Sunday, June 30, 2013


Two rolling eyes
Catching sweetness
With lovely pie

The moment came
In frozen time
Chirping of dime

Hopping popping
All day around
Sleepy fairy
Daughter sound

Three little baskets
A jewel full casket
Barbie, Prince and castle

Play thy kingdom
Pupil of my eyes
In star lit night

How can I live
The reality of dream
When I see you
In marriage gown

You are not
So grown up my dear
Lovely little daughter
To leave a Father, wailing
At dawn of the day

Streak Of tears
Surged the whole of night
Rilled across sticky memoir!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Forces rained in array
Prowled inadvertently
Intention devoid
For a house rent

The drops sipped down
Through the cracks
Somewhere, from
The top of the roof

An empty house it was
Without an electricity
Floor only as bed
A bowl and a glass of 
Half filled microbial water

Surety presented itself, with 
Less than the bare minimum
Name only remained to be read aloud
In a future plaque hung around

Oxygen also got a rust
In trust of its 
Open heart-beat.

What was so offbeat 
In esoteric language there
Was I in pain here!!

Friday, June 28, 2013


Dragging the feet upstairs
Nonchalantly the steps drove
Towards the edge of the railing
To the top story building
Stretching my hands sideways
Measuring the depth of the wind
How can I fathom the weightlessness of the wings
This was not the length Of my legs
Which dragged me here
How is it that mind got its wings
And the body remained so.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Life was partaken
By the flow,
The thread of
A single breath.
Does the beginning
Have a choice!
Does it arise from
The debris of death!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Energy got pulverized
Under the crush of defeat
Rise O Man, Rise!
Nothing stays here,
But the eternal flow
The garnish of love.
When the world sleeps
Love dream peeps.
Nowhere the word 'hell'
Comes, but in the dictionary
Heaven is always clear
Bright and dear.
Envisioning this all
Emaciated bones clanked:
Why the far sound resonate
In tinkle of the bell.
Rise O Man, Rise!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Thunder sipped
Below the spine, in
Dark night divine
No one barring
Me and he, was
Playing the game
Smashing the light, and
Pulling the pain

Monday, June 24, 2013


Keeping my distance awake
To feel denigration of the
Uprooted and truncated lot
The table, the chair
The glass, the plate;
Dining decoration
In conference room.
And the warm smell of
Prepared meal.
Who licks the saliva
In presence of
My unbecoming.
A drop glistened with tears
Fell down
The floor below.
Was it me, or the
The wooden furniture
Who urged me something
By the power of HIS love!


A vow was solemnized
Betting the existence, that
When no more the
Visible spectrum of life
Could get hold your light
All will slowly-slowly
Disintegrate in ether
To rejoice in
Streak of burnS
Up there in
Sky above
As hollow as space

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Woven delicately
With needle of pain
Web of laborious gain
Not knowing, that
A single groan inarticulate
Will nestle all, the
Chirp of free fall.
Storied thought crumble
In an avalanche, of
Pulp of wound
And surge of sore!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Never the music
Heard before, than
When I heard my Soul, departing
It helped the memory
To experience bliss
Abounding with gloom
Lurking in dark loom, the body
Five feet and five inches long
Lay prostate, in
Infinite dreams
Tristesse gloom  resonated
In weird cry !

Friday, June 21, 2013


Urge thee
Not to whisper
Anyone else, that
I wear beauty
In your beaming eyes

What golden ray
Mutual speaks
I keep a galaxy
Spiral, roundabout

Merry go round, all
Wisdom multiplier
One body to the next

Such spectacular display
Never have fathomed
That it itself had
exploded in the
Primal blast!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Grudge me not, if
Fingers nimble
Caress not thy
Barter of love
In my confine
Coffin bound.
As, the more
I stretch
My hands up
The ceiling;
More forceful strength
Pulls me down.
And the realization
Blazed my memory lane.
Ah! That is how
I lost my home!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Vista expanded in
Stroke of the twilight
As it stayed static
In peaceful zone a while.
Perceived, bonafide;
The vision immaculate
As hazy as, no Sun
Or the Moon.
And was heard, with
Ears null;
Bellowing its heat
And the transparent cool.

Monday, June 17, 2013


A golden eagle
Issued from the 
Ashes remains
Not for the sake of
Phoenix to be reborn
Or, the genesis
In Creation call

Golden plumage
Bright as the Sun
Marked its potency
As and when the
Flapping begins, in
Welcoming Osiris
The King of
The blessed dead.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hold the string taut, Father!
Please hold thy string taut.
Words flow unevenly, in
Many an unforgettable moments
The root thy were, and
Swaying leaf, I.
Never thee cared to look, from
Below the earth
To the sky above.
Thee were knowing
I was basking in breeze, in
Total health and joy

Stretch thy eternal love, Father!
Stretch thy love eternal.
Every cosmic cell
Resonate thy essence.
In pull of thy sweetness
Freedom bask in strength.
Shadow of shelter, form
From an umbrella to umbical

In beat of my brazen words
Mince not thy love, Father!
I am alone here
A solitary soul HERE, Father!
Ever pious I was, in
Ever thy blessings.

