Friday, January 31, 2014


I gainsay not my existence
But by some magic
It happened that I lost
The only proof
The remnant, of
Which metamorphosed
Into my emptiness
Beyond suffering and
Beyond fear!


How I wonder, what
I pulsated, from
The oeuvre of life

Your language speaks
So different, to my
Silent decipher

Yet of beauty
I gravitate, into
Your vast eyes

Does it orb freedom
Craving my sensitivity
Till my last commune

And you belong, not
To my tears, nor
Any deluge whatsoever

I lay, in eternal
Wait, to gather
Thy fount of compassion


I relate a bit
Of my essence
In silent recital
Standing a gaze
To the vastness a top

Professors may pen
But, I of illiterate
Never could fathom
Thy intake
Blinding me in emptiness
With my unblinking eyes


Redeem my terror
"The galloping hoofs"
Pacing down the guts
In substance loss

Quench my troubles
"The lost flock"
Keeping a watch, to
All my pending worth

Soothe my love
"The wounded heart"
Looming on the hill
In shadow deep

Imprint thy grace
"The flow of faith"
Which consumes me
In thy eternal flame


A family chatter
Poverty stricken
Simmer out
From inside
The make-shift
Thatched, mud and
Walls of bamboo maze
Dulls and drab, the
Yellow kerosene lamp
In dreary winter
Cold nights, and
Seethe me in turmoil
And, behold!
Silence talks
Time to time;
Howling dogs
Barking the invisible
In chilly
Windy nights.


Very kindly
I lifted
The broken twig
Down the busy road
To my
Finger palm
Fallen from the
Tree top
Customizing it, with
My First-aid
May it breath, again
To tell me
His reason
To my
Painful heart!


O, primal grace
In immersion
I do oblation
And weep my tears, shivering
Beneath thy surface waves

O, Mother Ganga! sustainer
Of all that IS
My waning strength

Put me not
In thy call
O, Mother Ganga, lest
I will forget myself
In purity of thy thought

Cleanse me
With no form human
Nor any definition so

Even if, aloof thy sail
Let the journey
Pal me across
Towards thy flow


Myriad dreams float
In silent freeze
Untold images swarm
The benevolent surge
To spew my wow!

Hankering a wish
I thatched a roof
With the straw of love
Gathered picking from
Around the world
In new colony built


A basket
Full of flowers
Dolled my spirit well
As pretty as a child
And crawled
Mountains and skies
On step high
To measure the clouds

Immense thy compassion
Which puts an
Oceans to the feet
There, the waves
Play my tune
And joy finds
Its ultimate peace


Sitting fixed
On the chair
Thought to flare
My candle
In a dim lit night

My friendship
With silence
Had taught me
How to tick
The flame of time

Slowly, it
Melted away
Without any ash
Or warmth, to
Kindle my spirit

I was rocking
Sitting on the chair
Rubbing the friction
May be one day, will
Azure my plight


Dream persona
Lavish praise
To my
Winking dreams
Each chapter
Flap its wings
In hearty claps
Obsessed, I
Of satiety feed
I tread the night
And the day, and
Equal my equinox


The words
Doesn't take
To my command, and
I haven't pressed
Any hard to
The keyboard yet

All setting types
Make a matrix of
The dynamic form
As phoenix it rises
And fulfill, my
Youthful wishes

It rains 'Kalidasa'
For cloud messenger
And, the 'Homer'
For an Iliad;
In sylphs it guards
The lock of hair
And parody my dreams


In what stoic gesture
My liberty was
Pillory put
I craved utterly
For a cry
With my numb limbs

All flapping
Remained a nightmare
For the emotions, and
Prevailed silently
Wailing my lot

It died me down
Before the blade
Razor sharp
Snapped away
The sloth remains
The guillotine
Thy win!


What I say not
You speak
Your eyes
All passion
Treasure you
In my casket
Of wine!


Show me not
How you wear
Your pain
Show me that
Where it
Rises from

My givings
Will find peace
When ink will
Pretend, No more!


As I walk
My legs
Slippers on
Why the roads cry
With honks and horn
And jack, the
Lovely brand-new Car
Fuming from
Its nose

In jungle of
Metal automata
All over the road
I have lost
My feel, softest
To its touch

And I could see
Dusty look
To all the greenery
Where the temper
Is set
By the building
Sky high

I pue, my
Lacerated soul
With the deepest huff
And surrogate
My walk, to
An unfathomable land

(Pue=small voice)


When the time came
For the silent rest
To my thoughts, pain
Flew inside-high
A begotten child
Not me, but
All the agony, which
Corpulated to the form
Corpus to my blood
And, Drained me away
Into my phenomenal rut


Let me nestle
My warmth
In that infinite
Where no end gives
A warning bell
Or, the new dawn
A cry
Unborn You were and then
The unborn 'I'


