Friday, October 31, 2014


मैं उसे कैसे आत्मसात् करूँ 
जो रौशनी बिन पाताल में जड़े जमाए है
पत्तों के झुरमुट में क़हक़हे छुपाए है
जब भी अनकहे लब्जों से
जीभ थरथरती है
ना जाने कितने फानूस फ़ना हो जातें हैं
किस व्याधि से मैं उसे कल्पना में उतारू
टटोलता हूँ तो सिर्फ़ अपने आप को
जब पत्ते टूट कर जमी पर बिखरने लगते हैं
जब भी कभी आँखों से बुझती है शमा
लोग भी ना जाने कैसी कैसी
हवा बाँधते हैं


Even now and even then
The truth, remained the same
and only difference
Hazed my preview, which
When I judged you by reason
You lured me by your dreams
Stretching time-fabric gaps
Distance by distance
One galaxy to the next


Knowing the bearing
Of intrusive shrill
Departing strength
Cudgel my beat

In what ecstasy
You cry thy grant
Daily I soak
Warm tears
Pacing my heart

Not only You, know
To ebb my flow.
I also could
Cast a run
To your search

Holding breath
To know me not
I discard daily
The attachment
Bouldering my footholds


Pluck a note
To my eternal string
Inevitability, here
it perforce my bleating heart
Craving thy image

All has gone
Undoing consolation
Crediting me respite.
But, 'I' only remains
Grazing thy look

Humble to pulpy heart
I let thy nectar flow.
Escaping all verbose
In body and mind
I plunge thy depth
Freeing my 'self' from myself

Monday, October 27, 2014


The cause simmer
An eternal glow
Reposing delight
In rapture,
The fire within

Thrill erupts
Flaming mountains;
No less of me
Crystallize, blazing
The rhapsody within

He of fire
Rests in tranquility;
A faithful companion
To pyre burn, the dawn
An eternal abode!


Earth epic unfolds
Myriad throbbing forms
Pulsating eternal beat
Flapping perpetual voyage,
Basking into the void

Invoking the chasm
Pompous stillness
Rhyme celestial rhythm
Loitering blissfully
Earthy womb takes to birth

Celestial bound ‘Garuda’
Brings nectar to Earth
An elixir of life
Awakening all conscious
To  yogic ‘vayus’ within


Tuneless vanity fades away
Dusting dusk of tearing nights
The marigold of your eyes
Shines, streaking the skyline

Simmering in, the lights
From the edges of Gothic architecture
Mélange the dawn in ecstasy
Round the mind’s rim

Let daring moments conjure
Shamming the acts of darkness
To unfurl all bruised smiles
In splendor of light and delight

Tuneless vanity fades away
Splashing golden crystals resolve
Ripples of massive moments
Riot the becoming of ‘splendor you’!


You know,
Dear friends mine!
I grafted
A sturdy stem-rose
To my loving heart
And, it sprouted
Into a beautiful bloom, barring
The protruding spikes
Which my fiery thoughts
Did my thorns away
Winning me, with
Swaying moods, and
Loving hugs!


Whatever I did,
I did it with my own
Labour and pain

Why do, then
You cry
Taking an upturn

See for thyself
How, Mother has
Procured, care for you

Whatever I did
I did it with my care
The nest and the womb

Why did, then
Your legs
Kick my stomach

See for thyself
How, Mother has
Prized you a gift

Whatever I did
I did it with my own
Sky and Earth

Why did, then
You keep
You eyes closed

See for thyself
How universes
Dance about your feet


The sensory perception
of my mirror image
stands more real to me;
As, it fetches,
My own touch
My own understanding
A sense of belonging
balancing my illusion of real 'me'

Such reality of an image
grip me by its art:
more real it cries
more real it twitches smiles!

Wonder how crystal clear
must be its soul,
on the other side;
Wish I could supple 'me'
To nurture my desert soul

Such sensory perception
My mirror image keep!


Who comes there
Princely dressed
Blooming the sky
Crowning mountain peaks
Droning the morning chirp
Pulsating life throb
The grass, the breeze
The ‘me’ and ‘you’ along!

