Thursday, June 15, 2017

ऐ दोस्त

अपनी नजदीकीयों में
ऐ दोस्त
एक कफ़न पास रखना
न जाने कितनी वार सहेगी
ये जिंदगी
कभी तो तुम्हारे पास रहने की
इजाजत देना, मेरे दोस्त

अपनी नजदीकीयों में
ऐ दोस्त
एक क़ब्र छुपाये रखना
न जाने किन किन रंगों से
काफिला रंज होगा
कभी तो अपनी बातें होंगी
कभी पास आने का बहाना होगा

अपनी नजदीकीयों में
ऐ दोस्त
सितारे को टिमटिमाते रहना
न जाने किस श्याह से
भ्रमित आत्मा को नज़र लग जाये
बैठेंगे साथ हम दोनों

जनम जनम आवारगी लिए हुए

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


अकिञ्चित मन को
एक ठोर देता हूँ
अपनी साया को छोड़
किसी मायावी को पकड़ लेता हूँ

अनगिनत रक़्स है
आशय की इस छोर पर
बादल जहां गुमरते हैं
दिल वही छोड़ देता हूँ

अकिञ्चित मन को
एक ठोर देता हूँ
एक फानूस के शाये में
अपने आप को गिरे पाता हूँ

बेज़ार सी लगती है
रंग रोगन की चारदीवारी
चले जाते हैं हम
बुझाने वाले चरागदार के पास

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Take a look, my pen
Your writings in ink
have faded long past
into a yellow crump of paper

That dwelt fresh long go
into greener thought of you
have taken a longer path
to curve my heart in blue

Why I still feel pain
Seeing ink-pot mazed
inside web of those lines
froathing through half baked nib

Bring my time back
Away from the internet, and
The crippled keyboard
To pen a verb written in red

Take a look, my pen
In your beauty equivalent
That weigh more than my heart
A rose garden more than my wish


An unknown voice
creaked in
the cracked walls
of my chambered heart
a new sprouting
Creeping up the sunlight
Emanating a deeper urge
Deep down
to augur my wants
for a new beginning


No soul
talks to a soul
with a silence
of thousand tongues
along an eternal void
the edges of time
An invisible path, agape;
The laugh of heavenly men
A cleft
gapping it apart


Hundred scripts, unfathomable
Engrave inside my crinckle heart
The oozings of certain despair
In abounding desolation
of the setting sun
The west crimson, far; and
The deepest point of the dead sea
All forlorn
As a host of invisible guest
or, the
Muted musk of the spotted deer


Tell me
by what softest petal
you bloom my days
with essence wafting
across the wider world
undulating my present

Tell me
by what kernel desire
you voice my days
with fragrance, alluring
the charm
of your lovely image

Tell me
by what jinks
you will cry my eternity, that
I have spotted you
on mounds of my grave
Unfurling your lovely flag


by my sweetest voice
I called you
towards the blue of skies
to synchronise my beat with you
and, when you
resonated your heart
with my own
sounding full in upper void;
a drop
Crystals down
Like a pearl
Dreaming you
In all my eternity

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Conduct thy self
Not in any
phagocytic off-bearance:
replacement of limbs,
transplanting artificial hearts
battery operated

by terms of universal light, that
Falls equally on
All plants and animals
Without any discrimination
Proving the worth
of our existence

Conduct thy self
Not with hatred
Killing in open space:
Mutilating the spirit,
in one go
in our one life

by bundle of worldly peace, that
Dove equally
flipping its wings
Without any need of pecking
raw wounds
of our limited humanity

Conduct thy self
with love and peace


Let these
street lamps, guard
Lonley hours of city nights

to outwatch
unfolding of spirited dance
Unsphearing longer space

With true consent
spectre of shadow, stretch
bigger mansion across the roads

A pall of dark gloom, hover
Over the awful night
Along tar roads

Let these
street lamps, ennoble
Greater nobility into the night


Eavesdrop the secret
of my heart
O there my big protruding ears

I have lost my beat
Palpitating in the dark
Sobbing vainly my lonesome heart

Hear by gainful means
The treasure of my heart
Diamond shines colliery to my heart


It is so easy
for the day
to take a golden disc
by his hands
so difficult for the fertile space
to dig
through the night rake
Unearthing my lost love


What anger you hibernate
Inside your frosted nostril
A creaking voice crumbles down
from your lofty lour

Unlamented you stand
on my ungregarious past
Whirling down multiple beats
Plucking stars by stormy nights

How you broke your hands
bashing into the air
Yet, I knew not
The oozing of your blood

Anger have substitute
Into my loving eyes
How you stand wrinkled and aged
A statue upon the desert sand

Let go, the anger
from your stony mount, that
I have taken a vow
To nurture your anger by my love

Let me care you, unseen, unknown
And unlamented die together
Dust into dust
Stealing the world into deep silence


Far, and
A longer space
Yet near
In closer degree
You beat
A pulse
Out of my palpitating heart

Life has a meaning
That pour immaculate hours
To our pristine glory
The rising sun
All life;
Even if it struggles itself
Till the last, setting in the west

Far, yet near
You feed an eternal whim.
How crazy I have been
with the eyes open
and, still not seeing
The play
Behind my eyes