Monday, November 28, 2016


I can not be 
More pursuant
Of your striking imagery
While I bloat 
My limbless art;
The remains
Pallor of my heart

Bigger steps

Bigger steps have
Taken a lift of me
flapping skies
With newer limbs

A new creature 
bigger than a bird
Shade my raven flight


Life also grows
Like a painted nail
Once an initial polish
Another a clipper death


liner sketch hope
At twilight dawn;
Levelling comes deeper
Rolling it, beyond dusk.


If bones turn into bikes
It could run miles
In a go;
A simple steps could go gaga
Doting mile stones

Feeding on photosynthetic flesh
It could give surge
To life, and
Many centuries to cells

Immortality have many engines
Bike to bike;
Fueling spark,
A starter from
One journey to the next

If bones could pale
Marrow could generate strength
Culling the selfish flesh, and
Going gaga in a race

Friday, November 25, 2016


Bigger steps have
Taken a lift of me
flapping skies
with newer limbs

A new creature
bigger than a bird
Swirl the galaxies around
Shading my raven flight

DAMUL (Bonded until death)

How my computer-mouse
Swells in discomfort

Hold my hands
Hold my finger's edge

A sadistic movie's gainful pleasure
Erupts lava of my breath

Dust off my window screen
Dust off the scratches of film reel

Let me feel the shot
Let me seal my sight

Walk along the celluloid
To one with my flaming heart

In your feudal fecundity
I have disinherited my familiarity

Not that I have detached my sound boxes
But acquired a muted strength

Dust off my bellowing pain
As tenderness loops towards the oppressed

Your agony went on playing
Revealing whole night dreams

How my computer-mouse...


Lips of clay
Kisses hundred ecstasies

I have always relied
on thy munificence;
Under those bower of roses
I trespass your beauty hideout
And kindle fire of my heart
with naught, but you

Taste of butter
Churn hundred buttermilk

I have always relied
on thy method and skill;
Under maundering of drunken reveler
I deftly turn it to and fro
Spilling secret
Into the hands of cup-bearer

दुलारे तुम

दुलारे  तुम
मौन  हो  क्यों ,
नन्हे  पग  मेरे
आस  हो  तुम

इस अंधियारे  में
रौशनी  हो  ख्वाब  के  तुम

इस  गुमनाम  'मैं' को
तारते क्यों  नहीं  तुम

निर्मल कर  मन
ह्रदय  से  पुकारते  क्यों  नहीं  तुम

अरमान  मेरे
ठुकराए  जाते  हो
कहीं  और, क्या
छलकाते हो  अश्रु अपने  तुम

इस  नाम -ऐ-महफ़िल  में
बेनाम  जलवा  दिखाते  हो  तुम

बेमानी  सी  लगती  है
जुर्रत  तेरे  नाम  की

पार लगा  इस   कछार  को  उस  किनार  तक
कस्ती  क्यों  फसी है  मझधार  में  वहां

दुलारे  तुम
निर्मल  कर;
अपने  टोह को
उज्जवल  कर

इस  बात  में  रखा  क्या  है
बात -बात  में  गवारा  न  कर

इस  उफनती  सागर  को
शांत  कर

पुण्य -पाप  की  इस  धरा  को
रौशन  कर  अपने  प्रताप  से 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


जाती  नहीं, बहार
आंसुओं  की
तड़पत  है  लगन  में

इस  वीराने  में
एक  जागीर, निशब्द
इठलाती  है  काँपते हुए

कसूर  इस  दिल  की ;
बैठी  ही
लब्ज़ों  को  सिले हुए

घिर आयें हैं  बादल
एक  लंबी  तान  लिए
उमर घुमर, पतझर में

हज़ार  पैबंद
सांसों  के
ओढती  है  ज़िन्दगी

उड़ा ले  चल  
नरमी  भरी अहसास   में

अब   लौ  भी   मद्दिम
हुआ  जाता  है
शामो  शहर  में

एक  कसीस  सी  है;
डालों पर
अब पक्षी चहचहाते  क्यों  नहीं  हैं

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Papiha" (Brainfever bird)

You have given naught
To my searching eons
yet I keep nothingness
To find you in my faith

You have longer flames
To fire my dried breath
Yet I waver not
To find you in my flicker

You play a harp
To my string-less heart
Yet I sing a praise
To your roving clouds

You are there everywhere
To quench my thirst
Yet I find 'papiha'
To call my nest-less rain


Where are those trumpeters
Which can hold my ears big
As, a fair share of you is lost
To my deaf ears, an unkempt friar

Where are those teetotaler
Which can pull pegs after pegs
As, a taut was not enough
To drink me on, yelling three cheers

Where are those sagacious troll
Which can ocean a drop of my tear
As, I lay dead to your breed
Seeking no term, guilty of my deeds


As you rest
Your silent shadow
By the side of me
I take a whiff
of my frailty
and raise my bones pink
To see the colour
visible to your skin

As you drag
Your sweet promises
By the corner of my heart
I pause a little
by my seconds
and run my time fast
To see your beat
Running into mine

My Prime Minister is yours, yours President mine

Like a longer whip
The boundary of countries are bound
Did its inhabitant do  any fault of their own
That states are bounded in fetters

I see a long slavery
circumferencing in longer distant run
Faces of maps all distorted and unrecognized
The ugly part playing sick and famine

Break those imagery lines
Gulping thirst with parched dry veins
Puff up energy soaring to smiling skies
When greenery sprouts, let it sprout into your lap