Who come there
Flapping golden wings
Wafting joy
In every smile it peeks
Wrapping a kiss
Missing none
But to wed
The ‘me’ and ‘you’ along!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


In what mysterious ways
You paint my thoughts;
Such the night grows
In every inch I drab

Like a 'deep-of-well'
Settling like a dust
You plunge me, towards
Unfathomable dark abyss

I see no colour
To thy murky bloom, or
The shooting stars
Jingling thy presence

What pleasure you attend
Pulverizing my crush;
Daily it storms, overcasting
My rattling heart

In what mysterious ways
You come by my way;
Leaving behind the carcass
Of my unbegotten faith


My daily perdition
Gain understanding
Mirroring thy face

In my utter cry
It pulsate void
And empty space

Wish I could also
Rest my eternal wait
Closing my eyes


A readymade glue-stick
Played the trick
Pasting scattered hearts
Tending with love

'Success' returned back
To love-base
From the backdoor
Of human arena

Realm of material kin
In brotherhood; came
With wamth and passion;
Often blind to humans


Who tard me here
Dimming my faculties;
My daily upturn
The night and the day

No Bat, I am
Nor nocturnal I pretend
It loops, me;
Behind YOU

I reserve my birth
To my lowest beat;
May be, one-day
Stray canon
Will profuse justice
To my 'Care'!


Whine not, if
The journey look distant, and
The blooms are orbed, silent;
Much commonality, dissolves
In loving heart, when
River flows, down
The mountain tops!

Draw no lines, to
Thunder and rains
As IT sprouts, from
Where-ever, it
Touches our soul!

All love, banish
All hatred and all cry,
To Free all our longings
Ever born, and
Born again
In its rebirth!



In whose silent peel
I truncate, all
My wordy guff

What I pen, here
In falsity;
Deceive my consciousness

You validate
Thy certainty, endorsing
My last breath

Whose suppression
I carry along;
Quashing my spirit

What I acquire, here
In grueling birth;
Tax my breath

You shard
Broken heart, slicing
My total remains

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


उस  निरंकार का
यही  अस्तित्व  है, की
जब जी करता है ,
तब एक तह
वो फिर छीलता है,
तब तक,
जब तक , साँसे
अलविदा नहीं कहती

Monday, October 13, 2014


In whose silent peel
I truncate, all
My wordy guff

What I pen, here
In falsity;
Deceive my consciousness

You validate
Thy certainty, endorsing
My last breath

Whose suppression
I carry along;
Quashing my spirit

What I acquire, here
In grueling birth;
Tax my breath

You shard
Broken heart, slicing
My total remains


Deliver a birth
On embryo-pan, with
A vegetable cut
And, feed milk
As hunger cries

Knead flour dough
Rubbing Jennie
For the meal,
For the hungry
And, the poor alike

If life, must
Be born
It must be born
Inside the kitchen


In loftiest deep night
Mighty emotions, stir
Jewels of my skies

Jaunt me an outing
From this dreary life

If for thy name-shake
I call a prayer, by
Kneeling down

Flare me up in ashes high
As amber night burns!


I thread
The ghost of love
To lambent
A glow, to my heart

In fuller strength
I Keel my spine
To put
My dreams undone!

Specify a couch
In form of love,
When no more
Darkness comes
I let 'me' do, some
Colourful twist

Saturday, October 11, 2014

रब दा वास्ता

हजार तन्हाई वीच
ओंठ लब्दी है

मुकदी नहीं, इबादत
की हज़ार मिन्नतें

गल जो, मैंनू
खामोशी से
सराबोर कर गई ,
मेरे दिल वीच  मुकदी है

करदे हैं सब
फकीरां दी गल्लां ,
बेपर्दा वक़्त भी
नज़रें मोड़ लेंदी है

मैंनू की लोर पै गई !
हज़ार बार लफ्ज़ वीच
"रब दा  वास्ता "
हिलोर करदी है !

