Tuesday, June 28, 2016


उसके दीदार से
बेजान पथरों में भी
कोंपले फूट निकल आती हैं

लहजे ए नूर की कसम
टूटे पत्तों से भी
अाफताब के दिन निकल आते हैं

अशफ़ाक ए इश्क की क्या कहें
लहू भी दरिया बन
अश्क बहाने लगती हैं

अब्र को अब चैन कहां
फ़साने भी
आशमाँ बारसाने लगते हैं

Saturday, June 25, 2016


When you fasten 
a threaded hole 
Along the longer bolt,
Make sure you give
The right friction
Rotating the nut
Keeping its groove entact
Forget not to lubricate it nicely
In case to unwind the future
When oxides takes to blisters;
With much lust about something
That kept on compressing

While in togetherness

Thursday, June 23, 2016


When no  munificent dream
Could spread my richness at night
I will truce my fulfillment, vagrant
to the other side of the moon

When no dark blood
Could peeve thickness to my wound
I will gain one more war, 
to shine my sword from the other end


When cold wind
Gushes through the pore
I shiver down my neck
To breed one more familiarity;
And stamping my fingers
Across the walls of my staircase 
I brood down the stairs 
Lest, when the building will crumble down some day 
Majority will guess the age of the house
Searching the marks of my finger prints 


How is it that 
when whistle comes from the kitchen cooker
the bogies of empty stomach 
gets attached to one another 
in a family
There is no vacuum cut
As the wheels goes rolling by


Your cloud of 
dense hoary eyebrow, have
opened up a clear eye space
While pupil of my black eyes
Flutter like a loving bird

Raining drops from my teary eyes 



A long phantom hand held my head
And kept on pushing through the pillow 
While I was pressing the thoughts by my eyes and nose

It was semi dark, when angled arm took its shape
Taking no clue of what and why
The hand severed itself from the body sloth
And charged the head clutching my hairs 

It was booty of old wisdom 
That kept me awake the whole of night
And the phantom hands took to spade

To unearth the richness from my grey cells


I squeezed an array
of longer thoughts
lining by the arteries,
marshaling courage
to unearth the mendacious truth
Turning, my stiff neck

I was measuring
The yawning gap of teeth
between the two canines,
which nature has benefited us
to tear the flesh
Roaring, like a tiger

I dived deep
down the marrow lines
to peep an ounce of wisdom,
all reason turned pale
as it beat hollow
when I blew a longer pump

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Only in breath
I sketch her warmth
On this dark night canvas
Trudging the amber of her invisible skin,
Buffering an aroma
From high pulpit;
While time slows down
To peek into cursory image:
The corona
That radiate the glow
From inside the fallen air
Out and around


Whiff my breath
Along thy cool breeze
Scaling silent skies
Binding longer moons
One toddy after the next

Tangle my veins
Weaving tangent of love
Stretching thy warmth
To grope a feel
One bead to the next


On every visible land
Of struggle and strife;
Your image, off-burn
The rummage
born out of my blood
Stretching history word by word

I succour thy invisible strand
On every mast of war-front
To tip-toe
My peaceful gain, lest
This be my last resort to act
Flapping wings of dove

I stick down
The memory lane
Littered with war and bloodshed
A thicker blood and a bullet hole
Marking a sprout
The nodding leaves and a brighter bloom
Melting my love for you
Down my burial ground


Not all oceans, comes
to rescue
The sands of desert
Like an oasis
We tread the land
Bulging greenery in space
With pregnant thoughts


How you kept me waiting
Impelling your silent bars;
As I was standing erect
To gauze the wounds
Behind your sober looks

How I stood firmly
Tilting the earth
Along your vertical axis
Guarding my love
With a stronger hilt 

How I measure
Bearings that you keep
The more I rid my reason;
The more I become a slave
To my pliant intent


Bulging eyes, black;
Flap the ocean wings
To caw the bony carcass
Clawing skin rut
White over white

Wind too turned its course,
churning the storm
As I shudder my spine
Replete with death
Facing, upside down

I dolt like a mad man
As ebullience dries,
Lapping ocean corpse
Racing the unseen
Death after death

I float away my homeland
To a distant refuge
Sans my earthy roots;
A refugee by land, water and earth
To a distant land of unbroken silence


I boxed one more chance
for the death,
to kneel at my feet

While the parting was, 
Not much of an adieu
But, a gesture to live my life

I acquired an acre of land
To surmise the truth, that
Not all are ashes but a phoenix too

While the strength was
playing my thoughts
I was busy nailing the death


As soon as I opened
the folding night-chair
On my roof top posing a seat
A disciplined silence dropped
Around the open vistas

The stars started twinkling its tiny eyes
Masses of trees clogged behind their swaying arms
A dense breeze stood by my side
Along with the lonely moon wearing silver anklet

I indoctrinated about the roots
By my silent communication
Opening one more fold 
For the milestone

That time trails by a mark 


By what height
You measure the mound on my skin
While my heart was buried deep
Into the socket of your eyes

By what knot
You tie an air on my breath
While the essence of your love

Was wafting the whole sky