Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Is union a binding of disintegrated Harmony?
Is the binding an automated response to the harmony in nature?
Is supremacy hibernate the fighting instinct?

Dilemma here is not the populated thoughts,
But a single whole from where the thought emanates i.e. mind.

If love knows no bar, then where the unknown disappears.
If there is harmony all over, is there a need for a union?

Is union an explosion for the end product?
Making up of new integrated harmony.

If all thing is disintegrated irreversibly,
Then what is there, for thinking of unison.

Time unites all things;
But, can time be united itself?

If time the leader, can't it be in unison by itself?
Then union alone is reduced to its own probability.

Can harmony be reversed?
If yes, then there is a chance for a bond with integration.

Union makes us bask in its soothing effects.
Union is inner peace, no turmoil;
Union is honey, no bitterness;
Union is an integrated whole, no disintegration;
Union is always present when we are in harmony.
That's it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup starts

World Cup starts.
More joy, more celebrations,
The gathering, the ecstasy, the sports,
Mingle in Harmony.

The air show, the stadium show
And the show on the faces of all soccer lovers.
The joyfulness on the face of Desmund Tutu,
Seeing above, with his closed eyes and folded hands.
Summarises the essence of the Game.
There is something more to the smiles
Than the pretention of smile.

It started with an even note, 1-1 between
South Africa & Mexico.
Significance starts with one and
Let Singularity of One unite us All,
In all the fields i.e. Sports, Polities etc.
Abstract and Non-abstract must dance in union.

Let us all make an understanding
And understand the truth behind the football.
Let freedom shine above, like a star.

Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela!
Freedom, freedom, freedom!!

A cup holding the soccer ball.

Review: Published by 'vox poetica'

Thanks to Annmarie Lockhart, editor of 'vox poetica'!