Friday, November 30, 2012


Dinge of dirt settles
Above the surface of
Bony cage, the carcass
Sticky and loathsome
Gives feed to termites
And the running mice
As that once was called
The fire of life and
The faith of heaven
Finds peace in the mould
Dismantled to every cell
Into every micro cosm
It weds to darkness
To come forth with
A new beginning
A new life, sprouting
In a new light
Every page, in every age
Turns to throw the dirt off
From the book of existence
Giving wings to thought
Which hung from the hook
One cage and the other cage!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

O, the lovely there!

Must I see not which is well defined
Lest it will make me invisible

Must I talk not which is so pure
Lest it will get polluted

Must I touch not which is untouched
Lest it will change its place

Must I remember not which is beyond memory
Lest it will vanish away

Must I paint not which is so colourful
Lest it will wash away the canvas

Must I sing not which is unsung
Lest it will stop my breath

O, the lovely there!
Discard me if ever
I stand at thy path!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warmth of blood

All a game of black and white
The byte of '1' and of '0'
In the binary of two, the
checkerboard of day and night

All that stays
In our limited vision
Stays for that optimum
Which sustains our life

Sour the soul becomes
In the pangs
Seeing all those left behind
Writhing in pain

When I talk, I talk not
When I listen, I hear not
YOU play two edges sword
I play with my single heart

Warmth of blood, I have
Not two but one I become
When binary gets converted
To human form in skin and blood

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Always the hand-of-rays
Cuts through space
And count with fingers
The beads, one by one
And galaxy by galaxy
The one eternal void
Passes through, as thread
To intertwine space and time
The DNA of the beginning
To garland the GOD divine!


Put off the light dear
It itches my eyes, and
Doesn't make me sleep

This only was the sentence
Uttered in one breath
In the thumping of time

The inhalation Divine
Lingered to catch exhalation
In the nature outside

A gush of wind came floating
Somewhere from afar, and
Extinguished the fire, dead

Many a spectator
Unwittingly came to rejoice
Bone to bone and ash to ash

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Put up a feast to call you all
Denizen of the worlds
The living and the dead
The muse and the ignorant
Get ready to take a bite
And consume the night
Restless the hunger coils.
Is it the night which sees
The light after satiety bright
Or, the dirge-feast,
In clinking of spoons
And platter of plates;
Lamenting the gone past


From the fusion inside
Fission came likewise

All got blown away
Underwent a metamorphosis

The last dust of an ash
Guided me through a path
Through the winds!

There I could hear
The unborn baby
Crying and fulminating

Trying to stretch the
Limits Of the space
That confined him

Not knowing that outside
Is but all blood and gore

Encompassing all dusty strength
I thrust myself towards
To muffle the baby's cry

A myriad of tiny, thin sounds
Rose from his heart

There I could hear
My own heartbeat
Capped, by being unborn!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


A time will come
When all relations will vanish
Friends or foes!

And there will not be
Any reminiscence of love and fight
Between two or three!

On that very day
Time will stand still, Perplexed
This way or that way!


The call glided
Over the unseen tips
Swaying somewhere
Towards the horizon

Scrapping the scab
Wounded by silence
Choked up by tears
Something hot stung
The blind eyes

Strength in gaunt
lurch down the path
In wait, to cover
The heaven by hands

There I heard an assail
Renting the sky above
The void was torn apart
And the call reverberated

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Shadow of silence
In a momentous heave
Sticks skin to skin
Born day and night
The same infinity benign
Perforce thy compassion
Peace thy definition
Satiate, stands azure
In saturation Divine!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The feathered friend
Soaring shy
In the sky,
Any humans
Could see.
Flutter away
In the beckoning sky.
Deep down,
The urbanity dies down
All ceramic and
All untrustworthy.
An awareness,
In anguish
Doth flows down
In ravines deep.
Why frequently
Do I not see,
Which is brightly plumed
Gaze tilting,
bright eyed
Tiny souls
With tiny heads


O, the depth of silence
Play not with my mortality!
The longings are not the days
Which pines for thy eternal peace
The coffins are already carved
With many coloured woods
In birth, the dusty sojourn

Luminescence dissolved
Unattended by heat of heaven
The burning, the fire
Putrifies the heaving soul
Not knowing the plight thus, the merger
Was waiting with abated breath
Least it will wake up the mortality divine

Apprehension merges unwillingly
Into the wavy apparition
Otherwise 'm fearless through
Any transparency or translucency.
Boldness speaks through
My Opaque strength
Distancing away any heat of heaven
Abiding in thy silent play

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Flavor of joy hopped and
Hanged, in all its gaiety
Hip-hip Hurray!
Solely I found my solace
Along the long slender leaves
Swaying with mirth, and
Chorus of laughter
Buds rising from slumber
Spreading its petals wide
Inclined to stumble
Upon my firm shoulder
All came merry making
Bees and butterflies
The sun and the night-moon
The earth and the sky
The water and the soil
And none was left behind
Here comes the cats
Here comes the hare
Someone quacking
Someone roaring
All basking in the bliss

But lo!
Neither could I found
Any humans far far away
Inside the periphery of
The Joy circumference around!

Hip-hip Hurray!
Found an inner-world
In the flavor of joy!!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Want an instant ramification
If HE desires, HE will
If HE can see this HE will know it
Had travelled for eons
Had traded I don't know, what not
But still linger my thought
Why for life and why for death
Listening, talking, feeding

Why the consciousness!
Was better born before time!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thought today to vision
The hidden soul
It was playing a documentary
All soothing, all holy
Frame by frame, all digital
Digged out of google-search
Inside the computer screen

Thought today to feed
The Weary soul
It was getting dark
The dusk has taken its root
Slowly it will sprout
And be watered by the night
Dream will beam light

Thought today to talk
To sulky soul
Couched it lay at
The corner of heart
Silence stalked forward
Shook the soul and cuffed
Dragged inside its shell

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The path to shortcut
Tunnel through time
Not knowing the length
Of the hole that
It was infinite

The rest resides
Not in beginning
And end in particular
But the thoughts
Beside the brain

The only hindrance
Bubble in birth
And end in death
Why comes light
And why comes dark

The path is framed
Round the Potters wheel
Not because of potter
But the clay which
Lay hidden in mixture
Of soul and nectar!


