Thursday, February 28, 2013


The ultra world of fire
Spreads its petals wide
In deepening of
The galaxies inside

A drop of water
Quenches its thirst
In mingling, at
The depth of an ocean

Lapis lazuli of sky
The blue umbrella top
Pay celestial obeisance
To strength supernal

The great power wind
Don Quixote giant
Tilting at windmills
Force survives unknown

Revolving rotating earth
Flap its wings
In embrace of love
At the bosom of heart

Fire, Sea, sky, wind and earth.
The five elements!


Who touches so
Basking in glory
Time crumble so

Mere hands without
That magic-touch
Distance stands apart

Heal the wounds
Make a bridge
And not the walls

Why for do you
Stand thus so far,
Are you not me.

Don't ever veil
Your dance of death
Don't you see my face

Erase the certainity
Of ignorance
In faith of thy feel

Your hide and seek
In stale-ness, beep
An ounch of thy peep

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Where has gone
That cutter
That rubber
The hide and seek
Of pencil and
The eraser

The start of
Good handwriting
Cursive and oblong
HB and the 2HB
The sketching Of
Moral character

In repetition
Perseverance was
Winning the race
Many pages churned, and
Many handkerchief sweat
And thus, once
I got a 100!


Thy offense was
Not my thought, and
Created a laugh
In such a tiny
Spread of mouth, it
Jingled the melody
In two hearts meet.
One was singing, in
Another part dancing;
And the same anger
Was blushing bright
Looking towards
The gate, wide open
Full of warmth
And the meaning
Whose answer was
Beyond the reach
And full of love:
Come on Dear!
(Spreading the hands)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Behind rain
Every drop
Lay drowned

Thatched roof
Cried pain
In every drip

In whisper
Rumour spread
The poverty

If not water
The blood will
Water the field

Behind tomatoes
Hacked head
Lay buried

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Reality still twinkles
Un-reality still rises

Dreams still catches sleepy
Image still a vision make

Who make me so
So HE reaps the flow

Talk me not the gain
Touch me not the pain

Without you was I safe
Within you was writhing

Rope out the rigging hope
Push the unbecoming of me

Palpitation still lurks
Inside the darkness of heart

Still the call drudge
Still the stillness sits away


Saliva dried out
Holding in breath

Who stands there
Fixing piercing gaze

Fell a prey
To shadowy play

Muted life goes
UN-muted it rejoice

Beat a drum with stick
Sick have I become

One day sigh deep
Heart will look back

Once gone still lives
In dust of ashes

Storm in fury will drag
Away the only attachment

Left below the skin
And beyond the bones

Which once called
The eternal thou

Was teasing me
Mutilating the unborn

Saturday, February 23, 2013


In the mines of love
Smiles glitters diamond
How not the ambiance
Could azure the joy

Away from the crack of pain
Above the surface of earth
One can see wings flapping
Thither the path, horizon meet

How one can bereft thee
Of the beating heart
Whose glory bask in
Sweetness of thy name

'A NOTE' I desire, always
Before the silence of dusk
The dawn is waiting, standing
Longing to get me out!

My own flame danced divine
On clouds and with butterflies
I slid hues in dreams of my eyes
And With tender touch ignited light!

Friday, February 22, 2013


What is so big
In reality it dig

A simple music can
Swung you here

A simple breeze can
Sway you there

A simple wound
The balm will care

A simple smile
The soul will hear

What is so small
In thought you fall

A big little sky
Glow in here

A big little lion
Sleep in den there

A big little love
Will sit in thy care

A big little prayer
Will survive you here

No big and no small
Could reign for ever!

What is so big
In reality it dig

What is so small
In thought you fall

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Never the intentions
Dulls the spirited lot
Never the love diminishes
Thy genuine praise
How I respect thee
Never I quiver to tell
If the lips flows
The heart fathoms
How not the grounding
Makes its presence feel
In not failing to
Bask in thy glory, and
A glot of love, respect
And amiration written in
My friend!
O, My friend!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Where is that painting dear!
In your smuggled thought
I set my brush taut

Cover me with thy
Lacquer of breath
In stiffness of thy soft touch

All here prick the pore
Holding still corner of canvas
In vision to dab a paint

Saw an oozing so wounded thick
The figure transpired volatile
The image was NO IMAGE!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Shrub's life
Grasped naught
What was near
So dear!

