Monday, December 28, 2015


I know not
Who you are
Spreading all-around
The life's whim
Giving reason to my understanding
Churning thoughts after thoughts
Did one life was not enough
To Axe my breath
Knocking death's door
How was your presence
That swayed every faith in you
Till I bought a coffin
To measure my length
Giving one more kneel
To your bearing
Galloping far and above
Did one life was not enough
To search you behind
That long corner of marrow and bones

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I float universes
To birth inside you
Yet you gap a void
To empty the rush
Dream often comes
Wide awake
Yet you flake my eyes
With drops of icicles
I hold my steps
Lest I worry you not
Yet mire are my act
To see your cry
Excellent review ...!
I prostate!!
"This is actually a potentially really excellent poem, and I understand it...imperfect language use to a certain extent, however, affords the mist through which this excellent poem cannot be seen clearly for what it is.
Great title.
Those first two lines are amazing..."I float universes / to birth inside you" beautiful."

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Dab  lightly
The letters from
the frosty windowpane,
to gauge
the measure of love
breath to breath

Many facts
Remain unknown
To a face in the mist,
Still silent birthmark
Choose oneness
By every streak of finger mark

I withhold luxury
Life after life
To quarry upon
The golden mines;
Some more dead have risen up
To read your script by longer jaws

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


O the muted gloss of my gravest floss
Chime not, tinkling thy smile;
Wonton I ask ‘me’ to clone my face
And hid ‘myself’ behind
by the same blind alley
Through which my tears flows

O yonder, mantle of yore;
A silent bellow
Breezes warmth,
to every drop
of sweet salty tears
from my cursory face

O ye
The ballerina
Of my dancing cusp;
I possess every point
To quell the force
Into thy bellicose poise

I have known
from every fallings of my eyes
The thaw of universe
in each drop, abandoned;
On the lost paradise
Bruised, and bruised again


Ill begotten lust
Erupts into volcanic saliva
Drooling molten strength;
As morality trifles away
Dousing mortal remains

No less, was the miracle,
As nature slovenly smiles;
Here, grandmother hangs around
Holding an act of melodrama:
The modern life, enacted


How I wish
to see, that Simmering light
the utter darkness
sweet of pleasantries
gossiping unfathomable gulp

Not of how, or who
We are;
Many destined moments, comes
At the wee hours
of microcosmic rendezvous;
The meiotic inception

How I wish
to see, the spark
rubbing stone upon stone;
to come forward, and greet
with a pleasant smile;
"Stone that turned into flowers".


When decibels of deceit
Crown the highest crest;
Impostor dispose nicker
Of the softest guile

When mobile groove
To gouge the keypad;
Prepaid sham scores
To swindle postpaid amount

When rush hour is paramount
Fallopian tube
Surge an iron egg
To slip the vitals, out

Monday, December 7, 2015


No seasons took away
The perfect calm,
A slumber it was
That sealed my spirit
Weaving fabric of day and night

To worth
I enquired my delight,
How sweet was the rosy touch
When I resembled
The very feel on her

Nothing common did I feel
Casting mine eye to see,
I took off the face cloth
And was dazzled
How my work curled on her face

Thursday, December 3, 2015


You are
The dawn of skies
the dusk of an ocean
O lord, my twilight

Plant me verdant
To breath rich
my little life
O Lord, my oxygenator

Dab my soul, with
The softest brush
Smudging thy love
O Lord, my plume

I crave éclairs
Munching day and night
To muffle thy warmth
O lord, my confectioner


I burn my skin
Charred blackish lard
Groping the end so near,
Pithiness surging high
Succinct of laconic waste
The life;
Embarking on the journey
from where I began, inside
To whimper
The lost crown, hidden
Unborn, cloying the abyss
As sweet as jaggery;
The progress lean on
The rebel, who you are;
To lie down
When the entire ladder must struck
The thud of the falling heart


Whenever I happen to glimpse
My luminous fluorescent bulb,
Glowing dark at nights;
I dare a buzz by my ceiling fan
To fan your beautiful hairs
Sans any blade


Where the two points cusp
In trajectory of running life,
There I find an option
For my new beginning

Where the night and day are equal
In balancing act of equinox,
There I find my cursor
Marking celestial sphere

Where traffic light beeps
Crossing beam at crowds,
There I find my shell
Covering my wink


Whose imagery dangle
Sagging inebriated warmth,
In the dark colliery of my heart
Diamond of thy love glitters

What richness adore
The seekers that seek,
One sacrificial offering
Born out of my begging heart

When tender thoughts
Drape my innocence,
I charm my heart
With golden flame


Do I need to implore
The leaves, that
Falls down the trees

Moments drudge
Thy hoary face
As I labor my life

Heaving a sigh
I wearily tread
Lost vision mine

One day more, I hold;
To bear thy pound of pulp
Inside my worn-out womb

Till when
In falling down,
Life will spread its branches

I implore the muck
The knoll of earthy mound
Wet and dry


When the legs, bear
a protruding womb;
A new cry, endures
recurring pain
Taking strength, step by step

Offbeat are His
Novel scheme;
The boon, that
Delight in birth;
Purl a golden knit

Such are the sortie
of defense,
When quest of musk
Takes to blush;
Why women can do, and
Men can’t