Polarize not the 'me' and 'you'
Take one hand mine and whole heart yours
Check the lovely faces with happy go round
My Prime Minister is yours, yours President mine


I can not be
More pursuant
Of your striking imagery
While I bloat
My limbless art;
The remains
Pallor of my heart

Saturday, November 19, 2016


A lie erupts 
from the tongue of
molten words
Shooting ashes 
by the binding lips

Language does
with a flow
to every page with a tar
Wisdom slips 
the  slippery road

I talk silent
with my look
Stone to mountain 
A leaf to a tree
Gaining heart of hearts


Your wooden boat, sail
The surface
Soar after soar
With a mast held high

My paper boat, small
Of stature
In ocean of thy love


You sneak a silent paw
Taking wishkers of milk
Your petite frame meow
The sides of hidden corners 

You steer day and nights 
With progressing steps
Your eyes dove peace 
Easing love by supple walk

You have cauldron of truth 
That take sip by your tongue
You have maneuvering skills
Taking humans as minion

Friday, November 18, 2016

अजगुत / Marvelous

अजगुत, अछिन्न, अचेतन
मन की विधा कौन जाने रे
अज़ा के इस अशांति में
ह्रदय भी भरमाये रे
अव्युत्पन्न, अव्यसन, अव्याकुल
उसकी शुद्धता को कौन जाने रे
आसमान की इस असीम अमितता को
मुर्ख, शैल को काँटों से चुभाय रे
Marvelous, undivided, unconscious
No one knows the trickery of mind
In agitated state of soft mourning
Deluded, I stray my heart away
witless, without vice, undisturbed
No one know the purity implied
In vastness of unmeasured expanse
Ignorant, I blow mountain by an air

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mere parvaaz ka raazdaan

Tinkon ka mere aashiyana
Nasheman, kahin kho gaya hai

Mere parvaaz ka raazdaan
Koi aur hai


You have waves
catching seven seas
I have but one life
rolling stones and dust

You have flames
firing golden skiesx
I have but one pyre
doting feverish ash

You have courtiers
to levee an embankment to life
I have but one truth
to shear my breath

You have magical chants
resonating your worlds
I have but one lucky charm
an amulet shamming my world

CFL light

Put off CFL light
Turn on dark
sipping inside

All familiarity are
casting skins
Turn a curl on me

An image flicker
Taking a bulk
inside of me

Put off surrounding noise
gain me peace
warm of tears

All evaporated
to eternal sublime
leaving an ash turning grey

Talk no more to me
Talk no more dear, that
I fill my heart with rust

Put off CFL light
Turn the dark on
Fixing doleful nights


A tourist
like an eagle flight
sight down
on the blank sheet
the lake surface

all waste and water
like a tremulous glimmer
Alone and lonesome
A silent withdrawal


While sketching
an empty canvas
with minds eyes
I lost trajectory
of my pointed pencil
holding graphite fingers around
manacle to its unfulfilled wish

To impassioned heart mine
I found empty layers
of seasoned fall
Doting thousand pains
with the thinnest art
that grew tamer and tamer
figures all blurring out

On wide stretch
of the sweetest canvas
Laying au naturel
I opened my bare chest
perforated with black marks
What art are thou, pencil
That took revenge with black art


Heed those passion
that chisel you
into a beautiful sculpture
One curse:
A stolen breath
will lull you to deep sleep

Heed those glitter
that shine tinsel
on your head
One gavel:
An unearth corpse
will hit your crown to dust

Heed those love
that suck gallons
from your cells:
Circumvent a path, that
there is no derth of fake blood


These foods with which
I fill my belly out,
are but the fillets
for my sustenance

My hunger finds me
somewhere near
towards that end, that
fills my void
with eternal silence
sans rosary count


How you play your music
fretting fingers over the black holes

My marrow doth
take your vibe
As music creeps
holding space
into the void

How you weave your tale
like a distant comet carpeting glowing stars

My wishful thoughts
voice into my ears
As big haven
of inner peace
trolls my heart away

चोटिले ख्वाब

कैसे  सुनाऊँ
मैं  दर्द  भरी  दास्ताँ
कतार  की  वो लंबी  फेहरिस्त
टीसती  है  चिलचिलाती  धुप  में

किस  दरवाजे  के
चौखट  पर
सर  लगाए
विलाप  करती  है  गब्रीली  हवाएँ

सब  गड़क गया
लम्हों  का  चंद  फासला
शांत  है  वो  चोटिले ख्वाब
जिसके  गुलदस्ते  में  कभी  फूल  सजते  थे

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Slacken not your love
When alike faces
Thrust fear
with an angled distance
missing oneness
at two hemispheres
Wearing sharp north, and
A shallow south

Mask not your face
When united hearts
drain much of you
with a pointed arrowhead
piercing wound after wound
at an archery show
Wearing stealth armour, and
A gory steel

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


सुबकते हुए;
आँचल में तेरे
ममतामयी हांथों को
मुहँ टटोलते
और ,
भला कहीं पाया है
झुर्रिया बन चेहरे की
मैंने तुझसे सुन्दर
भला कहीं देखा है
तुम्हीं हो न माँ
गरजते -बरसते ज़माने को
करवटे बदलते महसूस किया है
सुबकते हुए;
पैर तले तेरे
फटे हुए एड़ियों को
और ,
भला कहीं देखा है
एक बून्द
गर्म सांसों की
भला अपने गालों पर कहीं पाया है
तुम्हीं हो न माँ
कराहों को
अपनी कोमलता तले छुपा रखा है