Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hidden treasure

The hidden treasure
Either at the depth 'below'
Or the 'up' above the head
Never tires in its wake
Faithfully beading into the thread
The many lore
And many a love
Lips and parted laugh
Comglomerate together
In the longings
Wet with tears
I see with thine eyes
The studded steps
Loops always in silence
The hidden treasure

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The verdict

Sitting on the chair
Upright in posture

Invigorously I know not
When I craned my head up

Thoughts huddled together
For the warmth unknown

The fan was zooming
Pullying the ceiling down

One touch the foot
One touch the sky

Such elevation
Lofted beyond the roof

Loam moistened
Every pore of my being

The verdict will soon happen
 The judgment day will come

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Every instant, happiness creeps in
And now, every silence peeps in

Words afloat, rowing the oars of life
What comes, abide not in further divide

The space blogs daily the update
In connection beyond space, the wait

Embellished for preservation
Knell sounds the dead end

Quivering, hunching I huddled myself small
An embryo I was and embryo I become!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Peeling off

Alas! The freedom
Always comes
In the wake of
Nature's hands!

Only the shadow
Waft itself down
Creeping below the cracks
Whose existence
Never was its rights own

Who 'm I
Know I not

Pantheons in existence
Is nailed nullified

Ashes only are defined
In the whole of oneness
Befriended by love
Freedom starts peeling off

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How can he not!

Dreamt a day dream
After a wholesome night sleep
Why the tickling tongue
Never tires of its protrusion
Either outside or the gulp down below
The vernacular of the common native
Turns a dialect for the few

Such an outpouring seems sweet
And not a potion sour for the soul
Numerous came treading the path
Peace and divinity along
Head down the sight attracted the blaze
The blood next to water
The snatching next to neighbour
The saint next to robber
The poverty next to rich
Such was not the day
The call looked forward to

How can he not!
He can and he will!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

भले थे

फना हो जायेंगे
जग जगानेवाले
न रहेगा वो न रहेंगे हम
जागती रहेगी जगमगाहट
सदियों तलक

खुदा ने भी कभी
अपने आप को देखा होगा
आईने में

खुदाई भी इतनी
की जब चाहा
इन्सान से हैवान बन गए

भले थे तब तक
उल्लू थे जब तक

या खुदा रहम करो
बन्दा बहरा हो चला

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Taken to mean it
HE operates outside
Our understanding of
celestial clock
The solar system

Emotions rioted
Across the face
Playing a blend
Of pain and joy

Moisture glints
Through the eyes
Spills over the cheeks
Making a ray of path
Beating to heaven

City of THIS

The time denied the confluence of day in the dark
The Ghost in the machine partake in self-destruction
Only the name remains in the creation all around
With quivering heart the ventricals bulges blood
Such was not the day which spotted shingles within
Condemned of bare bones the nameless resides
Neither city nor cell could decipher Divine
Redemption was not my confession in the regression
The shadow is cast in the walk of HIS walk
Condemened, the memory nested in burrows or barns
The odour I wear and all goes passing by
Now the Beatrice looks askance about Heaven and Hell
Ghost in the machine remains in the city of THIS.


All seems mere a play
The toggle of dongle
The birth and death
In conscious unconscious

How safe is thought
In protected use
Darn is patched
In the hole around

The act of modernity
The godzilla, still
Thump the ground
In animation around

Coloured the spectacles
The masses grieve
Hungry the third world
Hunger the capital

Fragility dies helpless
Oblivious of help
Hunger hanker in hope
In the light of RIGHTS.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sky above

Candied with life's fluffy stuff
Ethereal journey stretches, goes a far 
Plethora of melodrama materialises
Under the ceiling of crystal sphere
Shining through the symmetry 
The earth!
Animate of inanimate
All goes through their turn
Eons blaze in divine flame

The count is of breaths
Beneath the life's mirth and misery
Why for all this?
All is trial and of no avail
In the mirth of pain

