Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time prejudice

We can travel faster than light
With the help of our mind.

The average speed of something
Faster than light is mind.

But there is something more
Faster than light and mind, which
Presently we are unable or incapable to comprehend.

Yes it is 'time' which is faster than 'mind'.
But there is a beginning and end of time,
Which predisposes its own comprehension?

Time is just a movement which seems real,
But is unreal.

There is no infinity as it starts from zero
And have energy.

We are made up of changes.
Mind is just a synaptic current.

There is something more noble than 'Time'.
But before its comprehension time must be understood.

We touch but don't touch but feel!
Time is prejudiced to touch and,
The feelings goes beyond TIME!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bending of thought

Reason is the parents of thoughts.
Is there any reference for the infinite?
Is thought living or non-living?
Can we catch thoughts?

Thoughts have vibrations.
Is it any product of material brain?
Is thought light or heavy in weight?
Can we weigh thought?

Thoughts are colorless.
Is it any mutation of color?
Is thoughts kaleidoscopic or black and white?
Can we imprint thoughts?

Thoughts have its by-products.
Is there any raw material for the make-up?
Is thought explosive or non-explosive?
Can we explore its benifits?

Thoughts have its own individuality.
Is it masculine or feminine?
Is it bold or soft?
Can we unite its single-ness?

Thoughts are noisy.
Is there any tuning-fork to tune the thoughts?
Are thoughts random or synchronous in nature?
Can we hear or touch thoughts?

Thoughts are protogonist of the story.
Is there any author of thought barring its, self?
Is thought written with the preface or index?
Can we comprehand thoughts?

Bending of thoughts sounds true!