Friday, March 31, 2017


How these wet cloth-regiment
recruited after a wash
Calm of parading lines, hung
In between a tight string
Binding an abutment
At two points
Firm and disciplined
With a clip
Secured and safe
from its falling down

After being dried
By sun-rules
It saunter clean
In a bodily wear
Creased cuff and a firm collar
Smart of parties
Wearing a dainty walk.
Who marshals
These strict lines
Attending our needs


Thirst holds pail of water
Parched of quivering lips;
What measure I hold
Whose thirst is eternal You

An oasis gleams desert sand
Cooling eyes of storm;
What storm gushes my thoughts
Whose reality is a distant mirage

Celebrate bonfire in winter cold
Warm of ember hands;
What fire burns inside
Soaking life after life


Thought welds
Much of open space
Oneness with
Earth, water, fire, air and aether
What I tread along, comes
Beguiling the essence thereof
The vitals of life
Until I am fixed, somewhere
Sojourning into distant sky
Twinkling like a star, and
Dancing like a wagging comet
Another journey to begin
Unknown to universes
Where blind spot reigns
Douging thoughts
Sprouting a new birth, bizarre
Through the crevices of space


What music sounds
Into my ears;
In perfect harmony
I echo, reflections
From the deep
The light of my self

Ascending the top
I perceive vast horizon;
Illuminating my love
What silence gong
Resounding my ears, has
Become my life song

Spontaneously its flows
Soul-vibrating experiences;
Appealing the delicate senses
Melodies ripple
An ocean of Ganges, revealing
My true light


You merited your worth
Balloning towards skies
Heedless, I suffer
Shivering your memories out

Not long ago
You fortified me by your love; now
Uncaring, I measure
The length of my burnt wick

I prong the inner me
Into my heart
So I must satiate
My suffering bite

I peg my heart
Pitching dark tent
Furthering one more haul
To my wearing lips


Least of all burden, kept me
Sleepless nights

honed me centered
upkeeping my wakefullness

Not of any pejorative to mantras
Witnessing live
My dreams, awake!


By your light
You nestle my shadow
What prompted you
To fan this dark imagery

Breathing in
I find you;
Breathing out
I toss your faith

By what armour
Must I brace my soul
While my monkey breath
Keeps jumping tree after tree


What relationship counts, without
You ever in my thoughts.
If not you
Who else
Can bear me out of this body

All bonding, tasted
Sweet pain
In separation
Through final deliverance

What came filial, fathoming
The lineage
Was expanding;
Your never ending reach

What relationship, traps
Inside my inner being
If not you
Where else
Can I rescue my soul


O dear me
Enjoy loneliness
Like the mountain

Inhale the breath of yugas
Exhale that which is you

In between, sync
Your mind with one
And shrug your ignorance
That compels you thither

O my dear
Rise you here
A top

Rest you not for a pause
Regale passionately your bliss

In between, pause
To see live your death
And fear not the black crow
That side your nails

O dear me
Stumble not your legs;
Step alone galloping your feet


Beseech favour, that
Gurgles down you
Flutter that
Which is beauty in you

Run miles
With galloping urges
Saddle on faith
Cozy to your heart

Wrestle not, that
Terms you short
Take strides, measuring
Angle of your love


Pecking all
that was there on earth
I found it
all crust and hard
Not you
A single wave
An ocean of my love
Supple and sublime
Guiding, the flutter
of my single heart


Why are those shadows
Inking itself, out
of the body
Penning a cloudy move

Not all is lost
Sharing an accord
Between the two worlds, but
The nib of the shallow twilight

Dispense thy light
Into six corners, dark;
Where bleeds
Submissive heart mine

I desire no gold
Nor any body sack
My longing serves
A savant to thy need

Extinguish those fake fire
from the external expo
Side me a hinge
Towards your better world

Outdo my stub remains
Hinting me a better space
Allude not, to;
Where I post my body in


His voice was stratified, down
The layers of an age
Ring around a pyramid form

Thoughts reigned calcified
To its heights, ageless
Into a definite look

Buried under the mummified case
Pharoah rises
To churn it's stories rich

Not all can be subdued
By dawn or the dusk


Ween me from
The daily chorus of
tucking in my breath, and
bulging of my ego

You of the higher realm
keep pegging me
towards mirages of
your unreal thirst

A little compost of
my daily prayer
infest my earthy abode
with crawl and gingerly move

Warily I move
Towards your bigger end
to pile up your givings
in my never ending woes

Ween me from
The upbeat of millions
that drag me out
of its worn out limbs

Nada, an eternal string!

I experimented
to fill my words
with a sound
A great void came
thursting upon me;
Soothing none
To reveal the true essence
of my form
The seed of the Mantras;
Like an empty glass
ever thirsty
to take a drink
of that
single void
keeps pumping me
to the realms
ever vibrating 'nada'
An eternal string
The sound without a sound

Nada = The sound without a sound


You gesture me
An unknown secret
from dawn to dusk

Yet my foolish mind
gets entangled
towards your path

Mire of delusions
romp my body parts
Reason wearing a sleight

Give me new eyes
To see my 'self' through;
Where you abide a mirror to me

Luster of my old eyes
have wasted its time
Lost in hazy looks

Whence you come
Come by your bearance
Raining faith upon me

Divulge your secret
Giving light of the day, and
Night to a full moon


A new bonding
Cushion my thoughts
Gently padding in the air
Softly touching my heart

