Sunday, May 28, 2017


इस सुबकते लौ में
आँधी का जनक कौन है
इस दर्दे दिल का
मरह्म कौन है

न दीवार की ओट है
न किसी राख का  सबूत  है
सब जुदा जुदा सा है
लम्हों के इस पण में

जरा सी क्या दिल्लगी कर ली
अपने बेगानेपन से
रौंदते हुए आती है लहर
तेरे बेरुखी की

इस सुबकते हुए लौ में
शेष बत्ती की आस है
कब जलते हुए
माटी रह जाएगी

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Every dusk, that
Swells like twilight bow
Pierce a silent arrow

All goes fleeting by
No eyes
holds the past now 

Wet hours
With longer shrill
Howl a familiar cry

Far off, near
The blue of sky
I can hear the approaching steps


When passion runs high
seek solace 
dungeon deep down 

When flights are clipped 
Seek you the black box
Rummaging the crash

When solace turns afar 
Seek the bosom
Of thy heart 


You eye on a greater bloom 
with your colourful petals
Yet your pupil are deep and dark

What part you gleam your love
Keeping the greater part 
Hidden by the base of an iceberg 

I have heard your melodious song
Crooning by my ears
Yet you are humming your silent cry


You sneak a silent paw
Taking wishkers of milk
Your petite frame meow
The sides of hidden corners 

You steer day and nights 
With progressing steps
Your eyes dove peace 
Easing love by supple walk

You have cauldron of truth 
That take sip by your tongue
You have maneuvering skills
Taking humans as minion


Now when the window, creak
by the thud of darkness and night storm
I fold my hands in absolute fear
And close my window panes
Lest some visible hands will grow longer nails
Crossing iron bars 
And pull my strength, dead.

Now when the dreams, whine
by the weight of falling sky
I hold my heart full second wise
And count my running blades
Hung on ceiling fan
Couched by my froathing mouth



The sweetest fragrance 
Thy silvery nights 
That makes my flowers bloom 

The braid 
With wafting clouds
Ounce a beauty to my crescent moon

The stretching canvas
Mirror beauty
Out of me

The sweet fragrance, the silvery nights and my flower bloom 


Your serpentine walk, fang
Like hooded waves

Undulating I mark
The blotches of your sting

Limbless I gauge
The power of your fuel

Spectacle of exploding light

Fire my ocean strength 


Eyes have many stares
to fix
I only fumble inebriated
In thy love, and
Squinting a doubt 
If ever or when 
Your stare will 
Fix my eyes


How you flutter
your silvery nights
more tranquil and protective
Than ever

How you chariot
My wishes
Perching on a black rose 
Fulfilling my night dreams

How you come
By feather weight
And do away
The agony of my day

How blind 
I have been working my days
Until I found you
In vision of the silvery night


Bulk of our history, is
Stratified into the past
I only wriggle my present
To understand the need
That grope future 
With teleology of wants
Sans any design or with it.


Tell me
By what closeness
You bind my love,
The more I bemoan my 'self'
The closer I find towards you


When I give 
a pearl to your eyes
All my treasure vanishes
into your deep sparkle

I may not be
Who I am
In your measure 
But count my breath 
Till I owe you mine

When I give
My lasting presence
Keep it a fix, that
Munitions are ready
Twinkling the skies


All beauty manifested 
In grand eloquence 
The flow of uniqueness
An amber of thy love

All rancor of my heart
Fetid to my bodily wish 
Vanished in a go; embalmed  
With pleasantries of the dead

All interest, that
Rested in your imageries
Was sterile to the show, until
I found you inside palpitating by my heart 

All beauty of seasoned manner
Configure heaven for heaven's shake
I of untimely nature, season
The manner of my soul


Let us fix our tongue
On a simple language
From where doth 
The mirth of life, responds
With common fore;
The brighter teeth, and
A trunk full of rosy lips

Life may part us
With glory and gleam 
Here and heaven above;
But let us measure 
The volume of vowels
That play untouched
The saga of eternity
Consonant with life on earth


I have taken hold
of long silence
on a mountain track
lonely, as a cloud
across the multiverse
tucking all divine will
into the unknown
through the upper skies
seer to all vastness

Willed by its own accord
I drew a line
On a single fate
My own communion,
Where body and mind mingle
Unitary of one blood
All that Is, and
'That' that will remain
All That is


When the love, was
Less of marsupial
In a pouch;
I found
A womb
Into my heart;
A Beatrix
To my name


Countless weapons,
The truth
twinkling stars
silent nights
Sun keeps on hiding, and
Moon pry
its war dress
The armour
of silvery skies


The daily chorus
Of hard work, was
more than a search
As was busy
Toiling my days

When the time inched
A little closer by my side
Wings were attached, and
I found myself
Inching towards thy light

So sweet was an end
As I lisped an ounch of faith
And was trodden away
In a grand chariot
Lighter of weight


The dusk of evening twilight
Trailing four Suns of dawn
What else for treasure run
Weaving golden canvas pore by pore

The roads are lonely and safe
Trekking thousand hearts at night
What else for caravan
Upkeeping footholds on the moon

The seasons are all season
Caressing hundred softer hands
What else for greater bloom
Pollinating love flower by flower

Man, don't I love you!

