Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Shadow sprinkles
Pushing the gaze
Towards the ladder
Sipping steps down
At the Loyola Hall

A bent silhouette
Entered hall inside 
In all reverence.
All thoughts vanished
In spectator's gathering

What words spoke
Was already spoken
Roamed, inside eyes
Silence dried
In beckoning of his

The limp of leg
Occurred in an
Uneven call
Camera was the
Only witness, in
All its click!

Alas! The feast day.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Why you sit
Couched with pain
Eternal gain approaches

Every cracked surface
Will sprout flower-joy
In your ruined walls

Attuned thyself
Pervading all
Light with delight

Monday, July 29, 2013


Lovingly lifted 
A fallen tree leaf
On my palm,
Nothing remained 
Of my thoughts
To patch my words.
All gurgled away!
Pain sizzled 
Through the
Tree frame
Was that ME
Wriggling in PAIN!


Magnify thy sight
O, lovely eyes,
You colonized
Every bit of
Unfathomable space.
Every blink
Twinkles in smile,
Every touch
Waft in delight.
You are the
Diamond of son, and
The daughter of lullaby
You are the Father, in
Aged sight
The Mother, in
A drop of tear.

Magnify thy sight
O, lovely eyes!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

एक पल

इसी जिद्ड़ो जहद मे 
रफ़्ता रफ़्ता 
गुजर जाते हैं
ये दिन और रात 

ना जाने 
एक सहमी सी 
आवाज़ वहाँ 
देता है, कौन 

बिताए पल 
की बेवफ़ाई 
लब पर चोट 
करती है 

कौन यहाँ 
जिता है 
मरने तलक 

मौत की खुसबु 
हर घर से 
मसाले रौशन 
नज़र आती है 

आस फिर, दोबारा 
लौटती नहीं 
लमहों के 
इस खेल में 

ख़ाक-ए-बुत के 
गुजर जाने के बाद 
हवाओं के झोंकों से 
मेरा पता पूछते हो!


YOU regulate me
In an unfathomable womb,
I will centrifuge
From thy pull
To my freedom, someday!

Will transcend
Boundary of silence,
Orb the void
In many hues
Holding time rein

Will peep a hole
In sturdy look
At creation, from
Beyond the Big Bang

Resonated thus,
To thee, will I ask :
Which thee,
Created from NOTHING!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Flowers bloom
Light of dawn
Demystifying mystery

Joy sprinkles
Smile benevolent
Distancing gloom

Every particle
Hop and pop
In thy sway

Sweet fragrance
Breath thy essence
Enamour every soul

Whistling their hearts out
They chorused a noisy amen!


Ask me not
Why the sky is blue
Ask me that
Which star twinkles the most

Ask me not
Why the words sounds more
Ask me that
Which corpse stiffen tight

Ask me not
Why the trees are green
Ask me that
Which leaf is getting yellowish

Ask me not
Why the seasons change
Ask me that
Which path Autumn will come

Thursday, July 25, 2013


You tore a side of the page
And tells me to flip the page
How cruel you are!

You do he same kind again
And every time summon your shame
How egoist you are!

The past was read out aloud
In the peep of the future
And present torn away
Wow! The game!
Wow! Thy play!

Please note: This poem is dedicated in solidarity with Louis Kasatkin... Unemployment and Hunger strike!

P R E S S - R E L E A S E : Louis Kasatkin,Freelance Performance Poet and Writer from Wakefield is going on hunger strike from 00.01 GMT,Friday 25 July to protest at his long term unemployment. Despite years of experience in a number of sectors including warehousing and retail customer sales,as well as leading poetry workshops in schools, Louis has applied unsuccessfully for more than 1,000 vacancies since 2008 and spent the last 2 years on the largely ineffectual Work Programme. As a Christian and Social Justice Activist , Louis is going on hunger strike to highlight the official hostility and economic privations which millions of unemployed are experiencing because of failed government policies. The hunger strike/ fast will continue until he receives the offer of employment. Louis says , " I was a Trades Union and Right to Work activist under Thatcher but today's social and economic apartheid fuelled by official antipathy towards the jobless is much worse. " As to the fast itself , " Regular Daily Updates from Friday 26th.on Louis Kasatkin facebook page,Iain Duncan-Smith:The IDS Official Fan Page on facebook and @louiskasatkin on twitter.Wakefield for Change facebook page

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


You can't buy love
With a morsel of food

I do have barren field
To till it last

In this arid heart of mine
Please don't plant a weed

Rank me not 
In thy preference

Unruly will I bask
Till my freedom last

why stifle me in fetters
By thy wordy chance

There is another sky
Above the blue sky

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Issue thy command
Hasten the flow
Unfurl the sail,
Many nautical miles
Have I to stride

Steel spars, and
Rigging body vessel
Keeps the mast entact

A long journey
Awaits into, thy
Warm conclave

Tarry O tar
In distance safe
See, there cometh
Tornado the great

Issue thy command
Tear the fear
Blow the clarion
Many bloody wars
Have I to fight

Issue thy command!