A lighter smile
Glisten my cheeks
Flowing simple tears mine
Gleaming thy light

Borrowing silver verses
from dozens moons
I unfold familiar ballad
To my full hearts

A new wave
Crest my upper limbs
Winning stars
With brighter light


One petaled rose, I am
Meagre of slender stalk, moribund;
superannuated to my distant buzz

What wilful force, sledge
My parting time
That sublimate in indistinct nap

How far the meek live
But to shed few more petals
Silence buzzing even after

What pavilion you porch the wedding gate
Tethering my breath
Floating dry essence into ether

I have piled a share of your stalk
Smelling death, scented
In my used colours


Hushed traquility of
city lights, loomed
Darker into nights

Some leftover
of crushed dreams
plaited the saga
in draconian look

Unfulfilled desires, was
Holding a grip:
Like a colt in hand
firing bullets
into desired space
Firing through nozels
The colour of my dreams

Straight blinkers, watching
The eyes, wide awake
in painful dreams

A huhsed silence prevailed
Luring many denizens
To witness the march
Out of City Lights


आपसी बातों से
तन्हाई ऎसी फूटी, की
आस दबी दबी सी रह गयी
एक सैलाब जिगर तक आकर
कहीं दिल के पास रुक गयी

कौन से गूढ सत्य की
प्रतीति हो तुम ;
न जाने क्यों कर
शब्दों में आते हो, और
मूक लौट जाते हो

कर लो बेज़ार,
मेरी रंगत भरी आस को
किसी और दूआ की पंखुड़ी से
अनेक रंगों के फूल खिलेंगे

आपसी बातों से
ज़ी अब भरता नहीं
एक वापसी की कुलबुलाहट
लब्ज़ों पर थिरकते हैं

इस बू-ए-हर्फ़ से
अच्छी है तन्हाई
संग रहती है हमेशा
आमादा होने तक

Saturday, March 25, 2017

अंतिम फूल

चलते हुए, बाबस्ता
किसी को गैर न कर
कब कहाँ, फलूदे
मेरे इश्क के
तेरे मुँह में
मिठास घोल जायेंगे

मसल मत
इन बहारों को
अपनी खामियों से ;
न जाने कब
पत्थर भी शान से
मस्तक उठा लेते हैं

जिद्दो जहद मत कर
जीवन की इस सफर में;
लम्हे भी करवट बदलती है
वक़्त की फरमाईश पर
अंतिम फूल खिलाती है
यह, तेरी मज़ार पर

Monday, March 6, 2017

मेरी रेलगाड़ी

कितना ममत्व लिए
यह चलती है
एक-दो नहीं, बारह-चौबीस बच्चों के साथ;
आवाज़  देती, पुचकारती
रुक रुक कर  खाना खिलाती
पोषित करती, मेरी
यह रेलगाड़ी

नज़र में गंतव्य लिए
पटरियों के सहारे से हल करती
अथक  दौड़ती
पानी या बरसात; बरसाती पहन
बच्चों  को ठण्ड और ज़ुकाम से  बचाती
गर्मी से राहत देती, लिमका पिलाती है
पैंट्री से गरमा-गरम, और
गलियों में धुन बजाती, मेरी
यह रेलगाड़ी

कितना ममत्व लिए
यह चलती है
परिवार से मिलती
आँसू पोछती
बिछरे पल को
अजनबियों से मिलती
किलकारियों की ओट में सहज भाव लेती
दुःख सुख को सहृदय से लगाती,
यह चलती है, चलती ही रहती है

ममत्व की पहचान है
एक अदृश्य को दृष्टि देती
वर्तमान को भविष्य से मिलाती
हज़ार बाहें फैलाये
बच्चों को बहलाती है
ममता की इन्द्रधनुषी रंग में
परिवार को संजोती है,
यही वो है, यही  वो है

Thursday, March 2, 2017

मधुर मुस्कान

कभी उनसे
ये न कहना, कि
मैंने चाह को बर्बाद किया था
वो वैसे ही थी, जैसा
मैंने पहले
उसे पाया था
तक़ाज़ा सिर्फ 'मैं ' का था
जिसके इर्द गिर्द मैं घुमता रहा;
वरना, क्यों
जीवन भर
उसकी मधुर मुस्कान
मुझे सालती रही 


What nought
I gain
Pumping bristles in a hay

Miles of moorland
Uncultivated land

Body fray
Loose threads
Wrinkled by an age

What astrolabe
In celestial nought

Miles of darkness
Than the black hole

Thought rumble
Denting spaces
By an echo

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fatiha (Ritual prayer for the dead)

Keep slow the pace
O my wandering legs
Patiently; as I
March my grave

Patietly you keep vigil
Looking at me
Your laurels
Twikling stars

My dying song, play
Me a whisper
along the cemetary
Drying leaves rustling

Bother me not by your hush
Half dead
I energize
To enliven my soul

I lie reading Fatiha
To myself.
What repose accrue
Will gather along the cosmic whirl


How sweet it would be
if brain turns to molasses
and, yummy our thoughts

How sweetly
Marching ants will inflow
Sweetness into our veins

How rue will
Take a puff
Banishing the last regret

How tender your imagery
Padding lovely dreams
In a sweet little bowl

How sweetly
Supper will relish
The coating of love


Whence you come
Piping thy melody
Taking nature
In a gush

Never was swaying
more visible, than
When you played softly
Crooning my ears

Who plays mouthful
Gleaming my eyes
Were you not there, inside
Before I treaded you everywhere