Kya kisi gumani me kafas
Kasak pyar ki chupa rakha hai
Labjon ko kyon saalti hai
Bejuban tanhaiyan teri

Maukaye kayaamat aati nahi naazan
Warna tamasaye khauf mein
Dafan hone se achha tha
Armano ki baarat to sajti

Tutte patte se
Puchate ho faquat
Kyoun bajti nahi daliyon se
Ab hariyali ki aawaaj

Aur kya nazrana pes karu
Ab to khilti bhi nahi
En pathrili aankho se


In pull of
Thy gravity
I spread
My petals wide
A flower blooms
Where the thirst, rules
The arid
And barren land

Thursday, January 16, 2014


क्या  किसी  गुमानी  में  कफ़स
कसक प्यार की छुपा रखा  है
लब्जों को क्यों सालती है
बेजुबान तन्हाइयां तेरी

मौकाए क़यामत आती नहीं नाज़ाँ
वरना तमाशाए खौफ में
दफ़न होने से अच्छा था
अरमानो कि बारात तो सजती

टूटे पत्ते से
पूछते हो फ़क़त
क्यों बजती नहीं डालियों से
अब हरियाली कि आवाज

और क्या नज़राना पेश करूँ
अब तो खिलती भी नहीं
इन पथरीली आँखों से

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

जूस्तजू (Search)

इसी जूस्तजू ने खवाब में, मुझे रुलाया था कभी
वरना क्या पड़ी थी, लम्हों को शागिर्द बनाने की

Only in this search, I had dropped my dream tears before
What transpired me, to make friendship with the moment

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I climbed upstairs
To walk the night-roof
A dancing silhouette
Stood by my side
It played all over me
From head to foot
I lost my concrete walk
In embrace to that form
Mere shadow it was
Giving a touch of my own
And the reality
Was attached
In clips, firm
Fastened to a rope
It was my hung cloths
Which was put wet
To dry, and the shadow
Elongated to hug my
Lonesome figure


Duped by existence brief
I flutter my wings
Towards that infinite
Beyond where
It is not subdued by
Any end

I ear celestial whisper
Ariel to my guard
And had my say
Breaking the bond, which
Layed me here

Invisible to my
Own eyes
I journey my flight
Beyond where, No
Questions arise!


In that unwillingness
I hold my poverty
Keeping secure
The coffin of pain

What gain will
I procure
If in chance meet
I approve thy countenance

In what hue, will
Thee colour
My darkness
Resembling new Moon

What joy thee do
Thy embroidery
Pricking my
Yarn of breath

What utility I earn
Venom subdued
I wobble, my
Journey last

In that unwillingness
I accord thy wish
All fangs and hood
I buzz thy hollow silence


A bright
Full Moon night
In beauty
Silence enwrapped
Caught me
By her gleam
Wafted the real
To my dream


You breath life
To every
Falling leaves
Wafting the wisp

Why then you
Snooze my days
To bear
Thy cross

Flurry me away
To thy
Eternal den
Gusting me bare

Do you take
A rebirth
To every breeze
You blow

Nuke me not
By thy life
My stake sans
Thy lifeline


I will carve
My heart, out
And climb to
Mountain height
With a
chisel hand
To feel
Thy fire of love
In volcano erupt

O, my beloved
I dare not
Do an art
To thy form
But my wish
Cut through
My silence

A drop of
Molten tears
Bleed from
My beating heart
Streaking the
Face of time
Till the
Ember end


Loom my thoughts
To weave bed-of-joy
In thy warmth
There I could
Conjure my happiness
In thy gail
Of morning laughter
And summon my chirp
To break the past,
Play with my
Hoary hair grandfather
The clouds with a stick
In Sun's golden streak
The day of my dream, where
No impasse could create
Hatred, lust and
slavery of thoughts
And there, O Lord
May the Sun rise
In all peace and light!


Eyes expanded, to
The vision of sky
Celestial, beyond
The body of Earth
Lay roosted, next
To the blinking stars
Twinkling and twitching
My sleeves
In favour of my stars
In that starry night!


It drains storm
To my peaceful heart
Still, it burns
The candle of love
Flickering its say
Orchestrating the beat
At its full resource

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The Moon waned
Its gleam
A bit
For the Sun
And lo,
All was light
Joyous to all
Where ever
The beam, hugged
The frame warmly
In broad day-light!


O there
I can see
Your coming, and
I close
My eyes
And, could
Feel your warmth
A warm tears
Gleam, from
The corner,
The nest
Of thy love,
What more
Can I wish
And the tears


When you hear
It say, it
Always speaks
Silence, from
One emptiness, to
All vastness
In gratitude
I curl myself
Into thy nourishing
Silent womb
Beating thy heart


Finding to
No avail, life
In fire burns
I guarded death
To witness
Thy one-ness

I saw
All space, silent
Peeping in
Through the
Cracked walls
Of life

A still hush
The story
In every
Silent intern
To my soul

I had a bet
With silence
And I won, while
Finding to
No avail, life
Was, all about!


