Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am here!

Existence abounds
Somewhere there
It's because I feel
I am here

All touch, truncate
The sensation
Out of me

All things visible
Obliviously overflow
To distant past

The call negates
Its bearance

Merger is not the wait
I am who
I am here!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Feasting on the floating sky!
Festivities difinitely wins!!

Here comes the learning,
A lullaby to the unlimited

Omnipresent the movement
Omniscent the vibes

How can one limit ourself with the limited
When unlimited is already defined

Adapting can't be thy grudge
When the adapter is already ADAPTED!

Whisper O' whisper!

Breath rustles behind
The pale bony cage

Sough of soul
Roar at the shore

Unhindered outlet
Beckons thy call

Where have thee been
All these years,
Whisper O' whisper!

Gain is not thy wait
Stranded I pluck my feet up

Long is not thy journey
Life is not short for thy coming

Weathered, the skin sags
Reduced to bony cage

Where onto the space
Thee float
Whisper O' whisper!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Game of GOD! .... the GOD Particles!!

The clash happened
Proton to proton.
The human nuleus,
Higgs-Bosons (Bose)
Toiled for the take
To look for the mass
In every particle
Germinated thus
Into exquisite detail

The long wait ends
Fifty years after
Flurry with events
The moments begins
In all its joyful-ness
Clapping, whistling ...
The talk gets momentum
The supersymetry 125Ge-V
Mass turned energy
Peeps through LHC at CERN

Tantalise with teasing
The touch becomes too heavy
To light the Dark Forces
Whose extension exists
In thoughts thus perceived
The beginning has no end
In the game of GOD!

Catch me if you can!


Pebbles collected,
To play.
Not knowing its
Origin in mountains;
Deep beneath an ocean.

Only the seeing sees
The underlying joy,
Ashore the rambles of pebbles.

Sprinkling the waves of coolness,
The happiness crawls
In the lap of sand.

Clinking the crystals,
I hear, Thus
The sounds of thunder!

In surrender!
Fearlessness, I gain.
Keeping away the darkness.
Clasping tightly the love of all.

I play, a play
In the hands
Collecting the pebbles
In the dune of sands.


When thee ask me, I look a blind look
When thee call thy faith, I get drenched
Parted I feel ... when vision blurrs.

Becoming happens
In touch of thy soul
It occurs time to time.

Call me up!
The last supper
Is to destined to happen!

Call me up
I wanna meet thee all there
Without fear, without ego
With tranquility and juvenation
To perch on thy soul
One by one
Into ONE!


Away  away!
To far off land
Journey crosses
Away from the
Cluster bluster
Of this world

Heeding is not the
Passion of mine
In plethora
Spread around

The rubble bubbles
At every crack
Traversed; absorbing
The essence
Thus received

Hulk of hunk
Stream terrifically
To pounce
The unfathomable

Vagueness vagabond
Abstraction abound
Shower Sweetness.
The light of joy
Thus received!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Tarry thy flow O Time!
Weary thy wait, froze! 
In a forlorn look 

Unknowing thy forbeareance
I prostrate of my foregiveness

larded lovingly with
Flesh and Blood
The body aches

The ego called thee
Vanished inside
The touch on thy lap

Tarry thy flow O Time!
Never will the call
Turn back again
When the merger

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Let me be
Winged thought
Floating in peace and purity

The innocence
To spread the smile

Earthy form
Oblige the essence
Wafting its way beyond

Orb me
With all thy azure
Away from this skeleton cage

Friday, July 13, 2012


Writing on the slate: The Wind
Whose love throbs the burning heart
Melting the love to drench the Divine
In whose veins the Divine runs!

Unknown, unknown thy call
Closer and closer the wait vanishes

In whose womb worthier
The shelter gets defined

Galloping, galloping
I keep my feets off the ground
Knowing not..
But it is to go on… go on… !!!

Hari Om

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The first drop
Silence enwrapped
Sooth the inner soul

Drop by drop
Crawl the perfection
With all its coolness

Up comes the merger
Earthy smell of soil
Meets its watery cousin

Hark the call
The last drop
Will be all.

Drop by drop ...