Monday, July 4, 2016

दम ले लेने दो

जिसके तसव्वुर में
सर्द है दिन और रात
न जाने क्यों बिलखते हुए
सो  जातें  हैं आंसुओं के सैलाब

अब तो ना-उम्मीद भरे चेहरे से
वक़्त भी कलकलाता है
सिरहन उसे होती है
फना  मैं हो जाता हूँ

बुझा दो ये आशना-ए-चिराग
की जलाती है रौशनी बनकर अँगार
मुफ़लिसी में जीये जाते हैं हम
दर्द का पैबंद लिए

चंद रोज़ और, सनम! चंद  ही रोज़
कुछ  देर सितम सह लेने दो
ज़ुल्म की छाया  में
दम ले लेने दो

Saturday, July 2, 2016


The city smoke, have
a skeleton puff;
An undulating alcoholic haze
Gauffing to impale
A piercing rod;
Turned into black shoot and dust

Shooting flames, dare
To burn skies and skin
And mangle, the muscle hold
Tearing down ligaments
From hinges and joints

Cupids, now have
A bullet arrowheads
Blaring a gun blast;
Stepchild of Venus and Mars

The city smoke, have
a skeleton puff;
The mask of black omen
That play life
Masquerading death


While I nibble
Grey old thoughts
Sticky and slud;
A nocturnal rodent
Bigger in size, comes
Huffing in breath
And bit my fingers
Mauling its terminus end

Instantly I pause, by
My longer greasy words.
Sensing his carnivorous act
Wanton, I asked 'me'; by
What precepts he
Sealant his heart
To hex, bewitching
My body and mass

The sooner I dove in
To reason this act;
And I could find
A bigger opening
Greeting my present,
Not to clove the past silhouette
But to open the present
To fend its aroma


Silent stroke, dab
Life blank canvas
Stretching wider paint
Eyed to varied hue
Luring broader vistas
In its whispering  take
Above the clouds
Thundering a nod,
Acknowledging wherewithal
Of more rounder brush
To take care of minor details  


Moments hitched an accord
Sturdy in poise; comfortably
Backing longer passed nights
Streaking with brighter dawn

All well wishing, trickled
Down the streams by a new way
A pearl to glitter thy form
To every drop I mirror

You stood firmly, guarding
My weak heart
The pulse was yours only
That beat my heart


If can visualize, the real
Motion picture of life's reel
For scrap of torn papers, for
Fallen broken twigs, crunchy leaves
Empty bottles without its cork,
Littered and smeared by dust
Thrown and smashed carelessly by the side of the pavement;
Wish if it could jump to its original form
To be the part of original self
On the joyful trees, fluttering books and on the magical potion for the cure
To feel resurrected
And to breath its life once again



Blobs of cripple paint
Slide down the bruised wall,
wasting down warped space

Whose canvas I stretch, rootless
Stroking my wider brush
cantankerous and fossilised

Every touch, invisible
Keep my feelings drowned
In an ocean unfathomable deep

To every form
I slant my imagery;
Whose brightness, cut my shadow deep


Green patches covering the earth
With infinite source of life form
Giving us oxygen and other needs
The trees fulfill our likely need

Without the trees the earth will die
With no need to sacrifice about
The people will growl without the rain
The stomach needs to pacify angst

We must save trees, to live fresh
And others to dream freely

~ Anshika Ame-f (My daughter)


What we see when we look up from the ground
The colour changing infinite path
With patches of cloudy dust
Teaching us that we never be the same
From dawn to dusk with different hues
Shining with the different shades of sun
But when the night falls deep
It gets some white dots
Twinkling with a beautiful white on dark
With moon shining above, at par

~ Anshul Ame-f (My son)


The gift from God, my Savior
She helps us every time we need
She gave us birth into this world
With angel hands to lovely feet

Does her work without any complain
Never shows her pain, but smiles always
We are all human but she is Goddess
Whoes place no one can take

~ Ashanya Ame-f (My daughter)


Let us not, muffle
The faithful bleat
Clogging our heart

An open vistas
Lure earthy ashes
To respire on air

Let the dead, speak
The silent clouds
With winsome lips

I refuge
The whole sanctuary
Where galaxies swirl a smile


I desire, nothing
Of sort
Sliding down
The spires
Of heavenly minarets

My worldly respite, comes
Of its own accord;
Spilling the waste:
The life sludge
Feeders of termites and vermins

I desire, nothing
Of sort
Coming by its course
To grip my age 
Again and again

My worldly respite
Was born a long ago
When I was there, nowhere
To be found
In skies and beyond


Not a familiar breeze 
an unknown wind
a fire out of me

Why give
a soft push
cracking my softer skin;
Cast me round 
pouring fire
into a distinctive mould

O Father

O father,
How I not 
Roll my tears out
Through my hazy eyes,
As I see you stumble 
Down your age

Every emotion  
jump out of my heart
Giving space
To your supple look

O father,
Get me one more child
Cutting my age
So that 
I will keep on helping you
In this life

O Father!


I  chisel you
from every direction of space, but
A hand puts an unconscious hold
on your missing dimension 

Are you the one
Intoxicating me on the blind 
Or, I have embodied your image
Into my emptiness 

My buffoonery 
Is heightened by the twinkling stars
Otherwise my faithful days are
Flooded by your every wish

I have penchant for 
Diffused silence 
That carve marble 
In your hidden space

Alien Dust

Alien dust
have blown away the markings of my feet;
Trace the storm
that bleaches my heart along
sans any colour
sans any beat
Locked portals
have taken away the vision of my doors;
Trace the chain
that fetters my path
sans any cry
sans any joy
Long needles
have woven a silent pattern of my agony;
trace the worldly maze
that thrash my wound
sans any respite
sans any escape


झूकती हुई परछाई से
मैने पुछा:
क्या सबब है तेरे इस आख्तियार का?
बड़े शुकुन से वो बोला:
रहम खुदा की
कि लोग महफिल जमा करते हैं
बात की चोट से
मुझे तो रोशनी में
अपनी परछाई नापनी आती है