Saturday, January 24, 2015


If I will be forbidden
To measure your loving past
Think not my distance
That gained me tears and pain

I will prefer
To abide by your fragrance
Warping space and time, and
Take you beyond, entwined

Those turns
Where galaxies swirl
There, will I knock
The traces of your whereabout


Open thy gate
Unequivocal of love,
In what consequences
Are my flesh and blood
If it pays hunger and urge
Lingering thy thoughts

why for your reality
Ceases by my larger pain:
The thoughts, that
Transit between
Your weired forms,
Constraining my object

Any weight, that
I superpose
Between thy sky
And grace;
It perforce my nudity
The world and everyday


I am:
To be

Not to be:
I am not!


Turned clockwise,
Resuscitating live
The antique radio knob
To see the evolving
Indicator, the green light:
The vacuum tube heating up

Fading longer tunes
To my hungry ears:
The Murmur
Wafting sweetest sound
That, once was, and is
My Radio, my life!


To that loving soul
To brink that
Spills love and smile;
To that loving great
I offburn my heart,
To get rid of my proving thoughts
Thee alwyas come
Before my loving eyes
Ever be thy day
Bloom as ever
As the skies, do
With their loving blue!


I will not speak of you
Till I bury my sin
To ashes mine:
Lofty flame afire


Any remembrance, gained
Piquing your thought
Will dull my fancy
Dungeon deep


Any guidance
Untouched by my soul
Will wriggle pain
Craving my history unknown

And, lo

I will speak not
Till the golden fire
Take my ostentation
Living peace of sky


You often come
Silent of steps
Prawling gloomy nights,
Hooting silent waves
Whirling dark clouds

And, have seen you
Lurking behind
Frozen cold nights
Riding high,
your master's vein

What if
you possess, sword
of the cutting nights.
I, of born love
Truce thy might


No bodily form
Energizes me now
Than, taking stealthily
To my flight
Above silent heights

Just as print command
From the keyboard type
Rolls out blank pages
Slurping curious look
Pulling my silent strength

Now of only you
And your loving dreams
Partake chance in togetherness
The rift, the bodily form did
Now is blooming thy formless form


Moments shiver, with
Trembling bitterness
The secret apparition:
Somber understanding
To reluctant blessings

Indemnity to my heavenly dominion
Divine attention turn away
Shattering my will in continuation
Different from mortality

Flimsy wave of questions
That too holds my emptiness
Consume unvoiced
The sentiments from fur to dust

To those God loves, die young
Overriding pristine remembrance
To know and to forget
The vocation that I lived not


You come through trackless paths
Peace of golden pitcher
Enclosing my soul
Nestling my love

Nor of day, or of night
Can I pretend to know thy time
Holding golden basket, bosom tight
Fulfilling my dreams

Let flight take me there
Where the infinite spreads
Nor form, nor colour
Never a sound, never a word


One of chair
That, once rocked the youthful ambience
Now of broken legs, dark and mossy
sheding layered paints
Glum, rusted and forlorn;
Was pecking the curse of time
Lay abondoned,
desolate and dejected
Musing cozy dark corner
Far away, from
The sightful sight
Delving apposite
A perennial question
for Why Carpenter
And,its creation


If the lonely moments becomes more lonely
In an hour of poorest strength
Say with pride
Had thee not dipped the darker wine
To my parched lips
That, you
Once, the plume to my braid
Left me thoughtless
Begging my waning strength!


Not of bigger words
The dreams are made
But of darker suns
The stakes rises
Only in full brightness
Shadow, as dark; peeps!

Not of slippery roads
We transverse
But with fluttering wings
The stakes rises
Only to the skies
Hoary bard, takes to journey!

Not of yonder you
The heart beats
But of thy warm breath
The core palpitates
The tiller knows
The rudder's post!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Whose doleful sound
Holds the longer cry
Wailing peace, and
Bouncing faith

Whose offense, comes
Thus in nefarious crime
Bulling helpless, and
Hunger feed

Whose unruly words
Canker my cold deaf nights
Fencing freedom, and
World peace

Whose sight, flap
Truthful vision
As howling earns
An increasing pitch


Thou hast made
My heart captive
By thy life breath
Beating no music
Nor thy praise

Unevenly it breaks
Down the rushing brooks:
The stony obstacles
The struggle vain,
Proving my unworth

I baffle silence
In my endless cry
And thee speaks not
Lest I drown my loving heart
Worthy of thy Master!

Thursday, January 8, 2015


With what cudgel
You beat, my
Ineffable peace

No scar, now
Lure me
To wile a prank

In 'death' I gain
The Utility
I availed to life

What profitable, business
HE holds
Beating peaceful space


What of love
Must I say
As thousand flowers
Dance my way
Blushing my heart
Diffusing inside glow

One more of potion
Dangle my love
Not of baneful
As of cursory look
But to heal the needy
The woeful and sad

What of sweetness
Must I say
As million words
Ply thy wisdom
Dissolving profusely
Myself onto you


One of triumph
Gave one more charm
To the winged moth
To know,that
To leap the burning fire
Was but
To invoke the dexterity
By which the flame
Weave a spell
Round the inutility of life
But to die
When pressed
To boast
With higher flames!


What bitter taste
I drunk the past
Not one look
Dove my peaceful heart

Beyond one forgotten act
Many erupted
Dangling tentacles
Imploring ugly mouth

All impasse
Measure my limp
To stand me stiff
Taut and turgid

What forlorn
The state I hold
Let it not happen
To year newly born!


Picked some thoughts
By the cold evening walk
Down the buzzing road
Swarm of dust and haze
Chatting roar and laughter

The dusk’s silent calling
Was never so lonely
As you peeped twilight
Warning the lively so;
As sun sets the west

Every opinion heaped
Beating my heart,
Drowned me further
By my ocean of tears
Gathering thunderous storm

Such of medium
You can’t be
Tearing me away
Brisk of steps
Poisoning my sojourn 


Fuller will be sunshine
As greenery will grow trees
Lapping and flapping thoughtful wings

Again, words from 'facebook' will paint
Some gravity in thoughts
Raining warm, wet droplets

Some more pictures
Will define the space
Binding unfinished tale

Fuller will be dark nights
Silently cooing, cajoling
Wheedlling my fear!