amef (My Son)


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It was mere
A stone
On the side of
The road
Which glowed
Later, after
I unknowingly
Hit it
With my toe.

My eyes shone
In incidence bright.
Whose words
Came forth prime,
Mingled with pain
Pervading with
Oneness, where
Earlier, there
Were two!

Monday, August 26, 2013


In silence
I stretch, still
Volcano erupts, and
Thunder cracks

Sea waves hit
The rocks, and
Still the sand rocks

Many goes smashing
The sand, and
Sailing the surface
Of the sea

Many try
Their luck
At sea surface
Even the light
Raises its hands!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Saw an ant
In light
Of the night, running
Across the wall

And vanished
Towards destination
Through my
brooding way

Act was undertaken
Beneath my dream, till
I saw a gathering
In a bunch of cream

All took part
Instead of me
Was this my dream
Barring cream!


A knock
At an empty door
Lurks the
Riches call

Home inside
Silence echo, and
Resonate thrice

All mute
Was my riches
All knock, poverty!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


She braided
Her curly hairs
Trimmed with
Whimsy lips

Goodly glance
In silence dark
Walk the
Distance moor

Highwayman pine
Their meet
And plait
His doodle days

She raised her
Eyebrows wide
And he his
Horse trot

Destined to
Pass all trite
They got, their
Union right!

Friday, August 23, 2013


O, Baby!
Why you
Your eyes

Don't I see
All the sky
In thy glitter
Of your eyes

Far away
Do I stand.
Don't I touch
Your smile

In purity
And suppleness
You gather
Unfathomable love

O, Baby!
Why you
Make me crazy
By your look

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Played with paints
Feeding life

And cut an ear
To brush the love

An easel
To the stretched canvas

Vastness stooping
In looping thoughts

The brother Theo
Beloved of the medium

Impressionist par-excellence
Doth take a chance

His penury
Was a penny yesterday

Got an auction price
Bribing tomorrow

Many a souls
Lay buried

Who will take a message
"Fetching the life price"!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Silence soaked
Mountains tops
Sea rained earth
It made flight
Crossing skies
A buzz, with 
Fire and fervor!


Twilight simmer
Through peeps!

Swaying leaves
In dusky dim, was
The only witness
To my standing
On roof top
Gazing the dimension
In vast expanse
Beyond the horizon
Of sea and sight
As the cold wind
Was hitting
My ear drum

Solitary soul
In silence awoke!

Dancing tune
In long lyric, was
The only song
Played to my longing
Of my heart
Composing music
For the symphony
Scoring the silence
Drumming the beat
In that
Grand finale!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


No one knows
When in growth
All will be
Forgotten deep
In time hit

Yellow leaves
Will wriggle 
Fruits will
Fall down
Shadow vanished
Will tarnish luster

You that were
Born with pomp
And pressure
Will get 
Your due
In salvation clue!

Monday, August 19, 2013


What was
So transparent
In your
Icy touch,
Has now being
Melted down
In thy
Flow of love.
It wafted
In Warmth, from
Silent corner
To the next.
All was mine
And none alone.
A single whole
Treaded along
With a beat, in
Palpitaion strong!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


The smell of
Bygone steps
Lived wet with
Country soil
Still keeps
Memory fresh

Wind flushed
Rosy cheeks
Child played
Vigor with vim
Totality enwrapped
The love tale

Visually engrossed
Memory partook
The reality
And the child came
Outside of me
Smeared with earth
I played
Soil and soul!


Even then
When, You
Speak thy silence.
Ever, the heart
Will flap
Your love

Even then
When, you
Turn your back.
Ever, the mirror
Will wipe the dust
On your face

Even then
When, you
Blush ashamed.
Ever, the tenderness
Will implant
A kiss
On thy lips

Even then
When, you
Say goodbye.
Ever, the bud
Will bloom a flower
At the cemetery!

Friday, August 16, 2013


White lotuses tread
In the blue sojourn above
Where cotton clouds fly

Tons of something
Merge where, there
Is only nothing

Let silence nudge
The standing, where
You are
Fixed in time!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


My ink 
Was nothing
Compared to 
Thy love

Never I told
A story, or
Wrote slatefull

Only love
In all thy pages

Pots of love
Hold my pen
In many omnibuses


No place
I left
"Who am I".

