Wednesday, November 27, 2013


What innate
Just born baby
As it sucks
The nearest pacifier

Does the child
Know about
The crackers of
Sky, or
The roar of
The lion king

What charm
An enchantress
It freaks
In baby's
Smile of charm

What devil
Do any harm
Would play along
By the hug of
Feather touch

Does the child
Know about
The broken lines
Which cuts
Through our reasons


Phantom ring
Occupied the
Circle of thoughts

Even straight line
Now, seems to
Bend me a curve

What lay beyond
In your invisibility

Even, the bare chance
Dispose me
A centre of void!

All geometry
Beat a paddle
In thy absolute

Even your ambiance
Now, seems to
Soak thy light

Phantom ring
Occupied all
The geometry might!


It has risen
With the same
Oval fire
To devour darkness
In transparent light

Grace all
The others
To dream an act
With ozure and
Brightness galore

So IT transmuted
A whisper,
All secrets
Which lay hidden
Came to light


You hired
The curved space
To breath

Your weight
Pulled the chiffon
In blue-sky orb

Your image
Melts the alphabets
Of my vision

And yet
You rejoice
In silent freedom
Defying the beginning
And an infinite end


I hold 
A hollow pipe
To stick 
Many ears
To its side wall

Enrapturing with delight
All intensions
Drench to the music,
Take to
Divine flight

All flavour
Waft the vibe inside
And so I learn
How that hollow pipe
Play a beat
To my empty heart

I cling
My all
Holding to its walls
Such emanation
Force me 
To its
Divine feed

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


उसी की जुस्तजू ने
सभी को डुबो कर रख दिया
जिस वसीहत का जिग्र
कभी मैंने प्यार से किया था 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Why you paint
An image
With beauty and light
Doth thee not see
The plight
Trodding thy feet

Never the death
Has a chance of winning
So long as life
Doth the buzzing

Why then you paint
An image of beauty
With all richness and essence
Doth thee not see
The plight
On the face of downtrodden

Never the life
Has a chance of outstepping
So long as your life
Doth Not beat compassion


Why that
Cut of silence
In an act, drips
Roaring waves

Does silence
stealth an armor
Inside it's sheath,
Making mark

Why you rattle
Every beat of my heart
With clatter
Of your silent hoof

Does silence
stealth a flesh
In posture,
Body bound

Why that
Cut of dawn
In an act, rise
Behind half moon

Does silence
Bribe the cavalry
To charge the length,
In total war

Friday, November 22, 2013


The expanse was not
So rich before, than
When you puffed me
A silent stretch

Witness to mountain
Clouds wafted to sky
No hiatus so light, could 
Tenaciously contain
A line in one breath

The aura was not
So bright before, than
When I saw you
In an universe swirl


I know you
Not because
You shovel
In the dark

And 'm
Not afraid
To tread
Hand in hand

You dig silence
In utter depth
Down the earth
There I knowhair you!


Woo a coo
To court thy love

Marshall a rank
In thy feather cap

Blow softly
To caress hoary hair

And the wind blows
And the peace coos!


All agony
Deride my pleasure
As I paint
With fingers
Soaked in oval-red

A single
Undefined truth
Enroll me
To play havoc
To my soul

What irrationality
I gain
It gib me
Towards a
Moment's freak

All utility
Offal me a feed
As I pull out
Organs from
My internal rib

(Please note: Oval-red = Blood cell or Blood)


Why squirrels not fly
And avian climb the tree

Why fish think not of heaven
And worms die under the earth

Why the Moon beam a mirror
And Sun fire waxen air

Why you wag your tail
And churn your tongue daily

Why 'infinite' dream
And acts tug the wall

Why canopy is thatched sky blue
And ocean is bedded flat green

Why iron rusts in oxides
And diamond sparkles in cut

Why stars twinkles our head
And universe spiral galaxy

Why you distance your meet
And throw a dust to my eyes!


