Thursday, December 19, 2013


List the players
Who spurns the goal
In between the eastern
And western goal-post

Who fixes the match
In the sky void
Making the score
Cased in silver light

Inflated lunar disc
Rolls over
The surface charm
In the game of football

There is more to, the
Similarity of Earthy list
Than, Pelé and
David Beckham or
The Bhaichung Bhutia!


Winnow me inside
By thy wind of faith
To do away my chaff
Don't YOU see
My eyes moist
Seeking thy Hug

Catch me blind
If ever I miss you
In vision mine
From the birth
To its last
My shadow caters
Thy need


Dark sky overcast
Drags me, to
Its silent root

Ever I acquire
Any wings
Put a hue to my plumes

So when I will hear
A call, in
An eery scream
As thunder will
Rain down the earth


Reason wears
Seasonal overcoat
To protect its
Flickering life

But my reason
Adbides in YOU
Giving meaning
To my existence

All is yours
The Earth, the Sky
The Water, the Fire
And the Air

Mine captures
Thy light
Basks in dreams
In lovely nights

Faith wears
Healing heart
To protect all
In life and beyond


Why the vision
Looks straight
From the closed eyes
Of the grave

It does breath
The glorious past
In leap of present
To outword steps

In toss of
Night and day
Only the dead lives
At each instance demise

In glory, I erect
Thy holy shrine.
What else is here
For any permanence

Yes, the vision
Looks straight
From an open eyes
Of the lively grave


I shed skins
To my thought's
Massless gain

It twinkles mute
At night high
Grazing the day

The daily moult
Sculpt me a
Newer carve

New beginning
Beckons at each
Nobler path

Understand my silence
And let me play
With thy words


In that silent and
Tranquil, moon lit night
A boat lay as bait
To be caught
In the first
Ripple of love

Far and far away
To the longing eyes
She comes edging its
First step
In moments fringe

Lured by her first wave
The boat capers
In ripples of love.
No boat remains
Nor the enticer!


Very secretly
You paw to my
Silent den
And echo thy
Lovely presence
Pouting my lips
In joy vigorous
The days from now
Will not be
The same again
As the merger
Itself has come
To be submerged
In an ocean of
Divine love!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Why it closes in
Different angles
The triangle pythagoean in 180 degree
And the circle in 360 degree

Where is that vanishing point
Where no angle define
The closed space

All measured radii
Stretch my diametre.
Struggling with hypotenuse
It tangent me away

Confine not my gravity
In thy closed rings
Gurggle thy gravity of love
In thy galaxy swirl


Blood inside
Changes its hue
As I paint
On canvas

Does it hold
A prism
To scatter
My art

Before I could
Catch a hold
To my framed piece

The art
Wings clogged, break
And fly away, at
The mere touch


Tag me not
In your unattached ink
Say 'NO' to your volumes
In your counting words

Still my pulse, feed
Away from you.

Ever you come nearer
Justice will obey
My breating out, to
Breathing in

So mark, there!
Tag me not!!


Every morning
You beam in
The light
Of your laugh

Your teeth
Hid behind
In blaze
Of your
Childish laugh

You have some
Deeper meaning
To lean a shed
Behind you zeal

Shine, O shine!
The truth unseen
Smile a while
Treading my path


The butterfly
Spreads its wings
In moments surround
And it knows not
The sky is blue above
Or, the base is
Ocean blue!

Heil, thy cocoon
In all thy silky future!!


Who knows
When the glue
Binding to
The book of life
Will pull out
In sudden flip

All will grip
Running closer me
The scattered pieces
Of crumpled papers
To decipher
The tale behind
My misty book


Bones cracky
In carcass muddy
Force me, to
Re-learn shorthand

The thrown away
Pieces of waste papers
In dustbin near
Pulls me inside

I plunge and put
The torn pages
To my sticky fingers
In a round of my write

So less the pages
So less the pangs
Gather story
To my book of life

My book will
Not be heavy
Of now, and
The pages
Once flipped
Will surely
Re-wind back

With the meaning
Fuller to an extent
The book will come
To an eternal end!


Toll the bell
In the first crack
Of twilight dawn

Colour me bright
In the first knock
Through an window open

Make the breakfast
In tinkling sound
To my kitchen

Wearing the dress
I get ready for the school
Where my learning begins!


Absorb me thy melt
By thy candle flare
Till the molten remains
Breath through the wick

Cast thy light of love
In flicker of my deeds

Every now and then
Celestial cast gaze
My temporal sojourn
Through its blinking eyes

Bring me thy wagon
And carry me along
To thy kingdom of
Cakes and flying kites

Many packets bedecked
With colourful waxen hues
Wait thy molten magma
In volcano of thy love

Reserve me a day
For the celebration
Of my eternal birth
Away from here

What I remain
In all absorption discharge,
A mere peak
In stretched thoughts,
Where no shop sells
Any candles, or
The volcano erupts
To my far sight


If the two points
Stares from afar
At the opposite ends of
A single line
Curve me around
To feel a bulge
Many journey starts
With many a curves
Without meeting
An end!


I got an accident
While holding a talk
To my silent walk
It bleed a warm sweat
Inside my quivering
Silvery bones

None came for rescue
To drape me with skins
As the fire of nakedness
Blew and bound them,
The witness to my surrounding
With tethered Shame

The respite hovered
From beyond the skies,
It bedded
All my accidental remains
With a fluff
And wafted me away

It was pitch dark
When I forwarded my steps
Deep at night.
"Why I talk!"
when I realized late, that
'None' was me, and
No existence mine.


