Sunday, August 31, 2014


Will you tell Him
My urge, Why
I gather storm to my love
Raising my
Consonants and vowels
Close by my heart

Don't tell him, please!
Else 'll wane my love

Turn your face
Away from me,
Else will bunk my space
Quartering your time

What I have
To my little breath
Only enlivens through you!

Still will you tell him
My urge, Dear!
Never till my death, Dear.


Excavated the memory
To my deepest dig
Only to find
My frozen Time:
Some vestiges, of
Stony words,
Dead relics of hearts,
Broken earthen-wares
Some figurine, and
Some coins, to
Seal my civilization, which
Sprouted that day
Near the bank, of
Some cozy river
Buried under, the
Call of History
To hollow me out!


What crazy means
Sipped inside
My puzzling mind
To grip tight
A throwing stone
Fingers stiff
Holding to surrounding air
With remorse
Overshadowing temptation

When I flung opened
My supple palm
For an end
An oeuvre of compassion, and
Universal peace gleamed
Wherever I threw my glance


Sleep, sleep
O my little heart;
Longer the night awakes
Sentry to your loving dreams

Pillow the silvery clouds
Under your delightful dreams;
Wakeful all stands
Customary to all loving souls

Play your breath soft
O my sweet fairy;
What name I call for you
All gets you transformed

Such sky high
You flutter your wings;
In amazement
I grope my lonely being

Sleep, sleep
O my tender heart;
Dining your feed
In candle lit stars

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I saw Cat's mouth
As big as Tiger
And, tiger's
As small as cat;
Thumping her breast, High

Cat roar bloody Jungle, and
Tiger mewing the milk, white

And, in far distance
'Raga Bhairavi' was
Tuning, all decomposing air
In glory and awe!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


A little sparrow I am
Spreading my work
The daybreak till twilight eve
For my nestling dears
Fluttering my wings, and
Jerking my head
This side for food, and
That side for lurking fear
And a little chirp in memory
Down all day long, opening
My small mouth, but
To wonder how much love
I gather pecking my beaks

Monday, August 25, 2014


Skyscrapers’ sight
With toll bridge
Tax the vision
Alongside the city roads
With a weight:
The bricks,
The material concrete,
Heavy air, and
'The' many more

Forlorn look
In human face
Dwarf my vision
Grilling the space
Listing downcast skies
Pressing whereabouts
Of hidden beauty
Plying the Earth, Earlier!


Whom do I search?
Wistful and reflective;
In beggar boy image
Amassing corrupt deeds of
Polite, immoral donors

What colour I search?
Pensive and doleful
In hidden Apartheid
Tanning textures
To every vomiting word

When will I breathe?
Freedom and peace
In thy image
Grouping alliance
With me and You


What will
I do
To your coming
My sweet memories of you
To stamp a loving kiss
Blowing the sky, and
Extending myself to grave
Making thy love!


All my slender doubts
Fly away
Crooning thy
Ocean of love
O My Mother!

No part here, is
To prove
The deepest measure
Coming from thy chord
O My Mother!

All may,
Pay me harsh
But, you only could
Dip me, to serve you
Giving wings to my tears
O My loving Mother!!


Every word disappear
Along the sloping read
To every poetry penned
Where pages come second-hand
To what I pen along;
A silent say
Dart my journey afar
It stale my time
To think, and
Fill thoughtful inks;
Better are the ways
Where silence reign
And no better, is the way
To be born, but to
Vibing eternal silence!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

पयामे इश्क

पयामे इश्क  में
पशेमान न हो नादां
चराग़े इश्क  की
जब लगी हो
तो तक़दीर और तन्हाई क्या

बद्रे हुस्न
जमा होती है, जब
नन्ही सी इस रात में
पंख फरफराते  हैं
जहां के
उस परवाज़  में

तसवउर उनका ख्याल है
और, मेरी यह जिन्दगी
गलीचे बहार में!

