Monday, September 29, 2014


I will rain, bullets
If it turns to honey drops

I will drop, bombs
If it turns to heavenly clouds

I will cut, flesh
If it turns to umbical cords

I will drain, water
If life is submerged by floods

I will kill, germs
If it breeds hatred and contempt

I will buy, riches
If it turns caring for the poor

I will banish, Apartheid
If it turns to beauty pageant for all

I will scorch the desert
If it turns to an oasis

I will die, unknown
If you will care me none

No pier extends towards You
Unless 'I' harbour boats
To ferry 'you' across!
Where we can dream
A better World
For the born
For the old
For smile
For joy
And for


I hold to silence, and
Many birth stand before me

What emanates of soul, that
Belongs not to my existence

You rumple my reason
The moment I puff my heart

You wheeze my breath
Still I crave your eternity

What must I hold?
To cease my silent uptake

What comes of birth
Belongs thy heavenly abode

Give an ounce darting thy love
Prune me from the guise of births!

TRUE FRIEND (Dedicated to my dearest friend .... )

I must remember
Those caring voices,
sweetest to my heart:
Inboxed messages
And, even if
Loneliness ripens, gaily
To wag the hanging 'time'
Let me have the Sun
For my dearest friend;
Confiding, open-hearted
The glow of my heart

May I be plagued by
The joy of destruction
Let me grimly take
The pilgrimage , that
Which is dead-me and gone
Trailing grey smokes
Serpentine to skies.
Yet if I dream,
I will dream, freshness:
The 'true friend'
And my life-task!


Man, O man
Sit by my chair, weaving
Longer thoughts: The reed
For a comfortable win
Cuddling your warmth

Lonely I remain
As a chair
A chair, flung to the corner
In a little damp and dark room

Nestle me: Rainbow of dark nights.
You humans
Do know magical craft

Entwine me by your
Creeping silence
Lonely here, I remain a chair

Man, O man
Melt your form, molding
Curious thoughts: The probing
For my cosy win
A home to say own, till you sit.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

No More

No more no more
Draw a line Closer
For the thread

Not in many instances
Will you echo my love
When I bid you farewell

Care me for
What I transpired
Beyond you

Prick a needle
To the web of life
Which consumed my breath

Friday, September 19, 2014


Golden drops,
Stream down the cheeks, glistering
The stealth of my heart

I swim my move
To the farthest gloom

I know no distinction
Between tears and
The music of heart

The longer I endure this art,
The closer it draws me afar
To drive my joy away

No string, thereto
Hearken me to reality
Without a shudder of fear

Oh, My Golden drops!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Cast your eyes
Pure of heart
Into my well of joy
To make me feel younger

How could it, thus
Become muddy, if
You will laugh back
With my purity

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Wishing a fancy bloom
To empty spaces
The void and the petals spread

No dog will bark less
As camels will hump the desert foot, swelling
The calm with Tiger’s roar;
Yelling the throat, Horse will neigh, and
Crow will cover the message, perching high.
In little corner snake will rattle, and
The rat will combine a clap

No lesser animals will they be
Shooting the stars, and
Pulling the skies
With mirth and joy
Taking the distance
With their breath

Wishing a dye
I colour my desire
And crave a hoof
To flung open my path

Monday, September 15, 2014


I keep guard, to
An emotional fill
In safe custody, for
My past occasions
Nicely tucked
Properly to steel hanger
Hanging inside
My small closet
The wardrobe, wrapping
All Wears of life
Cherishing passions, that
Gone past, heaving
Trough and crest:
An ocean of pain
An ecstasy of joy
My Shirts, my trousers
A phase, dear
To my naked crawl


In what words
Warm of sentences
Will you voice my love

Stirring a dust
Waiting my days
In silence I keep eons

I leave thy praise
To my deepest lay
Before my grief returns

Touch a corner
Warm of heart
To make me feel thy own


न जाने कौन सा लम्हा
करवटें  लेती है ;
गुलज़ार करती है तन्हाई
फरिश्ते -ऐतबार करने को !
मौत भी चुनिन्दा, अपनी पसंद
बंद साँसों  में तलाशती है,
ये वही घेरा है
जिसे सब नज़रअंदाज़ करते हैं

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I take to walls
Leaning my shadow
To groove a cut
Fading my body form

Volatile thoughts
In turbulent charge
Make place to ceramic
Making a dead end

If bricks could talk
Giving ears to my shadow
It will crumble itself
To regain my lost form


Savor from thy
Ember eyes, the
Fruit of blood
The burning flesh
Hanging down
The branches of air
Shooting black clouds

Here is the real fruit
The bones
For the crow’s canine
For Dog’s saliva
Bloody rain, and
The sucking wind

Here is the real play
The double bones
Rotting before the sun
Crumbling down
Embers of bitter faith

Friday, September 12, 2014


Search the markings, calcified
Before the fossil records
The voices,
Crooning their love

Nothing regains of time, eloped
With hearts and mind
The passion,
Ceasing in beauty and brine

Search the eons, owning
Dotted lines
The history,
Digging the ‘unknown’

Nothings remains of now, but
The flights of images
Trilobites and thumping Dinosaur

Thursday, September 11, 2014


A wasp,
Lurking dark
Into the night
Stung my palm
Ballooning my pain

Smiling the spot
I gained
His smiling image

How caring
Life is, in defense
The offense came;
Oblivious to my
Shadowy presence
It darted straight
Piercing its arrow

How sweet
The sting,
How muscular my palm became

Come to me
More often
To teach a lesson
By my heart, as
Is the sweetest reminder
To all, that
Pain paves a way
Where human voices, pale
In all oratory


Girdle of love
Doting my time

No foolish I am
To mirror you, and
Pine you not

Reign thy kingdom
To hold sway
Leading thy figure

No death I am
To breath you, and
Pine you not

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Thousand breaths
Weak of weakness
Grows tender warmth
Winning the grief
As The Master lie
Newly dead!

