Monday, July 31, 2017


By softness
of your bionic arms
I have gained 
An intelligent creator in you
As you surpass 
Those eonic years 
Fighting war with God's, 
with millennium
greed, misery and death
One more term 
'An immortality'
Like a Creator


How sweetly 
You treasure thousand dreams
Under my pillow
Yet I bother you
In nicety of twinkling nights

Yawning agape
A golden chariot
Robs all my gem
At early dawn



What measure
I opt
to the burning wick
That flicker pain 
In every undulating move
Out of its slender strength

What attachment
I bond
to your genotype
That mutate
In every generation
Out of an eonic evolution

What words
I use
to gauze the lining
Under your thoughts
That vamp meaning
Out of the dark background


A rainbow 
makes a curve
towards the horizon
As there is so much
to target
into your woeful space
this bowing season
As you have starved
of late 
with parched lips, and
Cracked earth
Barren of all hope;
Left with
Farmer's prayer, high up
Into your sunken eyes


You ran fast
to steal the show
An applause from the pavilion;
I limped last 
to gain an understanding
A deeper root to my swollen feet

You are rich
by hoarding your money
A bank to sign in your account;
I bank 
on my only faith
A hidden treasure to guide me through


When vastness bellow
A silent twitch
Amidst the whole panorama of life
Let it learn, that 
Most silence 
Have an earthy smell
Under the mound
Braving it's steps 
Towards an unknown deafness


How is it, that
In every bit of a cut
The trees have
Surpluse of smiles
glued to it's nature

Not that 
I want stars
to count my faith; but
to count lesser years
In every bit of my death

How is it, that
In every petal 
of your bloom
I count Suns and moons, 

Willowing dawn to dusk


What part of
my eyes, hover
Around your empty spaces
The little I see
The more urge saunter 
To transpire
Through my blinking eyes
And caress 
My forgotten wish, that
One day
We both will
Get to know each other
And sublime our essence
In an unknowable form


How thee pen
Sweet little verse
with verve so secure
In thy heart so pure
I get all vibes
In nature of freedom
Flapping and twitting
Resonating in thy beat

Friday, July 28, 2017


You sound
Big ears
To my feet, yet
I find nowhere
of your whereabout

My friendliness
Got a theft
In the dark
of this crowdy nights
Trailing your dust

Why do I, then
Your foggy form
As you crumble my wish

Priding my blindness
to your million dreams
Wanton I live
Fraying my body
from rags to ratchet


How you dupe in
Your abysmal talk
Churning your mind
with ulterior motive;
I only
restrain my patience
to feel an ogre
Inside your
Bigger brain

Take heed
By your vocal chord
the lump of my throat
the visceral depth
of the secreting hormone
that fights battle
with thicker blood
In war, with
Your gory image


How is it, that
In every bit of a cut
The trees have
Surpluse of smiles
glued to it's nature
Not that
I want stars
to count my faith; but
to count lesser years
In every bit of my death
How is it, that
In every petal
of your bloom
I count Suns and moons,
Willowing dawn to dusk

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Who spread the linen
Over the body of sofa
As I was waiting
for that universal traveller
to take me in his talk
Showing gravity of curve
while he sat
And, bewildered
I saw
the closing of my eyes
As he drove me
In direction
I never knew where


Take your beauty
from the
Dark ridges of my heart

One sloth
of my bodily wish
keeps pegging me
towards the unknown;
Up to when
will I gain
the momentum
to sprout your beauty in

Take you beauty
till I mirror my heart
to your eternal wish


How far will you
Stretch my begging hands
longer than your flute
To kink untrodden words mine
Wriggling my tongue, inside;
to blare my heart
Out of my tight lips

How long will you
Measure my breath
longer than your age
To suffocate my bones
Yet a life, inside;
to gain sustenance
Out of my death

How colourful will you
Grip my faith
by fragrance of your incense
To fill my body of temple
with sweet smell;
Like a thunder
That I crack thy sky


Seeing an electric bulb
An imprinted memoir
Wattage in different forms and sizes
An allegory of fore: sunflower!
He buzzed his energy out
Humming soft music around
While she remained an ash
of white tungsten
Hard and brittle
As high voltage
Started running through it
and a wire remained of herself
Dangling inside.
The noble gases
As inert as an element, and
Wasted beauty


What need I say
to the sad air, mourning
mounds on my grave
A castle bellow on top
by termites of the air

What need I say
to the departed soul, whooping
A deep cut inside
Warrior of my heart
Plunging deep in blood bath

What need I say
to your sweet voice, driving
Rustle of falling leaves
Breaking a part
from the tree of my love


How memory holds
past reminiscences
Old and new
by the window side

An open vista
lure the happenings
in the present
Giving an upper beat to savour

Those of heavenly abode
Day and night
More closer inside our heart

How far the imagery goes
It goes by and by
to its full extension
of our meet in time and space

An open heart
translate my past, and
Vowels towards future
Gaining one peep from the sky


