Thursday, March 22, 2018

kabhi chune se

Labz thaharne se bacati rahi
Unke sitam se
Aah barasti rahi 

kabhi chune se 
uski mahak udti nahi thi
Ab to pass rahte hue Bhi
Durian kam nahi hoti

Gair to gair 
Apno ka sitam bhi
Sanse todti hai 

Kabhi baton se
Zamana lahrata tha
Ab to chip rahte hue bhi
Aankhe Nam ho jati hai 

Gair to gair 
Apno ne bhi 

Muh pher liya


Dozens of fairy queen
Dreams me hoary nights
Keeping checked the beat
of my silvery heart

Many strands of silent love
Weave a nest
On the fence of live wire
To glory it's art

Dreams have​
Thousand brushes
Of cool air
To paint it's fair moon 

Many arrows blaze a trail
To my burning heart
Whose heights are measured 

In heap of ashes


When oneness shifts space
on other lands
I look for other Gods
to hinder play my ego,
A more personal place
Is reserved 
with tranquility and peace
Of the mortuary above


My memory stretches
like a green sod 
On the surface; lushing past
Like a village farmer 
Getting ready; as brisk
As tilling for his land
With manure, water and sunlight

My memory expands
like azure of the sky
Regaining the first drop
Of the season rain
Sowing seeds
Across the greater expanse

With my village dream


Very sweet, very naughty,
Very angry but very cute

When she will go away from me.
When she will leave me.
Then that will be the last, when
I will had the smile.
That will become the last moment
When I had ever oned in laugh

She lives in the heart of mine.
She lives in the smile of mine.
She is the only reason in my home to laugh.
She is the only way to cry in my home.

O! God, give this cute sis to all.
O! God, give every brother and sister

to pray to give the sister like mine


What is around you
Deep in silence
The whole sky, seems
In meditation

What is this flutter
Blooming around you
The whole garden, awake
In a beautiful dream

What are those steps
Taking long strides
The whole body, seems

Nearing you


I stood, spreading
my autumn arms
dry and skinny
Spring came running
hopping and popping
An art of greenery