Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Wriggling in convolution
I can't grasp the evolution
Coiled thus, inside
The womb of time.
A big crunch squeezed
The whole out of me
External to the bondage
Outside the becoming
The unbecoming of beingness!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Kitni baar in nam,
Bujhati aankho se
chuaa tha, andhere mein
In komal si gahraiyon ko.
Kabhi to Phalsapha enka
Badal dale ga jivan ki
Saccaiyaon ko

Marne talak to bharosa
Manzile tamam thi
Lekin kambakth, usi ka
Aasara tut gaya, Jisne
Pattharo mein tarasha tha
Ek nagma-e-lakeer, ki:
Jindagi maut ka intekaam thi!


Little by little
You come closer
Little by little
You go farther

Slowly slowly
The sun rises
Passes through
Moon's cool gaze

Slowly slowly
The days runs down
Slowly slowly
It eats away the town

Little by little
You come beautiful
Little by little
You go far, ugly

Slowly slowly
'm given birth
Slowly slowly
'm tugged into earth

Slowly slowly
The nectar get sipped
Slowly slowly
The flower wither

Little by little
I remain of you
Little by little
In oblivion, forgotten!

Upon the bank of the lake

In tranquil serenity
Beloved sipped the love,
In the kiss of the earth
Ornamented by the glance
Transparent clouds and
The souring birds, quenches
Travelers thirst

In quagmire of melodies
I can just hear
Rustle of leaves
As the breeze passes-by
Withering flowers
In the dance of purity;
Mesmerizing my whole

With a few pebbles of pain
Collected from my frozen past
It rests at my bidding at the
Bank of the lake
To be synchronized
With a throw of ripples
Praising pain and the pleasure

With nature going furious
Raining with heavy drops
'm optimistic of the return
Melody and the tranquility, of
The heavenly reflection
On the clear water
The abode of beauteous
Universe at the depth beyond

Empty of all pebbles
In my body-sac
One day I could see
Myself disappear at the
Very bottom of the oceanic depth

In conjunction with a wait
An another traveler would Come
Loving me,
With oblation abound,
O, heavenly THERE!
Tell to him that
Once I lived here
With purity and deep of love
Throwing pebbles
To the depths!

Copyright in essence Preeth Nambiar ♥

Monday, January 28, 2013


Like a 'Top', in
An ever changing
Utopia, that
The one perfectionist
Who called me for
A Turing test
Himself lay hidden
Behind the tinkle;
That, when I got
Hurt, the blood
Oozed from the side
Of the steel joints!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


How many a times
Through the wet eyes
Have I touched thee
In darkness galore, the
Softness of thy
Beauteous depth.
A day will heed, its
Philosophy presence, to
Azure the truth of life

Was having a total faith
Until the journey of death.
But lo!
Lost faith in that
Which had in-scripted
A line of verse
On the epitaph:
The life was a revenge of death!


An unknown urge, waited
For the flight, whose string
Was holding the word-of-kites
Swaying to the flow of thoughts

Eons passed in abyss
In welled-up emotions
From the beginning
Through to the end

A patient I was
Lying in bed, couched.
Medicine scattered the tray
In vision around

In chambers of agony
And joy unbidden
The play was enacted
Protagonist unknown

Usurped by the unknown
The force vanguarded
The meaning behind the real
Lurking in the naked truth

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Parallax of vision,
Spills the angle of light.
From earth, the
Distance stretches,
Towards the horizon;
In drooping heads down

Stream of evolution
In momentous conjugation
Subjugate my soul
Otherwise what need
It laid inside sloth
In the body gross

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Waiting for the fill
When the cup will be full
And will stop pouring in
Ceramic UN-hid
The glaze
Only to escape
From the window
Of the world
For the fact, that
The fount was
unaccountable to
Way of the worlds


One by one
Lusterless, not alone
Language beguile

Don't cry your silence
'm already living dead
A slight huff will
Find me thrown eons away

Push me in thy unheard call
Caught in wordly maze,
Every sound stuns.

My heart take a flight
In eyes, it rests red

Let me not count, as to
How many Suns passed away
Dead, in eternal hell

One by one
Stick not, thy pride
Perching on top

Detachment un-added
Counting goes
One by one

Friday, January 11, 2013


Whenever I happen
To cross my Mothers
Compassionate look
My Mother always
Takes a glance at me, and
My eyes are filled with
sweet warm tears

My Son!
Go away for thy work
But remember
Come home early
Before the dusk
'm getting old
May be anytime
Only my body
Will carry your gaze;
Gaze-less will I become

Walking in my standing
I keep on contemplating
Love bound inside that

O Maa, Oh!! _/\_


At times, the
Only sound available;
Beckons at my door
To coo me standing
In hush of silence

If I can't amazingly
Imagine thy countenance
With the surplus flow
How then can that
Oozing, be my own!