पयाम= Message
पशेमान = Ashamed
चराग़े = Lamp
तक़दीर = Luck
बद्रे = Full Moon
तसवउर = Imagination
गलीचे = Carpet
पंख = Wings
फरफराते  = Flutter

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Latch the door of dread
Deafening the ears
Not much thought
Was consumed by fear,
So much of love abounds
In plentiful spread
Overflowing night gleam, and
Glister to morning skies;
Do show me your smile
The same will do me truth
Let us park our ego
Somewhere very far, to
Do me hands, and
Do me joy!


Warmly, touched
The heart, of
My silent sage
My loving reading-table,
Bloating my tears
On its wooden gaze

All books
That I flipped
Days and nights, under
Thy table-lamp
Lay wasted
In dump

Had steered, tearing
Many paper-boats
Down, knowledgable inks
Combing wisdom with unripe oar
To find none
To hold the truth

Measuring my worth, down
Cry erupted:
Offend me not
By thy gloomy face
My doleful 'table' friend
While you live me inside

Give me twitching ears
Seeing my plight
To hear thy silent wisdom
Away from omnibuses of inks.
Had I held any truth?
to you my dear 'table', now
See how I flow my tears onto you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Whenever I try to hold you
By magical hands of night
You slip the unfathomable land
Trailing your beauty, and
Tinkling your left-over voices

How many breaths have I died away
Along the roads to beat you inside
O, my love! My Sunshine!!
Come down by my ocean of love
Flowing beauty into my veins

Turn your grace down
A little bit
From the corners of the dawn sky
The time has come
To redeem the Sunshine
Pledging your worth and beauty


He put me
A vague desire
To my tearless eyes
Bearing the burden, of
Days and nights;
Staying in peace, with
God and Grave
And, bellowing me
Unused dead-hands
To reach out
And comfort me!


How much rage,
And bloodshed, will
Siege forth
The flaming hatred
In glory, false
Owning to country and faith
Crumbling to chaos

Fragmented blood
Splatter every wound, deep
With thick wail
And gruesome deaths
Clotting blood to mounds
In mutilations
High and Red

How much riches
Should one abhor
Disenchanting the soul, and
Culling the spirit, with
Poverty stricken heart
Sheltered thin
By layers of faith
And simple living!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


What is it in silence
That grows
In stillness of night
Hanging all spaces
To hollow and void

Where no cause, rifts
To be with
New clouds
To drift
Some grey patches
Sealing darkness

And to beam
Silvery streak
From the behind
To glow minor moments
In a new pulsating night

Saturday, August 16, 2014


What flower blooms
Your loving eyes
In tenderness
I bargain
Thy sweet nectar
Flapping my wings
Not of once
But again and again
I paint my breath
To your kind face
Untill the brush
Wag my pleasure
Etching your face


I will define you
Not, by any
Calculated steps
Any circle, square
Or, Any tangent
Or, hyperbola curve, in
Any passionate measure

But will define you
With every crack
Which you made me feel
To my wetty eyes
And desiring thoughts
Which, whenever
I tried to enroll you
You, did it
With tears and blind looks

And to banish
All the horror
From the face of the Earth
We must banish
Caprice, misery, poverty

Thursday, August 14, 2014


उसने मुझसे
वो रकबा भी लूट लिया
जिसके हम मुलाज़िम थे

लब्ज़ सीलते रहे
और, दर्मियाने उफ़
बाज़ार लूटता रहा

सर्द लम्हे भी
बर्फ के मानिन्द
गस खाकर टूट गए

कौन, जो है
किलकारियों में
मौत का कफ़न संजोये है

कौन, है ख़फ़ा
जो पहलू में चिराग़े इश्क
छुपाये है

मिटती नहीं
जख़्मे ज़िगर
जब तेरा जिग्र आता है

उसने मुझसे
क्या लूट लिया
जहां, जब फिरकी में आबाद है

रकबा = Area
मुलाज़िम = Tenant
फिरकी = Spinning Top

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Flow by my wings
Ivory clad moments
Musing flapping thoughts

