Friday, September 30, 2016


Train runs on rails
Station to station
One distance apart

I run miles, deep into skies
Carrying my carriage
A unicorn agape

Wheeler's eyes opens
Towards the train windows
Grilling books after books

I open my gaze
To the stretching vistas
Spying, skies after skies

Train Whistle the hurdle
Still running
on parallel path

I take my silence out
Wimping my low strength
Towards the matter dark


You came to me
by pretence of your tagging
with full mouth wisdom and foretelling
Disappeared like a hog
Castrated from the middle;
Leaving a grin
Hanging in the air
Taking loads of hampers
For the dark picnic, somewhere
To the receding tides


In whose sketch
I draw my veins as an ephemeral art
breathing air on a limited canvas
wearing skins hiding inner lines

Take a huff of my petty rage
That cut my voice
With a silent brush
Spilling colours into channelled curves

Those paintings, that hung
on the walls are better; that
take longer age than mine:
A mere me with cul de sac


All skies perch in droplets
At wee hours of early dawn
As if a bundle of joy smiles
Through the glittering dews
Upturning the sky, rollercoaster;
A crown held high in an oval
Topping on the shining leaves

A wonder as the feelings touch
The petals of a loving bloom
With a glimmer of hope, that
A noble idea gets into the core
Moistening our dreams
In a clear posture of the day
Golden drops malleable to our wish


What beauty it wore
inside the darkest cavern
And worn me out
the light from my heart

No less was my woe
Less darker than your dark
And in vicissitude
You turned the tide towards me

What beauty I gained
Bumping my heart
Nothing was left of burning sound
That gained ash in simmering pyre

No less was the sound
more a silent gurgle
inside the dense air
Than a labour of death


I remember you that day, somewhere
near the sky
Clearing the heights
Much closer to my heart

I ever pine your memory
Still afresh as jasmine of the night
That keeps me awake
A vigil of my heart

I know the trails of comets, somewhere
crossing the skies
Clearing my doubts
about one, one day

I have given onto you
all that last;
running down my veins, red
Yet of unlimited hues

Sunday, September 25, 2016


You dart your voice
Inside the big ears
Yet I buzz, the wishper
Of my heart

My longing was, somewhere
In the vigil of my eyes
Yet I feel my crave for you

You have marked a dent
To my heart
Yet I search you
Patching my soul


I offence not
As you capture so much space
In freedom of my love

You have skies to spread  
As I daintily savour
The quivering  lips 

I do, what I do
As feelings erupts
In posture infinite


I bleed an ink, marking
a dot
On the blank page

An ocean remains, inside
the drudging thoughts
With misery unseen

I ask nothing of you
for a solace
But a distance for my keep

I know depth, unspoken
in words
As I bleed penning my curse


You have visions
Of whirling galaxies
Turning and twisting the space

I only keep
a tiny drop, of
My distant earth at the corner of my eyes

You have weight
Of millions of years
Measuring the void

I only keep
a minuscule
To guard my love



Dreams surrogate, inside
a celestial womb
floating the vast space

A deeper cry, resonate
Drumming the sky 
with twinkling eyes

A new  dawn, beckons
of a new birth   
real of the unreal world


Nothing more will be undone
Under the sun, after
The perishable use of our past and present;
The only knowing that will carry along the future
Will be the reward of the forgotten memory
Sans love, hatred and envy
That we carried on before
With our portion of life
Now, not for ever
Will they reap the warmth of sun, nor
The muslin of dreamy nights;
All perishable, that is done
Under the sun


All skies perch in droplets
At wee hours of early dawn
As if a bundle of joy smiles
Through the glittering dews
Upturning the sky, rollercoaster;
A crown held high in an oval
Topping on the shining leaves

A wonder as the feelings touch
The petals of a loving bloom
With a glimmer of hope, that
A noble idea gets into the core
Moistening our dreams
In a clear posture of the day
Golden drops malleable to our wish

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


To peace, I Dove
To weakness, I build my strength

Where the fight is within
I lay my curse on society

Where the battle bear the roots
Crack comes through the branches

To love, I bear my sweetness
To Eyes, I bear my fruits


Your living criteria was
Signing off my past
each day and each night
You came by my voice
from the corner of the multiverse
transcripted a record
of your omniscence
you know what you know:
A 'karmyogi' with wisdom infinite