O, the enchantress!
Ever thought yourself;
One day music dead
I will come cooing thee
From my grave.


Dumb roots
Down the crust
Dungeon Dark
Never touches
Light above
But still
Branches uphold
The victory
In leafy flag
Swaying to music
Floating around
Undefeated in
Natures call

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Existence Graced
The primordial slump
Sitting, slouched
Against the prime
Invisible to thoughts
Or, the purpose
Behind the gross

The only existence
Speaks its wants.
Never have that
Been an accord,
In the living
And procreating

From far fledged
In distance deep
Vision calls:
Before the change
You can play with,
THERE it had already
Taken its full wings

Change halts
At the core
Of dead cold!

Monday, January 7, 2013


How many wry pages
The book of silence
In volume omnibuses
Will be dried away
In the heat of heart
Rubbing layer by layer
Pages by pages
Wailing for the wisdom
In cacophony of concern

Unbidden tears rolls down
In the stretching of time
Blinded, the dictation
Also has gone to
The unruly hands
Why and what for
The greenery is cut
Stacking shelves, a
Filler in silent gap

Friday, January 4, 2013


In thy reality
Vision blurs

Tranquil lay
The path

Slow the foot
Goes creeping

Attuned whole
Quest existence

Inlayed breath
Surface flush

Agony cried
Eternal hush

Stony eyes
Soaked moments

Just the end
World agore!


How in that, one
Glass of water
The vision froze
Oozing a warm
Gush, utterly
Resurgence, took
A place, above
In Vapors
In cloudy hills
Barring me, and
Barring before!

Oh! The one
Glass of water!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Wordy wings
Many direction tread
Pecking feed
In directions abound
No books untouched
No lore unsung

In crushing disguise
Painted the pain
In Smokey white
Burdened by pull
In flare illumine

Grieve not the pen
Grieve not the mouth
Effervescent your
Penalty prime
Medicated balm
You keep in here


Better the days were
Bright eyed we played there

Every morning, clouds
Would brush its teeth white

The rays in silence
Chirp the morning light

I did the obvious thing
That which I didn't understood

Made a paper-boat from the waste
To soar the seven seas

Rolled over with the soil
Lovely in an earthy feel

Tore the terrain, climbing
High on the tree branches

All came sounding
All came playful

Together we clasped our hands
In a vow as never to part away

When I asked: Do you know me?
Reply adeptly came: Are you a human being?


Unhen bhi to nahi malum
Ki, tapakte the neer
To khun paani ban jata tha

Kya kabhi maine, kabhi bhi
Khwahish samne rakhi thi, bhala

Use kya malum ki
Uske hilne se
Meri jaan par ban aati hai

En mauto ne jitna bhi
Rulaya ho mujhe
Buto se kabhi apna
Haal punchenge zara

Enhi shabdo me phans kar
Kabhi rundhe gale se
Pukara jayega mujhe khabhi

Lautegi phir wohi nadani
Zinda rahte kaphan
Aur marte huye
Aag mein paani

Unhen bhi to nahi malum
Ki pharpharane ki aahat
Ko nazdikiyan maut bana deti hai


He even knew not, that
Which rained as tears
Was turned into blood

Have I opted
For something, ever

What does he know!
Even a slight move
Makes my heart out

How much so ever, these
Deaths, will make me weep
If the chance so happens, one day
Will inquire the Statue, thus

Entangled only into these words
With teary red eyes
Someday will be called here

Again, The same fate will return
Orb the living dead
And whilst in death
Water on the pyre

He even knew not, that
Hearing flapping of wings
Was not nearness to him but to death

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Slovenly, insult drenched
Sult wailed at the caller,
You wretched!
Whom you call thee, thus
Is not bereft of Mother;
And your every presence
Defy any bearing, here
On this Earth!

May I be clumsy
Dirty and debauch
But your every second
Stands subtly
On the piers of mine, strong
And full of eternal strength

Don't let loose my wrath
You, the hell boy!
Hark! The Next time,
The same bate of breath
Which had given you a shelter
In the warmth of cocoon
Will burn you with eternal fire!