Why water 
Flows down the basin,
When I turn 
The water-tap 

Does it obeys
Some laws, ultimate
In gravitas filled

I will obey not
Time's command.
It closes the flow
Whenever I turn
It's clock


Still the flower
Will bloom, and
Fragrance will
Waft around

Why prick the pain
Touching thorn spine

Still the baby
Will be born, and
Cry will
Spread joy

Why bask in future
Smitten by life

Still the time
Is left
Tilling the existence
In horizon meet

Why gain understanding
In the definition lost

Monday, July 22, 2013


At desert edge
Sandstorm pregnant
Particles of sand
Belied the oeuvre
In chiseled work
A stone bust

It swelled
Bosom full
Oblivious of
Its deep roots
Fate somersaulted
The engraved mirage

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I care NOT
who 'm 'I'.
Stood, casting
Shadow long
On the ground
Where my feet
Got lost, in
An abortive
Vigil of death
Wearing a strange
Supple beauty!


Whisper, O wild leaf!
To my
Deaf ears, and
Muffle my soul
Every tangent
Of thy warmth.

Offering supplication
With every beaded
Dew drop, in
Twilight zone
Rambling breeze
Sing thy praise
Bringing near, the
Touch of fate.

Give me a place
Beside thy rustle
Stretch me, to
A journey, astral.
Whisper, O wild leaf!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Give un-reason
To comprehend.
Blur vision
To disguise.
And don't call
My name, till
I see you
From heaven, twice!

Flutter not
Soul's flight, in
Bodily presence.
Companion death
Will haul the
Body parts, ripping
The remains apart

Give reason
For thy answer
In possession, of
Thy unblinking gaze.
Hold me
In your breath, to
Call my own!

Behind these
Turgid verse
I fire the presence
In blot remains:
Here was the man
Who looked from
The Earth, thrice!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It so happened
Heavy with drudgery
Got late
In response

Just wanted to say:
Good Morning Ma'am!
Good Morning Sir!

Flashed back
My memory
In reverse lane
At afternoon time

Apparition of my
Virtual Me
Turned back

Paced the dimension
At point of past-time
And greeted overtly

Sorry, Ma'am and Sir!
Thy acceptance
I require more

Saying, Good Morning again!
It vanished from
That zone!


A good handwriting
I see, and bite
My fingers out

Alas! What happened
To my cursive words
Imprinted by love
On blank paper, by the
Treasure of ink
In bottle blue pot.

Replaced by serif, and
Sans-serif, the stroke
On the key board
Wear the pyjamas
Without any Knot

Alas! What happened
To my fingers
It obeys not!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


What freshness filters in
Through an open window
Hanging the sound around
Crow cawing the dead cry

Perched high giving
Oblong shadow of rising dawn
Beside the water tank
Clasping the water pipe

With a nostril
As firm as the beak
Why it calls the peak
In fluttering unbalance

What eclipse shows, in
Multifarious metacast
Does the rays of light, gets
Devoid of different hues

Rainbow comes trodding in
In an overcast sky
Heavy with dark clouds
Knocking the dawn's door

What freshness comes
It comes galore
Drooling the spirit out
In every inch of left space

Monday, July 15, 2013


It was not that
I was not conscious
Of your presence.
My breathing and
Blinking eyes, played
Hide and seek.

Until then
I rained in cloudy day
Tanned the skin in summer
Crowned the hill top in winter.

Do I have to align
In-front of mirror
And freeze my hot breath, or
To pierce the gazing eyes
And stretch the vision

Do thee need my words
To evoke thy feel.
I prefer unitary presence
Sans ALL!
To enter silence thine.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Metaphysical might
Pushed me to
Another flight, Universes
Where God created
The world free
Of any, melting
Polar ice;
The deforestation
Biting dust

Implant the creation
Hey, Lord! to
Another Earth, there!
This Earth, here
Gets mute, to
Deaf ears.

Burden me not
With thy rage
Storm, flood and fire;
Keep thy love, intact
In undefinable lot.
A hay I am
In thy amniotic sac
Plant me, in that
Another Earth.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Dinner after,
I wander 
Room to room
Waiting for
The stars
To twinkle
A message
Beyond the ceiling
Above the roof

Mobile in my
Pocket palm, rings
Flashing an sms:
Little star,
How I wonder
What you are...!"

