Thursday, May 22, 2014


मेरी निःशब्दता को
आवाज देने, तुम
मत आना
बहुत पंख कटे हैं
तेरे परवाज़ में
तेरी आहट का
क्या भरोसा
आबरुह की जिल्लत भी
क़ब में इम्तिहान लेती है
मेरी लगी को क्या कहिए
एक निःशब्दता है
गरीबाँ ख्वाबे-गरिमा है

Friday, May 9, 2014


हर दिवाली आतिश
हर रंग होली
हर क्रिसमस सांता
हर लौ रोशनी
हर दूआ क़बूल
फिरकत में है
फिर तू क्यूँ ?

हर मौज दरिया
हर ठेस बुलावा
हर मौसम परिंदा
हर लब्ज़ वजू
हर साँस तेरा
फिरकत में है
फिर तू क्यूँ ?

हर सहर सूरज
हर वफ़ात वजूद
हर शाम शबनम
हर शक्ल आईना
हर शान बुलन्दी
फिरकत में है
फिर तू क्यूँ ?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

रुँधी सी हँसी

वक़्त बेखबर बेपरवाह
रुँधी सी हँसी और न जाने
अनगिनत वार
लब्ज़ों को सिलते हैं
तमन्ना उन बातों की नहीं
जिनकी रंगत से बहार होती है
तमन्ना उन लहरों से है
जिनकी हर एक बात पर सदियाँ झूलती हैँ
फ़नकार में अब वो बात कहाँ
जो वक़्त को अल्फाज़ दे
वरना क्या पड़ी थी मुझे
उसे रोकने की

Monday, May 5, 2014


Where is the flight
Colouring my spirited eyes

Penchant for flying kites
Embodied all glory to names

To a tug, blindness seeks
Vision of skies

In an erratic turn
It tether string to my love

Another kite hissing, do
War for the kingdom of skies

Either the many cut, or
The many kingdom won

Some gulping
Some drooling my saliva down

Those golden days gone, I
Stick my tongue dried

Barren of all support
Anchor my present, arid to skies!


It feeds
The essence
To colour my spirit
Light and bright, where
Many phoenixes rise, from
The ashen dead

Dawn beckons at every gate
Where it wilth, it paveth the way!

It perch
The height
To direction my sight
Soft and silky, where
Many returnth, wafting
To heavenly cocoon

Where ever it wilth
It fillth the nectar way!

... 32 DEAD!

Tom and Harry went up the state
To weave a map of groan and pain
Silence feared and ripped its gown
Tumbling in wail and whimper

Licking hatred, bloodshed trotted
They came limping and tumbling after
It whipped my heart full of sorrow
Orbing black silence mute and 32 dead!


It fell straight
Infront my sight
For a blink
To her concern
An urge heavier
Perched my shoulder
To orb her, with
All my warmth

She carried for days
The strike of hunger
In her emaciated look
Bare of bones, and
The soul scattered
How have they ripped
The layers below
With scythe of time

No more, no more
Do this for any mortals
Very weak are our hearts
It tears down profusely
In excess of concern
I hold smaller brain
And a bigger heart
To every vision
Thee ply thy sight


Many do trace
My forged faith
Hammered by
Pleasure and pain
Till slavery bound
I unite
To beat and bend
The force
Which happened
To conquer my all, and
Quell my silence
Recognising His force


Your silent art
Grows my heart

The morning bloom
Grows my plume

The nature call
Play me pal

Your rise
Makes me wise

Every mast
Sail me vast

Your form
Grand perform

What fills in
Empty in void


What thee gave me
To breath, was
Mixed with absolute, and
I searched helter-skelter
For the line
Demarcating thy existence
Before I could
Obey thy silent take
Nullifying my own


I squeezed
My chattering thoughts
With a twist, and


Raining droplets
Dripping down
In silent awe

For it watered
My earthy roots


A new light
In sprouting bloom!


Nothing about me
Quest, my blank canvas
But the plight of silence
Poverty stricken
Rolls over me
An ocean of flow

Thy tacit pose
Flame my sight
Orange, yellow and white

Nothing about you
Earn me bounty
But the hue of breath
Colour my existence peg
Brushing a move
To my oscillating heart

Thy vacillating swing
Plunge my heart
To unfathomable deep

Nothing about me, do
To colour my canvas
But every ooze
Beneath the form
Rolls over the pore
To make my art complete


I saw you
The most beautiful
When silently, I
Sipped thy image
Mirroring inside
My closed eyes

I balked my breath
Reaping solitary joy
To work full
With my senses, live
Putting a wedge
To my bland breath

None saw
Including you
How I died
My heart
Plating gold
In memory of you!


All in vain
Labour was lost, when
No true companion came
To shackle me free

I bled an eternal test
And, found none
Of my evil-speak

It was you, who
Galored me
To thy abundance

And, nailed me
For a death, and here
I found my companion, wait!