What did you do
with our Earth environment
Depleting natural resources
of oil reserve, of
cutting trees, of
poisoning air, of
taking a dig at our dying heart
fuming the clouds
firing the skies
Out of the one
My only earth
so compassionate, so loving

I know your hidden agenda
That you did it
during World War II
Building K-25
enriching uranium
with your black magic; of
The wounds
that are still fresh
The Nagasaki and The Hiroshima; of
Hunger, disease and plethora of
sick cells lurking in your blood
Populating bad reason

You have
Ripped off peace
from the grave of our forefathers
You still don't shy
Taking sin of your deeds;
Your cosmetics have killed
many animals
Your bacteria have invaded into our soul
Still you crave for heaven on Earth
You have fiber guns for the grey cells
You have Deep Blue
to lame Garry Kasparov

Man, don't I love you!


What is that hulk
of Sphinx image
Mercilessly beating
my thoughts deep

How come
Eons peg mammoth time
Keeping an ivory show
tusked into our lost past

Fond memories, lurk
Behind an artifice
An artful way
to beguile our present


Of those skillful limbs, and
Evolving faces
That eye competence
Maneuvering the air;
Steer a look
of a less ignorant kind

Wisdom flows equivocally
Purporting nothingness
To reason with pretension
A castle into the air

To be with
Who we really are
An abiotic mess
Winning unapproachable stars;
An uprooted seed
From a distant planet


My marginal loss
Was a gain
In serendipity of
Getting lost
On my old village road

Taking hold of familiarity
Plucking tomatoes, ladies' fingers
from the farm;
I kept on following
Petrichor of the fragrant soil
Through the golden drops
Of the rising sun

Cool breeze wafting
Cow bells tolling
Azaan and prayers
Village murmur and lazy talk
Turban and sarees
Holding my legs on a fly
As I was gaining my loss


The night raven
Feeds on longer beak
The fleshy lard of
Invisible whole,
Tit bits of starry skies

Need I be there
To feel the crunchy chomp
of night roll
that guffaw
Thundering the clouds

What penitent I harbour
Skinning the day
Inside my bosom
My atonement came
Flapping through the nights

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I have taken
a low cudgel
To your towering citadel, that
You daily put
An embankment
Around my oceanic fill

My fillets are
Your shallow means,
How selfish
You put your beauty
to a basic end

I pry into your look
Infront of a dusty mirror
To see your beauty forth
But, alas
Only tattered image formed
Inside the broken glass


What is this weightless mass, that
Envelop the whole body of faith

As illusion gets stronger of me
I loose my 'self' stronger on to you

While the body bemoan its uselessness
The spirit surges ahead into unknown

Dichotomy that prevails between us both
Nudges a step further into a deeper whole

What is this play enacted for
If for reason I never understood its act


Unconscious for eons
Plexing and flexing
The daily chorus of utilities
In organic and inorganic forms
The growing grass, the big mountains
The flow of rivers, melting lavas
Volcanic ash, the trees;
My dream state

In becoming of my consciousness
I have found you
Delta to my thoughts,
A slight tinge to my grey hairs;
Now, that I have lived so long
I can feel
The stroke of difference; conscious
of my change


What is that pearl
That shines through you
Deep down an oceanic eyes
Intoxicating the skies
With sparkling nights
Dancing galaxies whirl
Pipping the clouds
Wafting soft music into the air


The qeer properties of
every form, expands
towards its greater size
As I pellet immunity
to an empty metalic glass

Un-presumptuous of
any doubt,
the malleable entity - voce meliora
by any medium of words
becomes alien
giving expression to no thoughts

The tenacity
of observable expressions, stiffens
And falls like
a house of cards
Only the glass remains
Fettered by dimensions, all empty

The more I prefix, a priori
to the meaning of empty glass
by suitable words
The more difficult it becomes;
Propping my judgemental error