Feelings dress,
Mute of mind
Speaking hard
But to hear
The service
Such as this

Out of words
You heave comfort
But out
You freeze my tears
As other grief lie within

You flit the moment
Deep of depth
Drop by drop
Cold and noiseless
As crystals dangle
Drop of tears

No, You converse not
As it sinks my spirit
To see the vacant chair
And to think
How caring! how loving! and he is gone.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Not all with a kink
But some bracing
Coolness and
Warm touch
Do magic, with
My inner thoughts
As I metamorphose
My longer flight
Taking your wishes
Flapping along
To bigger heights


Hold the senses numb
To orb me mute and dumb.
Have, left all measures
In depth of thy warmth
O, my dearest You!

You can't be
So ignorant and hard-hearted
Not to console, your
Heaving 'me'

Barter your breath
To my palpitating heart, once.
Have, taken all my colours away
Taking penance to thy hues
O, my dearest You!

You can't be
So aloof and rusty
Not to do joy, to your
Beloved 'me'

O, my dearest You!


If it means vastness
To come
Stretching to my cry
I will shed
Eternal tears
To gain your love

Let me express
My grief
To extent fuller, that
I know not
When eyes will
Get to dry
Looking my surrender

To my form
Until my flesh and blood, but
Mind it not, if I
Let me crave you
Until I merge
Into your being

Saturday, September 6, 2014

दर्द ए रूह

झूठी शान ओ शौक़त
चढ़ी हो जब
चमकती झिल्लियों पर
कांपती क्यों नहीं है, दर्द ए रूह
इस खुदगर्ज़ ज़माने की

लगें हैं सब,
बेच का, ज़मीर अपना
वफ़ा से खिलवाड़ करने;
कब तक हलाल करते रहेंगे, लोग
गरीबों की रूह को

लहू का रंग अब पानी सा
नज़र आता है
हर आदमी प्यासा है
मोटरकार रोक कर, चौराहे पर
मुहसिन को भी सज़ा देते हैं
शान = Proud
कांपती = Tremble
खुदगर्ज़ = Selfish
ज़मीर = Heart
वफ़ा = Faith
रूह = Soul
मुहसिन = Friend of God


I quantum jump
My energy state
To perch my earthy form
On Earth's top
Contemplating an elbow
Touching my folded knee
Facing the vision up
Away from the clutter of
Human voices, away
From the loving warmth
to console
My grieving heart,
Even if you
Torch your burning thoughts
I will be invisible
To pull your search
In your grumpy cause

Thursday, September 4, 2014


The Pencil, hug
My familiar fragrance
Some strokes and the dotted lines
The feelings
The aroma,
Older than
My sweet memories;
That it comprehends

I ever had;

Roping me free, up
In grandeur, doing
Arts and cursive lines
To perch, on
My nostril bud
Rejuvenating my childhood days

Much I use sharpner
Much Joy I bloom

The rubber
Distils my path

I fasten
My fear and pain, tight
In grip:
Forefinger and the thumb
The base with middle finger,
Creating my freedom, own
Owning my pencil
Steering the heights
Beating Michaelangelo and Raphael twice!


Keep thy silence
In measure perfect
As I wane my breath,
Graveyard or the funeral pyre

These tissues
Bodily compound
Against Your unknown

Keep my prayers, intact
Lest if I yell
Your silent upkeep, you
Won't deny my avowed place

Hey Ram!

You of unfit
Play not thy text
Pushing and pulling
Poor men's tale

The same toil
That gained him sweat and blood
Will give you
Spade and soil

What you gain,
In totality, is but
An inch of space
Without Moon and Sun

And, you esteem
Your overt pleasure
Knotting dead words
Bundling your ego

Hey Ram!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Harbinger of truth
Affirms my flaw, in
Every text I type
It negates itself
Nodding impossibility
To testimony, and
Any ethical judgements;
Before my verbal-flow

So, dear readers
Read me, against
What my type says
In order, that
I remain, faithful
To the subject
Of textual tilt
In your every read!

टूटी हुई दरख़्त

टूटी  हुई दरख़्त की तरह
ज़िन्दगी भी कचोटती है
अधूरी साँस लिए वो भी
मिट्टी  में फना  हो जाती है

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Post letter warmth
Doting your
Telegraphic words
Beating dots and dashes

Whittle your ears
In a little cut
To hear murmur, from
The machines soul

Time may wrinkle
The age of ears
But, what lie beyond
Comes in whisper

Post your love
Saying less and less
To silence that lie thick
Meaning more and more


Fingers hold
No pen, in days now
All inks spills
Sea of emotions
In a drop
By my tears

All commandments
Recede a distance
Breaching links
Deep down my feelings

Fasten firm
A touch of hope
By my little fingers
Stretching your hands
To pal me across

All dear kin
Close my pages, and
Promulgate my ruin
To look happy drying my ink