Thursday, October 9, 2014


This take, of my dreams
Relentless and wild
Serve my heart, untamed
Propelling distant land

This cut, of my void
Silent and sombre
Dart my wings
Like scorpion sting

This huff, of my clipping
Mild and moron
Flare my passion
To thy lucent beam

This take of my night
Loaf me a cuddle
When no predator preys
I keep my canoe safe


Why ruffle your thoughts
Grazing turmoil
Wailing thy lips

Boost thy uplift
In glory IT abides
As ‘time’ revolves

Why siren your distress
Paling pain
In silent grief

See thy hull
In freedom mast
Praising sacred song

Why yield to barge
When you can tow
Your infinite strength

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


An aerial flight
Tapped and rapped
Toeing her resources
In furtive glance

Perching longer sight
Shrieking down her prey
One more kill
To slurp, and
A perfunctory kiss

Engrossed totality;
The hunger,
An end, sated!


In ignorance flip
I devour silence
Feeding voices, and
Wriggling my tongue

In untold stories
I cleave my bond
Feeding curse, and
Mounds of pain

Query not, by ping
My broken dreams
In connections all
I sever my blood

Lamp-post respite
A Sun in street light
Saunter my walk
Melancholy bound

As Don Quixote
I duel my silhouette
And arrange
Piling my ignorance


Sharp protruding nail
Tore corner of my shirt
A little bruise, and
Sigh of Uffs!

By which corner, next
Will you tatter my wear
To enliven the crush
Peeping my heart

Pierce deep, I say
Sowing thy love
Better be now, than
To repent hammer push

Sharp of intellect
It obeyed my wish
I went near, and found
My self tattered bound


The gun of resources
Emit carbon dioxide,
Poison the skies!

Decoy the killer
The ‘wiser man’, huh!
Who, tricks unholy means
Luring richness
Bedecking, crumbling crown

Digging and depleting 
Precious Natural resources,
the coal, the wood
Spilling oils, shooting ashes;
The losing battle, fight
Breathe of life, the richness
In greenery, once
Tolled the day, and
Pacified our dreams

Stop! This
Meanness of desire,
The dream, which garland you now
Keeps a round of wreath
To bane you a farewell!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


My folly, make
Words for you
And, you intuit
Heaving my heart

It nurses heaven
As it dies
And, you bleat
Lump to my throat

My folly, sound
Drumming ignorance
And, you tag
Pinning my heart

It gives lessons
Parting the body
And, you peel more
A layer of my folly

Friday, October 3, 2014


I will rain, bullets
If it turns to honey drops

I will drop, bombs
If it turns to heavenly clouds

I will cut, flesh
If it turns to umbilical cords

I will drain, water
If life is submerged by floods

I will kill, germs
If it breeds hatred and contempt

I will buy, riches
If it turns caring for the poor

I will banish, Apartheid
If it turns to beauty pageant for all

I will scorch the desert
If it turns to an oasis

I will die, unknown
If you will care me none

No pier extends towards You
Unless 'I' harbour boats
To ferry 'you' across!
Where we can dream
A better World
For the born
For the old
For smile
For joy
And for

'Cursor' HANGS!

Thought stretches longer
Widening our eyes
When 'Cursor' hangs
Hauling passions
For larger 'reboot'

May it come alive
The sight of my 'Windows'
As Computer restarts
Playing default
To my optimistic heave

Pump no beep, longer; from
Inside the metallic case.
Heart will bear, no more
The patience, bankrupt
Of all reasons

Filling all hopes
Blessed to the 'Monitor'
My 'present' weds, joyfully
To dip my fingers
And orchestrate,


Amids silent prayers
Those folded hands
Give tearful parting
One deep of love, bid
Farewell upon life

How many names, are
Etched on tombstones, and
Only Taj is made
Still, many mountains lay
Weeping in silence

Amids twinkling stars
Galaxies swirl
Many stars are born
Many Red-giants are dead

How many voices, are
Floating in the skies, and
Only vastness are seen
Still, many 'nothingness' lay
Curious to our eyes


I could see whisper
Smiling the trees
Skies pouting lips
Flexing cloudy kiss

Rolling the days
I flap my freedom
Nestling the chirp
In flower bloom

The bark
Thy softest touch
Suffle my love
From me to you

In muted breath
Leaves churn silence
Rustling its say
Topping with joy

I could see life
Never as before
Stretching mirth
Earth flirts skies