Friday, December 30, 2016


Play my soul blind, that 
I have lost my sight

That shown my golden past, now
Take shelter inside dark haven

What is this rumble around
That thunder 
My pieces part

Play my soul blind, that 
The munitions never respite


When I find myself dangling 
on the branches of a tree
Like a bright plump fruit
l could feel your love
that you bestowed on me
Watering my plant
from seed to full grown tree

Let your love
Take to spires 
Ringing temple bells, and
azan from the mosque
And plant a tree of peace
Full of sweet aroma, golden 
In all brotherhood
To the heights of blue sky and silvery moon


To your greater eyes
I have kept the fruits
of my love

My child sparkle
into the gleam
of your eyes

I yield my land
Towards a greater good 
From me to you

I keep vigil
To your loving face
And grow my love 


There comes someone 
Sad of heart 
To thirst my deepest well 
With salty tears

A traveller he is
Body to body 
Romping the heart
Culling my weakest breath

There I find
My deepest repose 
Buried under the ground 
Taking his heart into mine

He is none other than me
Sadly, taking orb after orb
Must I be someone 
Taking pleasantries pain by pain



What need I
To say of your love, that
Cut my icy glass
with your frozen lips

What need I
To give texture to your skin, that 
Swish a brush
To my body canvas

What need I
To gain loosing you, that
Whirl the whole world

In beauty of your hidden act 


When time will come 
To say goodbye
Resting on your lap
Weigh your love
Trickling down warm tears
That will balance my earth
By the end of sprouts 
Playing your smile with 
Each moment of your breath
With the bloom of the day

And lullaby of silvery night


When heavier thoughts
settle down on warm breath
I take a strand of strange silence
Weaving couture of precious moment 
Draping unseen the dark air
With a fearful form


My freedom
in the lure
of the abyss
a likely gain
never touching
the bottom 
Inspite of
the pleasure of

Drumming fear


Paint softly
Your deepest art
Colourless and dark 
That your companion must know 
The magical night
Playing a beat

In a drop of heart


What smouldering 
These burning shadows are
But a longer wisp of unbroken thoughts 
With a tinge of rotund gold

In her line of lampblack
And a longer tress
My fire will extinguish 
Into her black eyes 

What veil 
These thirsting shadows are
But a twinkling shade
With a fountain of desire


Every feature
That partake, a smile
On your ivory lips
A loving emotions
By my closed eyelids

I have but your eyes
that I see you through
With glinting heart
Loosing my form
In every beat, that
I touch an idol with worthy desire

Every count
That take a wagon of my heart
Pulls the cart towards you
While wheelless I drudge
And, you of an idol
Keep me waiting eternity


आंसुओं में यह नमी कैसी
यादों में ढलती जाती है;
और किस बहाने से
खता माफ़ करोगे
क्या कभी मैंने शिकस्त खायी है

ढूंढता हूँ अपने आप को
लबरेज़, तनहा मन से;
क्या इस मज़ारे-हूनर का तकियाकलाम
मेरे आँखों में
तैयार कर रखा है

शिकायतें यूँ भी
बाबस्ता कम नहीं थीं मेरी
बस उनके याद का थोड़ा बहाना था;
कमबख्त अपने आंसुओं से ज्यादा
उनके ख्याल पर रोना आया

अपने आप का दुलारा हूँ मैं
वरना कौन सी जल्दी थी
उस ख्वाब से लिपट जाने की;
गिनतियाँ मैं भी जानता था कभी
हिस्से के दो दो लब्ज़ ओंठों पर चिपकते थे कभी
अब रौनक, मुस्कराहट से ज्यादा आंसुओं में नज़र आती है


सुबकते  हुए;
आँचल   में  तेरे
ममतामयी  हांथों  को
मुहँ टटोलते
और ,
भला  कहीं  पाया  है

झुर्रिया  बन  चेहरे की
मैंने  तुझसे   सुन्दर
भला  कहीं  देखा  है

तुम्हीं  हो  न  माँ
गरजते -बरसते  ज़माने  को
करवटे  बदलते  महसूस  किया  है

सुबकते  हुए;
पैर तले  तेरे
फटे  हुए  एड़ियों  को
और ,
भला  कहीं  देखा  है

एक  बून्द
गर्म  सांसों  की
भला  अपने  गालों  पर  कहीं  पाया  है

तुम्हीं  हो  न  माँ
कराहों को
अपनी  कोमलता तले छुपा रखा है


All those past
And these, that is
living now;
Are anchors of the future
Baiting diurnal, relentlessly
The days and the nights


Wafer thin night
Crunchy and spicy
Supplement hunger
Masticating dreams
Teeth to teeth

Longer eyes
Upturn as bat;
Flexing jaws
Keeps its iris
In wider dreams, awake

A thoughtful array
Pins up shooting stars
In a game of checkerboard;
With every blink
Night wins one more time with hunger


I can feel you, near
To the heights of empty spaces
That goad me equivocally
To the haze of nebulous stars

An amorous world surrounds
The inner sanctum
Of whirling clouds
Wontonly loosing my heart

The centre of which
Keeps perking joyously
The inner core
Taking a bit of birth and death


