Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Virtues are not cultivated, but
The bonafide residences of virtues are cultured.
The whole physiognomy remains as it is, but with slight changes,
And the inner turmoil oozes in azure i.e. the serene and peaceful remembrance.

Luck can't be discarded with disdain.
It must be respected reverently, as
It makes us happen to meet our friends,
And that with the purpose i.e. th focal point "The Taj"

Who says 'Friends' can't be cloned?
It can be cloned into fairies and angles.
Don't we think, daughters and sons are
Their fairies and angles!

It is no wonder that there are seven wonders!
If there are more than seven friends,
The arithmetic says 'the wonder keeps on its further journey...'
Into the infinite undefined!

The policeman came and ordered:
'Go!; get in queue at the back!'
The gentle pull unremittingly made me feel,
The entrance gate inside the Taj is not far to cross.

The petrol (unsure) leaking from the CNG gas car!
'Palson Motors' came to rescure virtually.
The 70-80km speed scaring the nerved...
The silence was in the making, children's were feeling drowsy.

A stop at 'Jai Gurudev'
The mineral water, the 'freedom fighter' etc.
Good Night, 'll talk to you tomorrow!!

Great FRIEND!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Death is layered

Haiti, Tsunami, Terrorism...
Death, death... everywhere!
We all are affected by this,
And the death of the people i.e. near and dear ones.

The echo effect of death is just for a moment,
And it vanishes when the next death sounds the bell.

Many a cry, many the sympathizers…
And the story goes on as ever before.
Diagnosis is pre-emptied and the cure is semi-transparent.
The cure for the affected families is for the moment only.

The whole disaster evaporates in oblivion,
Nothing is kept for the conscious!

It is just a moment truth,
And the trust is burdened upon the past.
Lots of speeches provoked, laden with untold miseries…
But the affect is self-made by the speaker.

Does anybody think that i.e. that was my mother, father, sister, brother etc.?
Proclamation is distant and the affect is near.

Killing is substitute for the over-burdened mind.
Death is normal for the Death itself!
Death is layered by the onlooker by the previous death.
The meaning of death is partaken by the un-dead!

Review: Caper Journal Monthly Journal

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