Thursday, January 5, 2012

Death Divine

I was younger in my non-attachment,
My remembrance made me old.

My attachment was just the cord, umbical;
My baptism was done in the womb surrounded by the fluid.

I was born attached, later became non-attached,
Crying, because my stomach was calling for the motherly warmth.

I was carefree in my teens,
My remembrance made me cry.

My seconds can't be counted,
But my days are going passed by.

I hold my fingers together to pull up the food, mouth;
But my mouth is busy gulping the flow of tears.

A slight movement scares me
I am afraid to die on the shout of my shadow.

Ointment I receive;
Wounded, I look for surgery.

My only sound last a moment,
lastly 'Ah!' I recall.

The puff only is left of my heart,
I feel, I can feel ..... the gush coming out of me.

Aha! Death Divine!!