Monday, June 8, 2009


Remembrance, only Remembrance,
Good; Death in the living.
Old philosophy Re-incarnated.

A man, He-man, Born;
From utter darkness to lightness,
Cuddled into mother’s lap,
Reaping many a benefits of thought,
I will be this and Rule the world
I will be that and the Humanity will see.

Remembrance, Only Remembrance,
Good, Experiment in thought,
And man behaves as God.

Man born as man;
And Nature turns him as her
The Duality of strength he supposes
Reaping the faith in shaki
I will do this and God will be pleased
I will do that and Heaven will be the abode.
An OBITUARY-orbit around CENTURY.


Habituated to beat daily, systole & diastole
The daily intake and daily excretion.
‘Are Born to die every moments.

Not Ready to buzz from the preconceived ideas.
Eyes are there to see and the distance
retard to the view.

Fetters are for the static things,
Dynamics can’t be touched by mare fetters
Formula is for the fools, Freedom is forever.

It demands synchronization; perfection
Is in Equilibrium.
Equality of different fingers working differently.

Gaining the thing this way or that way,
One step for a yard and one Step
For the moon.

Protocol is promotion to the call Internal.