Sunday, April 15, 2012


I touch ice and fire comes out.
I touch earth and sky looks down.
There is a 'telling' in everything we do with purity!

I read eyes and inverted it attacks me.
I read gaits and shadow hangs the body down.
There is a 'something' in everything we do with purity!

I call the 'recepient' and echo is absorbed by my soul.
I call the 'sight' and sight-less I become.
There is a 'light' in everything we do with purity!

I hear the flute-sound and the bamboo is still not ripe.
I hear the coming footsteps and the silence stops it.
There is a 'sensitivity' in everything we do with purity!


Light comes uninvited when the darkness is defeated.
Nobody says anything to 'Light'.

Purity comes undefined when the ignorance is trumpled upon.
Nobody calls anyword to 'Purity'

Meaning protrudes behind when Words precision is not demanding.
Nobody points anything to 'Words'.

I pen my ignorance and they demand love.
I vouchsafe my verbosity and they term it egoism.
I mute myself for a week or so and they look for my seeing.

Safety comes 'live' when the reach is near.
Everybody tries to hold the fathomable.

Nearness comes 'alive' when the breathing vapourises water pellets onto our face.
Everyone is connected the different phases of aliveness.

Silence comes to its meaning when the seeker is seeing.
Everywhre emptiness is beeiming with virtuosity.

I look for certainity and a hand hold me.
I look for soil and road is meeting in its horizon everywhere.
I look for a nap and I rest asleep on the lap on my MOTHER.



The tenacity to transcend the boundary infinite demands
Reason as ladder and Faith for the will to succeed.
Movement all around, static we feel when we look up.
Thought is there to define the target, hard work we have to do.

Dark is never conquered by Light or reciprocally
Demand is omnipresent but the will is required.
We are forced to move never to look beyond the 'tenses'.
Net demarcates the boundary of the 'tenses'

Truth can never be fabricated, whatever we do.
It can be judged peeping inside us.
Crusade ultimately wins, but the winner is required.
Sempiternal we live, sempiternal we go, Persistence attached.


The only seeing, the
Beating of Heart.

The only warmness, the
Fire of love.

The only sight, the
Bonding of ocean-blue.

The only perception, the
Reason undefined.

The only laughter, the
Cracking of water-current.

The only form, the
Silence drunk in its wakefulness.

The only walk, the
Maya of alone-ness.

The only feeling, the
Melting of eyes.

The only liberation, the
Hand eternal.

The only smile, the
Wetness pulling together the lips.

The only saviour, the
BEING whose we are the CHILDREN.


Who could better give me elevation but thy thought.
Who could better remember my non-being but thy memory.
Who could better post me a letter but thy blank card.
Who could better azure my blues but thy unfathomable nature.

The talk here is not for any silence.
The walk here is not for any distance.
The sipping here is not for any nector.
The light here is not for any darkness.

Its the becoming of HIS coming.
Its the existence which puts meaning to the movement.
Its the wait riding on TIME.
Its an umbrella which protects from my excesses.

Now the word is beyond my parlance.
Now the blinking is ever becoming more powreful.
Now the pre-force has been made rest to just a point.
Now 'm reduced to DOT (.)

Behold !

The Birth of the ever pious SOUL!
The Eternal journey, a call never to be extinguished!
The Flag-off by Tulsi-Water, the effervescent of Life!
The Time feeling is shyness through its rosy cheeks!
The Mirror image whose nest is HIS love!
The Clarion call whose depth is unfathomable!
The Water in whose lap fire finds peace!
The thirst quenched freedom reigns supreme!
The Fire azure in the depth of an ocean!
The Sound 'OM'whose vibes tramples the temperate!

Thy love, MAA!

'm in dept of Thy love, MAA!
I can't repay Thee back ........
My existence ceases infront of Thee!


बाहर की ओज से आल्हादित होकर
बंद आँखे भी अपनी तारतम्यता
विराट की स्वाद लेती है

और स्वाद भी वैसी
जो असुरों को लालायित कर दे
भान उसकी जो भावनाओ से भावविभोर कर दे

न जाने जीवन के इस किनार से उस कछार तक
मुझे और कितनी गहराईयो को छूना होगा
डूबने की किसे परवाह जब किस्ती हीं पतवार हो

धुंध से धुप की तपस कम नहीं होती
प्रेम, श्रद्धा, भक्ति से आत्मा बोझिल नहीं होती
कालातीत है कल्पतरु, करुणा से तो कड़ाहो

नमन उसको जिनकी निमित मात्र हैं हम
नमन उनको जिनकी पहचान हैं हम
नमन आप सभी आत्माओं को जिससे लेखनी लाल हुई


My small bit of an early aquaintance with my alphabets,
Made the words crumble into sentences,
And speechless I become when it flowed into the abyss,
Whose silence was hammering to its beats, palpitating.