Christie's auction

Christie's auction
Buffett's generosity
Money flourish in artful hands


I was looking, fixed
In direction of rotating blades
A ceiling fan hung from the roof cliff;
I knew not
What transpired between us two, that
My consciousness expanded
Towards the growing expanse;
Fan was pulling the directions, while
I was whirling the space
In total embezzlement
of the fradulent fan
That took my whole


No more grieve
the parting shape
that lived on earth
faking life

Some other form, lay
Relaying vastness;
A wordless whisper
Ears to ears

No more take to heart
the  impurities of auricles
that blub life, hammering
drop after drop

Some other world, slope
down the kingdom nearby;
A garden construct
of heavenly cloisters

Friday, September 16, 2016

दीन दयाल

हे दीन दयाल
अभी बह जाने दो
ये अश्रुधार
न जाने किस बेला में
पखेरू होंगे मेरे प्राण
ले लेने दो कृपा दान
ज्योत जगाओ
अम्बर नभ कलश में
हे जग के पालनहार

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Canoe passes through
the ridges of a great canyon
sans any keel

While the Titanic sinks, like
A rusted treasure
into the deeper ocean

Canoe paddle twists and turns of the path;
While the bigger bet on the stearing wheel


Into the low voice
You lay your death
Lipping the wind
Ticking the clock

Present moment pale
At the saddest part
That comes so late
Subservient to nature

Into the hollow eyes
You take a bait
of my imagery counts
Enticing a silent prey

Present moment flake
At the tighter hilt
That clink black swords
Into the fathomless dark


Not a beat passes off
Giving longer breath
to my listless form
Flickering the last wick
Mantle of formless form

You reel a measured life
tottering through tiny steps
Freaking away breath
frame by frame
A missive of hidden letters

Not that my askance, was
any dismissal
of your sledging
to weaken a chance
and win me through

You have arsenal
that have sharper nights, and
cutting rays
to keep your flare burning
Eternal and timeless

Monday, September 5, 2016


To keep scratching
the rashes
Where the mosquitoes had bitten
pink and red

and to find
An angle of crush;
whetting our finger nails


Of the man
that takes
the greatest bearing of an age
with reason and faithD
remains subservient to the end
to the greater force of nature;
timid of all his goliath strength

of the sickle
that takes
the sharpest curve
to cull an old feed
remains a rust
at its uncertain glory;
pecking dust to dust

of the familiar
that takes
filial bonding with ease
smiling and touching
remains a goofy grin, a faux pas;
a toothless rooster
with a proven hex


Driven by the high wind
of love-torn skies
Stars came rushing down
Inside the sepulchre
Ripping the clouds apart

My love was here
by the side of my warmth;
A clear envy
of the floating elves
knocking and rattling the air

My kinsmen were on vigil
Guarding my bones and blood
I knew, they had borne me dead long ago
When I was
Weeping my love

Now, that the wish has been cupped
lip to lip, hands in hands
I carry the weight
of their promises, that
They have proven worthy of love

One more wind blew
from the high end of the sky
More stars came rushing inside another sepulchre
As one more kin lay by my side
He too was alive with bones and blood; and we were guarding his love


How my handwriting, is
not taking an angled-cross with the nib
As I wink my curious eyes
with the slanting shadow of my ink pen

Where are those papyrus pith
with a scrolling text
The rolling manuscript,
An angle of my written language

Where are those primitive men
Young and ripe
Where the text eluded their fingers
for stones and climbing trees

How my words are now dressed
by pressing fingers on the keyboard
As, I have lost the touch
for earthy and the real


When life is chipped
At the behest of
flooding water, and
downpouring sludge
from the murky skies,
floating with corpses
and lifeless trees

Impregnable thoughts
daub the spirit low
Thick of dead coating;
Like the tongue of water
Loosing its taste bud
Like the uprooted wire
That coil, around
the square solar cells


कौन पनपता है वहाँ
ख्वाबों के झूर्मूठ में
अंगीनत सी राह पर
परिन्दों का परवाज लिये
अगर कबूल हो जाती
हर किसी की दुआ यहाँ
कौन रहता इस दहर में
जीवन भर लरखराने के लिये
जो हम दफन हो जायें
मरते वकत दिल निकाल लेना
अमानात ए आह्वाब होते नहीं
साथ जाने के लिये
दहर = दुनिया, World
आह्वाब = दोस्त, Friend