We will keep
Thy torch of sacrifice
And 27 years of struggle
At the Robben Island;
To surge inside
Every living cells of
The heaving cosmos
With batons of peace
Ever burning
Towards thy unfathomable
Determination and love
Towards fellow brethrens
The downtrodden and tanned skins

Will flung away
From every corner of space
The web of Apartheid
Lurking in every guise
And vote the downfall
Abated in thoughts and minds.
The doyen of wonder, who
Walked the African soil
The figure of inspiration
The father of fluttering youths
Will gain luster
In eons to keep
Ever burning and bright!

Adieu, my Soul; Adieu!


Wear not thy face
In askance look
And drop me
Not in favour
Towards thy thought
As my search is
Still going on
To find the ones
Worth suffering for

Even the last respite
Of my breath
Will commence
A new journey
Away from thy end.

May be
I am not efficient
And belong not
To thy usual beat.
But, hark!
Here stands
The pure of heart
Marred by time.
Behold thy way
I have many ways to behold!


Give me no reason
To ask me
Why I should, not
Take remembrance
To all thy caress
And all thy care
In that warm nest
Which chirps
At its birth
And still chirps
At thy feed of love!


Shower a dream
To my wakeful eyes
Plunge into an ocean
And drench me whole

In thy touch sparse
All vague warmth
In colour mirage
Burns the desert sand

I still my gross ashore
With unblinking eyes
Yet you pour me with
Your distance and guise

Sail thy ship
With steps of a giant
And devour my words
In thy silent take


The perfection
Holds an open window
But my doors
Open on the other side
The less travelled and wide

Now I have lost
The energy
For a walk, sitting
By the side of the window
Looking my strength wane

Daily you come from
The window of my east
Make difference to
Open thy door
The other side
Travelled most and wide


Why in silent corner
Of my bathroom
I still myself
To hear the sound,
The dripping of
Tap water fills

Is that my bucket
Cries in its hunger,
As the babies
Stretch the sound
To it's Mother's milk

With sombre and satiety
I place my 'self'
Body and mind,
And take to bath
With mug brimmed
Water full!


Will you say
No words to me
When I meet you, dear!
Am I so distant
In your dreams!

Will you touch
No skins to my bones
When I breath you, dear!
Am I a lone traveller
To my path!

Will you drop
No tears to my face
When I meet you, dear!
Am I not the nearest
In your life and death, dear!


When legacy of love
Would carry me away,
Fear not my belongings

All toil acted upon
Will grey out
Coffin bound

Which I owed to you
In my love
Would sprout
A greenery
Either from
Below the earth
From the love
Of your vines


When I carry
A work
The work, carries me
By its pull

The table, the chair
Sees me with their
Belonging eyes

The mark of foot
Soiled to knees
Pilferage my seconds

What becomes
Of the things
Sways in my givings

Sunday, December 1, 2013


The castle
Of your dreams
Make a brick
To my thoughts

Layer by layer
I entwine thee
Around the skies,
Into my breath

And there
I feel the 'me'
Putting together
The part in you

Ever the dream
Remains in peace
And burn in the fire
of your love

The castle, my Taj
Where my stars twinkle
And the rays
Enlighten a beam


Cerebrally confined being
Feed not on any
Inclosing of the cranium
It is free to manifest
In every corners of cosmos

Existence is not a predicate
To any definition
Which counts its noun
For its own property

Light of weight
The greatness perch
Away from
Any muscular gross


In alphabet count
I lost my words
What say of story
Which never was my worth

In an open lid
I peep the jar
What say of taste
Which never licked my tongue

In gradient hue
I search my colour
What say of painting
Which never served any rainbow

In silent charm
I lost my self
What say breath
Which never cared my own

In thoughts
I couch my night dreams
What say of dawn
Which never woke to poke me up


O there!
The dearest all
I will carve thee
In the image
Of my love
And inscribe
In silent form
A tale
To my cursor blink
And tap infinite
The softest touch
To my keyboard yet
For thy attention kind
Which will fathom thee
Sans substance
The effulge
Which I hold
In my cupped hands


How fool I am
To gain momentum
In a drop-flow

My own
Remain silent
Down deep blue

Euphoria gained
I transcend
To cloud's smile

It thunders
Mischievous laugh
And it rains

How fool I am
To weigh an ocean
In thunder cup

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


What innate
Just born baby
As it sucks
The nearest pacifier

Does the child
Know about
The crackers of
Sky, or
The roar of
The lion king

What charm
An enchantress
It freaks
In baby's
Smile of charm

What devil
Do any harm
Would play along
By the hug of
Feather touch

Does the child
Know about
The broken lines
Which cuts
Through our reasons


Phantom ring
Occupied the
Circle of thoughts

Even straight line
Now, seems to
Bend me a curve

What lay beyond
In your invisibility

Even, the bare chance
Dispose me
A centre of void!

All geometry
Beat a paddle
In thy absolute

Even your ambiance
Now, seems to
Soak thy light

Phantom ring
Occupied all
The geometry might!


