Sunday, July 5, 2009


The Gap frequently occurs when,
There is no silence to break it up.

Newton's continuously thinking!

A dream comes true.
A dream which is not a reality.
A dream which is spoken in words.

And a belief; trial & error in
Cognition of 'Carl Popper'.

Far and far off from the
Intellectual honesty of Bertrand Russel.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


The chemistry of smell,
The smell surrounding the Kali temple,
& the smell surrounding the mortunry (Banse ghat).
The mala laded horizontally on the corpse.
The mala laded vertically on the Goddess.
Mixing of incense into the burning corpse.
Chemistry is spread all over, but
Is intensified only in this area.

The chemistry of vermilion.
The vermilion on the forehead of Goddess.
The vermilion on the forehead of corpses.
The base stand is static for the Goddess.
The volatile stand of the corpse.
Mixing of vermilion surrounding the burnt corpse.
Chemistry is spread all over, but
Is visible only in this area.

The chemistry of offerings.
The offerings are put at the legs.
The offerings are put into the mouth.
Fruits are distributed to the humanity.
Holy water is sprinkled all over the body.
Mixing of gaiety is occasion for corpse's abode.
Chemistry is spread all over, but Is felt only in this area.

Chemistry requires more than one.
Singularity is signified in Chemistry only.


Who gives life?
The dictionary or the diet?
Words evoke consciousness, Diet sustains it.
No words no consciousness; Animals can't tell.
Diet is meant to make cells live.
More the thing, more the demand.
Less the requirement more content we feel.
Power to accumulate breeds consciousness.
It becomes a parasite of Nature.
Knowledge feeds on Nature,
Makes us feel the burden of mentality.
It demarcates a line horizontally;
Vertically infinite is the length to approach.


Living fully, demands the synchronous working of faculties.
The habituated functioning becomes pavlov's do.
Addiction is stamped on the exuberant face.
Search becomes its own scapegoat.
Factors of life are animate and inanimate objects.
Sensation outpours to the surroundings.
Extreme is reached when blood radiates outside.
Dream and thought gives a living purpose to life.
It's never individual it's always collective.
Living is the umbicle cord of biogenesis.