Sunday, May 31, 2009


Who sees more the Blind man or
The man with Vision.
Is it not vision that is dependent on
The Blind.

We see to our Capacity; and the
Unseen merges into thought.

Just Born Baby has got Eyes; but is
Blind to the thought.

Who sees more, the Totality, the Fact
That we are here.
Is it not the presence, which makes
Us feel the beat of it.


The willpower to stand on the sand at the bank of the sea,
The energy to withstand the gush of wind,
The quality of the man on the brink of defamation,
Can be eroded!
But the pressure exerted by the legs on the roof of the sand
Demarcates the functionality of the Rationality by itself.
It's always the inner thing
It comes with out anybody's help
It's nature
It has to come!
But the pressure of the body harness the individuality
Denotes the myopic nature of the whole.
Willpower is just a rocket booster
Lots of fuel is required for the takeoff
Later satellite is given the final velocity into the orbit
The constant orbital velocity
Otherwise prepare for the nose drive
It's far but still visible
Willpower is with you the faith has to be approached


The tenacity to transcend the boundary infinite demands
Reason as ladder and Faith for the will to succeed.
Movement all around, static we feel when we look up.
Thought is there to define the target, hard work we have to do.

Dark is never conquered by Light or reciprocally
Demand is omnipresent but the will is required.
We are forced to move never to look beyond the 'tenses'.
Net demarcates the boundary of the 'tenses'

Truth can never be fabricated, whatever we do.
It can be judged peeping inside us.
Crusade ultimately wins, but the winner is required.
Sempiternal we live, sempiternal we go, Persistence attached.