It has risen
With the same
Oval fire
To devour darkness
In transparent light

Grace all
The others
To dream an act
With ozure and
Brightness galore

So IT transmuted
A whisper,
All secrets
Which lay hidden
Came to light


You hired
The curved space
To breath

Your weight
Pulled the chiffon
In blue-sky orb

Your image
Melts the alphabets
Of my vision

And yet
You rejoice
In silent freedom
Defying the beginning
And an infinite end


I hold 
A hollow pipe
To stick 
Many ears
To its side wall

Enrapturing with delight
All intensions
Drench to the music,
Take to
Divine flight

All flavour
Waft the vibe inside
And so I learn
How that hollow pipe
Play a beat
To my empty heart

I cling
My all
Holding to its walls
Such emanation
Force me 
To its
Divine feed

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


उसी की जुस्तजू ने
सभी को डुबो कर रख दिया
जिस वसीहत का जिग्र
कभी मैंने प्यार से किया था 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Why you paint
An image
With beauty and light
Doth thee not see
The plight
Trodding thy feet

Never the death
Has a chance of winning
So long as life
Doth the buzzing

Why then you paint
An image of beauty
With all richness and essence
Doth thee not see
The plight
On the face of downtrodden

Never the life
Has a chance of outstepping
So long as your life
Doth Not beat compassion


Why that
Cut of silence
In an act, drips
Roaring waves

Does silence
stealth an armor
Inside it's sheath,
Making mark

Why you rattle
Every beat of my heart
With clatter
Of your silent hoof

Does silence
stealth a flesh
In posture,
Body bound

Why that
Cut of dawn
In an act, rise
Behind half moon

Does silence
Bribe the cavalry
To charge the length,
In total war

Friday, November 22, 2013


The expanse was not
So rich before, than
When you puffed me
A silent stretch

Witness to mountain
Clouds wafted to sky
No hiatus so light, could 
Tenaciously contain
A line in one breath

The aura was not
So bright before, than
When I saw you
In an universe swirl


I know you
Not because
You shovel
In the dark

And 'm
Not afraid
To tread
Hand in hand

You dig silence
In utter depth
Down the earth
There I knowhair you!


Woo a coo
To court thy love

Marshall a rank
In thy feather cap

Blow softly
To caress hoary hair

And the wind blows
And the peace coos!


All agony
Deride my pleasure
As I paint
With fingers
Soaked in oval-red

A single
Undefined truth
Enroll me
To play havoc
To my soul

What irrationality
I gain
It gib me
Towards a
Moment's freak

All utility
Offal me a feed
As I pull out
Organs from
My internal rib

(Please note: Oval-red = Blood cell or Blood)


Why squirrels not fly
And avian climb the tree

Why fish think not of heaven
And worms die under the earth

Why the Moon beam a mirror
And Sun fire waxen air

Why you wag your tail
And churn your tongue daily

Why 'infinite' dream
And acts tug the wall

Why canopy is thatched sky blue
And ocean is bedded flat green

Why iron rusts in oxides
And diamond sparkles in cut

Why stars twinkles our head
And universe spiral galaxy

Why you distance your meet
And throw a dust to my eyes!


Sentences hued flat
Will be composed
By a simple tap
To the keyboard

No paper dusty, now
Will crumble yellow
Devoid of starch
And mossy mites

Adrift of emotions
Memory in random
Will access inertly
The intel might

Days will purge
Organic remnant
And will bind free
To intel slavery

No hemlock
Will be served
In defence of
Perpetual orthodoxy

All Aristotle
Will have a say
Unfurling thoughts
Layered disc by disc


Wearing my shoes
Laced tight
Down the road
With long strides
Genie Of my thoughts
Tripped me down
Popped up from
Below my feet:
"Your Majesty!
What thee say
Will be done
At thy bidding!!"

It abided, with
Proper respect, and
Strength of might
Not knowing
Who propelled the spin
And saw me
Stooping down
Holding the casket
Full of past and present
With my last say:
"All is gone
What was dear
To my throne.
It laced my future
Tightly bound to coffin
With bare and bone!"


The scythe
For the corn,
Or the cut of shadow
For the moon,
Always trails
With a hand-hold

One mowed
For the hay
The other
For the beloved reap

The sharpness
Of curve
Has an angle fire
Engulfing a kiss
In umbra of life


Thee weave meticulously
The untold mysteries
I only remain unconscious
In thy consciousness

You have untreaded lands
To explore the unfathomable
I have my earth
To comply with

Your vastness submerge
All oceans and the skies
My alms are reduced to
Bones and the mites

Your thunder crack the laugh
In munitions abound
My denial in empty hands
Offbeat my eccentricity


Neither it starts
Nor it ends!

What is that
Which rescues me
From temporal bind

What is that
Which feeds me
Life after life

Neither I hear
Nor I pretend!

What is that
Which flutter
Through my wings

What is that
Which bind me
By my tongue

Neither it stays
Nor it feels hungry!


It speaks not; that,
Which is thy greatness

It gives not; that,
Which is thy all

It sees not; that,
Which is all vision

It gathers not; that,
Which is all freedom

It breaths not; that,
Which is all silence

It caress not; that,
Which is all thy love

It quivers not; that,
Which is all thunder

It breeds not; that,
Which is all eternal

It inks not; that,
Which is all hued

It understands not; that,
Which is all pervading

Really IT speaks, NOT ...!


Uneasiness crept
Inside the collar cuff
A tie, which was
Defining me good

It afforded me no ease
Till I knew
It will not
Make me sleep

All was party hoax
To my rehearsal
Played wearing the coat
And an overcoat

Why 'sleep' waited
For a lovely dream
Does quilt has to
Whisper it's warmth

Padding thoughts together
I stitched my warmth
And knew, all was not
Coat and overcoat!