Sentences hued flat
Will be composed
By a simple tap
To the keyboard

No paper dusty, now
Will crumble yellow
Devoid of starch
And mossy mites

Adrift of emotions
Memory in random
Will access inertly
The intel might

Days will purge
Organic remnant
And will bind free
To intel slavery

No hemlock
Will be served
In defence of
Perpetual orthodoxy

All Aristotle
Will have a say
Unfurling thoughts
Layered disc by disc


Wearing my shoes
Laced tight
Down the road
With long strides
Genie Of my thoughts
Tripped me down
Popped up from
Below my feet:
"Your Majesty!
What thee say
Will be done
At thy bidding!!"

It abided, with
Proper respect, and
Strength of might
Not knowing
Who propelled the spin
And saw me
Stooping down
Holding the casket
Full of past and present
With my last say:
"All is gone
What was dear
To my throne.
It laced my future
Tightly bound to coffin
With bare and bone!"


The scythe
For the corn,
Or the cut of shadow
For the moon,
Always trails
With a hand-hold

One mowed
For the hay
The other
For the beloved reap

The sharpness
Of curve
Has an angle fire
Engulfing a kiss
In umbra of life


Thee weave meticulously
The untold mysteries
I only remain unconscious
In thy consciousness

You have untreaded lands
To explore the unfathomable
I have my earth
To comply with

Your vastness submerge
All oceans and the skies
My alms are reduced to
Bones and the mites

Your thunder crack the laugh
In munitions abound
My denial in empty hands
Offbeat my eccentricity


Neither it starts
Nor it ends!

What is that
Which rescues me
From temporal bind

What is that
Which feeds me
Life after life

Neither I hear
Nor I pretend!

What is that
Which flutter
Through my wings

What is that
Which bind me
By my tongue

Neither it stays
Nor it feels hungry!


It speaks not; that,
Which is thy greatness

It gives not; that,
Which is thy all

It sees not; that,
Which is all vision

It gathers not; that,
Which is all freedom

It breaths not; that,
Which is all silence

It caress not; that,
Which is all thy love

It quivers not; that,
Which is all thunder

It breeds not; that,
Which is all eternal

It inks not; that,
Which is all hued

It understands not; that,
Which is all pervading

Really IT speaks, NOT ...!


Uneasiness crept
Inside the collar cuff
A tie, which was
Defining me good

It afforded me no ease
Till I knew
It will not
Make me sleep

All was party hoax
To my rehearsal
Played wearing the coat
And an overcoat

Why 'sleep' waited
For a lovely dream
Does quilt has to
Whisper it's warmth

Padding thoughts together
I stitched my warmth
And knew, all was not
Coat and overcoat!

Monday, November 11, 2013


If you will give
An ounce,
The heart
Will acknowledge
The grand in you

Daily I grasp
Thy pulse
Daily I die

If you will stick
An image,
The eyes
Will blink
Thy faith in you

Daily I wet
Thy divinity
Daily I close my eyes!


When all will
Bid me adieu
Silence will orb
Non-human tweets

All scraps
Bodily attached
Will commend me
A grand farewell

Wastes jettisoned
Plume gathers
White clouds
As journey wafts

When all will
Compass my stay
I will contrive a seat
For them too


Stomach curls
Earn my feed
Not through any words
But by
A simple silence, which
Devours my appetite

A blank look
What not to say
All riches
Recedes the more
Farther away

In night
The Sun rises
From the bed
That the bread
Will do justice
In first wake

But, alas!
Only empty plate
And bead of tears
Was garlanding
The presence
Whose richness
Was more yogic
Than what
Any humans
Can transcend


A happy morning
Needs no stand-up
For a creep, to
Any corner, and
In any vessel.
Every sciences
To its glorious feet

That is why
It has a vision
With a prediction
Which has a teeth
As bright as
Cotton clouds
Should never fear
The dripping of
Black rains!

