Sunday, August 21, 2016


How many times 
have I not, paused
To look into your loving face
The images of warmth
And tender touch
Oozing from your pliant form
A mark of friendship 
That sod a layer to my heart
Binding the roots together 

I may not predict
The course of time
That will seath my life
In an eternal wrap
But I can confirm dove of my beat
To bring you nearer to my heart
And will run extra miles 
If I could find you in trouble 
And banter you with my loving remark 


When the running feet 
of grandchildren 
Pull the fingers of grandparents 
One more sweetness lure
The wagging tongue
Enmeshed and embellished with sweet words
Extending stories after stories
From the curvature of small mouth
When the win-win situation comes 
With hopping popping legs

I never thought 
could walk so easily 
on a wheelchair 


Behind the silent spaces
of wriggling words
I eke my heart out
With much lesser to say
than to keep closed
My dimly lit eyes
Suffused with tears

No words, came
Sampling my emotions
All dried down
Bloating my reason
Keeping a 'hung' 
on rope of time
Dangling post to post


Your forlorn look
Vamp howling nights
Crawling thoughts
With uneven gesture

Your stretching pain
Bear enveloping nights
Weighing moments of
Yesterday's lost toil

Your sagging skin
Tan your weak bones
As time slips by
Cracking the form


I have cupped
So much yours:
The semantics of language;
Clasping your words

When mine sky is overcast
Shooting black images above;
It rains poetry, down
Over my earth


When the days 
lean on you

The future 
lends its nights 

When the compass
Needle the west

The east
Bridges the points
Streaking its rays

When the hands
Feed the mouth

The legs
Sprout its wings
Blooming its running time


I have a longer tusk
An ivory for an eye
And, smaller teeth
To gaunt and grind
The sickness,
In emaciated leap

I have a line mark
Losing by whiskers
And, loud whisper
To grudge and grieve
The bout
Lost in our heart

I have tinkling bells
To blare its sound
And, wider area
To sludge a slush
Deeply brown
Through the fountain of stone


How much pecking
One could get
from the longer beak
Hammering on the head,
Skull could only drain its
Ossified and calcified compound
In a crumpled white dust
Flopping down the earth


All nature, dutifully
Bonded my familiarity
With time and space;
Whispering leaves
Tidal waves
Plopping rain
Out bonded their love
With sight and sound
Stretching its wings
To familial wide
Some trees started to rain
Some clouds took big ears
Some mountain ran by bigger steps


Who can thrill
with tiny energy
and feathered voices
an acres of dull air
And, set quivering; even
In man's heaviest breast
Vague hopes of
Eternal spring
Hail to thee
O blessed spirit
The first minstrel
That slips
Clear joy
To my heart
More beautiful
Of your image than mine


You have tunnel
of spaces
Crossing from beginning to end
Through which reality passes
as subordinate
known, yet unknown
Your concord
with reality
Gave me epitaph
on the marble stone
Through which, truth
dances with incurred surety


Whose axe
fell on mine
if not of
but then of time

I sorted out blindness
from the
small gravel
lying nearby

Whose expanse
congested my heart
if not of
but then of arteries

With peculiar haste
It parched away my leaves
Once a luscious green
Now a fallen me


Dim light, smudges
my bigger shadow
on the pliant wall

Faces yield
to every pale streak

I lift
the stairs up
Implying my heart's enfold


In whose space
have I gained those mystical eyes
that dwarf my reason
with a silent cry

It was there, before
I took birth
inside my mother's womb
floating an ocean space

In whose measure
have I lost my innocence
that grow old age by age
with a brittle form

It was there, before
I ran to quietness
long after the leaves
bequeathed my crumpled time


The night spread
Document my wishes
Twinkling with stars
Like scented dreams
Spreading aroma
As jasmine do

I have kept
my windows open
to let the beauty, prove
that warriors are not
there with swords and spears
but soft images that wrap my blinking eyes

I mate
My beauty queen
with a wet gleam
seeing her in my tear drops
the other into my beat
Documenting my wishes in the night spread


Nestlings inside the nest
are cosy at night sleep
I flutter my wings
dream by sweet dreams
branches by branches

Dark pupil of my wide eyes
Keep vigil an open vistas
Where my children
are safe on trees
Away from the gun fire at night

Ammunition of love
Shy away firing bullets and dropping shells
Waging war on fronts
While keeping fixed
my unblinking eyes

Reword: This poem denotes the power of love. When the world is wagging its uglier tail, the mother of nestlings keep whole night vigil in protection of her children.


By what wisdom whip
my protracted silence cringe
beaten like a dog
As I quibble
by the price
of its deadly hit

You have all
the metaphorical figurine
that play as human clay
and are tarnished
towards its end
by the burning pyre

Your invisibility
churn the cosmic life
to barter breath, after the other
Yet you doze
the precious moment
When wisdom whip the flesh


How you goad me
by your broken silence
wailing your heart

A thick pain
breath a clot
slugging my lungs

Not that
to hold my grief
I am living my life

I am still
a dead man
Working on my demise


I have dropped
stony heart mine
beating ripples
by my closed eyes
to presage a heavy rain
salving my bitter pain

Come, come O the forerunner:
the mirror
of my changing art;
Stay a moment
for the seasons to pelt
my frozen wound

I have dropped
one more life mine
to live my death,
shooting diamonds
into the skies
Sitting on the arrow-head


I squeezed an array
of longer thoughts
lining by the arteries,
marshaling courage
to unearth the mendacious truth
Turning, my stiff neck

I was measuring
The yawning gap of teeth
between the two canines,
which nature has benefited us
to tear the flesh
Roaring, like a tiger

I dived deep
down the marrow lines
to peep an ounce of wisdom,
all reason turned pale
as it beat hollow
when I blew a longer pump


I will sweep one more sole
away from the rushing brooks
And whisk my hurried feet
rolling away my earthy sod

The tuft of grass
that lay in full delight
opening its gleeful face
will part me with love and forgiving

I will take my last chance
for  my well-wishers
to bid me farewell
Taking their heart into minuscule mine

I could rain

I could rain
So much clouds
By the coolest drip
To sip between nod and the height


Bigger eyes have
the beauty of vision:
The chirping trees
The dancing rain
The tody heart,and
The lyrical mouth

More bigger are
The acts of receptivity:
The friendly manoeuvre
The drumming skies, and
The inking clouds

Much larger are
the heaven space:
The unseen tranquillity
The luscious tale, and
The Ariel moon 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

कुछ गुम सा है

सफ़ेद कागज पर उभरती हुई लकीरें
कुछ गुम सा है
कुछ गुम सा है
सम्बंधों की ये दूरियाँ

भारी मन
यह लंबी सौगात
चलो अक्षर के पार

सफ़ेद कागज पर उभरती हुई लकीरें
कुछ गुम सा है
कुछ गुम सा है

मौन जमा है
काली काया में

कुछ गुम सा है
कुछ गुम सा है

सांसो की ये उथल पुथल

भारी मन
आँखे बंद

चलो, चलें उस पार
सफ़ेद कागज पर उभरती हुई लकीरें

कुछ गुम सा है
कुछ गुम सा है

Monday, August 1, 2016

दूरियाँ कम नहीं होती

कभी छूने से
उसकी महक उड़ती नहीं थी
अब तो पास रहते हुए भी
दूरियाँ कम नहीं होती

गैर तो गैर
अपनों का सितम भी
साँस तोड़ती है

कभी बातों से
ज़माना लहराता था
अब तो चुप रहते हुए भी
आँखें नम हो जाती है

गैर तो गैर
अपनों ने भी
मुँह फेर लिया