Monday, March 24, 2014


On a blank
Glazing white paper
An image
Thought enwrapped
Cried its birth, and
Buoyancy creeped in
Floating an instance
Littered with
Spotted blood, and
The flow of pain!


No higher
Than the height
I listen thy call
Why for then, You
Wrestle my thought
Silence enwrapped

What the composure did
To me by thy spell
It snatched
All thy faith, from
My beating heart

No degree counted
My worth, in
Any angle it turned.
My 'self' rescued me
From the yonder yell
Keeping deaf, to
His every enchant!


All my own
Came with the flow
The sky, the mountains
The pain, the pleasure
And the whole
With a dream
But I could not
Find, the one
Which was making
A concession
In the form
Of my outpouring

Thursday, March 20, 2014


O, hoary hair bard
Sing a song for
My lonely heart
As I surrender
My dreams awake
From one solstice to another
No summer and no winter
Do me a halt
Why you , then
Grind me
By thy crush

O, my dear hoary bard
Wrap me in thy warm hold
In obeisance I empty all
Which was mine, still
You term my flame
In flicker streak
What did wronged me
Was that not
Thy call!

Sing a song for
My lonely heart ...


With that broken string
I played my dream
And when fingers
Came to touch the broken point
I paused my mind, mending
I require not
Nor the lyric for a sing
I fret my belongings
Far away
With this all.
And I clap a tug within
By my heart
And it struck a chord
One with the other
Invisible to my view!


Who comes there
To ear a whisper on me
In this hour of darkness.
No man I see afar, nor
Do I see any shadow so near
But still I fear my breath
From birth to life, for
Every breath I take
I count my dices
Rolled over my life-spread!


The morning hour
Ajaan from the mosque
And the temple bells tolling

Do the birds chirp, or
The table clock chime
Because the birds have beaks
And the clock handles the time

Pin me up
To the day-board, where
All are beaks and
All are time peckers


Maujaye gum se kya sikwa
Aur kya sikayat
Kyun aankhe saham se gayi hai
Baahri aasma se
Ab to wo baat hin na rahi
Jin baaton se saam
Gujar jaya karti thi
chuapaal mein bandobasta
Kabhi shaam thahar jaya karti thi
Dada aur Dadi ki kahani sun
Ruhe tammanna roz labroz hoti
Phir to kya taren aur kya tarannum
Raat me bhi shaba-e-gulab roshana hoti

Maujuye gum se kya sikwa
Aur kya sikayat
Shahar me ab to khake but bhi
Hawa nahi deti
Phursat me ek gaz jamin bhi nahi milti
Raqeebon  ki dua ab qabar par
Didar hoti nahi naada
Khauf-e-Jahan phalak mein
Jarra-jarra jhankti hai tammana yahan
Maujuye gum se kya sikwa
Aur kya sikayat ...

Monday, March 17, 2014


मौजए गम से क्या शिकवा
और क्या शिकायत
क्यूँ आँखे सहम सी गयी है
बाहरी आसमां से
अब तो वो बात हीं ना रहीं
जिन बातों से शाम
गुज़र जाया करती थी
चौपाल में बंदोबस्ता
कभी शाम ठहर जाया करती थी
दादा और दादी की कहानी सुन
रूहे तम्मना रोज़ लबरोज़ होती
फिर तो क्या तारें और क्या तररन्नुम
रात में भी शबा ए गुलाब रोशन होती

मौजए गम से क्या शिकवा
और क्या शिकायत
शहर में अब तो खाके बुत भी
हवा नहीं देती
फुरसत में एक गज़ ज़मीं भी नहीं मिलती
रक़ीबों की दुआ अब कब्र पर
दीदार होती नहीं नादाँ
ख़ौफ़ ए जहां फ़लक में
जर्र्रा जर्र्रा झाँकती है तमन्ना यहाँ

मौजए गम से क्या शिकवा
और क्या शिकायत …

Sunday, March 16, 2014


If you will
Know me, on
That, appointed day
I can't guarantee
Our meet, but
I will bleed
For you
From the sky drops
Because it was, only
For your love, that
I scaled
The heights, not
For what you
Stand for, but
How you put a test
Onto my love!


Night's secrets
The deadly pull
Gyrates, down my spine
There it creaks
To open my fear, as
Thunder strikes!


I carve my arrival
With all loving dreams
In this world of
Death and departure

I crawl my faults
Drooling naive
Towards every step of mine
To stand me erect

I do all my needs
To fetch thee my parcel
Inside my deeds
Coffin bound

With a loving heart and
The beating sound
I pledge my soul
At every junctions of my life


Whose subordinate
Grey areas, of my
Cerebral cortex, is!

Do Aliens, flex
Their long dendrites
To commute their expanse!

They harbor
My refuse, in
Sky's every corner

They lounge
About my consciousness
Till I did my soul

Whose subordinate
I crown thee, if not
I, then whom!