Cold sky
Stormy wind
Polluted sea
Muddy soil
Reflected null

On the way
I met
A broken heart
Queried my whereabouts

It is me
That is who
You are!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Shadow cuts
Through reality
An infinite
Future Possibility

It freeze
The obvious
In gaining
Delicate subtlety

A companion
The whole life,
In pain and pleasure.
Glued to presence

Tore the coffin
In companion feel,
Nothing remained
In my vacant look

Rare thy
Tenuous presence
Between life and
In death

It really cuts
Through time
Enveloping present
In bleeding reality


Music flows deep
In string stretch,
Invigorously doth
Drama rolls on

Ambiance light
Reflects plethora
Of life, in
Sprouting wings

Surge of sound
waff inside flute
Waft the soul, in
Ether somewhere

Put it loud
Hey, there!
Ripe ears
Drop thy fruit

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


... my Mother!
Why were I not YOU!

Come O Mother,

'have lost
Your lap
Long ago

'm not grown-up
As yet

Let me wipe
My heavy nose
As tears rolls down
Below the core
Of my heart

Blurry world
Pounce my bearing

Nothing attract
In attachment here

Supple hands mine
Still opens wide

Blind me
With your love
O Mother!

Come O Mother,

Tear me asunder
O Mother, by thy
Gravity of love!

Merge the
unknown me
In soil of
Thy lotus feet.

O Mother!
Say thy silence
'm I not YOU!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Emanated from
The fount of thy
Divine compassion,
The fountain of
Thy tender love.

It drenched
The conscious
And gurgled
A sip, in drink
Of thy soul

All awareness
Layed awake.
Night was bright
In ambiance, of
HIS light!

The rose swayed, and
The grass danced
Dream came floating
Baton in hands
To conduct a choir

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Tell them.
When I need, you
The most
Farther away
You distance
Me, apart!

In possession.
I built
A strong fort.
My likes and
Dislikes, crumble
In thy dream.

Empty of all
Baneful emotions
Quivering lips
Obey my supplication.
Neither you come near
Nor I gain strength

Tell them.
Heed not
My silence.
Many more universes
Grown in my
Tiny heart!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Sing melody, and
Dance merry.
The lamp, which was
Shining bright
At the altar
The whole
Night of life, now
Beckons towards
The new dawn
At heaven's gate

Life trite
Archaic tight
Redeemed itself
At the touch
Where nothing
Prevailed but
The silence
Beaming light, at
Surrounding sight

Sing melody, and
Dance merry.
Let orchestra
Play the music.
All never comes
But after
The demise, of
Passing night.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Act was performed
Curtain raised

Firefly glowed
Blinking light

Cricket chirped
Beaten track

Toad croaked
Call eternal

Wolf howled
Wakeful night

Merger got, the
Bigger of me

Plenty arrived
Orbed plaintive

Sound stick
To my bones

Summoned the protagonist
Out of me

Till the curtain, was
Not raised down!


She, my Mother
Told me one day
On every ONE day
Passing the very moment
The meaning of love.
I pretended to hear
The very word of her

And I didn't understood
A word of her
Because 'was busy
Sipping the Divine nectar

I knew that
My Mother knows
That she was
Caring to the full
Just spilling away
Her words out,
Glowing with
Truth and love;
All over her
Son's face

And she also knew, that
Her Son knows
The bounty
Will never be
Dried up, through
Every eternity;
Whose glory
Abounds in total love.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


O, soul!
Stick not, to
Any messages
At thy bidding

It pains, 
Every bit
Of consciousness
In slovenly offer

Space fills
Dirge of songs
At every touch
Of his presence

Every wailing
Stands itself
Looking vague
In total silence!

Friday, August 2, 2013

रूह की ख़ुदाई

या ग़रिबनवाज़!
या परवर्दीगार!
सुन ले मेरी रज़ा
इस अलगाव की पहेली
को फ़ना कर दे

क्या इस मरहूम
को सज़ा दोगे!
कितनी बार और,
ज़िंदा करोगे
वफ़ा की चाह में

साँस की आस में
लटकती है जिंदगी.
क्या कभी मिन्नते-नादां
को सज़ा दोगे
तेरे साथ चलने की!

वाह रे ख़ुदा,
कैसी  तेरी ख़ुदाई.
नाचती है
लबज़ों पर, हाय
ये तेरी ख़ुदाई! 


In the wake of
Bright light
Premonition rolls
Through shadow dark

Who HERE sprinkles
Eternal love, blooms
The petals of roses
Through the stem thorn

Who HERE summon souls
Vanish away unrepentant,
Nothing remains
Of the body HERE.