Tuesday, February 20, 2018


अगर कभी ज़ख्मो को
कुरेदने की बात चले
तो मुझे जरूर बुलाना 
क्योंकि दर्द में
सच्चाई झलकती है
महरूम भले हूँ
अपने आप की बेवफाई से
लेकिन जरा सोंचे
की फ़र्ज़
दुआओं से अदा होता है
दुनिया सालती है
गरम साँस लिए
ज़रा दर्द का तखल्लुस
मेरे नाम से कर लेना
की ज़ख्मों में अपनापन होता है


keep silence
at the door of your heart;
no one knows
by which beat 
it will play
the sweetest song
originating from the deepest pain;
binding a trust 
with my own -
Negating all 
that is outer to me


Unbridled I gallop
the hoof of my pen
to mingle my dreams
into seven clouds 
The ink of which
never dries, sparking
Loftier; the thunder of my will
Where the planets awe, and
Galaxies whirl 

I crave uncharted land 
Where no time veil my thoughts
My proximity have defying means 
Where nothing reigns -
Time or space;
I have my timeless wings 
to charter hills of my heaven
Sans topography of space;
That binds me here


How the morning chirp 
Ran into my veins
It winged my skies -
Lapis Lazuli of my heart

How it rooted
Mountaints of joy on me
It shook my soul -
A crown to my heart

How the farmers 
Took tilling their lands
It beget all fertility -
Mother to all breeding 

How the school children
Ran their tiny feet
It spilled my younger days
From their backpacks


When I will drain out
my memory in near future
Out of my cerebral cortex - a loss.
I will mingle by blood
with that of a Robotic mix, and
Spark a connection 
with my lost memory 
And walk an Asimo
Serving tea and breakfast
No less than a loving talk in togetherness
To ease my boredom
in a day reverie 
And, clutch
A bonding with you, everlasting;
A filial automata 
To all my fulfilling wishes.
No need of A, T, G and U 
of double Helix, but
A grand unity -
Me, robots and my thoughts 


Like a eye
To my great expanse 
The distance comes closing by
The blinded are the dearest ones
To hilt a dream 
In their hands 


It was deeply growing on me
The shadow of my loving past
Accuring nothing to my present
But a full grown skeleton of a tree
Baring all on it's slender branches
The fruits of my sour loving pain 
The peeving wounds flickered down
The spotlight of the dark light
Nothing visible healed me of its forth
A long range of saddening life
Made a dent to the body like a crater
And plunged me deeper into an abyss