Friday, November 8, 2013


What is this
Drizzling so soft
Pelting a trickle
Down the veins

Very furtively
It crawls the
Whole of night
To beacon the rise

The whole afire
In glory take
No sham, and
All joy

What is that
In distance trail
Pulling me there
In upward take


If you conspire
To beseech me
By the pity
Of your love
Mark you there
I travel along
The freedom path

Pluck your say, in
Remembrance mine
Could you fathom
Elements of love
Hovering a buzz
Above pollen pals

Conceive defeat
In your presence lot
Cupid couch
The Venus womb
It beats breath
In eternal sac
To heave a heaven


When the night
Pitch a dream flag
Nocturnal Sun
Gaze an owls eyes

Eyes sparkle
In fight duel
Why two Suns
In single revolution

Steel clanks
Asunder space
Tearing remains
In might exchange

Brighter eyes
Bloody war
Spreads its wings
In dream flaps

Whose kingdom
Stake sweeps
Whose kin
Draws akin

When the night
Pitch a dream flag
All crumbles
In day break!


I braved the storm
And very wearily
Clipped my head
From the sloth
And saw myself
Juggling through
Bare thoughts
Rumbling deep

All bravery
Down the eons
Saw the vortex
Of silent dust
Layered thick
Strength by strength
Pulsating an ebb
On pillow of time

I braved the validity
Pouting my lips
Signaling a combine
In deep divine
The celestial cipher
Supporting life
Wooing a peep
In expanse make

Monday, November 4, 2013


The reflection
Turf the course
In silent roots
Sipping the flow
In dark light
And night dark

The heart cast
A silent gloom
Trapped inside
Heaving beats
Fetters bound
To glory past

Tried to pull
Scattered pieces
Of outside shadows
Conjoining for the
Reality shake
Bubbling with beat

The reflection
Turf the course
In bubbling roots
Giving life, for
The new beginning
To shadow of life!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Dawn call
Tolls the bell
Rays beckon
Dark demise

Space stretches
Green fields
Time expands
Life rolls

Spade tills
Infinity wide
Chirpping beaks
Harrow clod

Sky blinks
Golden rise
Waves rejoice
Touch high


Banter me not
In sally of thy
Mouthful charge

How firm you may gaze
A clip I hold
In thy pace

I feel pity
Will you ever understand
The agony of my past

The moment I dine with
Companion mum
You come to tear my past

Who will witness
The oozing of pus
In silent crack

Therefore I always keep
In pocket mine
A bucket full of bandages and brine

I retreat the zone of
Wordy desert
To preserve an ocean plunge

Despeckle the dust
From my body coat
Prejudice not my silence


I will smuggle someday
The fill of thy cup
Will keep it safe
In bosom of my love

Why you shed pain
In dark cast tears
Will rain it down
In the lap of Earth

Still riches abides
In casket glitter
Will open it someday
With flap of my love

Will journey together
The corners of the sky
None will witness
But you and me twice!


Many civilizations
Puff up eons
Below pastoral vines

Roots of germination
Holds true
In hieroglyphic stones

Excavate the patch
Of golden empire
Below the silent remains

Soak a buzz tete-a-tete
Dig a layer down
Converse soul to soul

Many civilizations
Embalm a burial
Where the life remains


Why decree
An authenticity
Whose theories are
Highly suspect

Inflated balloons
Explode universes
The gale
Raptures inside

Why matter
Void a Watermark
Does it exist
Without an end

Such can't be
The utility of
Primordial soup
Being born or unborn!


The beauty is, not
What I speak of you
But how beautifully
You grasp my silence

If the talk of thee
Feed me your love
How hungry can I be
You understand not

Ever I urge thee
To breeze an essence
Where no words flow, and
Many skies transcends

How warm I feel
In thy presence cool
With this golden flare
I burn my molten heart

Hire a wedding choir
Over celestial night
Eyes will bind a knot
Behind my closed eyes

The beauty is, not
What I speak of you
But how swiftly
You waft my heart!


Motley of fruits
The branches bear
From the stooping
Stems of light

In season's response
It ripens
Hued many
Pulpy and wide

One pluck
An instant joy
Grace the gravity
In savor of taste

Many coy hungry
Political or otherwise
Can't resist
An all invite

Let all sounds
Belch out bile
Not, from
Hollow stomach

Let joy rapture
From the shining
Mouth teeth, satiated
In eternal wake

Let tree of light
See its days
In the nights of
Africa, India
And the world alike!