In cracked ravines
Flood of blood
Flowed unremitted
So, red!

Curse not dejavu, in
Struggle not availed

Long live
The age, so
Short lived.
O, shrub!

Had I given
An ounce
Of pangs
In thy pain

Such was not
The plot dreamt
Which played
With silent force!!


Willy-nilly naught
A heavy burden bought
And tore him tout
Tempering in hands
Of sobbing silence

No one knows, where
The shadow wafted
In heavenly death
Because the orb
Was slovenly dark

Willy-nilly in hell
Many tinkled the bell
Brazen its way down
In paths unfathomable
Wearing a cloak of cry

Monday, February 18, 2013


The vision circumscribed
Near the boundary around
Something deep and tangent
Was working 'ifs and buts'
Fabricating existence alive
Reality thud the ground
With nullification of whole
Could it with temper
Soften the deeper hole
The dark and dungeon deep
Where time and space could
Witness its own birth n death
Beyond any dogma or faith
Reckoning it with that untouch
Which otherwise in all malevolence
Could pollutes the being-ness
And only the meaning remains
In the vision circumscribed!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Couch once more
In thy embryonic cocoon
Eons elapsed in wait
Of thy Motherly love.
Same urgings
Have I brought
In these pulpy hands
Feeding thy
Eternal strength!


Nik nik
Lamhon ko
Mahfuz kar de
Apni pyar bhari
Aanchal mein.
Wahi zid lekar
Para hun Kabse
Hanthon mein
Jajbaa lekar

Saturday, February 16, 2013


With the same
Such torn pages
Clouds drift
Across the skies

What ire
Did I reaped
Lonesome, the moon
Sickle cut the dream

Fear hover
Night silhouette,
Crank call
The bovine blue

Honky hunk
Dawn silvery
Prostrate across
Slaty sky

Call there
The mire me,
Slush refuse
Dangle in birth.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Behold the sight!
Packed with wings
Thought flights

Wafting clouds
In awe
Thunder speaks

With that force
ONE, the definition
Starts galore

Muted all become
In mumbling
Thy tremble starts

Hark! there comes
The wish:
All is not well!


Paths nulle
Sung a song:
Nulle regle sans faute

Leaves of grass
A dance sway
Accompanied the choir

O, eternal muse
Play, play
Thy orchestra
A lot, yet
Undefined, the
Glory, a dot!

Don't effulge
Thy roots
In greenery above

The moment
Bills a day
Sans me
And sans thou!

Play, play
Thy orchestra
A lot!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Boldness comes
Unevenly through
Closed Eyes!

In prayers
Folded hands
Knocks the faith

Suppliant I stand
In thy web of
Eternal YOU

'Drop' drops
Gets consumed
Thy Haloed presence


Deep hidden
In shadow dark
Surface light
Lulls the gloss

With eternal
Rusty will
Iron in oxides
Looses strength

Murky mist
Envelop blue
Flows life
Down ravines

Flush not
Reddish glow
Chastise not
The modesty

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Not far
But from there
Distance shrinks

The sublimation
Demarcate, the
Muffled breath

Not I
Nor thee
Could play alone

With force
Was struck hard
Behind the altar

You who, swap me
Was but on
Pedestal ONE

Many onlookers
Vied with pleasure
The dilemma, eternal!


The hope was never
An elephant wish
He was working
The day out
And the night in
She was caring
And loving, helping
Each others
To grow

All day long, running
Wearing leg-Spiker
Streaks of discipline
In wavy lines
Calls infinite strength
Which lay precious
Behind the hustle
Of their diligent work

Wish I could be ants
Carrying loads of
Thought-full shapes
Hitting the hole
Dig underneath the earth
Or of above
Imparting love
And compassion alike.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Beaded in untold miseries
The story begins anew
For which the tomb
Was erected inebriated
Plied With that eternal
Ramification uttered divine
HE who said so
Himself lay buried
In aroma of derbies
And the resurrection
Was ever in more demand
All living was the sloth
And the dead only was living