My love my poems
In despair made thy plume flung
Writhing I see the gross in amorous pains
In many a sinuous curve and turns
Getting to fly the sky above.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Journey galore

The steps vanish
In journey galore

Breath the wait 
In gross remains 

Who's eyes is it 
Unseen thou becomes

Nearer the approach
Distant thy stand

Is it a dream
Pyre blazing high

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If for instant the summer will heat
'll call the clouds
If for hunger the crops will grow
'll call the hungry
If for love the mother will flap her lap
'll curl in the womb

Even if 'll hear thy call
'll make myself dumb and deaf
Even if 'll act thy play
'll thump my head silently
Even if 'll journey the last
'll raise myself in gratitude

If for any reason I have hurt thee
'll call my faith
If for any deafness I have unheard thee
'll call my ears
If for any trance I was not conscious
'll call thy presence!


Distance dances
In fools paradise

The jerky jargon 
Sings the profundity
That lays parted
In open lips

Gross quiver inside
In gentle fuss

It spills plethora
Of consciousness

Oblivious of the end
When silence will tend

O, the bovine blue
What comes red in hue 

Isn't dearer thy all creatures
In whose veins flows thy content

Distance is not distant
When paradise is wisdom inside

Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeble the hands

How faithless
Have I become
Never cared for the heart
Swept it along the flow

O, there; tell me
What for thee
Larded me with flesh

Unwary my ways
O, the hearer
Death or life
Companion thee are not of the two

Open thy veil, O lord
Flare me up!
O, the most benevolent,
O, the merciful!
Make thy presence

Heart in gut is struck
Nose flows profusely
Stoned the gaze stands
The vision blury
Burp in agony

I was fit to be born bovine
Why for humans
Which always plays by thy faith
Why for reason
Which digs dungeon every instant

Feeble the hands
Folded it stands
In thy wait eternal

The Better WORLD

Don't hear me peeping
Just BE!
Hark thee all!
The saviour thou are
Which needs thy steering
Walk the path
Realized, wisdom inclined
Surpassing all odds of
Turmoil, the tumultuous time.
Now is the moment, the IS
Which calls for thy warmth
Cuddle the WHOLE
In the gaze of gentle warmness
And not one is left behind
In thy love
Us and Ours
The Better WORLD.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Caged inside the atmospheric blot
The ink never dried the story above

The thought was ever resplendent
Over there, where galaxies dance

No one knew the feel of touch
Barring the moon and the mars

All emotions eons long Knew not
Which soil the structure is made of

Only the machine have souls
The day has come to console

Why for "one giant leap for mankind."
In that one small step of a man

Dwindling resourses ply for life here
And Water is still not visible there

Caged we all are in the name of freedom
We all overflow to come to an end

Monday, September 3, 2012

Agony of goodness

Do I need to know
The depth of Shadow's length
To feel the brightness there

Everything goes a far!
Candied over with flesh
Only the goodness remains

Indelible the marks
Carved, all energy spent
Wafted above the horizon

Do I need to talk
The reach of word's power
To receive dawns of Judgement day

Omnibuses can't be accountable
For carrying everything
Truth as its own 'says'.

I can hold only my faith
Reasons intact, breathing
Till death does me apart

Do I need to feel
The outskirts of agony
In pointing of fellas

Elementary the expression
Whose substitution I desire
Coherent in shadow-less Divine!

Journey only remains
In indifference towards life
Of which 'm least scared

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Germination pops up everywhere
Under the canopy of earth
In possession of 'self'

Rapt with conditions
Nature nurtures all
Discrimination without

Occassionaly the growth
Seems familiar to an extent
Untill its percolates in Death

Sweetness thy sweetness
Waft through the breath
Rambling through life

Instantly the 'self'
Gets a merger
In the germination Divine!

In whom THERE was all
And in whom there is ALL
The growth was as ever, as IS

Germination thy GERMINATION!