Saturday, February 28, 2015


Composed an art
Binding thousand string supplements
And to wake my forgetfulness
Stretching spectral hues more

Nothing variant to say,
in gory hours, But
to 'nought'
the substance to escape

In fashion
The art was framed
And to death, it flamed
All the elements of life

Nothing to bark
Or to bear, but
An art to compose
And to burn when beauty wanes

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Figure in dark, peeped
from crevices of the wall
And affirmed a nod
To the beat of my accent
Submerging the whole
with soaking silence
To pause my orphan beat


Do they have a soft pillow
And a dunlop bed
Against, the
Rowdy and dowdy life
Roaring this earth

To the other kingdom
Where I must perforce my soul
Enquirying a rent;
Are they abound in luxury
To waive the price of my life, or
will they charge a hefty
For the privilege accrued

Those denizens of strange land
Above the sky high
Flame my desire
For the more,
The soft pillow
And a dunlop bed


Thought of, lettering
An ‘SMS’
To rank you
In my first draft
Torrents of
Ungainly words, lumbered
To weigh me down, heavily
In my silent singe

I remember the enthusiasm
A little while ago
Which, forced me
To buy
That expensive smart phone
My entire budget was lost
Paying the fancy

The thought glued aftermath, down
Towards my family line
Which, paid me dearly
narrating the agony,
I bought trashing my monthly plan;
No new frock for my daughters
and branded shirt for my son;
No new sari, nor the golden smile
A tinge
That, traced
Colouring my words:
So indifferent
I can’t be
Not to care my draft.


Not into the past
But its casting shadow
'Time' engages the sloth
For the timeless prank
to play with me
As it comes before
I counts my seconds


You have given
Touching moments
To my warm tears
Playing thy flute
O, the reverend-one,
to hold words
In my painful silence
Bellowing the last huff

O, the supreme commander!

In my decrepit body
I had wrinkled your heart
Longing thy wait

Test my patience not
O, there divine!
Still, my last wish
Sulk in protest
O, the sublime-one

Your magnificence steal
The char of my body ash
To burn vanity and ignorance
In supplication,
As I deny my existence!


Let not a moment lapse
For an edifice
To build temples,
Undulating our thoughts
The crest and trough;
A delightful view of life

Let not an iota of energy ebb
For the cosmic charge
To build a connection,
Dancing by an act
Chanting the spell;
The faith and the healer

Let not fear deter our path
For the strength
To build heavenly kingdom,
Beating our hearts
The blue and the sky;
To bequeath 'me' for you


This of dark motionless night
where plastic string, barren
On roof top, hung
my wet cloths today
to dry by the sun beam;
Knows not, whether again
will it gain weight
to lullaby my teary clothings-
In tomorrows spread
And flute me,
by sweet little winds
And enchant me mesmerized
Fluttering day and light:
As mothers do an orphan
Umbilical to string


Your silent attire
Lash a whip
To my crumbling form
And never before have I
nettled your flesh
To pique my resentment
by passing near by you

TRUE WORSHIP (Inspired by PK film)

By what sacerdotal symbol
Thee prized me
To foul thy art, disguised.
My heart leaks, painting
Mysterious gain
Sans trident,
Sans crescent, and
Sans cross

To the nobility of
labour and loss,
I obey my heart's command
Performing service
Bleeding my heart:
Who from true worship
Can separate the dross


To the glass
That is already filled,
What must I do
With my crazy eyes
To overturn, drops
A little more
On the table
Wipe the spill
Waggling little tongue
Licking unsaid words
That drip my soul


Speak not Those of this Earth Buried under the empire
Neither Alexander nor Ashoka Could conquer death By dint of their strength
Just muffle me soft In the glory of an end Calm and quiet
Truth belongs to all: Every sway tells a story Every breath depots in silence

Monday, February 9, 2015


I fumble to grope
The missing link
That grapples my rib
Enlisting me deep:
The loud waves
And the forest high

Wheresoe’er ye be
That bears my witness,
Let go my nightmare
Let go my entity
Which adore liberty
Sans sun and the blue sky

The spirit that plague
To justify my cause
Grapples me here;
Go away, go away
O ye the dark clouds, as
That which is, will free me now!


How I not ounce a bit
To tender my passion
As every petal bloom
Streak a juvenile beam

Such of lofty this dream
To fret my heart string
As every tick, time takes
Nears you as closer me

How not I bounce my joy
To resonate thy beat
As every breath I take
It mirrors you by my fate


The marrow
In anguish, quest
An unknown search:
The flesh in contact;
As it allayes, fever
To the bones


One bark, to worse
Hold I, a bite to my tongue
and, manoeuvre a spell
Apparition diguised

I yoke a gamble,
ruminating thoughtful cud
To the fake warrior
That shaped my downfall

To parts
I engage my force
Gathering broken pieces
Speading frenzy

To leech
I hung my blood;
Like as butter
That doesn't melt my mouth


O Lord!
I will not lie, aught
That withhold you away from me

Obsessed with timeless truth
I grow coldness of my breath
To pay thy wait

The lonely heart, that
Lust my howling heart
Ledge a corner of empty space

As the day descends
Night's slight frame
One of fancy rip my darkest dream

How will I acknowledge your enterprise
That blind me
Stalling every of my beat

Denizens of fire-fighters
Throng thy gate
Believing you to be true


Who comes there
Silent of steps
Touching me through

One more form
Etched deep
The mark of your loving pace

All blue
That reflects inside
Are they not me from you

Who comes there
Inebriated of love
Touching my heart

One more of me
Pulsate a beat
To ear my heart to you

All void
That make-do my rudiments
Are they not beating for you

DEATHLESS: Not of Ozymandias

What fate
History perceived
Beside the desert sand;
A bare statue
Frozen in time
Still stands erect
To read past passion spent,
Locking lip to lip
The past and the present alive

Not of Ozymandias
I arrange
Those colossal wreck
The ravages of time
To survive the memory links

I perceive
Those eternal command
Sneering the frozen clock
Which is,
Eternal in me
Is not set in stones

History perceived
My unattached whole
Boundless and bare
Stretching far beyond the future
Ageless as ever
Locking lip to lip, deathless!


What bar me often,
To pick my thoughts
My lesser strength

What must I prove you
I know; yet unknowing
I take difficult years
To accept my capability

Singly I perfect myself
In stormy nights
Yet your cloudy frown
Keeps me away
From your heaving heart