You, that
Hid the stars, above
Thy lingering dark clouds
Crush my wish

I knew not
What happened
To pregnant
Rain drops

Every trickle
That Was
Puréeing in, through
The blender clouds
Was truly
Giving me
A sensation of
Wish fulfilled:
That stars
Blink, for the
Cause eternal
And, not otherwise!


Does your measure
Submit depth
To thy fill

Does ashes tell
To height, the
Length of flames

Does your words
Muffle mutely, to
Shape thy silence

But I could see
Your touch
Working your ways
Through thy vastness

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Yearning to understand
The silent cause
I died
Many a times

Partook a chance
To sweep deep
The pervasiveness
Abound here

None did
Raise any hand
In the crowded
Theater of life

All passion
Gurgled down the
Silent form, and
In parlance take

Slovenly it rusted
Beneath the burial
In depth deep
And met its last!


A scene
Was written, beneath
The toil of
Every common man
With plough and field
To shoulder
An acre of farm
And the morning Sun

The creation
Got destroyed
In richness of harvest
The poor man died
Of slavery and
And lesser bit
Of an air!

The benefited lot
Took a pun
At the sweat
Littered along
The torn cloths
The cracked feet
And the pain
Behind the eyes

They now rule
From the top
Of the chair
The rich and
The silky man
Holding a cane
To baton the cake

Friday, January 3, 2014


With eyes closed
I sway you, in
My pivot of truth
Your formless form
From Moon to Sun
Swings pendulum
In gravity
Of thy love

Sometimes you
Displace me
From pain to pleasure
In an angle of amplitude
Never an iota
Of an inch
I oof
Thy cause

I know
You are benevolent
To the needy
Compassionate and
Lenient in thy charity
You keep a balm
Smearing thy softest touch
To every wounded heart

O, Lord!

So fresh thy wish
In glory of love
It smiles joy
To let be the intake
What the Nature 
Provides in all sprouting
In all perching
Behind every songs
In swaying of leaves
Draging the Sun chariot
Sprinkling the light
In HaPpY-ness abound
Across every stretch of life
Defining the beginning
In New Year life!


Freedom travels
Beyond that
Glittering stars
Where another world
Twinkles at night
And many universes
Light their Suns

Such oozing
Came in this form
Where no words remains
Nor the implication
Of thrust
Juxtapose together..!

In glory of its form
The remains comply
It waft transmuted
Beyond border-less sky
Giving hue to freedom
In many and more!!


When the colour was spilled
Onto the floor
I was looking to the skies
Does it descent from above

When I heard the laugh
Into the sparkling teeth
I was inquiring the
The make of that Colgate wash

When the act was being played
Onto the stage
I was busy flipping the pages
In-scripted inside the drama book


It follows joy
In morning rays
And whisper wings
To an eternal ear
Jovial to eyes
It cast its image
In rainbow garland
As it flutters
In peacock dance


In fear
I pull my quilt across
Who knows, when
The giant night, will
Pull my dreams away!

Guarded by
Angels of might
I couch the deary
In cocoon of
My warmth

I play my time
In stark broad light
Resting my head, on
Pillow of that
Memorable night


Soft music play
With dejected
Down look

Discordant my belonging
At variance
I float randomness

seafarer was I
In this unfamiliar land
lovelorn I wander

At the ripple touch
I premonition a storm
Of unrequited love

Sojourn I bask life
Counting my rebirth
Timeless was my fit

With virtual end
I flag-off my
Perpetual journey

From distance afar
I could see
Soft music playing still


I hook my look
To the ceiling
A revolving fan
Fancy my wish
Alas, what better
Life it avails
Hanging by the rod
Calm of dancing blades
It give wings
To my rest
There I find respite
From my animated life
At least it cools
My scorching thoughts
By its quixotic wings
Where the outside
Maddens my chaotic rush

Maa Kali (Goddess Kali)

Daily I slaughter
My wailing sentences
To offer every bit
Of my blood soaked words
At thy loving stance

Thy forbearing never
Transpired to came forth
To feed
Thy begotten child
To thy breast milk

I sacrifice my cause
In all blindness
Knowing not
Which held thee firm
In temple, mosque and church

Daily I pine
For thy eternal peace
Why then
You toll a bell
Hanging from thy walls


Very secretly
You paw to my
Silent den
And echo thy
Lovely presence
Pouting my lips
In joy vigorous
The days from now
Will not be
The same again
As the merger
Itself has come
To be submerged
In an ocean of
Divine love!