Monday, November 11, 2013


If you will give
An ounce,
The heart
Will acknowledge
The grand in you

Daily I grasp
Thy pulse
Daily I die

If you will stick
An image,
The eyes
Will blink
Thy faith in you

Daily I wet
Thy divinity
Daily I close my eyes!


When all will
Bid me adieu
Silence will orb
Non-human tweets

All scraps
Bodily attached
Will commend me
A grand farewell

Wastes jettisoned
Plume gathers
White clouds
As journey wafts

When all will
Compass my stay
I will contrive a seat
For them too


Stomach curls
Earn my feed
Not through any words
But by
A simple silence, which
Devours my appetite

A blank look
What not to say
All riches
Recedes the more
Farther away

In night
The Sun rises
From the bed
That the bread
Will do justice
In first wake

But, alas!
Only empty plate
And bead of tears
Was garlanding
The presence
Whose richness
Was more yogic
Than what
Any humans
Can transcend


A happy morning
Needs no stand-up
For a creep, to
Any corner, and
In any vessel.
Every sciences
To its glorious feet

That is why
It has a vision
With a prediction
Which has a teeth
As bright as
Cotton clouds
Should never fear
The dripping of
Black rains!

Friday, November 8, 2013


What is this
Drizzling so soft
Pelting a trickle
Down the veins

Very furtively
It crawls the
Whole of night
To beacon the rise

The whole afire
In glory take
No sham, and
All joy

What is that
In distance trail
Pulling me there
In upward take


If you conspire
To beseech me
By the pity
Of your love
Mark you there
I travel along
The freedom path

Pluck your say, in
Remembrance mine
Could you fathom
Elements of love
Hovering a buzz
Above pollen pals

Conceive defeat
In your presence lot
Cupid couch
The Venus womb
It beats breath
In eternal sac
To heave a heaven


When the night
Pitch a dream flag
Nocturnal Sun
Gaze an owls eyes

Eyes sparkle
In fight duel
Why two Suns
In single revolution

Steel clanks
Asunder space
Tearing remains
In might exchange

Brighter eyes
Bloody war
Spreads its wings
In dream flaps

Whose kingdom
Stake sweeps
Whose kin
Draws akin

When the night
Pitch a dream flag
All crumbles
In day break!


I braved the storm
And very wearily
Clipped my head
From the sloth
And saw myself
Juggling through
Bare thoughts
Rumbling deep

All bravery
Down the eons
Saw the vortex
Of silent dust
Layered thick
Strength by strength
Pulsating an ebb
On pillow of time

I braved the validity
Pouting my lips
Signaling a combine
In deep divine
The celestial cipher
Supporting life
Wooing a peep
In expanse make

Monday, November 4, 2013


The reflection
Turf the course
In silent roots
Sipping the flow
In dark light
And night dark

The heart cast
A silent gloom
Trapped inside
Heaving beats
Fetters bound
To glory past

Tried to pull
Scattered pieces
Of outside shadows
Conjoining for the
Reality shake
Bubbling with beat

The reflection
Turf the course
In bubbling roots
Giving life, for
The new beginning
To shadow of life!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Dawn call
Tolls the bell
Rays beckon
Dark demise

Space stretches
Green fields
Time expands
Life rolls

Spade tills
Infinity wide
Chirpping beaks
Harrow clod

Sky blinks
Golden rise
Waves rejoice
Touch high


Banter me not
In sally of thy
Mouthful charge

How firm you may gaze
A clip I hold
In thy pace

I feel pity
Will you ever understand
The agony of my past

The moment I dine with
Companion mum
You come to tear my past

Who will witness
The oozing of pus
In silent crack

Therefore I always keep
In pocket mine
A bucket full of bandages and brine

I retreat the zone of
Wordy desert
To preserve an ocean plunge

Despeckle the dust
From my body coat
Prejudice not my silence


I will smuggle someday
The fill of thy cup
Will keep it safe
In bosom of my love

Why you shed pain
In dark cast tears
Will rain it down
In the lap of Earth

Still riches abides
In casket glitter
Will open it someday
With flap of my love

Will journey together
The corners of the sky
None will witness
But you and me twice!


Many civilizations
Puff up eons
Below pastoral vines

Roots of germination
Holds true
In hieroglyphic stones

Excavate the patch
Of golden empire
Below the silent remains

Soak a buzz tete-a-tete
Dig a layer down
Converse soul to soul

Many civilizations
Embalm a burial
Where the life remains


Why decree
An authenticity
Whose theories are
Highly suspect

Inflated balloons
Explode universes
The gale
Raptures inside

Why matter
Void a Watermark
Does it exist
Without an end

Such can't be
The utility of
Primordial soup
Being born or unborn!


The beauty is, not
What I speak of you
But how beautifully
You grasp my silence

If the talk of thee
Feed me your love
How hungry can I be
You understand not

Ever I urge thee
To breeze an essence
Where no words flow, and
Many skies transcends

How warm I feel
In thy presence cool
With this golden flare
I burn my molten heart

Hire a wedding choir
Over celestial night
Eyes will bind a knot
Behind my closed eyes

The beauty is, not
What I speak of you
But how swiftly
You waft my heart!