While the shadow burns
Reality takes a wiff
On the outskirts of city lights

A borderline marks
The grim reality
Taking measure as it strides

Nothing is wasted
In the city fire
Only the orb changes its side


What thought, breeds
An eye of obscurity
It is, and it is not

A chauvinist, self
Jumble words upon words
It is, and is stale

What leaves, counts
A pasture green
It is, and is all autumn

What life, tides
An ocean waves
It is, a moon above

What ears, feel
A closed eyes
It is, and is reality

What I, gain
Closer to you
It is, a distance apart

O spear headed light, strike

O spear headed light, strike;
Purge me of all my sins

The dark clouds that hover around,
Lure me inside my gloom

Take thy heady steps forward,
Drag me to heavenly peace

O the redeemer, hoist;
A flag on my lonely frame

The bit bits of daily work,
Waste a path 


Spurn not the flight
From inside the sky lagoon,
An eternal yarn has spun
A dream cocoon for you

Weave not the fabric
From your illusory self,
Tend your dreams
Flapping reality check

Stop not the souls flight
From one abode to the next,
Many forms of the formless
Will take a swift flight on you


Park your car
Inside the parking area
Outside the screeching roads
Lest, it will be pulled up
by the neck of longer crane,
baring your lame legs;
Upturning your gadgetry
In a nihilist end

Park your feet
Outside the tinsel town
Outside the the city area
Lest, red siren will honk
A horn on your head,
baring your flesh
With shoots, layering
The dark air

Sunday, December 11, 2016


तेरे रक़ीब का ये आलम, की
रक्त को रंगत नसीब नहीं
मेरे नाजुक शब्द आशंका से
समुन्दर डुबोये रहती है
फबकते देर नहीं, की
रौशनी रगड़ मारती है
किसकी सरगोसी में गुलफाम
अपना यौवन लुटाती है, नाजां
पल भर की मौन
एक सरिया चुभोती है
सर्द हो चला है सरुरे-इश्क़
मिजाज को अब रंगत नसीब नहीं होती


Hands, like
supplication of dead man
in the air
tucking in breath
out of the hollow bones
disintegrated lot
rubbing the wings
like a genie
Flapping, like
An angels of death


Dilapidated eyes
Austere with worn looks
burn thousand tales
of sadness and despair
that have kept the wick;
braided with twist and turns
the longing and belongings,
burning for years
muddled and mangled
limping by its last leg
to be evicted by certain exorcism

The faith
bigger than heaven
runs deeper into eyes;
Still more space
is accrued
amassing those agony
That have kept
The fire burning
Into the hell
more richer, more pure
to those dilapidated eyes


What fain hope, flows
Down the tubular veins
Issuing long inroads
To the minstrel, playing
Sweet music
to the taste of blood

What majestic thread, floss
Through the needle
Weaving golden bulb
to the creeping stolon
An embroidery of unique kind
knitting my golden heart

What metallic flavor, slurp
the might of hunger
All Hercules shy away
pinion to its strength
An iron will
that turns dusk to dawn

हज़ार के नोट

ठोंगे में चिनियाबेदाम की सोंधी सी महक;
हज़ार नोटों की तड़प, औसतन
ज़मीं पर रेंगते हुए दिखती है
कितने दर्द को सहलाया होगा, उसने
जब रुपैये के कटपीस को
हज़ार आहों से तौला होगा
कहानियों में बाबस्ता सहेज कर
रखे जाओगे तुम;
अभी ये है, कभी हम थे
इतिहास के पन्ने, फटेहाल
चिनियाबेदाम की धूल उड़ाएंगे
मस्ती में जियेंगे, मातम मनाएंगे

Monday, December 5, 2016

"Jonathan Swift"

Little little smile
Prod my sweetness

Little little toes
Walk me bloom

Little little eyes
Shine my world within

Little little joy
Summon my spirit

Little little love
Cajole my wish

Little little you
Drizzle my heart

Little little earth
Revolve around the sun

Little little planets
Plod the mother along

Little little Lilliput
Sway my Jonathan Swift


Sketch a pencil art
Graphite and colourless, that
Your bristle-brush
Needle my paint

Wean my heart, away
from your canvas, that
envision reality
On desert mirage

An imagery, counts
Nothing of my ego; but
A visage in death, that
Counts my all

Wind blows,
Water flows,
Countless murmurs are hidden
under zero gravity

अमावस की रात

जाती  नहीं  कलेजे  से
प्यास  मन  की;
चहेटती  है  जिंदगी
सूनी सी  आस  लिए

कौन  रुलाएगा  मुझे
फबत  अँखियों  से ;
आठों  पहर  कसमसाहट  की
कसर छोड़  जाती  है

लंबी  सी  है
कपड़ों  की  थान तेरी;
पनहा सांसों  की
अब  कम होती  जाती  है

जाती  नहीं  थाप  तबले से
तेरे  आने  की;
थिरकते  हैं  लब पे
अमावस  की  ये  रात 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

आस मन की

अपने  में  समाये  है
आस  मन  की;
कौन  यहाँ  संजोता  है
ख्याल  दूसरों  की

अहत लम्हो की  ना पूछ;
अस्सी  अस्तर  भी
पुराने  ज़िस्म  को
गवारा  नहीं  करती  है

गफलत  में  गुजरते  हैं
गिन कर चार  दिन, यहाँ;
हज़ारों  ख्वाइशें  रोशन  ज़दा  हैं
गरजते  हुए  आसमान  में