My fearlessness is not his understanding but my silence,
My hairs are not greyed out and I feel the freshness of juvenility,
TIME has disintegrated us ALL,
Otherwise ALL OURS was a merger into ONE.

Sometimes I shudder at thy purity,
And I don't want to talk to thee,
Sometimes I get bereft of thy brightness,
Whose glow circumference the ALL.

Thy Invisibility

Why thee are tempting with all thy Foods!
The mouth, the eyes, the ear are just an appendix.
Why thee are teasing with thy taste.
Thy air is just a suffocation.
Blend me with thy invisibility.

I pine not for thy memory.
It distance me from thee.
My only evocation is thy merger.
Thy colours dazzle my lonely eyes.
My muteness has been reduced to silent cry.

Litmus test can't be thy neutralilty.
Are thee not the only one who wets my whole.
My casting is made with all thy love.
My knowledge is of no use here.
Don't puzzle me with Guru nor Pupil.

Thy Invisibility .....................
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JOY is that which comes first in its trumpet call.... the first Crying of the born Baby ... Whose heart still doesn't know yet what does that means...

JOY is that which comes in the state of awakening ... the first transcendence ..... Whose boundary doesn't open backward again... THE MOKSHA....

JOY is that which sprout from the seed .... the full grown tree .... whose dry leaves mingle to the call of seasons .... THE EARTH

JOY is that which comes inebriated with love ...the eternal hunk .... Whose heavenly halo surround ALL....

I ......... AM!!!

Treading myself on an uneven path, I got a hit.
The Undefined ONE smiled and caught me by hand,
Saying: Behold thy pyre which carries ALL thy ignorance.
You! who is unborn, unfathomable, unbounded .....
Is I AM ........
I AM ........
I ......... AM!!!

Chant Thy NAME!

Days gone will not look back.
Illusion is Thy ways, the Past
Dies lurking in the Present,
Future regains the reign.

Such is the Nature's nature
Mere thought become powerless
In the mercy of which I lay
Unprotected, relieving my suffering.

A single dose of silence
Makes an attached bonding,
Come much nearer the Soul's eyes,
Where the trumpet call is unheard off.

How can one be hard to HIM, when
HIS only weapon can't be other than PURITY.
Inadvertently, Thee can't make me away.
Such passion I do keep to myself to chant Thy NAME!

Hari Om!!

Thy label, Thy LOVE!

The flow unextinguished catches fire of freedom.
Why 'm I feeling gasping for breath... Isn't it "PRAM SHANTI" ... The Eternal Peace!

Hey the GIVER!
Why are thee tearing my SOUL.

Never is the day gone awry in thy comtemplation.
Never is the night secure in thy forbearance.

Every cell and every tissue of mine clash in thy charisma.
Such a heinous crime have I perpetrated ? .... Thy can't be so hard-hearted.

I need no stamp to post a letter at thy address.
The acknowlegment is kept hidden and I wriggle in pain.

Why did you put such a lofty appraisal in the name of LOVE.
Can it not be as simply unborn.

Oh! Thy label, Thy LOVE!


The steps cries for desire.
The ultimate is ultra-Protected.
The turmoil started with a coil inside.
The being-ness and nonbeing-ness subjugate in sublimity.
The silence keeps a folded hand before that 'Supreme'.

Hey the Saviour!
Annoyance is just,
When the heart goes beating.
Eons was the time spent,
And thy seeing mismatches mine.

How fast is thy chariot 'The light',
Which never stops at my door.
Sullen, sunken I sleep in thy wait.
Thunder beholds thy awakening,
And 'life' count its days.
Attachment gone, Bliss regained.

The boldness gets beaten up in wakefullness,
Even time never negates the HAPPENINGS.
All my plurality merges at thy Singularity.
Futile can't be thy gift, called life.
Whose steps cries for desire!