Motley of fruits
The branches bear
From the stooping
Stems of light

In season's response
It ripens
Hued many
Pulpy and wide

One pluck
An instant joy
Grace the gravity
In savor of taste

Many coy hungry
Political or otherwise
Can't resist
An all invite

Let all sounds
Belch out bile
Not, from
Hollow stomach

Let joy rapture
From the shining
Mouth teeth, satiated
In eternal wake

Let tree of light
See its days
In the nights of
Africa, India
And the world alike!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I can live
With meager of food
Only my sight
Obeys not
Thy beat
In agony of
My wait
O my dear!
O My lovely Dear!
How much long enough
My eyes will turn to Sky
And gurgle an ocean
To my throat
Long my breath stretches
Long my journey halt.


Why you steam
Your rice
And bake
Your bread

I am
Not hungry
Of your
Blatant feed

Why you
Break twigs
Attached in green

Pour not
Your guilt, on
Freedom mine

My eyes
Feed longer
Than your mouth

Canonize not
Your deed
In manner overt

A face pale
Will churn
Your cell

Flare not
My memory, in
Compassion keep

Steam not
Your rice and
Bake your bread


Give me a distance
To plug in my smile

Waxen my words
In an unbroken flow

Dehydrate your face
I have oceans to keep

Mirror me not my belongings
I fear your presence

Give me my freedom
Flag off my silence


Delude me
An abstraction
Where my presence

As I breath
An ether,
The voice churns
It empty

What perfection
I search,
Fetters bound gloom
Hovers cloud

Fluttering to my
Broken wings
I regale realilty
In writhe of pain

There it emanates
Reality bound
Sans any orb
In eternal silence


Why keep silence
In motion disguise
Many volcanoes rises
Tearing thrice

Affirm thy say
In motion play

So the Sun rises
So the Moon dances

Why flush a bluff
In eternal gulf
Crack a thunder
In asunder twice

Portion my whole
In potion of thy love

So the leaves sways
So the water waves


Implore not
Thy demand.
IT has
What the
Hanging eyes

Many wills
Charm abyss.
IT has
What the
Mountain of heavens

Come by
The horizon.
IT meets
A kiss
Conjuring love
Occurring in time


Clutching the chasm
Deep down the rim
Urban words soot
The chimny smoke
To gyrate black spill

Vesture of dust
Mushroom a reign
Engrossing the height
Trapped inside
The atmospheric ring

Solicit the Soul
From the fire veins
Trailing a definite line
Till the certitude
Affirm not thy solitude


Splash the words
In an irregular take
Nothing here stays
But the taste of the beat

No leaves dead or
The autum gale
Works a saviour
Sprinkled over the space

Perpetual firms break
In legal pursuit
Let unwonted gush
Luster the splash

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Art in act
Dough the clay
Twist and turn
Moments slice
Marking live
The bliss-day
He was born
On the stage
Called life

Body bedecked
With glory n gaze
Mounted with
Hats of compassion
Heaved love
Inside the heart
In every air
He inhaled

And when the time
Came for departure
Every particle of
Glittering sands
The make of body clay
Spake the language
In universal truth:
Soul takes you beyond
The bury of body rust!


In that seemingly
Far away land
My heart pulsate

I quarter my stay
One beat to sky
Other beat to sea

In fusion of whole
I blink a journey
Where thoughts grow

Space stretch hands
In mire of my being
Till the last respite

Daily the Sun glows
Daily the Moon peeps
Daily time ticks away


In that trodden land
I have reaped
Many a fruits of love

Day night her cuddle
Heave the heart, to
Nestle my curl

A single cry would
Pull the heaven down
And rain the milk

Never it happened there
That I smiled the reflex
And not received the fondle

Every debt of her love
Will never extinguish
The flavour to my soul

Shoddy and supple now
Thy skins sag the bones
The sight cry thy look

Mother, beat me not
By thy old age
I am ever eternal son

Still my lonely heart
Crawl thy love
In universal feed

Whenever I escape the time
I pillow thy love
In witness to my being

In that trodden land
I have reaped
Many a fruits of love


Very strongly
I revolted
To the notion, that
I can't see with
YOUR eyes

And quite suddenly
What quirk fancy
My mind grasped:
A wail from my own;
Aghast, my mouth opened

Flooded with tears
I tore all presumptions
Sat besides
By the little corner
Weighing the thoughts
Delivered by iron will
And questioning
"I can't see with
YOUR eyes"!


Flaunt not
To parade thy wisdom

The crown on thy head
Will speak your silence
Buried under the Taj
Of your tomb

Colour not
To paint thy dreams

Many doors are open
To journey thee away
Tunneling the space
Behind thy void

Twinkle not
For a lullaby say

Many stars falls down
In streak of fire
Bleaching the sky
In light of the Sun rays


Leaves of trees
Rustle a whisper
Towards the haughty
Look of pinion grass
Syawing to measure
The length of height
To which tree grows
Its tanned branches

What tiny strength
The grass reaps
Many bold trees
Float the dust
In storm so strong
Lapped with envy
Sheds autumn leaves
To join the party
In whisper of grass


Stones bloom
A flowery touch
In mountain love

So I gather sky
Where my meteor
Wisp a cool
To my eternal air

And the days
Count not its demise
But the one-ness
A platform for all

Sweetness spreads
Wings eternal
Where the stones
Chance a bloom

Now every stone
Will carve a petal
And the flower
Will bloom again!