How can I
Mistake, the call
So near, and
Far dear, to
Accommodate a,
Bigger room
In the sky vast

Was caged, under
The surrounding walls
Till, I became
Conscious of my mobile
Which hung by, the
Three pin charger
Powered on
In position
Switched off!


Free fall
Caught me
Between the
Sticky net.
Was that, the
Spider, preying
With my fall, or
The gravity, gaming
My down-fall!


Semblance of the 
Mirror image
Honked the reality
Replacing the image
Vide in meeting, concluding
It was not me
On the other side, but
A point, where
When I touched
The body, myself
It was cold, and 
Half dead!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Borers presence
Crizzle books
Tan the pages-skin, of
Nutritious old books,
Traverse wormholes
In peeping holes.
Torn and tattered
Hardbound and paperback.

Many instances of
Pain and pleasure
Have I gathered in
Keeping thee
O, my tender Book
On my lap,
Eyes salivating!

These blood eating pests
Infest my heart out.
Enclosed dumb
I lay a funeral, in
Obituary of demise
Written on the
First glance, weeping
Tons of tears;
The first page of
My eternal book!


Silence stood up
In wake-up call
Peeling the layers
Of existence live
Keeping the core,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The handkerchief
Inside the pocket
Wipes the sweat of
Pain and pus
From the pores of face
And the corner of an eye

In times of spare
It turns in many ways
Creasing side-flap, or
The diagnal fold
Molding into a mould
Morphing into each-other

Many inanimate
Find their life
Bed, ball and bowl;
Many animate
Travel dead
Cat, rat and bat.

Twist and turn
And the imagery run,
The hankerchief fun
Stiches the wounds
Playing with fingers, on
Palm of the hand


I never knew
What that touch
Was about

Unless my chord 
Was cut, detached
From you 
For ever!

Dare not play, with
My memories again
'm soft of heart

It clots blood
In lump of time
Was better, attached

Oblivious of 
Any beginning
Memory rot
In unfathomable gloat

I require not
I like being born

Monday, July 8, 2013


Love in folded hands
Extends in gratitude
For all thy prayers
And wishes galore

I stoop at thy door
Who stood in all supportiveness
And, deeply metamorphosed
The essence of my being

I pray as ever:
Abundance of love
Flow thy way
Full of hope and happiness

Ever grateful, and
Most humbly
I prostate myself
At thy loving feet
In all respect and regards!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Tree growth
Greenery spread
Doth fret
The soul string

Many a flowers bloom
Lot many weather away
A glance, at
Tree fruit, distance
The gloom away

Irrigated with toil
The gross grows
Befitting the stay
Fixed under the soil-root

Oblivious to the call
It treads many a direction.
Tree, a companion mine
Speaks, Soul-to-Soul.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Musing methodical 
Lexiconic sentences
Not of much avail, as
A tangent of agony
Passes straight, in
The Sea of semantic
Non-verbal wriggle
Disposed to rant

He who hears
Crosses the penumbra, Where 
The darkness prevails, and
Is dealt with shadow-depth
Unmeasurable and impenetrable 
Bow of time, eclisped
In the broad day-ight

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Celestial round
Cater around
Gravity bound
The splash of
Unbroken gaze.
May be one day
That twinkling star
Will nudge overtly
The presence mine
And what more
Can I opt for.


Latch the door
In creaky push.
Who knows when
Intruder unknown will
Shear the dagger sheath
Under your breath

Bungle away
Dreary dirt.
Life is too
Bubble short
For mouth blurt

In possession mine
Have kept bundles
Of pristine love.
It bleeds mucus
When questioned:
"i would like to know ur activites."!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Tree trunk stiffness
Nullified the bend
In vortex of storm
Holding around, with
All its firm hands.
Giggling were its
Own offspring, the leaves
Swaying this way and that
Some old blown away
Some juvenile intact!

The new beginning
Takes the firm root
Seedling sprouts delicate
In semblance of death.
Nature is all winning
As the cursor of life
Plays with stiffness
In existence transitory
To bend a new life


Tree trunk stiffness
Nullified the bend
In vortex of storm
Holding around, with
All its firm hands.
Giggling were its
Own offspring, the leaves
Swaying this way and that
Some old blown away
Some juvenile intact!

The new beginning
Takes the firm root
Seedling sprouts delicate
In semblance of death.
Nature is all winning
As the cursor of life
Plays with stiffness
In existence transitory
To bend a new life