Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weary the nights flakes

I float universes
To birth inside you 
Yet you gap a void
To empty the rush

Dream often comes 
Wide awake
Yet you flake my eyes
With drops of icicles

I hold my steps
Lest I worry you not
Yet mire are my act
To see your cry


I know not
Who you are
Spreading all-around
The life's whim
Giving reason to my understanding
Churning thoughts after thoughts

Did one life was not enough
To Axe my breath 
Knocking death's door

How was your presence
That swayed every faith in you
Till I bought a coffin
To measure my length
Giving one more kneel
To your bearing
Galloping far and above

Did one life was not enough
To search you behind
That long corner of marrow and bones


Congeal not
Thy basic ingredients
Making stolid
The sloth;
Devoid of mentality, mass and motion

The dentures, the little-little stars, fixing
Every toothless skies
Dark and grey,
Stretching its bound;
With twinkle and smile

The boundless bound
Blazing the space, fluttering
Thy golden wings
Venturing the unknown
To sheath thy soul


They paced across,
Running their hurried feet;
Plowing the hospital corridor
With longer strides
Contriving an artificial breath
To save life

It was late
In the middle of the night
They pounded their palm
Pumping the patients heart,
To revive his unconsciousness
Resuscitating pulmonary flow

Time was heavy
On both sides;
As they waited every second
With tons of optimistic glare
On the ECG machine
To crest the blipping line

To every face,
Time went slipping by;
Pump was removed from the chest
The wires too from electricity;
A slight stumble of Head
Tripping goodbye to life


The city smoke, have
a skeleton puff;
An undulating alcoholic haze
Gauffing to impale
A piercing rod;
Turned into black shoot and dust

Shooting flames, dare 
To burn skies and skin
And mangle, the muscle hold
Tearing down ligaments
From hinges and joints

Cupids, now have
A bullet arrowheads
Blaring a gun blast;
Stepchild of Venus and Mars

The city smoke, have
a skeleton puff;
The mask of black omen
That play life
Masquerading death


While I nibble 
Grey old thoughts
Sticky and slud;
A nocturnal rodent 
Bigger in size, comes
Huffing in breath
And bit my fingers
Mauling its terminus end

Instantly I pause, by
My longer greasy words.
Sensing his carnivorous act
Wanton, I asked 'me'; by
What precepts he
Sealant his heart
To hex, bewitching
My body and mass

The sooner I dove in
To reason this act;
And I could find 
A bigger opening
Greeting my present,
Not to clove the past silhouette
But to open the present
To fend its aroma


Silent stroke, dab 
Life blank canvas
Stretching wider paint 
Eyed to varied hue
Luring broader vistas
In its whispering  take
Above the clouds 
Thundering a nod,
Acknowledging wherewithal
Of more rounder brush
To take care of minor details  


Moments hitched an accord
Sturdy in poise; comfortably 
Backing longer passed nights
Streaking with brighter dawn

All well wishing, trickled
Down the streams by a new way
A pearl to glitter thy form
To every drop I mirror

You stood firmly, guarding
My weak heart
The pulse was yours only
That beat my heart


If can visualize, the real
Motion picture of life's reel
For scrap of torn papers, for
Fallen broken twigs, crunchy leaves
Empty bottles without its cork,
Littered and smeared by dust
Thrown and smashed carelessly by the side of the pavement;
Wish if it could jump to its original form
To be the part of original self
On the joyful trees, fluttering books and on the magical potion for the cure
To feel resurrected
And to breath its life once again



Your pergoda
Have an elevated hood
Protecting upper faith

Mine sauvage a weed
Thorny and wild;
Plaiting moorland breath

Your blaring
Ornate your mast
With sound and sight

Effervescent life mine
Brew half-life, oozing
Coca Cola carbonate


My friendship, nullified
Your words
Your sight
Your ears;
In becoming you

Your call
Was the deepest ocean
That mirrored
My skies
My void
My cry

My friendship, breath
Unfathomable whole
Painless pain
Soundless sound;
With choir of birth and death

Your call
Was heard more
When I parcelled
My silence
Under the earth

Friday, January 1, 2016

Numbers shuffle, ping pong!

New numbers shuffle, ping pong
Playing its cards every New Year;
Pretty new essence
Waft down the kitchen bowl

Broken threads, tune
Dangle the eclectic live-wire;
Unkempt desire, throb
With high voltage

Aging sun, just
Brighter than yesterdays
Spills same morning flush
Lapping inside circular void

You hold a longer string
Baiting single life breath
Nature crawl a new fish
To prey, thy ocean depth

Numbers shuffle, ping pong
Happy New Year!


O, night raven flock;
Spread wide thy sweetly wings
Slurping brighter sun inside
Of which, this of thy earth, tangle
Every of my breath in daylight broom

Lest, deception comes easily;
Your sturdy twilight beak
Peck the nightly gull, that
Nestle my thousand winglets
Padding all toes awake

Fearing all tears
May come by streams
One tributary, I held by my throat;
With other, I whelmed a gulp
Obliterating the last repository

O, night raven flock;
Spread wide thy sweetly wings
Coving flagellate
The heaven of twinkling skies
To anchor my night