Monday, October 14, 2013


The nature
Partook a stand
In witness
To my love

It played with 
Seasoned toys
In mirth of
Becoming and unbecoming

Celestial nurture
Rafted me away
Fed me with milk
And strength infinite

And lo! 
Here I come
Oozing love
Behind thy eyes

Who could behold
Nature sight
In one-ness of
Player and playee!


Passion floats
Clouds high

Who tills 
The vast sky 

Space heath 
On mountain tops

What the say
Of deep sea

Vegetation cultivate
Moments change

One season, sea
The other, sky!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Why you are
So swollen
And hurt me
With your words

I just wanted to
Stitch the gap.
And you mistook it
For a needle prick

Universal language
Of love
Still changes
Its hue

Still the bargain
Creases in
Through words
And colours

Why you blush
And turn away.
Never I gather storm
Nor I keep peace

All play
The questions
In worldly tricks
To a broken man

Why they poke
A dead man
To see
A flesh of love


What say I
Of tranquility.
All Composure gathered
Escaped my preview
Something sneaked
Below the spine.
Unwonted volcano
Snatched my peace

Madly perplexed
Meaning sprouted:
This ember
Called life
Runs on
Battery of breath
Who knows
Who will
Breach the contract

What say I
Of remains.
All utterance
Encountered a vacuum.
Something silently
Escaped through
The body mine.
A meaning
Which stole
My all.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Stretch the compass
Measure two nights
Which makes a day

Stretch thy hands
Weigh thy love
In tight compress

Stretch the dreams
To raft thy path
Disguised as truth

Stretch thy being
Comparing none
Thy sole reality

Stretch thy faith
In incense of fact
Refute not thy verity


Whose hold
Was it
The glass cracked
And crumbled to pieces
Spilled the vacuum
In definite quake

Spine chilled
A begotten say:
My fora was ready
To take a birth
On some table
With a glass
Filled with
Transparent brew

But alas!
Who broke
The glass, first!

O Rabba

O Rabba, mainnu
Ki lor pai gai
Jadon bhi dekhhan chalye
Nazar aanda hai!

[(In Punjabi) Inspired ... Abnesh Kumar Batra Ji  .... Nanded, Maharashtra.]

Translated thus below:

O God

What scarcity
Pounded on me
When I pined for YOU
I found thee


Seek me not
Pleasure mine
I lay perfect
In numb void
Down where
No light sips
Nor the skins
Cover smiles

Many obituaries
Will glance
A shadow dance.
The make
Once Layered
Sky high
Will crumble
To conjure space
For the denizens
Resident of 'Other-land'!


One blink, a Day
The other, a Night
Catch me
With your
Unblinking eyes.
So much passion
I keep alive
In thy womb
In thy nurture
Thy sight Divine!


While the night
Opens its door
I mull the path
In stretch dark

Sitting besides
The terminal line
I rilled my eyes
In flow unabated

A cavern so deep
Rouses to
Engulf me
Betting a trod


Sit by my side
O, the wanderer beam
Each morning you hurriedly come
The next moment
You topple Earth

Nest thy head
On my eternal soul
Let me chirp thy fame

Each day passes thus
Chanting thy name!


Confound the
Celestial might
As you lie
Mirrored on the sea

Transmute a reason
As the sky falls
To a prey

But, Lo!
It speaks unreason
Delighting me.


Mirror me
In your silent depth
Doth thee not see
It was I
Who spake
The glory
In your make

I have reason
To discard 'unreason'.
Not a bit
Will comply
To the demand
In residue mine.
It was all given
Which was mirrored in thee!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


In the chirp
And the flap
Dawn comes

Reality thumps
Its presence
In day break

Many Earths
Round the Sun
Many morning breaks

Hide the Moons
From tearing dark
As the Universe glow

Saturday, October 5, 2013


What more
Joy abounds
In flapping wings
Raining clouds
And walking roads

Paddling space
Journey transcends
What more
Silence preach
In leaf pluck
And coffin perch

Ever the desert
Will rain clouds
Ever the water
Will quench thirst
What more
For the cry!


Rain a drop of silence
In thy cupped hands
O Mother!

Surge an ocean of love
Adrift me
In heaven of thy compassion

Cling me to thy bosom
Wipe all the scalding tears
Grapple all my abyss away

I guard my existence
Till the pulse of my breath

Ruminating a bow
I prostrate
At thy loving lap

O Mother!
Caress a drop of love
In thy supple hands

Friday, October 4, 2013


Very softly
He came running in
To kindle the spirit
And kindle my soul

He slipped through
Every cell
And every pore

He took my measure
In every pulse
Very softly
I became of him

Very softly
He handled my say
Calculating my alphabets



IT  bleeds miracle
In seminal growth
Where one could see
The creepers grow
Inside shrouded walls
Peeping through
The shell cracks.
In umbilical cut
Still with love
The freedom bask.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Sitting on a chair
Empty of any act
In coercive sob
Turned a cursive glance
At the animated bed
Where imprints
Of real cartoon
Played havoc
To my soul

Zippy and zingy
They hopped and popped
From inside the bed
And above the bed-sheet
I played my hearts out
To enliven my present

Saying goodbye
To all the fellow brethrens
In recursive mood
My 'other'
Took to my chair back
Contemplative of the play
All quail disappeared


What swan clouds
Tread in grey white
Tilts an open gaze
And parted beaks
Platter a quack
Flooding the path
In motion thought
All transmuting
All morphing
To the divine will