Not of here, I
Pretend my freedom
Nor, of
This life, I
Avow thy say

I gain my contest
Whenever, you
Question my existence

Not of blood, I
Deem my body
Nor, of
This cage, I
State my freedom

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


What lay store, in
Harvesting drought
But, toil and tears, and
Loads of blood soaked barren soils
A few penny
To beg the Lords
Whose higher ends, smile
Their secret laughs

Memory curls
Resting my thoughts:
The Tube-wells, The Water-canals
Few drops of mercy from the God of rain

Creeking limbs
Cut-off the body-parts,
The careless mankind!

Monday, August 11, 2014


फासलें तब भी थे
और अब भी हैं
वही चीज़ लावारिस सी
कभी हमारी भी थी
और कभी तुम्हारी भी
हालात ऐसे ढल गए
ना वो फ़लक के पार
न हलक के नीचे
ऐसी हीं थी कसमकस
जब तुम भी थे साथ
और हम भी थे पास

Sunday, August 10, 2014


When the Sun has nor risen yet
And the dawn is still far away
Let us weave with golden thread
The orb of our morning glory
The night's dark blue ink has
Given us the silver clouds pages
To carve our cherished dreams
One flip to ooze our love
The next to care our passion

When Moon is smiling the lips
And angels are guarding the sky
Let us do ourselves with wings
The wait of our morning beam
The lights of the have blinds
And the sight for the stone ages
To carve future for the born cry
One hand to supple our love
The other to beam the World!


Very Earth
A patient bed
An oxygen cylinder
Lining the stratosphere
Marking last, the
Thin of life
And sure death
Beyond above

Earthy life
A bluff of momentary respite
Inhaling day
Exhaling every night

How much air
Can we carry
Ballooning rucksack, but
Few Astronauts

Very breath
A Kaleidoscope
A mirror and all broken pieces

Open the window of the Hospital
Let new breeze come inside
Let new Sun do some light!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Not to stitch, and
That needle, gave so much of broken moments
Palling patch in turgid pain, and
Blisters to my soul, blustered
To my indefinite rant

Hey you!
Can’t thee listen to me.

Oh, why can’t I see not, that
You are so deaf and dumb!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Speak not
Those of this Earth
Buried under the empire

No Alexander, Nor Ashoka
Could conquer death
By dint of their strength

Just muffle me soft
In glory of an end
Calm and quiet

Truth belongs to all:
Every sway tells a story
Every breath depot in silence

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


A rosy cheek child
In body and mind
Beaming with joy
Beholding an aura
In sweet delight,
Hugging the thoughts
In carefree mood
Came running in
Juggling with smiles
Escalating wonder
Amidst the groves of
Grapes and vines
Fruits and flowers
Along the branches,
Sky-trees and dwarf-shrubs;
Littered across the moors
Sensing an accord
With nature bliss
Wherever he went
Tucking one leg inside
The other darting the air
So, I too was, left
With no choice, but
To put up my hands
Synchronizing his ways

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


No corner I left unturned
Sipping your sweet smile
Belonging this cool breeze
In all dearly moments galore;
Thine own, cruise me beyond
My cemetery of four walls
Neither I grumble, nor
I take to my sitting pose;
Every pore I switch, only
In loving face I count your love;
Orchestrate an eternal music
Beating my heart to thy melody soft
Let no remains of my own grudge
The plaster to thy dressing form
Come along, come by thy smile soft!


In what black chroma
Do thee ring
Eclipse of my life,
To naught
My entire verbose, sledge
Down unfathomable abyss

Crushed dreams
Fluff my plasma of pain
In untold miseries,
And to spear, it vows
One more notch
To my soul

All muted voice
Crumbles in disarray
Feeding oblivion
By and by
Drop over the drop, and
It vanishes away