Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Why can't we sit down together,
On the same floor and the same mat.

Why can't we leek the soil,
On the same earth and on the same universe.

Why can't we love together
In the same home and the same world.

Why can't we see together,
In the same eyes and in the same brain.

And a question always comes to our mind,
Why? why can't we ...

And an answer always comes to our mind,
Yes, we can and we will !

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Condition conduces the conformity.
The speech of sound outclass its dignity.
The rarity of thought surpasses our purity.
It's the condition of being.
The simplicity of wave in its boolean form.
The complexity of simplicity in its chaos.The game of search.
It's the condition of being.
'Silence' the synonymous of buzzing,
Erasing the differentiation of its amity.
It's the condition of being.
My Atheist God ! An exclamation.
A question for its explanation.
The vague reaching the real.
It's the condition of being.
The rise, the fallen empire,
A depth is touched;
The inside being overwhelmed.
It's the condition of being.
The entity of being NONE.
Proposes the truth to
Search the real through unreal.
It's the condition of being.


Mind is not totally void,
And some says it is a bliss in its entity.
You pretend to be good
And your theory is discarded the next day.
Concept is building,
But the conception is poor.
He is rich,
Misery makes him Beg.
Time runs,
But slows down in rebirth.
You think for certainity,
And the protocol is not defined,
I am standing,
But 'm not static.
You make fire of our soul,
But up to then are reduced to dust.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Somebody dies
Who cares
I always meet,
'death' in my sleep

A man, healthy died.
A small boy killed-off,
his life.

Nobody cares
To look after.
A mother is left
Alone to contemplate
About her milk.

Why do we all, while
Contemplating reach, that
Saturation point, which
Denies its own,

Try we can as hard
through shedding
Learn or Reason,
But on to the 'EXTENT'.