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Clutch the breath
In tight embrace
Till time consumes
The vast expanse

Say thee not
In whisper caught:
Satiated by the stay
You feel liberated

Resonate it
Till the stars blinks
Till the Sun flares gore, and
Moon fathomes its own light

Show me the next door
Where the other inn
Paves me a path
Through thy eternal doors

Revel me in thy
Divine dance
Distance the gloom
In cosmic inn


Needle my words
In thread of thy love

Stitch thy compassion
In patch of my breath

Carve me a dress
In thy azure and glow

Weave a flow inside
To conquer my beat

Wade me through
Wed thy grandeur

Yield a pliant stand
In thy supple hand

A child was I
A child will I become

Smeared with mud and rain
I play in thy ground

Orb me with a dawn
With thy divine rays

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Say a tale
In touch
Of thy whisper

Call back
Of my love

Put a hold
To the music
Of my soul

Drop a pulse
In fibre
Of my cell

Sea of love
Float as waves
In depth undefined

Rumple body
Tousle thought
In caress lap


The whole today
Was busy with
The game of

I was enraptured
By the glow
The golden yellow
Touching prime high

It was burning
At the banks of river 'Ganga'
The log
On pyre bright

The occasion
Tried to nod its importance
But alas!
It did NOT.

I vaguely knew that
He was no more.
All memory scattered
In oblivion

Now, nobody
Will say my name in hand
With the box
Full of sweets

"O my Son-in-law"
Never ever will echo
This familiar sound.
Father-in-law is NO MORE!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Bring not space
Between you and me
Defy the beginning
Defy an end

Drop the Sun
In the fire of love
Quench a sip
In lunar deep

Passion spent, is
Passion regained
No two remains same
Newly wed bask
In lyric of rain

Garland the silence
Garland thy love
Stand mute
In froth upbeat

Friday, September 27, 2013


Supplicate my presence
In corner of thy heart
Conjure thy lovely form
In token of an art

Profoundest thy stay
In flicker of my breath
Torch the burial
The savior to all

Creep thy essence
In a drop of thy silence
Beget an existence
Barring me and all YOU!


How much love
Womb will surrogate
Inside a
Single stroke

Many barren
Got blessed
Many brazen

Rub the spark
To refurbish past
Carve the beloved
In fantasy
Of thy love!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hold me firm
In thy illusion.
Every reality
Suffocate my stay.
Whose birth
Was I.
Whose death
Will I become.

Walking heavy
With full steps
I stumble
Through the rocks.
Jungle of thoughts
Push me away.
Give me wings
To thy play.

Grant me a bypass
From the corner
Of thy heart.
Have lost
All that was addressed
To my past.
My present
Only remains
But till when!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Serve it hot, with
Sugar cube-drops
May it be earthenware
Or the fair porcelain

Spoon the churn
In sweetness turn
Limber the fluid
In perfect mix

Sip a drop
Between lips of love
Coagulate the remains
In eternal plains


Clouds dabs
Invigorating thought
In sky poke

Whiffs delight
Comes pouring in
Laded with perfume

Here the roses glow
Here the divine dance!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Spectre of strength
Surpassed the ether
Cajoled the waves
Drowned the bias
In nativity of love

So thee are Maaya Di
A live phenomenon
The spark for ignorant
A boon for disabled

Tongue is not worth
To my speech
Nor the words
To my silence

How I not say
To ply thy compassion
How I not dry my ink
On the pages of poetry

Unblinking the image flash
Slashing all the smokes.
Crystal thy heart
Clear thy love.

Regards go abound
In thy prime divine
Accept my offering
At thy lotus feet!


With a verbal brat
He gave a prat

A deep bellow
Gurgled down the pillow

Let out a wail
To secure a bail

Such a dearth
Never fathomed its birth

Keep the distance safe
In thy honey case

Savor not the taste
In such a gory haste

Speak the truth
In silent broth

Take the bane
To redeem the cane

Put a potion
On dote of motion

Layer the worth
To heal the earth

Monday, September 23, 2013


Before I could
Point an expression
For a chair ...

What little energy
Was left
At toil end

It got hold
The earthy squat

Sowed the seed
At the plinth, there

Now your term comes
To field a tree

So much wisdom
Lay buried
To get its sprout

You, the dwellers
Of city and statue

Dig a chance
Prowl the joy
In eternal spade

Feed it with sweat
And sweet smell of tanned skin

Crack the foot
In thy nectar ooze

Before I could
Regret my coming
In cry again!


Just for cause initial
Fenced a fort
In banal trite

Treasure opened
Streak of light
In morning diet

Touching, tweaking
Joy perched
Beside the soul

Volatility caught the muff
Falsehood and lie
In slur invisible

Ready for the rain
Droplets of pliable pellets
Drenched my soul

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Abrade the remains
In thy lathe of words

Be not be pretentious
In thy erudite fore

So swiftly consumption
Will see your door

It will erode
The gross in you

Wear away the breath
To polish my soul

Potion enwrapped
I pine for an end

Enliven the glee
In presence 'not'

You keep thy words
And I keep my silence

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Many flowers
Will spread
Hands of petals
In nature bloom

Many sightless
Will creep vision
In night delight

Many hungry
Will knock
An empty
Decorative vase

Many love
Will bear
Cry of pleasure

Many will
Get its due
In lust
Of clue

Many will
Take demise
In handful
Of incense

Many will
See an act
In apt silence!