I entrust
My deepest thought
Worthy of those heavenly souls
Keeping silence awake
On whoes shoulders, once
I have kept
My longest breath
of saintly flowers
and flowing beards
Till autumn
owned a heavenly deed with me, that
if next season comes
It will come with spring
loaded with
New leaves and greenery
All around the skies


How you plant a smile
In the morning chirp
The body flaps
Attaching wings
Sweeting thoughts mine

You peck your
Tiny mouth
A lip to the sky
With glister
of thy love

My body takes
To the elements of skies
And deort me away from my earthy form
All for your love


Unlock the door
of living gate
As the traveller nears
to take you There
Hoofing its sound
with perfect foot
and big black horns
Riding a definite chance
to haul you
On bison's back

Take it easy
your life's price
that its market is open
Up there
In the skies

Unlock the door
with no remorse as such
As those living here
will be born There
Playing the sound of stillness
Roaming with clouds
Feasting thunder with silvery spoons
Mountains of crowns
And daisy dawn
with night queen

Take it easy
your life is safe
that once born
you bask an eternal glory
As you depart yourself seated
Comfortably on the saddle


I can see
those round faces
of elusive elves
merry making the skies
like a glow worm

Some hidden worth of
dark night
gets a blink;
the pure essence
through her florescent light

Drunk with passion
She owes
a murmur
to my heart
More silent than the night

I can see
In an open space
The worth of happenings
that gets its due
As I surf my dreams


दोआब के बीच का
यह सूखा प्रदेश
पतझड़ ले कर आया है
जड़ से फ़ुनगी तक
एक गहरा एहसास लेकर आया है

समुन्दर ज्वार भाटों का
अट्हास काले बादलों का
लेकर सभी हूनर
जुदाई का; ये जहां
ग़मों का एतबार करने आया है

खड़ी है जिन्दगी
सहमे हुए पलकों पर
रेत ही रेत है
आंसुओं के हर फास में
चेहरे झुलसे हुए दिखाई देते हैं

Thursday, July 13, 2017

किन बातों की

न जाने किन बातों की 
कमी रह जाती है
आँखों से
जब आसमान में
लहू सी
एक बुंद टपक जाती है

Sunday, July 9, 2017


These images
Play with me
My table, my chair, my broom, my door
My windows, my nails, my shoes, my comb
My money plant, my bicycle, my concrete walls
Mutely nodding in affirmation
How lively they bond with me
Like my own, like an antibiotic cream
as they know their time and their usefulness:
How could they be of my help in my need
Anathema to biblical voice "God helps those who helps themselves"
Helping others, without any segregation or slavery;
Away from those voices
from papyrus and computer screen
Hieroglyphic images worth their deciphering, and
Typed words worth their aesthetics
The pharaoh or the modern gizmo

Notion that gives value to my images
Typed meaning only give marks
"Images helps all by their hidden worth"


Who spread the linen
Over the body of sofa
As I was waiting
for that universal traveller
to take me in his talk
Showing gravity of curve
while he sat
And, bewildered
I saw
the closing of my eyes
As he drove me
In direction
I never knew where

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Nature that 'I' Pretends

Take a leaf
by its silence
wading down the earth
A remorse;
A harse wind howl

All ripeness
has a yellow flavour
Sweetness falling down
Sagging skin;
An old age adage

Take it one
by all faith
The one born
Will get a whip;
Either animal or plant

All past
has one way to go
One more dimension to extend
A timber or a corpse;
A tree or nature that 'I' pretends


If all my desire
gets fulfilled
The moon will fly
like a butterfly
The Sun will bear
Golden fruits
All weeping will be
sweet tears
All pain will bear
smile of the heart
All lost will find
A coupon in his pocket

If all that
I will miss
Will miss your great heart
Hidden inside the grave
Will miss your touch
In one length of your palm
Will miss old friends
Pal of my youthful days
Will miss your loving eyes
Blinded by cataract
Will miss our bath together
Swimming in the river

If all is
What Is
Let me do penance
for one guilt of my own
That I have a desire
That works its fulfillment
That I have a heart
That bleed humanity
That I have silent undertaking
That dove peace
That I blare, trumpet and ring
The sounds of heavenly voice

एक स्वांश की ज़िग्र होने तक

एक मूक परे
खूरदरे पत्थर की तालाश में
भटकता रहा मन, की 
समय की मार ने
बनाया होगा बीदेह
किसी नदी किनारे, असहाय
पड़ा होगा
अपनी चोट को निहारते हुये
अंगीनत लहरों की मार को
अपने अन्दर समाये हुये
दाग की गहराई नापते हुये
एक मूक पड़े पत्थर की
नुमाईन्दगी चाहिये
अपने आप को समझने के लिये
वहीं से भार है
वहीं से वार भी
एक स्वांश की ज़िग्र होने तक

एक जिंदगी

एक ख़लूस सी जिंदगी
पैमाने की नाप है
किसे कहूँ 
जो एक प्रमाण है
उपोह है
रंगों के मेल का
एक वही है
रात के उपहार का
दंभ है
जो ओझल है
निशा श्याह सा