दीदार-ए -क़यामत

कीतने महफूज़ थे
इन संजीदा लम्हों में
कोई पास आए ना आये
पर, तरन्नुम की लहरें
बहती थी अनजाने
अनकहे वादियों में

टपकते थे लहू
तो लोग समझते थे आँसू
भला मैंने भी डूब कर
देखा था इन तन्हाईयों को,
कभी ये झुलसाती गम
कभी वो बिलखती रातें

फल्सफा बस इतना
की कभी
दीदार ए क़यामत से
लबरेज़ कर दे
मुकम्मल जहां हमारा

Friday, February 8, 2013


So, the reality
With baton in hands
Hit the pages
Of yesterday, as has
Overgrown unruly
Into the present

Many moments elapsed
In wait of Cornucopia
Of future events.
Coupled with pleasure
The pain arrived
In the triumphant cry

Plenty of Suns, peeped
From the balcony
Of infinite events.
The remnant was still
Undefined in point
Of Vanished reality

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


O, scooter!
Renew thy energy
Your look so worn out
Had I loved thee more
Or, thee loved me more
Reckon thy Silver jubilee!
I have reasoned for thee:
Season thy change.

In many a soulful moments
Thee carried a patient-me
In all mournful slumber
In hail and in storm.
Do thee not remember
The night and dusky plight
Together had we not tread
All the slippery paths galore?!

Thy face downtrodden!
Is this my fault, Scooter?
I only can clasp my hands
Please, don't push me away
To vehicles Motorcycle or Car
Thy succor in my needs
Are more precious than my veins

O, scooter!
Vigor thy zip!!

Noli me tangere - "don't touch me"

Don't cajole dear THERE
'm so weak of the heart
Thy look compassionate
Unfeather my freedom

Don't shed more of skins
The lard only remains
Dancing in the darkness
In the shadow so shallow

Don't touch dear HERE
'm not 'one' thy search
Sprinkle no touch to me
"Noli me tangere".

Monday, February 4, 2013


Silence orbed
Woven, with deft hands
The cosmic pledge:
Speak not thou workings
As the time is hit double
Many painful markings
Could be seen in streaks
Behind the back of skin
Some mutilated, some gone

Do we need a tinkle
Of ringing bells
Or the photography behinds
Cones and rod of retina.
Reason me out
From all these plethora
Of gains

Remain there mute
Speak not thou words
Let the wheel churn
The undefined omnipresent
Enliven my life
In thy kiss of whole

Sunday, February 3, 2013


The wind
so clear
In ears
Not one, but
The whole
Hands to hands
Real to unreal

All pencils
And all pens
Lay abandoned
At the gate

There towards
That horizon
In clouds
Wet with
Heavy water
Few drops of
At thy
Lotus feet

In grace
All was
In grace
All became!


How the shadow vanished
In the count of a rosary

Every instant wafted
Inside the feel of the heart

Synchronized with the beat
In the breath of living faith

I speak of thee
In my eternal surrender

Who else can there be, standing
In aura of thy Divine rays

Every articulate presence
Defy every moment of my gaze

Blinded by my corporeal remains
In ashes it returns, intangible

None but in the name of thee
I count my rosary days remaining

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hand-full of toffees
In varied colors, were
Giggling with emotions:
Whose celebration it was
And whose mouth watery

Many quizzed about the dress
In kaleidoscopic verb.
Merry was the occasion
Brisk with merry pace

Many mouths wide open
Came flirting, in
Blithe and mirth.
All got submerged in
Just one-of-stroke

Sour or sweet
Lemon or candy
In one call of saliva
All got sticked away
In an unicular whole

Pondering to myself:
Whose hands it was
Reduced to emoticons
Electronic or emotional
Enacted the stage-play!

Friday, February 1, 2013


In what pull
Thee invoked, the
Gravity of love;
Muted I became
Silence en-wrapped
Nor mine eyes
Neither thine eyes
Could momentum fix
Vision of reality:
This side life, or
That side death!


Even for that
Precious gem
And countenance
So bright,
Glitter couldn't
Uphold the pride
Knowing that,
Tad of glimmer
Was but a
Simmer of shadow
Bubbling under
The brightness
Of life!