Who calls there
In twilight blurr

The day has fallen down
And the time
For respite
Perch inside the
Horizon nest

Did I meet you somewhere

Who is calling, there!

A cloudy dusky net
Catches broken heart
With pretty holes

Who calls there
In pretension dight

Did you not recognise
The tattered look

Why you unlock your boat
And settle to west

Why you dim your call
Did I heard you not


The candle of time
Not by the its own flame
But by the heat
The spectre spread around

It surpasses
Its own beginning
Why it looks hazy
When the looker
Flash a static-vision still

All display
In crack and crakers
The enticer of pristine
Got hold of
The past, the present
And the future long

Many more tenses
Lay hidden
Behind streaks
Coming out
From the black fumes.
Melting of time,
Still has to say something more

Friday, September 20, 2013


Vision sweeps
Storm of dust
In glaze so clear

Vale of tears
Passes through
The gut so dear

Option searches
The space narrow
To fit a portrait
In gallery tomorrow

Talk, talk
The sight

It always happens
Garland fetches
The oval shape
In dimension
And measure
Of the frame


Give me
An avian start.
Attach clouds,
To my soft wings

Push away
Drudge of travail;
Below the walk,
The toil of day
The remorse at night.

I will give joy,
My flapping wing.s
The smile,
A sunshine.

Lofty will
I settle above,
Where the mountains
Cap its white-hat top

Wake me
From the reverie.
Any time,
The journey
Will start.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hatred look
Enervate thought
Crumbles memory
Poisons blood-stream

Parcel wrapped
Venom hissed,
Coiled force
Darted straight.

Blood oozed
Body motionless
Sticking name
To lost address!


My judgement
Stands a 'dot'
Against his
Judgement of length

My silence
Speaks a lot
Against his
Tons of talk

My biography
Tells half truth
Against your
Naked truth

My 'likes'
Changes hue
Against your
'Share' due

My 'Facebook'
Ink my thought
Against the
Desert storm

My whisper
Reaches you
Against your
Dream sleep

My incense
Burns sweet
Against thy
Unfathomable essence!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Kept the emotions
In safety of
Lips trembling.
Till it charred
Many an exits
Brown to black.
Bleeding nose,
Steam fumed

Occupied, a
Central space
In agora of
Unfamiliar duel
One side 'Life'
Other side 'Death'.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Manifestation embodies
The gulf so wide
You conclude an end
In beginning of life

There it wafted out
In silent footsteps
Unrepentant, unattached
The shadow of life

Term it with silence
The flickering light,
Wick away the soul
Shedding light in dark night

Companion of mouth
Imparted a dart
All across the heart
Oozing a clot in red

Say it with THAT
I ever will be your becoming,
Conclude with a start
In an eternal beginning


Eyes were less
Of a dream than
Thy face glimmered
A look of warmth

Purging dream
Eyes closed,
Reality thumped

Say with an act
The story of thy love

Rented a heart
In multistory building
Of love

Who knows
When the landlord
Will shake
The building root

Long before the demise
Epitaph was written
In an eternal book.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Made a bed
Of roses and pink

Come roaming
On the front gate

Walk a soft breath
Inside my heart

Regenerate matrix
In cocoon of thy love

Heal the world
Heal thyself!


Say a warranty:
Boiling water proof
108 Degree centigrade

Cloning, grafting
Hoping and popping
Blade and scissor
Doth delude
The overhauling

Layers of paints
Have eroded
The nature feel

Let all
Make home,
Termites or rats

The buzzing
And oozing life
Feed the consciousness

Do guarantee
Need an open space
With no 'kitply' doors

Let us not buy space
With door closed
And a 'degree' of proof

It was not humane
Which spoke thus,
My plywood door spake THUS!


The Sun so hot
In a fusion dot
Blaze the day bright

The Moon so cold
In reflection white
Droll the dreamy night

The fissure chap
A game in crack
Between the two

Who clips
The boundary
In a wedge

Does it limber up
A show
For a Grand Finale!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Let me give music
To the formless
That rises again
Enveloping you
And the silence

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I wept
A drop of tears
For an SMS
Not received today

In guise of blessings
I do receive every morning
The bounty of
Thy love, an SMS

How my palpitation
Starts my day
You only
Can know

My future stands
On the reality
Of thy trance waves
Comes piercing the sky

Offer me not
A reason
Why I got bereft
For an SMS

I say thee not,
What stands there.
I only can know,
What rodent nib my ear.

I wept profusely
How compassion
Filled thy heart
And I received thee not

I wept
A drop of tears
Warming my heart
For the coming tomorrow!


She inscripted
Foot prints
Of her soul
Made with her blood
On the pages
Death air
And on the water
Her last sip
She never quenched
Somewhere, there
On her bed
At Mount Elizabeth
Far away from her
Mother Country
Rending pain
In pieces two
Cutting the consciousness
In a paragons of virtue

Note: For an eternal DAMINI, the paragons of virtue!

Friday, September 13, 2013


कुछ और भी हवा दे दे 
ओ ज़हां वाले 
बुझती चिराग को 
ना जाने कब
कब्र की नसीब होगी

साए के नमी
के सहारे
जीवन कब तलक
रौशन होगी

अब तो वही
छल गया
जिसे खवाब में
साथ पाया था

उसी लौ ने
सारी उस्मा ले ली
जिस उषा
के सहारे
दिन हुआ करता था!