Hold thy string taut, Father!
Hold it eternally.
In every bead of breath
I offer thee my rosary count.
Accept my token of love, Father!
Please hold thy string taut.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Ornate the loath
Where no hands
In desire Cometh

Putrefy the smell
In time destined
It touches not

Simplify the surd
If in rationality
It shows its face not

An urge gathers
To fill an urn
Ever in empty remains

Tattered in stretch
It lay streak bruised
Couched in womb-space!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Stretch thy hands
O Lord!
Leave me not
To wriggle, in
My pain

Night is falling down
And so is my soul
What smile could buy
Was already sold

All lay asleep
In dark and deep
A phantom peep
In denizen heap

I mourn the demise
Which was so
Light and bright
A moment ago

Sun has set
A long ago, and
The distance
Scaled down

Meet me at the lane
Where the sane fear to tread
What madness is this
Which encompasses me so

Hold me so, Lord!
Where the merger
Gets merged
In glory and faith!!


When the land was dry
They metamorphosised
To live an Amphibian life

Devoid of wings, and
The croak so hoarse
Do they needed to fly

Never heard the call
Transcending the boundary
Soaring so deep

Do they revere
Some elevated Lord
Under the Sea roots

Avians gazed surprised.
What was so upbeat
In monkey's mock!


How beautiful thy wristlet
Decked with precious
Twinkling star stones

 Myriad colored jewels
In halo of its glitter
Encompass the galaxy vast

Many beads are count
One galaxy to the next
Through binding time-thread

I owe thee my gratitude
As ever as the beat of life
Ever grows in my every stay

The only prime left herewith
Is the call in thy silence
 Traveling pass the ether and none!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FATHER - My eternal serve!

In sternness, of
Thy narrow lips
Love pours in

Potter's gentle pat
Spread magic, on
The mould's prat

Movement circular
Discipline circumference
In bounty of thy grace

Glittering Vase
Procured coolness
 In ambiance divine

O, My Father!
Muted words ooze
In all thy respect

Never inflicted
Any touch of pain
In memory, I gained

No distance
In country distant
Was the fair afar

No sweets
Escaped my lips
In my earned love

Whole day long
Thy flutter toil, chirp
To make ends meet

O, My Father!
Out reach thy age
In my eternal serve!!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Smoke entered inside
swooping down afar
Defying gravity
In thread of wisps

You stand before me
In weightlessness
Carving the remains of
Burning stories, untold

Vision smacked
The perjury.
All was not false
After all!


It rained silence
Drenched by hailstorm
Small pellets of
Peaceful balls
 Kept on falling
Till the sky
Was overcast dark
And morphed itself
Into a tunnel
From one Earth to
The other Universes
Guessing the whereof
The root cause

Saturday, June 8, 2013


The defect of lisp
Pouted the lips
It twitched many
A verbose verse
Anathema to sound
It Somersaulted
In space, with
Total agony and
Undefined pain!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Gesture was devoid of
Molar and premolar;
Or the Canine

It only flexed
The muscles out
Stretching wide

Bonding was oozing
The saliva sticky;
In luscious count

How HE knew NOT, the play
Was being enacted
In presence live

All was as it was
Only the mouth parted
And all got contaminated

A big rush of gush
Flowed from inside
Enveloping all with a smile


Abundant strength gathered
In many a fiery moments
To redeem the essence
The redemption of Sin, blank!

Stale it becomes
Every time it touches
The stench of its burning
Coming to my fore, oddly!!

HE only knows, in
How many thuds of hammer
It has to go through
In making the gold glitter, thither!!!

Ah! The Truth, thy puzzle!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In that very corner
Deep and dark
Moist and maroon
He lay oblivious, of
His surrounding life

The buzz was about
The dance of silence
Which paid tribute
In all forbearance
To agony of faith

Layered in platters
To savour its taste
All believers came
To fathom its depth
Unorbed all became

Stark was sight
Which played tight
Does anybody knew
He was buried HERE
In the shovel of Death!


In that very corner
Deep and dark
Moist and maroon
He lay oblivious, of
His surrounding life

The buzz was about
The dance of silence
Which paid tribute
In all forbearance
To agony of faith

Layered in platters
To savour its taste
All believers came
To fathom its depth
Unorbed all became

Stark was sight
Which played tight
Does anybody knew
He was buried HERE
In the shovel of Death!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

O, Doctor!

You look fine and fresh
Wand of Magic bind afresh

Sweet words from mouth-honey
Tweaked the patient-bunny

The touch relished, and
The ailments vanished

Wow! Thy compassion
Wow, thy mercy!

Clemency healed the clown
And alike, the commoner

Such is life in joy living
When the healer is standing

The Doctor puts a harp
On thy swollen heart

Salvaged the sore deep
In thy neat peep

Thy benevolent Soul
Redeemed an SOS!

And, The Pledge heard
Through and thorough

Long live thy compassion
O, Doctor!
Long live thy mercy.