Uniqueness expands
in grander look
fixing proprietary, away
from pragmatic look
As I do away with my reason and words
Making glass bigger and bigger


What legacy
I brace my heart
Love enamoured
It vamper my past

Cosmic grace
Fringes on honesty
Crooning music
Soft to ears

What hue
I tint my heart
All colours scatter
Rainbow through my heart

Delicate peace
Dove drive
A braille touch
To deeper feel


A deep well, onus
of deeper depth
Water my thoughts

How well I thought of you
Love upon love
More deeper than ever; yet
You elude me -
Thirsty mirror
To my looking sky

Quench parched lips
of deparved souls
High above the varsity
I have taken a reading
While I was alive
Roping every bucket
of your warmth

A deep thought, sag
In momentous heave
Leaving all bones and bucket
To the braided rope.
Whence, my strength will return


What is that cosmetics
Opulent of
Red lips, and
Rosy cheeks
The base of tawney owl

Sleep, sleep
O beauty bragger
That roost in
Wider eyes and
Longer beaks

The night have
Visible claws, and
Wider reach
Munitions of finer kind
Spiraling the move


Is all living, quantum
To our stay here
Unseen, invisible

Is that quantum, that
We don't know
foray us
into unknown

Is it, that peg us
To the reality unknown
in dimensions, different

I don't know
How 'time' loops
upon itself
Limited in wisdom, and
Conscious talk of the departed;
A dream clay
that forges my becoming
And, yet ready
to shear time and space
other than its universes

The quantum that is
not Present nor Now

How infinite are
the infinites


Momentous spur
Galvanize galaxies
With no meaner shoots
As all that twirls and whirls
Throes in utter pain


The prompting of
Final redemption
Reclaiming, that
Which Is;
The final rejoicing to BE!


All in futility
I bawl upon omnibus
volume upon volumes
Frisking pages after pages
The burnt smell of
methodical texts, written
line by line
paragraph by paragraph
Upon a beleaguered silence
Lurking somewhere
Below the rhymes
Down the lines
Feigning verses
with unruly vibes

Though I pervade
My own nackedness
Yet I feel the dark spot
That, pain has left a mark on it
Taking a grip to my soul
Unsure of what is, to BE
And, what not to BE
And yet, 'am fettered upon it
Whirling winged galaxies
Universe by universe
Darker ever darker


The telling of eyes, eulogize
Those sweet moments
Lost into your loving dreams

No bigger was defeat worthier
Than, that was lost
Inside the citadel of your kohl

All pass comes to a halt
Enervating all my strength
Bonding a mirror into your eyes

All telling salted sweet
A drop from your loving eyes
You were me that wept that night


The sight of your loving eyes
Thrust impartiality upon me
The more I shed myself
The more I become you

In repository of your sparkling eyes
I find my loving strength
The sooner I labour my being
I do away my self towards you

Euphoria is in the sight
Governed by unbridled love
The moment I find you
I find myself at defeated end

मैं अपने पिताजी का बेटा हूँ, और बेटी भी

मेरे पिता बड़े अच्छे हैं
उनकी लिखावट भी मुझ से सुन्दर है
मैं ही उनका बेटा हूँ, और बेटी भी

साइकिल की अगली सीट पर बैठाकर
मुझे हर रोज स्कूल पहुँचते थे
जीवन का सैर करवाते थे, बताते थे

बचपन की हर खवाइश को पूरा करते थे
सर्कस क्या, और जादूगर की जादूगिरी क्या
झूला झुलाते थे, आसमान की सैर करवाते थे

अपने लाइब्रेरी में मुझे जगह देते थे
आज़ादी की कहानी और रानी लक्ष्मीबाई
वीरांगना जैसी दंभ भरते थे, सीखाते थे

मेरे पिता बड़े अच्छे हैं
उनके गुस्से में मुझे प्यार झलकता है
मैं ही उनका बेटा हूँ, और बेटी भी

बाज़ार से घर आते वक़्त हाँथ में
मीठास लटकाये हुए आते थे
नए कपड़े, और नए जूते की टाप छिपाये आते थे

मेरे उखड़े मुख को झट से ताड़ लेते थे
माता से सवाल जवाब होता, और
झट से डॉक्टर को बुलावा भिजवाते थे

मेरी लिखावट को, हज़ार अक्षरों से
चार लाईनो वाली लकीर पर हाँथ फिरवाते थे
कभी स्लेट पर, कभी पन्नों पर हिज्जे करवाते थे

मेरे पिता बड़े अच्छे हैं
उनकी लिखावट भी मुझ से सुन्दर है
मैं ही उनका बेटा हूँ, और बेटी भी