Unattachment the forte
Then why attachment
In love is defined 'two'
Is it binds more?

The allusion, thy love
Defined, undefined
It becomes

The undesired sloth
Cast with sorrow and pain
Joy and jest, wither

A tribute to oblivion,
In memory all reprieve.
Detached, paradise regained!

Monday, November 12, 2012


The life force
Vanished unattached
Way up somewhere

Sneaking through
This golden moment
The demon entered
Dreaded in look

With an ugly face
Countenance red, it
Slid into murky
Gloom, unattended!

Life-less belonged all,
The form and formless.
Cosmic flow heft the veil
Weightless all becomes

Wearing a smile from
An artificial womb
Demon meet death-wheel
And all game upturns!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


O the light Divine
Whence thy roots formed
From thy sprouting seed
To dispel the dark around!

Perennial the Kalpataru (wish-fulfilling divine tree)
Pagan the pantheons
All in wait
To make a heaven of earth

Now lesser and lesser
People see the day.
Toiling to unearth the dark
They bask in the night

Feeling undermined, unutilized
Many a sun count their days
Blazing fiercely, Merrily
They make the journey alone

O the light Divine
Whence thy shadow goes deep
In the summer-day of thy cast
Only in azure I see you clear


Freedom immaculate
Under the auspice
Confined me by the
Token of tears

Worth the omen was
Never seen
Such a sight
Flowing down

Nobody touched, and
Was touched by nobody
The only grudge left
Was the beloved cry

Never the drops
Knew its origin
How then an ocean
Came into being

Under the upbeat
The string vibrated
Fret resonated
In an audible play

It was just a drop of skin
Which shed the upper layer
Under was the divine peace
Bubbling with jest and joy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Why the touch of mine
Doesn't sip into thy soul
All the cells and tissues
The sloth is made of

O the coolness of the heart
Drag me to thy eternal den!
All way down the ravines
The arteries block thy flow

Creeping through life
Roaring a roar, urging!
Neyh, thee can't be
That which is so shallow

Facing towards the nature
Outside, the greenery of darkness
Unfathomable in thy abyss
I lay mournful sitting beside the grave

Friday, November 9, 2012


The bait of life
On a string of breath
Came reveling
Least the leisure
Won't get passed

Someone devoured
The delicacy meant for
Bulging without belch

Waves of time-wave
Came floating over
And HE was nowhere
To be seen

A rustling
Came from the void
Eager to utter
The definition:
A life with NO-LIFE!


Before looking up, at
Green leaf attached to a tree
I could not muster my courage
To look under my sleepers;
Termed dead, a leaf was
Wriggling in pleasure of pain
Thinking about the abode; here
Is for a moment, one day
All has to die someday.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Twinkling of the birth
Stays a moments bliss
Like the stars littered
All over the sky, untidy
In its haughty forbearance

Not knowing what the event
Will come pouring in the
Dimmed vastness outside
I lay unmindful, unrelenting
To the obvious premonition

Someday shooting stars
With force; fast and bright
Will struck an abyss
Down below where love resides
And all will be reduced to ashes

Time and again the story tell thus
The journey meant to be attuned
To the soul, was basking
In glory of all dead
Unattached and un-orbed!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Ripples unbounded mingle
In kindred heart, beating!
Where the spirit dwelth
Spreading wings of love
In the swim, in the fluid

One instant celebration
Submerge the whole cosmos
Unrelenting in divine womb
Sustaining by the breath
Unspeakable, unheardable

Darkness pulsating low
Give way to joy eternal
Where the light hoist a beam
The chord, through which
Many the universes talk

Moments centred deeply
Peeps through the wormwhole.
Effortlessly the release
Gain the gait, in wait
The celebration of love

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ends of wormhole

Shrouded in smoldering sloth,
Life sepulcher the mystery
The fire, the flare of dead

On the elevated life pedestal
Once that was saffron, turns
Ochre, in the tanning of time

The whole night long, I wept
Along the ends of wormhole
Waiting for transition of mystery


From whence 'll call
My depleting strength

Lift your veil
Hey Lord!
Every dust of mine
Are getting more dustier

Why every null and void
Has to pass through
A volatile definition
In this conscious world

Why the cool breeze
Passes through my ribs
And I sway not

Whose remembrance
The language pines for
In this mortal world

Better were the days
Oblivious of my mortality

Don't scatter thyself in giving
Hey Lord!
I am in you and you in me

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I could get only
My first term on earth
To praise the fluff green

If could get a chance
Loves green labour
In fluff balls migrate

My warmth of cardigan (Skin)
Feels the touch-light
A beam in many directions

A shape for the call
Or a shadow of HIS
In distance, fills eternity!

With a language unheard
The heart beats a voice
With a mysterious hug

All gets lighten up
Ornamented with golden beam
Joy and happiness calls the play!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Galaxies in a tea-cup

Many galaxies
Passes through a gaze
In a cup of Smokey tea
Revolving round and round

A turn of hand
Churn the tea-milk
Harbinger of truth
Redeem our pledge

Spoon being held
In between fingers
Points in direction
where wave forms as it turns

Thought sprouts invariably
Heralded by waves, announces
The arrival of
Macrocosm into microcosm!