I gain understanding,
Between my fingers hold
Not much of my memory
Eloped thy consciousness
Not much I gain
In thy bidding,
The game of existence.
A chance I was
A chance I remain
No more letters
Now, guide my consonants
Nor any vowels
Convolute my tongue.
I gain understanding,
Seeing thee, from afar.
No more lust, or
Any begging urge
Fills my bowl-curve.
I crack thy vastness
With a pinch, and
I see the expanse
Between my fingers hold


Hold thyself strong
Clutching the strength
Raft along the breath
Nothing is here for stay
All clay and no more

Words jingle and tinkles
In sway of pain and pleasure
Neither the two barter theirs
Nor I havoc a play
To their own choice

Hold my might
In thy bit of compassion
This life, my strength did
The next life,
I wait your turn!


Come all, come along
Hum the nectar
As flowers bloom
Leave your diction
And thesaurus too

Come tattered, come torn
Bask in the shower of warmth
With blessing of faith
Raining down your feet

Come happy, all lucky
Pull your feet
To feel the flight
Flap your wings
As flowers bloom


My carpet of existence
Rolls down in extension
Infront of my wakeful eyes
Inside the four side walls of my life
Singing psalm and obituary
From the birth till the end
Witness to all the hangings
Framed to every corners of the
Broken walls
Some orchestrate its vibes
Some music sips beyond the cracks

Here, I limit myself to boundary
Outside my freedom reigns!


Hate me, or
Love me
You tag me or,
Tag me not
In thy distant demand

One day you will
Cut your egocentric worlds
Littered with
Scholarly synonyms, and will
Come bare of bones
In my compassionate den
To Google your memory
For the wrongs, which
You did to me unequivocally

And 'll pent breath
To wait thy return
In my palpitating dreams, as
I beat ocean
With my love!

MAA: Index of my life

Thee are the one, and
The only ONE, which
I see myself through
Thine pure eyes, and thee
Never ever opted me out from
Thy care and blessings,
How not I drop a pearl from
My wet eyes, whose
Every spark crystal
My soul, in every index
Of my life
Giving warmth
To every feel
To every microcosm
In macrocosmic splendor
Obeying at thy command.
Cocoon me, in thy
Motherly love.
My obeisance comes
In all veneration
At thy lotus feet!

O, Maa!
Very humbly
I prostate myself at thy
Loving feet
Seeking thy blessings, ever
To be Your obedient child
Here and hereafter!

Sat Sat Naman, Maa! _()_


The iron in my blood
Gives infinite a push
Its essence gravitate
Native to my veins

Many wars
I won
Battling time,
Flagging the sail
To propel my boat
In steel mast dream

Marching victorious
I play triumphant
To deafening silence, where
The galaxies swirl, and
Cosmos verge along


'm been hurt
When I see you
To stand up
Weak of bones
In thy
Emaciated look

What help I gather
In heart palpitating
It remains
Inside me
Full of guilt
Full of pain

'm been hurt
By my aerial look
No thought works
Better for now,
To yield to my act

What warmth I compress
In feel of touch
It drops
Down the Earth
And profess its heal
To come true to life and blood


Scurry my steps, down
Pedestrian walk
Who knows
What lay ahead
In middle of that
Ditch drenched roads
Where vehicles collide
In drunken drive,
Scars mar the tar
In screech of brakes,
Dirt smash the splash
In violent jerk,
States fight their land
As Country bleed,
Countries honk
As poverty strikes,
The crops wilt
In weather tilt

Scurry my steps, down
That Universal path, where
The doves fly, and
Peacocks dance
Lotus bloom
Fluffing the doom;
Joy wafts
In twinkling crest

Unpeel my fear, to
Let my companion read!


Obviate my need
To see thy act, and
Close my eyes
In thy blink, as
No oxygen pumps, thither
To my body art, nor
Any colour respire
To any brush apart
Bristle it remains
In its frozen hues
No charm, pulse
Thy beat anymore.
Elope me to silence
In thy eternal hunch


You have made pillars
Of my ruin, and now
You puff out
Heaven to the sky

Ornate with flares
To the torching Sun, and
Bedecked with stars
In this cool of night
I find you, somewhere
Between the oeuvre of
My thought remains

May you proliferate
Thine own, but
I of sombre
Will cut my flesh out
In oblation
To thy form!


I would like to
See you, unbutton your shirt
The feelings simmer low
Below my skin

Forget my pulse
Counting its days
Do the spark
Where the synapses meet

Rewire thy touch
Unbuttoning your heart
Seeing all my love, to
Condense Within you


I plod my talk
Back to, that
Stone inert,
which had
Hit me before, by
His varying words

I confound myself
In approach,
As sooner
The will-o-wisp
Receded further, as I
Take my effort

A day before, when
I will be no more, there
Thee will plod
Weeping a weep
In thunder so deep!

आँधी / Storm

हवा के झोंखो से
क्या भला दरख़्त टूटते हैं
उस नाचीज़ हवा को क्या मालूम
की, मैने भी सीने में
आँधी छुपा रखा है

Do you think, by mere blow of a wind
The trees can be uprooted,
The minor, the Air; knows not
've hidden a storm in my heart!